Haynes-Hume Family Pictures
Tama County, Iowa

Estella Barbara HAYNES
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Wilber Isaac HUME and Estella Barbara HAYNES
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From Shelley Cardiel:

I've "rescued" three old photographs which belong to the HAYNES and HUME Families. The first is a photograph of Estella Barbara HAYNES which is dated 1907. In addition to her name someone has written "Mother MAIDEN" and "E.J.'s Mother" on the back of the photograph. She appears to be in her 20's at the time. The second [is] an earlier photograph of Wilber Isaac HUME and Estella Barbara HAYNES, likely taken in the 1890's and then copied later. Information on the back of the photograph states that Wilber was b. 30 Jan 1863, married Estella 29 Mar 1893, and died of Typhoid Fever 26 Oct 1895. Also noted is the birth of their son, Edwin James HUME on 17 Aug 1895 in Garwin, IA.

Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Wilbur or Wilber Isaac Hume was born 30 Jan 1861 in Hubbard, OH to parents Edwin Edward W. HUME (b. 1833) and Amanda Annon NELSON (1833-1880). Wilber was one of 8 children born to this couple including, Wilber Isaac; Mary Olivia; Charles Nelson; Frank; Anna Viola; Ella Mary; and Delmar James; and Frank Alfred HUME, all born between 1861 and 1876. The family surname may have later been changed to HUMES by some. Wilber married Estella Barbara HAYNES on 29 Mar 1893 in Tama Co. IA. The couple had only one child, Edwin James HUME b. 17 Aug 1895 in Garwin, IA. Wilbur died 26 Oct 1895 and is buried in the Dobson Cemetery in Garwin, IA.

Their son Edwin James HUME b. 17 Aug 1885 in Garwin, IA married Myrtle Marie KEHR (b. 20 Mar 1900) on 1 June 1919. Edwin was living in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada in 1917 but traveled to Carlton, IA when he was registered for the WWI draft, listing his occupation as Farmer. He was in Seattle, WA by the time he registered for the draft in 1942.

Estella Barbara HAYNES HUME MAIDEN was b. 28 Apr 1871 in Carlton, IA to parents James Marion HAYNES (b. 23 Feb 1849 in Tama, IA-d. 1919 in Carlton, IA) and Shady Ann STRONG (b. 29 Jan 1852 in West Mansfield, OH-d. 8 Jun 1873 in Tama Co. IA giving birth to her second daughter). Estella had one sibling, a sister Shady Ann HAYNES b. 8 Jun 1873. After her Mother's death in 1873 her father married Melissa May KIRKMAN or KERKMAN (1858-1931) and they had 10 more children including, Ella Mae; Warren Silves; Mary Nellie "Nell"; Della J.; John Oscar; Ada A.; Louis A.; Orley; Rolla "Rollie" Russell; Elpha or Helfu W. HAYNES, all born between 1875 and 1893.

Estella died 27 Feb 1847 or 1848 in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada and is buried in the Vulcan Cemetery there.

After Wilber's death Estella married Francis Marion or Marion Francis MAIDEN (b. 21 Sept 1867 in Tama Co. IA son of Joseph MAIDEN and Maria GRANT) on 30 Nov 1898 in Rockton, IA and together they had 3 children, Edwin Hugh; Fern Lucille, and Chester Leroy MAIDEN born in Marshall Co. or Tama Co. IA between 1895 and 1904.

Census records provide the following details:

1880 census of Hubbard, OH:

E. J. HUME, age 66, a Farmer, born PA, parents born PA
Mary HUME, wife, age 60, House Keeping, born PA, parents born PA
James HUME, son, age 46, a Farm Worker, born PA, parents born PA
Wilbert J. HUME, grandson, age 17, a Farm Worker, born OH, parents born PA

1880 census of Carlton, IA:

James M. HAYNES, age 31, a Farmer, born IN, parents born OH/WV
Malissa HAYNES, wife, age 22, Keeping House, born IA, parents born KY/TN
Estella B. HAYNES, dau, age 9, born IA, parents born IN/OH
Ella M. HAYNES, dau, age 5, born IA
Warren S. HAYNES, son, age 4, born IA
Mary N. HAYNES, dau, age 1, born IA
+ 1 Boarder

1895 census of Tama, IA:

Wilber J. HUME, age 32, born OH, a Farmer, Baptist
Estella B. HUME, age 23, born Tama Co., IA, a Christian

1900 census of LeGrand Township, Marshall Co., IA:

Frank MAIDEN, age 32, born Sept 1867, married 2 years, born MO, parents born MO/IL, a Barber
Estella B. MAIDEN, wife, age 29, born Apr 1871, married 2 years, 2 children/1 living, born IA, parents born IN/OH
Edwin H. MAIDEN, son, age 4, born Aug 1895, born IA

1930 census of Seattle, WA:

Edwin HUME, age 35, married at age 24, born IA, parents born OH/IA, a Postal Clerk
Myrtle HUME, wife, age 30, married at age 19, born ND, parents born OH/IN
Franklin HUME, son, age 10, born Canada
Meda HUME, dau, age 8, born Canada
Doris HUME, dau, age 7, born WA
Harold HUME, son, age 5, born WA Nina HUME, dau, age 3 years + 6 months, born WA

1940 census of Seattle, WA:

Edwin J. HUME, age 44, born IA, a Postal Clerk
Myrtle HUME, wife, age 40, born ND
Franklin W. HUME, son, age 20, born Canada
Meda M. HUME, dau, age 18, born Canada
Doris M. HUME, dau, age 17, born WA
Harold L. HUME, son, age 15, born WA
Nina E. HUME, dau, age 13, born WA
Edwin J. HUME, son, age 8, born WA
Leonia B. KEHR, mother-in-law, age 76, born IN

I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.



Note: Estella doesn't look 36 in the picture on the left, to me. - Bill Haloupek

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