OTTUMWA PIONEER SUMMONED, Mrs Maria Jordan, died at home, 448 North Court at the age of 82.
Born July 11, 1828, in Vigo county, Indiana and married to William Jordan.
Mother of 12 children, family came from Eddyville to Ottumwa in 1868.

Jennie Robinson went to Ottumwa Thursday on business.
Mrs Alec Tubaugh has been confinded to her room for several days with a severe illness.
Bessie Cohagan is visiting in Ottumwa with her sister Mrs George Orane.
Zella Chisman is visiting friends in Eddyville
 Wm Wilson Jr., went to Ottumwa.
David Jay returned from Davenport.
Gladys Chisman is visiting in Highland Center with her sister Mrs Lee Dorothy.

Mr and Mrs John Ward from near Buxton were visiting friends in Eddyvill and near Kirkville this week.
Dan Whitsel Jr of near Given will move to Eddyville soon. He has purchased
the interest in the store of Satt Bremison. He has rented the Mater property
east of the Rock Island depot.
Mrs G W Stephens spend Wednesday in Dudley visiting.
F W Lyons who recently returned from Texas purchased land near Galveston and will
move his family there in the future.
Mrs Wm Roberts living west of town was injured quite badly yesterday by a runaway team.
Mrs Mintonye left for Peria, Ill., to visit her daughter Mrs Ethel Williams.
Frank Granby living north of town is visiting relatives this week in Missouri.
Miss Pearl and Miss Mabel Lyons will each close a successful term of school this week north of town.
Mace hagan, Grant Dye and wife and Mrs fred Vanness of Oskaloosa were in Eddyville.

Des Moines, April 30.
M McDonald commander in chief of the Grand Army, has issued his general orders respecting
the observance of Memorial day and Flag day. The orders are as follows: General order No. 5, series 1909-1910.
---called attention to the observance of Memorial day and Flag day. The number of graves is increasing
while the  number to observe the day are decreasing. At this time, let us remember that as we stand
before some grave, we not only strew flowers there, but that in the act there is a symbolism of our love.
Flag Day -- June 14 has been adopted by the Grand Army of the Republic. Let every comrade who is the possessor
of a flag, display it on that day. 

Principal B H Wilson and assistant Miss Effie Peden entertained the seniors at the home of 
Mr Wilson last Tuesday evening. The house was decorated in the class and high school colors.
On Wednesday evening Mrs Helen Reed entertained the seniors at her home.
Thursday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs O Menge, Miss Ella Harlan, teacher of the eighth
grade entertained the class at a six o'clock two course dinner.
The third quarterly meeting will be held Sunday May 8th at the M E Church, District superintendent
H N Smith will be here for the morning services.
Miss Fitzgerald of Ottumwa is visiting Miss Hattie Hasty.

Mis Esther Malinda Canny was born in Athens county, Ohio, November 15, 1848, and
died at her home in East Riverview, Ottumwa, Iowa, April 28, 1910, aged 61 years 5 months and 13 days. On the
17th day of October 1866, she was married to James Palmer. To this union 10 children were born.


Marriage licenses were granted to Chas Turner, 50 and Bettie Williams, 45, Buxton and to 
Wm A Beard 30 and Rose Alice Van Skiver 26, Albia.

State of Iowa, Wapello County ss. in the district court.
Notice is hereby given, supporting the last will and testament
of Stephen Green, deceased . . .  Geo Phillips, Clerk Distric court.

Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, . . . estate of Marion Smith,
late of said county. Carrie L Smith, Executrix.

Charles Mick, a well known resident of Hedrick, was operated on yesterday at the Ottumwa
hospital for cancer. His conditions is somewhat better today.
Frank Hilbert of Bloomfield was a visitor in Ottumwa for a short time en route home from Adel.
The following residents of Eldon were shoppers in the city today: Mrs Charles Boxx, Mrs Ella Neff, Miss
Edna Allman, Misses Beatrice and Bessie Cunningham and Misses Ethel and Anna Thompson.
Wells and Frank Besco of Given who have been visiting their sister, Mrs T J Martin, 1051 West Main street
have returned home.

DR D H Lewis, Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat ENNIS OFFICE BUILDING

MAY 5, 1910
While at work at the Milwaukee roundhouse this morning about 3:40 James Heffron and a number of 
other employees witnessed Halley's comet.

(Special).- Mr and Mrs Daniel Whitsel, celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary.
ATTENTION FARMERS!  On account of what we belive to be unfair treatment from the City
Authorities in assuming a hostile attitude towards us in the past year and its promised continuance,
we have decided in justice to ourselves to shut down our plant. Friday, May 6th will be the last day
of killing and live stock will not be received after Thursday midnight. Our stock yards will be closed 
on and after Friday next. John Morrell & Co.

Ira A Johnson son of Henry Johnson late of Co-A-19th Iowa Infty, was in Eldon Saturday on business connected
with his fathers service in the war. Mr Johnson lives in Oskaloosa.
Ott Graham of Des Moines special Agent, for Monongahala Ins Co. was in the city.
James J B Sneath of Bentonsport was a business caller Saturday.
D McHaffey has returned from his farm in Oklahoma, his daughte who accompanied him stopped off at
Kansas City to visit Miss Grace Huston.
Miss Edith Harland and her sister Mrs Blanche McGregor of Oklahoma City ar visiting at the Harlan
home, called by the sickness of their brother Jean who is confined at the Keokuk hospital.
R E Dillon of Quincy, Ill., has opena a box ball tilley in the Mummell building.
Rob Delamp and Edna Allman was married Sunday by Rev Cogshell.
Mrs Chas Owne and daughter Mrs Dora Tee Gardner are visiting.
John Miller and Fern Noel was married.
Mr and Mrs M A Kelley, have returned home, after a visit with their son W H Kelley, residing of Frank Street.

Miss Irene Evans left yesterday for three days visit with her grandmother Mrs Jane Evans of Moulton.
Miss Ruth Lain went to Centerville.
Mrs P C West who has been visiting the Ed Trickler home, returned to her home.
John Ethel and little daughter made a business trip to Moulton.
Miss Mabel Rhoades who lives near town left Friday for a few days visit with her
sister Miss Ethel Rhoades of Ottumwa.
Sheriff Johannessen and wife were Ottumwa visitors.
Mrs Swinney spent Friday at the Walter Baird home in Ottumwa.
Mr and Mrs Jack Noble were Ottumwa visitors.
Mrs E C Pirtle of West Grove visited the last of the week with Mrs J M Pirtle.
Mrs J D Harlajn of Ottumwa, spent the week with Mrs H C Sutton.
Miss Mary Stober of Pulaski is spending a few days with relatives this week.
Mr and Mrs Jas Sutton visited the latter's mother Mrs McIntosh of Milton.
Miss Emma Beauchamp and Miss Irene Beauchamp visited.
Mrs Alva Hunt and mother Mrs Grages of Pulaski were Bloomfield visitors.
Mr and Mrs C W Wray spent the last four months at Long Beach, Calif. They spent the past two
weeks with their son Frank in La Crosse, Kansas.
Wendell Newton, the little son of Will Newton was knocked unconscious by striking
his head against the cement walk on the square.
An automobile party composed of Will Steckel and wife, Henry Taylor and wife, S A Lorenz and wife
and Frank Traverse and wife drove to Centerville Friday to attend the musical given by the 
Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.
Henry Wray returned Friday from a few days visit in Oklahoma.

