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1887 History of Story County, Iowa by W. G. Allen

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[In the west 1/2, northwest 1/4, northwest 1/4 section 7, township 83, range 22—the Protestant. But the Catholic is in the southeast corner section 1, township 83, range 23.]

Andrews, Mr.
Alderman, Ida C., 13.
Allen, Freddie, 2.
Abbott, A. O., middle age.
Armstrong, Wm. T., 18.
Applegate, Lewis, 65.
Applegate, Emeline, 1.
Airhart, Blanchie, 1.
Bobo, Mr.
Boynton, Q. A.., 39.
Bell, Mrs. J. J., (middle age.)
Blackman, John, 54.
Brown, Rev. J. C., 62.
Brigham, Mrs., (old lady.)
Briggs, Mrs. Otis, first wife Eliza) 30 1/4.
Barrows, Miss Mattie.
Burgess, Mr., (suicided.)
Bales, Wm., (old man.)
Belknap, Mrs. P. E., (old lady)
Beach, P., 35.
Bixby, Wm. H.
Banks, Mrs. Druzilla C., 36.
Barrett, Mellie, 2.
Barrett, Jas. S., (infant.)
Brown, Fred.
Banks, Minnie Bell, (infant.)
Ballard, Emerette Eliza, 38.
Ballard, Delbert Eugene, 2 mos.
Bunce, Melvin M., 22.
Bates, Rev. W. S., 64.
Berry, Miss Fanny, a young lady) died about 1857.
Bailey, Miss Sylva, killed by lightning in year 1856. A young lady.
Bamberger, Samuel, 70.
Bates, an infant.
Briggs, S. M.
Borgen, Carrie, 2 months.
Boyes, Lizzie E., 17.
Boyes, Burtie, an infant.
Briggs, (child of D. D. Briggs) babe.
Alderman, Mary Nevada,
Applegate, Mrs. J.
Allen, Ethan, died in Ark., 32.
Allen, Mrs. Mary M. (died June 27, 1856) 60.
Applegate, Ida E., 14.
Armstrong, Cylinda, 19.
Ayers, Jessie M., 14 1/4.
Boynton, Mrs. Henry, 62.
Bixby, Miss, (young woman.)
Bechtel, Hugh, (young man.)
Bright, Henry, 77.
Brigham, Mr.,.(old man.)
Barnam, Mrs., and 3 children.
Burdick, Chas., and 1 child, (C. B. 23.)
Batzner, Martin, (suicided.)
Balliet, Mrs. S. A., 20 1-3.
Brown, Asa, 35.
Buffington, Miss Mary, 25.
Brink, O. S., 17.
Boggess, Chas. W .
Barrett, Mrs. Margaret, 55.
Barrett, Margaret E., 32.
Brown, Geo. H.
Brown, A. R., 81.
Banks, Willie, 9 months.
Ballard, Jay Henry, 9 months.
Ballard. Celia Loret, 1 1/4.
Butt, Mr. Samuel, 63.
Beatty, Frank, (a child.)
Bailey, Mrs. Henry, first wife, (old lady.)
Bailey, Daniel.
Buchanan, W. M., (killed by accident) 17 3/4.
Bamberger, Reuben S., 32 3/4.
Barr, Anna, 1.
Briggs, Annie.
Blood, an infant.
Boyes, Dwight, an infant.
Butlege, Clara J., 24.
Barnes, Mrs. Saloma, 67 3/4.
Carter. Bessie, infant.
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