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This is the first state census taken of Story County. The effective date of the census was 01 Jun 1854. Errors may have been introduced by the census taker or by my transcription. At the time of this census, only five townships had been formed. Colored males and females were separately enumerated in this census. There were none enumerated for Story County therefore those fields are not included here. Only the figures written by the census taker are shown. For example, totals were not always written in which case they are not included here.

Only 173 inhabitants were counted. The totals as written on one of the census sheet for the county are:

Township              Males       Females       Voters      Militia    Aliens
Lafayette               53           41            20
Indian Creek           102           87            40
Franklin                89           63            33          28         3
Washington              88           91            39          40
Nevada                 104          104            34          39

It seems militia were not counted in all townships. Some of the census was very difficult to read.

Search results contain an abstract of the data for the individuals found. Views of the census pages, seen when selecting an individual in search results or when browsing the census, contain all of the census data found on that page excepting handwritten totals on each page.

The 1854 Census data is comprised of:

  • Township. Shown at the top of each census page view.
  • Enumerator's Name. Shown at the top of each census page view. The enumerator is known for Lafayette township only.
  • Date of Enumeration. This is the date the information was collected. Shown at the top of each census page view. The date is known for Lafayette township only.
  • Name. I have separated the surname from the given names so the surname can be used for searching.
  • AKA Name. A spelling of the surname which is different from the one on this census. When present "aka" follows the name with the AKA Name.
  • AKA Source. The abbreviated source of the AKA name. When present "SRC" follows the AKA name.
  • Males. The count of the number of males.
  • Females. The count of the number of females.
  • Voters. The count of the number of eligible voters.
  • Militia. The count of the men of eligible militia age.
  • Aliens.. The count of aliens.
  • Total. The total count. Sometimes this was not recorded.
  • Comment. This is the transcriber or proofer's comment.

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