Mrs Maria Jordan laid to rest in the family plot at Ottumwa Cemetery.

Agency High School Commencement Excercises, Class Roll: Helen G Carmen, Edith C Connelly, Tessie L Johnson, Jesse D Luippold,
Hazel McDowell, Neta M Rouke, Agnes R Shank, Ralph D Van Zandt.

Old Soldiers Home, Marshalltown deaths; Isaac H Riggs, agedd 66 of Ottumwa, John W Overman, aged 63, of Logan, and James W Gadd,
aged 68 of Mahaska county.
Mr Riggs was born in Barnesville, O., Dec 3, 1843. A veteran of the One Hundred twenty second Ohio Infantry, Company H.

Mrs N P Herrington was in Buxton last week looking after the shipment of their household goods to Ottumwa, where they now live.
Mrs Chambers and Constance were in Ottumwa last week.
Rev Adrain pastor of the Swedish Methodist churches in Ottumwa and Buxton was here to fill his monthly appointment.
Mrs June Willis and children are visiting the former's mother Mrs Paris.


Mr and Mrs Jones from Arkansas arrived the first of last week for  a visit at the home of their son Walter Jones.
M Wyckoff visited in Ottumwa at Mr Roberts'.
Miss Jennette Hinsey from Hedrick was a caller at Mrs Kirkpatrick's on  her way to Ottumwa.
C Payton and family from Norton, Kans., are expected to visit with friends.
Miss Smith spent Sunday at her home near Packwood.
D L Denny went to Creston.
Arthur Bacon spent Sunday with his parents Mr and Mrs Miles Bacon.
Mrs Davis and Marie were passengers to Ottumwa.
Mesdames Curthis and Boyd attended the baptizing at No 3 Sunday.
Miss Wolfe, after an absence of several days near Kirkville returned home.
Don McCormick and family spent Sunday at Hedrick.


Miss Alice Blundell closed a very successful term of school at Hickory Flat April 25.
Joseph Engle has returned from Rutledge wehre he attented the funeral of his brother.
John W Creech of Centerville died April 29. He was buried near Unionville in the old family burial ground
He was 50 years of age and was a Christian man.
Osa Dunlavy and daughter Golden went to Ottumwa to visit W W Rankin & Family.
Misses Thelma and Laura Overturf went to Pulaski to visit with their brother, Rev W E Overturf and 
help nurse his little son Roy who is very critically ill.
Mrs Thomas Hunt is improving slowly.
Miss Agatha Becker is in Ottumwa.
Mrs Tude Thomas was most royally entertained at the Becker home.
Mrs W S Creech is seriously ill. Mr and Mrs Chas Horen are the parents of a baby boy.
Loy Conner has moved to the old Boyce farm.
J Q Heckart has sold his farm and moved to Ottumwa.


Mrs J W Foulkes of Chariton, returned home today after a two weeks' visit with her mother, Mrs J J
McGugart, 909 East Main st.
Mrs Frank Ware of Bear Creek has returned home after a visit with her mother,
Mrs Nora Benson, 549 West Mechanic St.
EE Huffstutter and Miss Olive M Shaffer, both of Eldon, were granted a marriage license by Clerk George Phillips.
Word was received of the death of Mrs Nettie Chambers from Sadalia, Kansas.
W B Jordan Sr., Mr and Mrs W A Jordan, Walter B Jordan Jr., and Mrs Benjamin Cole of
Minneapolis, have arrived in the city to attend the funeral of the late Mrs Marie Jordan.
Mrs Charles Hemm and son Bern of Eldon, have been visiting her mother, Mrs May Nichola, 1628 Bertha St.

MAY 7, 1910

Mrs Nellie Humphrey of Broken Bow, Neb., visited relatives here last week.
Miss Irene Grant spent last week near Pulaski at the home of her sister Mrs Walter Thompson.
Mr and Mrs Wesley Bennis are the parents  of a daughter born last Tuesday, April 26.
Born to Mr and Mrs Dolphus Williams, a son.
Nellie Vanlandingham is staying at the home of her brother Nathan.
Mr and Mrs T D Munn of Belknap spent Sunday at the Will Putman home.
Mr and Mrs Walter Thompson from near Pulaski spent Sunday at the parental J W Thompson home.
Milt Randolph, wife and son Ralph spent Sunday at the Tom Randolph home.
Cards are out for the marriage of Miss Jennie Slagel to Dr Charles W Labough of Mystic.
Miss Slagel is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs W F Slagel of this place.
Some of the boys in wrestling Saturday night met with the misfortune to break a large
plage glass in the C A Thompson grocery.

Otto Meline and his mother from Connecticut are here visiting with Mr and Mrs August Hultman.
Miss Alice Anderson of Des Moines spent a couple of days here with relatives last week, accompanied
by Mrs Ed Anderson of Ottumwa she departed Sunday evening for an extended visit in Sweden.
Mr and Mrs John Oval entertained at dinner Sunday.
Miss Esther Pierson spent Sunday with her parents in Ottumwa.
Wm Cotrell was a business vistor here.

Miss Lizzie Gift visited last Thursday with her sister Mrs C C Baum.
Miss Gertie Schwartz visited recently with her sister Mrs John Kelter of South Ottumwa.
Mr and Mrs Musick and little daughter spent an afternoon at the J M Arnold home.
Mrs Bridget Curry and grand daughter Mary spent Thursday with Mrs D A Rater.
Mr and Mrs Jeff Randall visited Sunday at the parental Randall home.
Mr and Mrs Henry Harsch were entertained Sunday at the Jas Marts home.
W Z Dexter has bought a share on the Hickory Flat telephone line.
Mr and Mrs Wilford Berry of Moulton, Mr and Mrs S  A Musick and baby, Mr and Mrs
M F Chisman and two sons also Mr and Mrs Hicks and children spent Sunday at the 
J M Arnold home.

Misses Cella and Lella Rupe of Belknap are here visiting friends and relatives.
J M Rupe is on the sick list this week.
Mr and Mrs Smith Thomas and son Herb and Mr and Mrs Albert Brooks spent Sunday at the
Amos Brooks home.
Mr and  Mrs John Parrett and family went to Ottumwa.
Miss Ruth Smith who has been visiting her grandparents Mr and Mrs D C Simmons, returned home.
Grand Dyle and Roy Gooden of near Eldon were guests at the Charles Rivers home.

Mrs Rosa Doll visited one day last week with Mrs Ara Smith.
Art Morrison and wife were Bunch callers.
Mr and Mrs Walter Stufflebeam and daughters Eunice and Erma visited at the parental T W Bean home.
Miss Essie Benge spent Sunday with Alice Barnes.
Miss Xenia Jones was a Bloomfield caller last week.
Riley Elder visited with his grandparents Mr and Mrs Wm Brown.
Miss Birdie Bean is working for Mrs Loran Ogden.
Sunday School at pleasant hill.
Miss Lena McConnell of Bloomfield returned home after spending a short time with Anna Wright.

Mrs John Dolan is ill at her home.
Rev Henry Carlisle of Bussey was a caller at the N Williams home.
Miss Bruner reports an enrollment of thirty-four pupils at school.
Mr and Mrs F Vogee spent Sunday in Evans with relatives.
T J Williams, overseer of the county farm, was a caller at the N Williams home.

