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(As Printed in the volume 1897-8 Directory of Story County.)


In the course of our study of the needs and resources of Story county, a work of the character has long been apparent. The industry of farming is the principal occupation of our citizens, and that this class shoud be properly tabulated and given representation in a work of this kind is undisputed. The publisher of the Tribune studied the situation and also the best means of compiling a directory of the farmers of Story county, and finally concluded that this form would come nearer to perfection than any other.

It has also been apparent to us that no one was in a more favorable conditoin for the compilation of a book of the present magnitude than the publisher of the Tribune. Our office iw equipped with the best material that money can buy, and in the publication of the paper we come into touch with the farming community. Hence the present production.

A work of the magnitude and completeness of tihs book represented so much labor and expense that we hesitated undertaking the enterprise, even after we had decided it to be the most available means of fully setting forth the extent of our farming interests. The labor of compilation, work on production, cuts, etc., represent about $600.00 in cash that had to be expended before any returns could be anticipated. Nevertheless, we spared no expense or pains to make the book complete in every detail fully realizing that were not this the case it would be of but little value

One of our objects in the publication of the book, and a legitimate one considering the expense we have bourne was to use it as a premium to paid up subscribers of the Tribune. It appears to us that the great value of the directory would not only induce many of our old subscribers to pay up, but the offer would attract many new ones. In this we were not deceived, and a copy of the book will be presented free to each subscriber of the Tribune who is paid up to January 1, 1899, or beyond that date. To all others the price is invariably $1.00.

We would be ungrateful if we neglected to call attendtion to the liberal patronage the directory has received from advertisers, and we believer they will reap an hundred fold for the expenditure. It was the generosity of these gentlemen that made the work possible. We hope the recipients of this book will carefully note whatever these firms have to say and remember them with substantial patronage.
L.R. SHEPHERD, Publisher.