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Story County, Iowa
1885 State Census

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Collins Township (Pages 3-30)
Collins Town (Pages 31-35)
Franklin Township (Pages 39-77)
Grant Township (Pages 80-99)
Howard Townhip Including Roland (Pages 106-147)
Indian Creek Township (Pages 152-181)
Maxwell Town (Pages 186-198)
Lafayette Township (Pages 204-233)
Story City Town (Pages 244-281)
Lincoln Township (Pages 286-303)
Zearing Town (Pages 308-313)
Milford Township (Pages 317-344)
Nevada Township (Pages 348-369)
Nevada Town (Pages 376-426)
New Albany Township (Pages 433-455)
Colo Town (Pages 459-473)
Palestine Township (Pages 477-514)
Sheldahl Town (Pages 515-525)
Richland Township (Pages 532-549)
Sherman Township (Pages 554-572)
Union Township (Pages 576-605)
Cambridge Town (Pages 610-625)
Warren Township (Pages 638-655)
McCallsburg Town (Pages 655-657)
Washington Township (Excluding Ames) (Pages 661-687)
Ames City (Pages 691-734)
Iowa Agricultural College (Pages 739-740)