Misses Pet and Stella McVey returned Monday to their home in Rathbun.
Gertrude Brown of Ottumwa is visiting at the W S Wilson home.
Mrs C E Pettit returned from a visit with her parents at Tracy.
Preston Porton and mother left on Monday for Wyoming where they will locate on a claim.
Charley Ross of Oklahoma is visiting his sister Mrs Jay Cohagan.

Repair work on the Methodist Church was begun Monday. Owing to the condition of the church o services 
until Sunday had been held in it for two weeks. Rev Scott was present to fill his appointment.
Announcement was made that a program for the township school convention would be arranged.
J F Foster sold three sheep to the Wabash extra gand of Greeks who have been employed here.
Mr and Mrs R E Hancock entertained Mr and Mrs G L Hancock entertained Mr and Mrs G L Hancock and sons
Bert and Stuart at dinner.
Miss Ruth Kneedler of Bloomfield spent Sunday afternoon with her cousins Fallace and Pauline Kneedler.
Mr and Mrs C A Guile and children of Trenton are visiting with Mrs Guile's parents, Mr and Mrs T C Cree.
Mr and Mrs J C Lough of near Bloomfield were Belknap shoppers.
The Rock Island has a large number of men at work completing the work for the block signal system.
Oscar Galpin of Des Moines was a caller at the R E Hancock home.
Mrs Ed Reeves of Bloomfield visited one day last week, with her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Will Dodd.

Miss Gertrude Pierson went to Ottumwa Tuesday to visit her sister Miss 
Edith Pierson.
Marie Boden of Oskaloosa is visiting friends in Eddyville and Coalfiled this week.
The men are not loading sand today they are busy putting a new boiler on the steamboat City of Eddyville.
Assessor A C Black went to Ottumwa today and turned his books over to the auditor.
Miss Neta Richardson will go to Albia tonight to attend the wedding of her sister Laura Winfield Richardson
to Herbert Oswald a prominent tailor of Albia.
W S Keller, vice president of the Des Moines River improvement association received word that there will be a 
meeting at city hall.
The Eddy estate gave property facing the river for a park with the view of the same.
Mr and Mrs Theo Ott are visiting Dr Ott and wife in Albia.
Born to Mr and Mrs Chas Vermilion Tuesday, May 3, a daughter.
Those among the sick are Mrs Garrett Vroom, and Mrs R D Hall.
Oskaloosa passengers today were W S Keller and Mamie Sullivan.

Attorneys D H Payne, T P Bence and H C Taylor are in Des Moines today, the Hastings vs. CRI & P
Ry., (railroad) case is being before the supreme court. 
Miss Lena Walker of Moulton is visiting her brother Charley Walker.
S E Latimer was an Ottumwa visitor.
Frank Messer of Iowa City, visited with relatives.
John Miller of Pulaski was a visitor in the city.
Mrs Gore is seriously ill at this time.
Wm McClure of Milton is visiting his daughters Mrs H C Black and Mrs Henry Hancock.
Dave Baldridge is now working at the Breneman hardware store, taking the place
of Ed Trickerl who was accepted rural route No. 3.
H C Leach was in Mt Pleasant on business.
Will Saunders of Ft Madison was in Bloomfield.
Herbert Gray of Milton was in the city.
The Henry Curry case which was to have been tried Tuesday by Squire Day has been postponed.
Charley Hull left for Red Oak, where he will be married to Miss Ada Turner of that city.
Mrs B F Fowler arrived for a visit at the G F Shreve home.
J D Swift was in Oskaloosa on business.
Miss Cora Selman of Ash Grove returned from a visit with her uncle S E Selman.
Miss Nellie Benson of Loveland, Colo., arrived for a visit with her father N S Hohnson.
Hiram Harvis of Edwards county, Kans., is visiting his brother William Jarvis.
Mrs T A Goodson and sister Miss Lucile Harper were Ottumwa visitors.
Fred Updike of Chariton is visiting the L T Hatton home.
Tom Bryant of Des Moines is visiting.
The womens home missionary society met with Mrs Jacob Angst.
Mrs Jime DeVault living north of town is very ill.
A M Overturf brought to town on Saturday a young fox he caught that morning.
Mrs Wm Eichelberger returned from a short visit with her brother Jack Botts of Des Moines.
A T Downey of South Dakota, arrived for a visit.
A E Cruickshank who lives north of town was an Ottumwa visitor.
Wm Eichelberger returned from Amarillo, Tex., where he visited his son Charley.
John Tusler of Ottumwa visited with his sister-in-law, Mrs C F Davis.
Mr Bartlett, agent for the Iowa Lyceum Chautauqua Bureau, of Ottumwa is in this city thie week
trying to secure a lecture course for the coming winter.
Mrs E Y Greenleaf and little daughter have been spending the winter in Eureka Springs, Ark.,
are visiting at the Greenleaf home on their way home to Rock Rapids, Ia.
Mr and Mrs W J Steckel and H C Taylor and wife of this city and Mr and Mrs Frederick Meitz, of Des
Moines, left for NY were they will view some designs for the Steckel and Taylor new homes.
Mrs W T Deupree was an Ottumwa visitor.
Mr and Mrs Wm Plank of near Steuben spent the day in Ottumwa.
Mrs J N Risser of Ft Madison returned home after a visit at the Wm Plank home near Steuben.
Mrs H C Leach and son, Craig, spent Thursday with her son, Charley of Ottumwa.
Mr and Mrs Jack Noble were Ottumwa visitors.
Mrs G A Shoemaker and daughter, Hattie of West Grove, were Bloomfield visitors.
Mrs Lillie Pirtle, of West Grove, visited Thursday with her mother-in-law, Mrs John Pirtle.
The $250 pacing horse of T D Doke died.
R B Carson and wife of Moulton, visited his mother, Mrs Sarah Carson.

Miss Lena Lindquist returned to Ottumwa MOnday on No 178 after an over Sunday visit with
friends near Munterville.
Messrs. Ernest and Elmer Pohlson of Ottumwa spent the latter part of the week
with relatives south of town.
Misses Agnes Gunnarson and Mabel Swanson and Mr Harry Swanson callled at the John Peterson Home.
Miss Edna Eyre attended the party given in homor of MIss Hannah Pierson at her home near Munterville.


FOR SALE- A 12 HORSE HUBER engine, good as new. J A White, West Grove, Ia.


Evereste Whited. grandson of Alvius Cain, now first class electrician
on board the Battleship Pensacola, stationed at San Franclsoo is home on a visit.
Mrs. Inez Bagley of New york city passed through Eldon on a visit with
her parents at Moulton. She will visit in Eldon before returning home.
The body of Dr. Geo. A. Baker of Howell county, Missouri, passed through Eldon last evening, accom
panied by his wife and children, as well as his mother who is over 90
years of age. He was burled In Iowaville cemetery this afternoon. Dr.
Baker lived at Selma for many years and moved to Howell county. Ma, a
short time ago on account of his health. 

Miss Jessie M Alford of Eldon was in the City today.
Mrs M L Davis of Agency, who has been visiting relatives and friends in West Grove,
is a visitor in the city today enroute home.




