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Clark Township

Taken from the History of Tama County, Iowa Its Cities, Towns and Villages
Early Reminiscences, Personal Incidents and Anecdotes,
And A Complete Business Directory Of The County
By Samuel D. Chapman 1879

Contributed by Patty Delmott and Transcribed by Cyndi Vertrees

Clark township was organized October 9th, 1860, and the first election was held at the house of David Torrence, November 6th, of the same year.

The township lies in range 85 north, and 13 west. It is a fine body of land, entirely prairie, and nearly all available for cultivation. The soil is very fertile, and at this time there is scarcely a foot of land, but what is in use.

The first settlement made in this township was in the year 1855. A. Parmenter, C. Unger, W. Leach, D. Torrence, J. Moss, N. Miller, T. S. Talmage, A. Boylan, and G. W. Bradley were the first settlers. The township made no special growth until about the time of the completion of the railroad. There being so much prairie that it seemed a perfect barrier to the settler. Where was the timber for fuel and fencing to come from? was the propounding question of the prospector. But soon the question was solved; the Pacific Division of the B. C. R. & N. Railroad penetrated the township and fuel and fencing was no longer a question of doubt for all necessities were supplied by the advantages which a railroad afford a new country. Mr. A. Parmenter was the first to settle on the open prairie on section 1, in 1855. Now there is hardly a quarter in the whole township that is not under cultivation and Clark ranks among the best townships of the County.

The first marriage was Mr. N. Perkins to Miss M. Moss, in 1859.

The first school was taught by J. Parmenter, in 1862.

The first birth was a daughter of Mr. Boylan, in 1859.

The first death was a wife of Newton Miller, who was caught in a prairie fire and burned to death while returning home from one of the neighbors, in 1857. The full particulars of her death, we were unable to learn.

Dysart, of which we speak in another chapter, is located in this township.

The following we gather from the records.

Justices: - H. Frank, H. colderwood, J. W. Crissman, S. F. Everett, S. Hanlin, B. F. Thomas, H. Shaffer, D. Torrence, T. S. Talmage, S. L. Cochran, P. P. Wench, S. R. Hunt, J. A. Paramenter.

Clerks: - G. W. Bradley, D. Torrence, T. S. Talmage, O. M. Haney.

Trustees: - J. Moss, C. Unger, G. W. Wiseman, T. S. Talmage, S. R. Hunt, D. Torrence, G. W. Bradley, N. Miller, P. P. Wench, T. L. Cochran, E. Converse, S. F. Everett, J. Enderton, H. Colderwood, M. D. Bonney, B. F. Thomas, J. Dysart, D. Puckett, S. R. Yeoman, L. L. Wheeler, J. T. Converse, A. Sewall.

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