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Columbia Township

Taken from the History of Tama County, Iowa Its Cities, Towns and Villages
Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes,
And A Complete Business Directory Of The County
By Samuel D. Chapman 1879

Contributed by Patty Delmott and Transcribed by Cyndi Vertrees

Columbia township lies in township eighty-two, north, range fifteen, west, and is watered in the north by the Iowa river. Along through the Southern and Central portion, Richland Creek and its various tributaries drain the township. The Southern part of the township is principally prairie land, while the portion lying between Richland Creek and the Iowa River is quite rough and is more or less timbered, though containing some fine farms.

The first settlement effected in this township was in the year 1851. Eli Chase was the first settler, erecting a cabin on section 1. Wm. West, E. and H. Morrison, T. Evert, Wheaton Chase, and old Indian interpreter for the Sacs and Fox Indians, J. Burley, J. Waltz, R. Metz and Wagoner are settlers numbered with the first. The most of these men are yet living, or have decendants living in this township, all, we believe, well-to-do farmers and excellent business men.

The township was organized February 5th, 1856 and the first election was held at the house of J. Burley for the purpose of electing township officers.

The first school taught in the township was in a log cabin on section 16 by Elvira O. Stoddard in the year 1855.

The first death was Martha Chase, daughter of W. and E. A. Chase.

First birth was a son of E. and N. J. Chase, March 1st, 1853.

The first marriage was Mr. John A. Carlton to Miss Sarah A. Stoddard, in the year 1855.

The following is a list of township officers since its organization.

Justices: J. D. Gettis, W. Stoddrd, G. W. Morrison, W. T. Hanley, I. Toland, J. Fife, M. Bostwick, J. Roads, J. Yates, J. A. Eshbaught, J. C. Burley, F. Sanborn, S. Wilkinson, t. M. Malin, Wm. Cory, J. H. Fee, W. Hartsock, C. Spire, L. Stodard, W. F. Eshbaught.

Clerks - L. F. Stoddard, C. J. Rhoads, Wm. Cory, W. G. Malin, C. Spire, A. P. Leavitt, D. E. Peek.

Trustees - G. W. Morrison, J. W. Coe, J. D. Gettis, G. H. Stoddard, J. Trowbridge, W. M. Voge, J. Waltz, W. Stoddard, J. Fife, H. L. Biggs, S. J. Cady, J. Croskrey, J. Hoag, J. Cory, J. Ross, I. Toland, H. Cory, N. Randolph, T. M. Malin, S. C. Babb, W. E. Eshbaught, B. C. Berry, H. Bissell, J. G. Sanborn, J. Stokes, T. Trowbride, A. Zehrung, W. G. Malin, L. Cary, J. Duffey, L. Sexton.

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