Mr. and Mrs. Dave Dennis and daughter Louise have gone to Peoria, Ill., to visit for a short time.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett who have been visiting at the home of the latter's
parents Mr. and Mrs. John Yeager for some time returned to their home at
Jonesboro, Ark., Wednesday evening.
Miss Ina Heston who is employed in the millinery department of Baldauf's
store visited Wednesday with her parents in Eddyville.
Wm. Hays transacted business in Albia Wednesday.
Mrs. F. M. Epperson departed this morning for Lexington. Mo., for a few days' visit.
Rev. Eldridge of Albia visited in Eddyville Wednesday and attended
services at the Baptist church.
Rev. Pettit formerly of the Christian church in Eddyville visited his many
friends Wednesday.
J. R. Davis of Salem. Ill., is in Eddyville this week. Mr. Davis is an ex
perienced oil man and he is looking over the country surrounding Eddy
ville. This lies in the geographical oil belt and they hope to find oil in this vicinity.

The dwelling house on the C. W. Huff farm was struck by lightning
and burned to the ground Sunday night.
Vess Hoover and family spent Sun day at the parental West home.
Odus Bridges and family and John Kinslnger spent Sunday at Dr. Selman's.
Wm. Leonard and family took dinner at the Feihle home Sunday.
Peter Donner had the misfortune to lose several sheep during the storm Sunday night.
Tom Cassell and family of Elm Grove spent Sunday at C. F. Brown's.
Rev. Huff preached at the M. E. church Saturday night and Sunday.
Marshall Mclntire and family were recent visitors at M. Allbright's.
C. E. Roberts has finished his task as census enumerator in this township.
Mrs. Thurman Day and children are visiting relatives here before leaving
£or their new home in Wyoming.

A. C. Welgandt, delegate, and Will Friend, leave for Detroit soon to at
tend the semi-annual meeting of the order of Locomotive Engineers of
America which opens the 11th of May.
They will also, on the 14th go with the whole convention to Cleveland, Ohio,
where the dedication of the big office building will take place. The building
has been erected by the order and their offices will be in It as well as
others, making it an investment that will be extra good. W. S. Stone, grand chief, 
was the promoter of it. 
Mrs. N. I. Wilson will attend at the same time the G. I. A. convention at the same
place and Mrs. W. W. Friend will accompany her.
William Colston is In the city on business Wednesday.
Harry L. Easling of Bonaparte was an Eldon visitor Wednesday.
The ladles of the M. E. church will serve a 15c luncheon from 5 to 8 p. m.
Saturday at the home of Prof. L. A. Wilson on the corner of Church and Seventh streets.
Saturday evening Miss McGrew and class will put on a musical for the
benefit of the Eldon library.
Vorhies Post G. A. R. have especial ly Invited Major Hamilton to deliver
the memorial address at the cemetery Mav 30th at 2:30 p. m. The major has
kindly accepted and says "Tell the boys I will be there." The Major Is
held in high esteem by all the old boys of 61 and 65.
E. E. Hilles and wife returned from California last night.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Scarborough left Wedhesday morning for fi visit
through the south.
Clarence Anderson and Lon Smith were Ottumwa visitors Wednesday.
James Mickles of near Lancaster, Mo., passed through this city Wednes
day enroute to Ottumwa.
Miss Frankle Bradberry left Wednesday for Ottumwa where she will
stay with Mrs. N. O. Spurgeon who just returned from the hospital.
Mrs. Mary Lowenberg visited Wednesday with friends In Ottumwa.
Mesdames Lucy Hale and Jess Mills and little son spent Wednesday with
friends in Ottumwa.
Mrs. Arthur Schwietert of Des Moines arrived Wednesday for a brief
visit with Misses Inez and Lala Scarborough.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McCormlck of Floris were city visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. B. F. Carroll will lecture at the M. E. church Saturday afternoon at
2 p. m. to young girls. Subject "My Best Possible Self." At 4 p. m. to
young women and mothers. Sunday afternoon there will be a mass meeting
at the same church. All are requested to wear a white ribbon In honor of
their mother If alive, and in memory of her, if dead.
Mrs. Jennie Easter 6f Ainsworth, Ia., arrived Tuesday for a two weeks'
visit with her parents Jim Newton and wife.
The Eastern Stars met Tuesday evening and initiated Misses Minnie
Loeb, Hazel Bence and Faye Hardy.
Hon. Ellsworth Rominger has been chosen to deliver the memorial day
address at the Marshalltown Soldiers' Home.
Bishop E. H. Hughes of San Francisco, Calif., visited the first of the
week with his sister, Mrs. W. B. Taylor while enroute to Chicago to
attend a bishops' meeting.
Mrs. Belie Henderson of Los An geles, Calif., and Geo. Green of Met
calf, Ariz., were married last week at the bride's home In California. Mrs.
Greene is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Carruthers of this city.
At the business meeting of the Epworth league Thursday night the fol
lowing officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President—T. P. Bence.
1st vice pres.—Mrs. Delia Sowers.
2nd vice pres.—Mrs. Argus Spurgeon
3rd vice pres.—MISB Mary Barrick
4th vice pres.—Miss Hazel Bence.
Sec'y.—Miss Bessie Bezzenberger.
Treasurer—John R. W. Teed.
Chorister—Walter Davis.
Organist—Miss Marie Selman.
Junior league superintendent—Miss Ruth Greenleaf, who will hold this office 
until one is selected by the pastor. Next Sunday Is the anniversary
of the league and will be observed with a special program.
Mrs. Peter Randall and two daugh ters Delia and Rose visited Saturday
and Sunday with their daughter and sister Mrs. Jennie Randall, of Ft. Madison.
Al Power and wife, W. W. Power and wife and Mrs. Sarah Miller at
tended the funeral of Mrs. James Burns at Pulaski Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Selman spent Friday with friends in Ottumwa.
Mrs. Floyd Hopkins of West Grove visited Friday with Mrs. Sarah Russell.
Mrs. O. C. Pettit left Friday for her new home on a farm located two
miles from Mt. Sterling.
Mrs. Ellen Milligan left Friday for a brief visit with her mother Mrs.
Nancy Elder of Pulaski.
Mrs. Salem Brunk of Pulaski spent the day Friday with Mrs. Wm. Brunk of this city.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Blain Bingamon, Friday morning, a daughter.
Will Saunders of Ft. Madison, returned home Friday from a few days'
visit with relatives In this city.
J. J. Pond, 213 North Washington
street, is visiting relatives In Lucas.

