State of Iowa Birth Certificates
for Story County

Complete Index July 1904 through 1906
and 1909 through 1921

Search Story Co. Birth Certificate Index

Births for some years were reported directly to the State of Iowa through the submission of birth certificates. Of special interest to researchers is an state-wide index to the certificates issued from 1904 through 1906 and 1909 through June 1921. This index is available in PDF format at the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI). That PDF was converted for use here.

Limited data is available in the SHSI data and contains transcription errors. Missing, for example, are the given names of the mother and father. The sex of the child is in most instances implied by the name.

The data included here is:

  1. Surname
  2. Given Name (if the baby was not yet named, (Baby), (Baby Boy), or (Baby Girl) were shown)
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Birth Place (always Story County)
  5. Mother's Maiden Name
  6. Certificate Number
  7. Box Number
  8. Source (always SHSI at this time)

A copy of the birth certificate can be ordered from the State Historical Society of Iowa. See their site for information about how to order. Providing the certificate number should help, but there is no warranty that the number as recorded in the data here is correct. Remember, if it isn't here that doesn't mean the birth didn't occur and if it is located here it remains your responsibility to verify the information. If you are fortunate enough to have be able to visit the State Historical Society in Des Moines in person, you may acquire a birth certificate copy more quickly and at less cost from the archivist. You will have to provide the name of the child, year of birth, county, and certificate number. No mail request are taken. For those you must contact the Bureau of Vital Records..

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