Tama County 1860 Mortality Schedule

These Mortality Schedules have been transcribed from microfilm. Every effort has been made to transcribe the names correctly. If you see a name that you know is incorrect, please contact the county coordinator to change it.

Buckingham Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
P. Holms 8 M Ind November   Drowning accidental  
M. Rickord 6 F Iowa February   Jaundice 8 days
H. Hempy 4 M Iowa June   Diptheria  
D. Carter 9 M Iowa December   Accidental poisoning  
A. Carter 6/12 F Iowa December   Accidental poisoning  
A. Carter 3 M Iowa April   Diptheritis  
S. Asher 65 M Penn November Farmer Congestion Chils 12 hours
M E Childs 33 F NY April   Diptheritis 10 days
R. Megers 18 F Ind November   Acute Carditis 21Y
E. E Hanns 29 F Ind May   Diptheritis 4 wks
E. W. Dailey 53 M Ind September   Diptheritis 4 wks
MAR Dailey 13 F Ind September   Typhoid Fever 4 weeks

Carlton Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
A Holbrook 2 M Mo November   Diptheritis 4days
A. Mendell 1/12 F Iowa August   Inflamation of the lungs 5days
O Mendell 1/12 F Iowa August   Inflamation of the lungs 3days
D. Baldwin 1 F Iowa February   Croup 7days
M. Conant 3 F Iowa October   Inflamation of the lungs 12days
E. Samm 29 M Ind March Farmer Cronic Carehitis? 4 years
W. A. Libby 1 M Iowa March   Consumption lungs 7mos.

Carroll Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
L Hibbee     35 or 65FIlls      May                       Apoplexy                         

Columbia Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
L. W. Randall 6/12M Iowa October      Inflamatory fever 8 days

Crystal Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
L. A. Bishop 3 F Iowa July   Unknown 8 days
P Walls 2   Iowa January   Diptheritis 2days
W Walls 1 M Iowa January   Diptheritis 4days

Geneseo Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
C.H Slater 52 M NY April Carpenter Consumption Lungs 12 yrs
W. ? Tedford 45 M Ohio July Farmer Dysentary 7days

Howard Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
V. Dew 55 M VA February Farmer Billious fever 12days
L. A. Granger 2/12 F Iowa February   Inflamation of the bowells 7day
A. P. Meyers 2 M Iowa March   Diptheritis 12days
A Vindel 14 M Ohio August   Scrofula 3mos

The only Disease that has prevailed for the past year to any extent in this county is a species of Erysipelas affecting the glands and mucus membrane of the throat. This disease spread itself over the country principaly among children during the Winter and Spring months of 1860. The name is Diptheritis.

Otter Creek Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
C. H. Brooks 6 M Ill May   Diptheritis 7days
A. Bunce ? F Iowa March   Diptheritis 14days
W. C. Mitchell 3 M Iowa Dec.   Diptheritis 6days
A. S. Kussell 1 M Iowa Nov. July   Diptheritis 38 hours
Y. Barlow Jr. 18 M PA July Farmer Dropsy of Brain 18 mos

Richland Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
F. E. Flathers? 11 F IndSeptember       Inflamation of the brain7days
M SPARKS 3 F Iowa January       Diptheritis7days
R. D. O CARTER 2 M Iowa January       Diptheritis6days

Salt Creek Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
R. McElwain 8/12 M Iowa Sept.      Congestion of brain 7days
R. Walker 31 F NY Oct.      Congestion of brain 2wks

Spring Creek Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
C. J. Bartell or Burkett2F Iowa August   inflamation bowels 2wks

Toledo Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
E. Bradbovk 23 F Ohio January   Inflamation Uterus 9 days
G. L. Vanhorn 1 M Iowa April   Pneumonia 12 days
Prudenecetta Muckler 14 F VT April   Consumption Lungs 9 wks
Edgar Baldy 15 M Mich January Student Typhoid Fever 5 wks
John Graham 70 M W. Scotland February Farmer Pneumonia 6 wks
Elmore Edwards 3/12 M Iowa May   Unknown  
C. A. Zehrung 1 F Iowa October   Inflamation of Brain 4 days
B. Hollen 3 M Iowa October   Accidental suicide  
H. Chase 59 M N.C September   Dropsy 3mos.
F. Chase 57 F N.C. September   Inflamation of Bowells 6 days
F. Wilcox 55 F Iowa May   Uterine Cancer 11 mos
E.A. Hileman 3 F Iowa February   Diptheritis 1 wk
E. B. Hileman 1 M Iowa May   Phrenitis 2 wks
H. Carr 7 M Ind March   Diptheritis 5 days
A. G. Wells 7/12 M Iowa September   Dysentery 11 days

Elmore Edwards - supposed to have been smothered by the bed cloths
B. Hollen - killed by being ran over by a wagon in the public road

York Township 1860 Mortality Schedule
J. D. Grubbs 1 M Iowa Mar.   Inflamation Lungs 6wks
J. Yevsik 6/12 F blank Nov.   Unknown 6mo
J. Mills 2 M Ills Sept.   Scrofula 7days
H. Michael 10 M Mich Aug.   inflamation lungs 3 wks
H. Dyken?? 27 M Conn June Farmer Billious fever 7 days