The members of the L' Rhe Jean club, were entertained by
their gentlemen friends at the home of Mrs W L Healy, and all declared
the event to be the best int he history of the club, 
decorations be ing tastily arranged in pink and green,
the club's colors. Social games were participated in after which delicious
refreshments were served and before the guests were aware the midnight
hour arrived. Mrs. Healy and those in charge proved themselves royal en
tertainers. Those present were: Misses Moore, Fancolly, Shields, Mur
-ray, Price, Friend, Crockett, Forrest, Millard, Tierney, Meredith, Walters,
Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Owen Messrs. Seaman, Henry, Trott, Fehr, Stump,
Crow, Young and Pollard. Out of town guests: Miss Ritz, Jefferson,
Okla. Misses McGrew and Vernon Messrs Moore and Barton, Fairfield.
The Ladies' Cemetery association held their annual election at the home
of Mrs A J Sheffer and elected the following officers: 
President Mrs J W Hall vice president, Mrs. Eudnice
Punnell secretary, Mrs. Geo. Myers assistant secretary, Mrs. Harry Cross.
Mrs. E. E. Hilles. Municipal committee, Mrs. E. Pinney collectors for
side, Mrs. Grace Friend, and Mrs. Chas. Abbott for west side on the hill
Mrs. A. C. Weygandt and Mrs. J. W. Hall.
The Bay View club will meet Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Harry Cross.
Miss Annie Erickson and Miss Alice Smith hove contracted with the
new picture show at Ottumwa as vocalist and piano artists.
Mrs. W. A. Flowers moved her household goods to Muscatine Tues
day, where she will make her home.
J. H. Carter returned to California and removed his stock of jewelry.
Mal Burgess, who was the handling same, has put in a new stock at Barley's.
Dr. J. O. Calhoun is attending the convention of dentists at Des Moines.
The baseball game between the fire men and enginemen and the brake
men and switchmen was quits an event, the firemen and enginemen win
ning easily.
The scheduled report of the city of ficials makes quite a nice showing
and is apprecited by the citizens, who always like to know just how the busi
ness of the city is being conducted.
Eldon has fourteen miles of concrete walks and more are being put in.
Vernon C. Seaver, president of Young Buffalo Bill's Wild West show
that is to be in Ottumwa Thursday next, was an Eldon boy several years
ago and has made a wonderful suc cess financially. He is also president
of the Columbia Yacht club at Chica go. His many friends are glad to
hear of his success and will be sure to see him at his show.

Bloomfield, May 9.—(Special)—At
the meeting of the school board the
following officers were elected:
Room 1—Miss Effle Stevens.
Room 2—Mrs. Fannie uiimore.
Room 3.—Miss Helen Wray.
Room 4—Miss Mary Farrington.
Room 5—Miss Maud Corrick.
Room 6A—Miss Mary Hinkle.
Room 6B—Miss Jessie Peacre.
Room 7—Miss Effle Holliday.
Room 8A—Miss Cecil Duckworth.
Room 8B—Miss Cleo Spencer.
Room 9—Miss Abble Brown.
Superintendent—Prof. York.
Phlncipal—William Russell.
Assistant principals—Miss Anna
Dufileld, Mis=t Minnie Evans.
Music teacher—Miss Carrie Davies.
Janitor—-J. Dickson.
Engineer—G. Smallwood.
E. J. Morrow was elected secretary to fill the vacancy caused by the resig
nation of John Ethell, who is now a member of the board.

Rev. Mansen of the Dutch Reformed
church left Tuesday for German Valley, Ill., to attend a series of meet
ings which are being held at that place.
James Boden and wife left last night for La Beaux, S. D- They will visit
different parts of Dakota and may locate there.
W. S. Keller is having a large barge built which when completed will hold
three car loads of sand.
Assessor A. C. Black went to Oska loosa today and turned in his books to
the auditor.
Mrs. S. C. Brown spent Tuesday in Ottumwa visiting her sister, Mrs.
Harry Snyder of Keokuk will open a the near future.
The Mite society of the M. E. church met this afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Wm. Hankins. About 50 were in program was given. Ice cream and
cake were served.
W. S. Keller transacted business in Oskaloosa Tuesday.
Word was received in Eddyvllle to day by the friends of Tom Swan that
he was to be married today In Greenland. N. H.
Mr. Surbzuer who has employment at the sand plant has been off duty
this week on account of sickness.
Mrs. Friank Akers is sick with the tonsilitis at the home of her mother.
Jim Myrick drove to Ottumwa today and will bring back a horse which he
purchased there.
Mrs. Davidson visited her brother H. C. Nosier in Ottumwa recently.
Harry Johnson of Lakonta is visit at "the home of Lincoln Lee.

MAY 12, 1910


Frank Engle,
Frank Engle was born in Bamen county in Germany April 30, 1872, and
died in the Ottumwa hospital April 20,1910. He came to this country In
1884 and first-located in Mt. Pleasant. In 1895 he came to Wapello county,
locating near Dudley, where he had lived until his death. He was marired
March 15, 1905, to Maggie Latcham and to this union were born two chil
dren, Francis and Donald. Mr. Engle was an engineer at the
mines in Rutledgd and was a member of the U. M. W. A. He had been ill
since February and had borne his sufferings patiently. He was a kind and
loving husband and father and a true friend.
Surviving are his wife and two children, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tracey
Engle. one sister, Mrs. Anna L.Stump, and three brothers, Joseph A.,
Rudolph and August Engle.
The funeral was held April 23, 1910, and interment was made in the Ottumwa 
cemetery. Rev. W. C. Hengen, rector of Trinity Episcopal church,
officiated at the funeral service.

Mrs. Clara Gamble returned to herhome in Milwaukee on Thursday of
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Woodford of Ottumwa are visiting relatives it this
Mayo Williams went to ChllleCothe Wednesday where he has opened a
barber shop.
Jennie Berry went to Dallas, Dakota Wednesday where she has located
on a claim.
Miss Foster of Albia is nursing Mrs. Alice Tubaugh who is slightly improved in health.
Rev. C. E. Petit returned from Mt.Pleasant Friday.
Mrs. Gertrude Cunningham gave avariety shower Thursday evening in
honor of Miss Gertrude Brown who is visiting with Mrs. Rosa Willlams
Ruth Tlnsley went to Ottumwa Friday to visit her aunt Mrs. Wm. Jackson.
Lela Snow was an Ottumwa visitor Wednesday.


Emery Miller of Marlon, Ia., visited over Sunday with Miss Inez Scar
The Methodist Sunday school boardwill meet tonight at the church. After
this meeting the Epworth league will hold a meeting to decide what to do in
regard to the lecture course.
Bryce Springer visited over Sunday with friends in Moulton.
Rev. Alva Huff of Drakeville willoccupy the Methodist pulpit next
Sunday morning In the absence of Rev. Tucker who is sent as a delegate
to the theological seminary at North western university located at Evans
ton, Ill. He leaves Friday evening.
The Methodist church has changed the time of the evening service from
7:30 to 8 o'clock. This will not go into effect until a week from Sunday as
next Sunday is the anniversary of the Epworth league which will be ob
served by a program commencing at7:30.
Earl Wisdom of Colesburg, la., returned home Sunday from a brief visit
with his parents, A. J. Wisdom and parents-in-law. J. W. Bullock and wife
living southeast of town.
Miss Katie Yahnke and little Miss Margaret Shaw of Ottumwa visited relatives in this city Sunday.
Methodist choir practice will be held next Saturday evening at Dr.
H. C. Young's. A large attendance is desired as they are working on a cantata.
Mrs. Wyatt Smith and daughter Marie of Ottumwa visited over Sun
day at the Albert and Tom Junkln homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sayles of Ottumwa returned home the first of the week
from a few days' visit with Mrs. Sayles' parents, John Shook and wife.
The Rebekahs Initiated Misses Bertie Gore, May Benge. Ellsworth
Rominger, Clyde Spurgeon, Emery
Stodghill and re-instated Jesse Bengeat their meeting Friday.
Frank Ferguson who has been on the road for the past three months is at home.
Miss Ethel Kelso has resumed her place as teller in the National bank,
after a month's vacation.
The Juniors of the high school gave their annual reception for the seniors
Friday night. The evening was spent in contests and addresses. Miss Min
nie Evans won the contest. Prof. W. York and Prof. Will Russell delivered
addresses. A mock luncheon of all day suckers was enjoyed by All. This
was followed by the regular luncheon.
Mrs. B. F. Carroll left Monday for Albla where she delivered an address.
Supt. Spicer was In Roscoe and Grove townships last week visiting schools.
Marriage licenses were issued the last of the week to J. Stookesberrv
and Mrs. Cynthia A. Dooley, B. F.Smith and Miss Alii* B. Ritchie, Sher
man Quinley And Miss Fidellia Bryan, N. W. Labagh and Miss Jennie Slagel.

