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Military Eligible 1894

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The Iowa Militia Law required counties to report the persons subject to military duty. The 1894 list was transcribed from images. (To locate on their site search images for Story, Iowa, United States, select Life Event type Military Service, and from that select Military Record for Story, Iowa, United States 1862–1910. This provides a group of 784 images. The 1894 lists are images number 179–219, within which one image is duplicated.)

The 1894 enumeration was certified on June 13, 1894. See 1862 Certification Letter for an example of a certification to the state Adjutant General.

The 1894 is was consolidated across Story County a reported by the first initial of the surname. Within that the names appear to be random. Errors may have been introduced when were transcribed from the original location lists which may themselves have contained errors. Additional errors may have been introduced with this final transcription.

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