Mies Jennie Slagle of this place and Dr. N. W. Liabagh of Mystic were unit
ed in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Slagle, on May 8. Mrs. Labagh is one of Drakeville's highly esteemed young
ladies. She has been employed as a music teacher in Mystic for the past
three years.
Mr. and Mrs. Stow and daughter of Mystic arrived Saturday evening to
attend the Slagle-Labagh wedding on Sunday.
Miss Delia Bryant daughter of S. D. Bryant, and Sherman Quigley, both of
this place, were married at the home of the bride's parents on Sunday, May 8.
Mrs. J. N. Wood was called to Winston, Mo., on Saturday by the death
of her brother-in-law, Mr. Holllngsworth of that place.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Bryant of Unionville, arived Saturday to visit
with relatives a few days.
Miss Edith Rothenstine came home on Saturday evening from Centerville,
after a week's absence.
Miss Blanche Duke spent Fridaynight with Gladys Jennings.
Miss Clara Hannah left Friday tovisit with friends at Udell, Iowa.
Owing to the inclemency of the weather the band concert was postponed on last Saturday evening.
Misses Ethel Heady, Lizzie and Edith Scott attended the marriage of
Ivah Allen of Udell and Roy Jay of Floris at the home of the bride's par
ents at Udell on May 8.
Howard McConnell had been working with an extra gang on the C., R. I.
& P, railroad at Unionville. Hespent Saturday and Sunday with
Drakeville people.

Miss Beatrice Bennett of Effington is visiting with her cousins Ethel and Iola Pierrard, of this place.
William Millisack and daughter Marlon, of Ottumwa, arrived Saturday
to spend Sunday at the J. C. Millisack home here.
C. F. Broun of Des Moines returned to his home last week after a weeks
visit at the C. H. Boles anu William Putman homes here.
Charlie Scott of this place celebrated his 88th birthday anniversary on
Monday, May 2. 

C. L. Hunt made a business call at Bloomfleld Saturday.
E. L. Stickney of Moulton spentFriday evening in West Grove on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carry left Friday night to spend a few days with
Otis Stober and Mrs. McAtee.
The Wabash Railroad company is repairing the road from Moulton to
Ottumwa. There has been 85 loads of sand and gravel passed through this
place this week.
Charles Benton and Arthur Hockersmith spent Saturday in Bloomfleld on business.
Mrs. G. W. Bain spent Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. South
John Eckard of Bloomfleld spent Saturday in West Grove on business.
The Republicans met Saturday in the township hall in West Grove and
nominated a full township ticket and indorsed H. Southern for clerk of
the court.
S. F. Darnielle passed through West Grove on his way to Bloomfleld to
spend a few days with his daughter, Mrs. J. F. Kline.

The junior class of the high school entertained the seniors last Tuesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E Johnson, north of town. A
three course lunch was served, and all enjoyed a pleasant evening.
The public schools closed Friday with a picnic for the grades and a ball
game for the high school.
Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. F- Foster the alumni,
reception was held. On account of the bad weather there was not a large
over attendance, but a pleasant evening was enjoyed by all present. The of
ficers elected for the following year were:
President. Dick Connelly.
Vice President, Maude Shadford.
Secretary, Watson Enyart.
Corresponding Secretary, BlancheFoulke.
Treasurer, Rowland Lynn.
Executive Committee, Fannie Nye, Ethel Rouke, Homer Reynolds.
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Willis of Colfax, Wash., who have been spending the
winter in Florida, and are en route home, are visiting their uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Marsh.


J. Ward and son Theodore of near
Buxton are visiting friends in Eddyville today.
Miss Roxie McMahan who is working in Ottumwa spent Sunday with
her parents in Eddyville.
Mr. and Mrs, Ed Gray of Springfield Illinois, and Mrs. Mina Kingerly of
Eldon visited Saturday with Miss Cora Pyatt and other friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett and son Paul drove to Fremont Saturday and visit
ed Mr. Garrett's parents over Sunday.
G. W. Stevens has been confined to his home the past week on account of sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rapp of Dudley visited recently at the parental G. W.
Stevens home. They left Saturday for Colorado and Kansas to look over the
country and perhaps determine upon a location.
J. W. Lusk of Mt. Pleasant is visiting his brother-in-law Wm. Hankins
this week.
J. Parberry has sold his barber shop to Earl Roberts.
Postmaster Crossen who went to Columbus, Kans., to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, returned to
his home Saturday.
Mrs. Helen Schafter, Mrs. Truax and Dr. Epple McCrea went to St. Paul
Saturday evening to visit Grant Truax. Mrs. Truax will spend the summer with her son in St Paul.
J. L. Griffin has gone to Botaneau, N. D., on a land inspecting trip.
Mrs. Lillie Palmer of Avery and Mrs. Joe Glassel of Albia were visit
ing relatives and friends in Eddyville Saturday.
Karry Heston has accepted a position with the Postal Telegraph Co. at
Des Moines and left Saturday to begin work.
J. Oldham was transacting business in Lacey Saturday. R. M. Beamer
was a business caller in Albia Saturday.
Ottumwa passengers Saturday were Ollie Bescoe, A. C. Black, C. Roberts.
The school board held a meeting Friday evening and elected teachers
for the coming vear. The same teach ers were elected to fill the same posi
tions which they have held the past year.
Those from Eddyville attending the
funeral of Mrs. Lena. Kussart were: Mr. and Mrs. J. Kussart and family,
Mrs. L. Middlesworth and Mrs. C. A. Norwood.
Mrs. H. Moore of Frederic and Mrs. J. Roberts visited Miss Wilda Moore
at Mitchellvllle Friday.
J. Frazen came down from Des Moines Friday to attend the funeral of his sister.
Mrs. Gilles of Ottumwa spent Saturday with her mother Mrs. D. Shields
living south of town.
J. W. Pyatt met with a slight accident Saturday which may keep him
from work for a while. His team became frightened and ran away. In at
tempting to stop the horses, Mr.Pyalt was injured.
The Reliable society of the Christian church were entertained Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W.
G. Berry. A very interesting program was given. The subject was Oliver
Wendell Holmes and the following persons responded:
Mrs. Woods Smith—"Boys."
Mrs. G. N. Berrv—"Aunt Tabitha."
Dora Dohl—"Life of Homes."
Mrs. Bell—His favorite poem.
Neva England—Reading.
Sunday evening, May 8th was fittingly observed at the Congregational
church as Mother's day. The pastor, Rev. Carter delivered an excellent
sermon suitable for the occasion and paid a high tribute to the mothers of
the past as well as the present. Special music was rendered by a male quartet
and instrumental solos.
Jim Townsley of Ottumwa visited his parents in Eddyville over Sunday.
Miss Kate Cfiitwood went to Ottumwa yesterday to accept a position in
a dry goods store.
John Parberry moved his family to Adel where they will locate.
Tom Hagan who has been in Eddyville for some time at the bedside of his sister Mrs. Lester who has been
seriously ill, returned to his home at Stuart, la.
Mace Hagan and wife of Oskaloosa visited at the Lester home yesterday.
Mrs. John Kirfman living south of town is very dangerously ill. Miss
Stella Akers, a trained nurse from Ottumwa came to care for her.
Roy Dillon of Eldon, a brother-in law of Dr. Bradfleld and Mrs. Clarence
Langton of Hannibal. Mo., a sister of Mrs. Bradfleld visited with Mr. and
Mrs Bradfleld over Sunday.
Miss Carpenter and Miss Pierson spent Sunday in Ottumwa with relatives.
Mrs. Harve Fortune of Ottumwa was called to Eddyville yesterday by
the serious Illness of her mother Mrs. John Kirfman.
Rev. Mansen went to Muscatine on Sunday to  an appointment at that place.
Miss Irene Hiltabidel of Albia visit ed over Sunday In Eddyville with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. A. Hiltabidel.

Mrs. Blanche Pope returned to her home in St. Louis Monday after a
week's visit with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Blackstone of White City are guests at the parental
Dice home.
Mrs. Emma Lucas of Eddyville was the guest of Mrs. S. O. Brown last Thursday.
Wm. Abegg was a business caller in Oskaloosa Friday.
Mrs. T. O. Brown and daughters of South Ottumwa attended the com
mencement exercises of the high school last Friday.
Cloyd Foster departed Monday for Lewiston, Mont.

Mrs. Ann Graces and Mrs. Alva Hunt and daughter Helen were in Bloomfield Friday.
J. J. Miller left for Springdale, Ark.,Tuesday morning where he will look
after his frutl farm.
Mrs. Plank who had been confined to her bed for some time, died Wed
nesday morning about 5 o'olock. The funeral services were held from the
house Thursday afternoon at two o'clock, conducted by her pastor. Rev.
W. W. Miller of the Menonlte church, assisted by Rev. Overturf of the M. E.
cVrardh. Mrs. Plank was the mother of fourteen chllOren, eleven of whom sur
vive her to mourn their loss, all being present at the funeral but two who
were unable to come, having been here a short time before her death. Inter
ment was made in the North ceme tery.
Miss Lala Hunt of Farmington who has been visiting relatives here the
past two weeks left for Moulton tospend a short time with relatives be
fore returning home.
Miss Mariah Slaughter of Ottumwa came Friday and visited with Miss
Ruby Reed over Sunday, returning home Monday.
The public school closed here last Friday 

I. W. Stephenson is in the city today on business.
Mrs. Dell Glazier of Fort Madison la visiting her brother and friends at Eldon.
Wayne Phelps of Bloomfleld is in Eldon today on business.
William Reese just from Oregon, was in Eldon Saturday on his way to
Ottumwa. He has sold his fruit farm in the western state and expects to
invest in Iowa.
Mrs. Blanche Hendron of Kansas City is in the city for a visit with rela
tives and friends.
J. W. Trott is confined to his home with illness.
The Rock Island has re-sodded their lawns at the depot, which makes it
look very nice.
Mrs. E. H. Finney and Mrs. J. O. Hunnell are in Albia, delegates to the
P. E. O. meeting.
F. W. Neff of Unlonville is in Eldon on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Ramey and Mrs. Bell Ramey left yesterday for Valley Junction, to reside.

Hargus Coons of Albia, brakeman on a way freight, narrowly escaped
serious injury in the switch yard at Chariton Wednesday of last week. He ):M'
fell beneath a car but fortunately the train was brought to a standstill be
fore Mr. Coons received aynthing by!
a very severely wrenched foot and ankle.
The candidates for the various offICes of the different political parties
were busy last' week filing their nominatlon papers There are full Repub
lican, Democratic and Socialist tickets.
There was a reception for Mrs. B. F.Carroll at the home of Judge D. M.Anderson 

At their meeting last Friday with Mrs. Fannie Cook the Twentieth Century Club elected the following
officers: President, Mrs. .Jennie Wallace Vice President, Mrs. Henryetta
Wray Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs.Alma Young. 
Miss Ruby Rinehart, who has been visiting at the Jas. Reagin home, re
turned to Centerville Monday.
Miss La Veta O'Conner. of Buffalo,
Ill., is visiting: Mrs. S. L. Small at the Jas. Reagin home.
Tom Mclntire was in Pulaski Monday on business.
Mrs. Emma Kinnick and daughter, Dorothy, returned to their home in
Mystic Monday after a short visit with her mother, Mrs. Cal Lane.
The Henry Curry trial is being held before Justice Day this week, com
mencing  Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bohi of near Pulaski were Ottumwa visitors Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bridges and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson took dinner
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bohi of near Pulaski.
Miss Goldie Dooley of West Grove is visiting this week with her sister,
Mrs. Fred Wishard.
Mrs. R. W. Anderson of Pulaski passed through this city Monday on
her way to Mt. Pleasant where she will visit her daughter Miss Ruth
who is attending Iowa Wesleyan.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McReynolds of Floris passed through here Monday
enroute home from a visit with Rev. Overturf and wife of Pulaski.
Bert Smoots of Stockport was a guest the first of the week of Miss Effie Holliday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pitson, who have been staying with Mrs. Pitson's
grandparents Jas. Reagin, left Monday for Des Moines to Join a theatrical
Wm. Emerick was an Ottumwa visitor Monday.
Miss Leona Fowler of Moulton visited friends in this citv Monday.
Miss Bessie Holliday who has been spending a few days with her parents
returned Monday to school at Drake university, Des Moines, la.
Miss Emma Huttson of Milton, re turned home Monday from a few days
visit with her uncle Henry Paris.
E. J. Corrick of Moulton was in the city Monday and will help the band
boys this summer with their band concerts.

Real Estate Transfers
H K Kirkpatrick and wife to Home B Patterson, N 1/2 NE 1/4 21 72 13 etc.,
A P Ellis and wife to Mary E Peck lot 144 Robinson 5th add Otta, $700.


Wm. Shadley of Oklahoma Is here visiting relatives and friends and
looking after business.
Miss Almayta Blanche Carson began her second term of school at Fair View Monday.
Miss Thelma Overturf has returned from Pulaski.
E. S. Berry has his livery barn completed.
John Wilson is building a new barn.
Mr. and Mrs. T J. Randall were re cent visitors at the Butler Davis
Miss Mildred Wood was a guest of Miss Vera Davis Sunday.
Mrs. Richard Stevison was a caller at the new depot Tuesday.
Ted Tillotson is in Wyoming work ing in a mine.
Mrs. Frank Belyard is seriously ill this week.
Verle Ramsey who has been very ill with inflammatory rheumatism is slowly improving.
Mrs W S Creech is able to attend to her household duties.
Mrs Thomas Hunt is seriously ill.

Mrs. Charles Miller of Avery is in Ottumwa.
Mrs. M. E. Swords of Eldon was an Ottumwa visitor yesterday.
Mrs. C. H. Goff and Mrs. T. J. Hock
ing of Batavia were in Ottumwa yes terday.
Miss Ethel Houk of Chillicothe was in the city last evening, en route to
Mrs. Sarah Van Doran of Hillsboro passed through the city today en route
home from Moravia, where she has been visiting relatives.
Miss Elma Johnson has returned to her home in Avery after a brief visit
with her sister, Mrs. R. M. Redman, 136 South Cherry street.
Mrs. T. Bennett of Lovilia, who has been visiting relatives in Canton, Mo.,
is a visitor in the city today en route home.
Mrs. M. J. Wing of Agency, passed through the city last evening enroute
to Eddyville, where she will visit rela tives.
Mrs. H. C. Miller and daughters Misses Hazel and Mildred and niece Miss Lucinda, of Mt. Zion, were city
visitors yesterday.
Mrs. George Long and Mrs. Mary Santon of Albia, passed through the city last evening en route to Way
land, where they will visit relatives.
Mrs. Dell P. Glazier of Fort Madison passed through Ottumwa today en
route to Albia, where she will attend the P. E. O. convention.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Wiley and Miss Allie Koonts of Douds-Leando,
were business callers in Ottumwa yesterday.
Miss Bea Heiserman of Albia stopped over night with friends in
the city en route home from Chicago.
Mrs. Charles Thompson returned to her home in Avery, after a
short visit with her sister, Mrs. J. M.Miksell, 1454 East Main street
Mrs. A. C. Siemon of Douds-Leando, was in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swartzendrover of Bloomfield, were business callers in
the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cramer of Bloomfield, were business callers in Ottum
wa yesterday.
Misses Edith Drake and Pearl Hughes of Eldon, are visiting friends
in Ottumwa.
Mrs. J. J. Ritz and Mrs. S. S. Riddell of Eldon, were shoppers in Ot
tumwa yesterday.
Mrs. Curt Mock of Albia, returned home last evening after a brief visit
with her sister Mrs. Frank Younkin, 319 North Wapello street.

MAY 14, 1910

Keosauqua, May 13.—(Special).—
The jury in the criminal case of the State of Iowa vs. George Rothenstein
returned a verdict of acquittal after a few minutes of deliberation late last
evening. Ralph Saner of Bloomfieid went on the stand and corroborated
Rothenstein's story. The state had expected Saner's testimony to agree
with that of Lon Harvey and in con sideration of such testimony Saner
had secured the dismissal of the indictment against himself.
Short History of Case.
Last winter Roy Saner and Lon Harvey took $300 worth of furs from
the Cooley store at Milton and stored them in Rothenstein's attic at Bloom
lield, Rothenstein knowing nothingabout it.
J. W. Harwood and J. C. Calhoun represented the state and G. F. Good
son of Bloomfieid and W. N. Walker ofKeosauqua the defendants. Judge F.
Eichelberger presided.

The Bay View club met with Mrs.Harry L. Cross on the east side Mon
day. A good number were out and one of the best meetings of the year was
held. A very interesting paper was read by Mrs. George Myers on the
Anti-Baptists and was enjoyed by all.
The Bay View club will meet with Mrs. A. G. Daniels on the hill next
Monday afternoon. Mrs. Geo. Holland, history leader. Mrs. George Myers,
magazine leader. Chapters 25, 26, 27 in Brave Little Holland.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Willis of Colfax, Wash.. and Mr. and Mrs. William
Marsh of Agency visited the home of Emery Wright Monday. They are rel
atives of the late Minnie Marsh, granddaughter of Mrs. Hannah Wright.
The school board has added to the schools here, manual training and
domestic economy. One new teacher will be added. Prof. Wilson holds the
esteem of the entire public in his school duties.
Mrs. Georgia Healey is in Des Moines on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Brooks and little Vedis are visiting relatives at Milton.
The Congregational Christian Endeavor held a social at the parsonage Thursday evening.
The Rock Island special visited Eldon on Tuesday and looked over the round house and depot, accompanied
by the railroad commission of Iowa. The train left for Keokuk. Burlington
and Columbus Junction on their way to Chicago. President Mudge was in
charge of the train with a corps ofofficials.
The trade excursion of the Des Moines Commercial club will stop at Eldon on Saturday and meet many of
the prominent citizens on their way south.
I. W. Stephenson, mechanical engineer of the Houghland Machine & Manufacturing Co., was in Ottumwa on
business for the company Wednesday.
The company is arranging for the commencement of work in a short
time and will be ready to mkke a public demonstration at the state fair
in August. They have secured a build ing to commence manufacturing in
and their office is under the Eldon Savings bank.
Samuel Lucas has moved into the property corner of Elm and Third streets.

The chicken pie supper at place Friday night was well Attended
Miss May Albright spent Saturday with Sena Sapp.
Katie and Henry Romerman visited recently at the C. E. Roberts home.
Miss Alma Worrell of Bloomfleld visited over Sunday with home folks.
Peter Domer attended lodge in Drakevllle Friday night.
Jimmie West was a caller at the F. M. Simmons home Friday night.
Wil Tomlin and family spent Sun day at Austin McCarty's.
Chas. Card has sold his shop at this place to J. T, Day who will begin work at once.

Married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Slagle,
Sunday. May S, at 1:80, Miss Jennie Slagle and Charles W. La Baugh of
Mystic, Rev. Ferrall of Bloomfleld officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Le Baugh left
Monday for Mystic, where they will make their future home.
Miss Gladys Thompson left Monday for Pulaski where she will visit at the
home of her brother Walter.
Miss Essie Duke spent the flrst of the week with her sister Mrs. Ruel Turner.
Misses Maud and Flo Corrick and Hope Bryant of Bloomfleld attended the Slagle-Le Baugh wedding last Sunday.
Miss Llazie Goodlander attended the Slagle-La Baugh wedding. where
she played the wedding march. Miss Edith Rondybush attended the
marriage of her friend Miss Ivah Allen and Ross Jay at Udell last Sunday.
Misses Bernice Rothenstein and Irene Grant spent last Friday in Centerville.
Rev. Huff and family attended the funeral of Mrs. Huff's little nephew.
Roy Overturf of Pulaski. Interment was made at Sherman chapel.
Miss Lou Truitt came home last Tuesday from Pulaski where she was
engaged as teacher in the public school.
Mrs. Ham is visiting at the home of her daughter Mrs. Tom Rudd.
Wm. Newkirk, wife and Mrs. Mollle Cox and children spent Monday at the Ed Newkirk home.
Married Sunday at noon at the home of the bride's parents Miss Delila Bryan and Sherman Quigley, Rev.
Huff officiating,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Dilliner of Wichita, Kans., visited last week at the
Bert Dodge and Harry Truitt homes.
Mrs. Steele is quite sick at the
home of Mrs. Maggie Russell.


Tom Walton left Wednesday morning for a few days visit with his sis-
ter-In-law Mrs. O. C. Walton of Kansas City.
Miss Lillie Tomey left Wednesday for Woodward, Ia., where she will spend the summer with her sister Mrs. Jack Ramsey.
Mrs. Ed Wise is spending this week with her sister Mrs. O. C. Shadford of Agency.
Miss Mary Barrickman who ha been studying voice culture at Chiago returned home Thursday. Her
friend, Miss Nellie Grosefent of Battle Creek. Mich., came with her for a short visit.
Mrs. J. J. Moore of Milton visited the first of the week with her sister Mrs. Lute Butchett who is very ill.
John Gresham is attending the state convention, of the photographers at Des Moines this week.
Anderson York and wife left Wednesday for Montton where they will visit the latter's sister Mrs. Emile Killion who is ill. 
Miss Mabel Bates who has been visiting her sister Mrs. Ole Bandel has returned to her home in Ottumwa.
Miss Kate Messer left the first of the week for McPherson, Kans. She took
her little sister Lucile with her and they will stay until this fall.
Mrs. Charley Harter returned home the first of the week from the hospital.
This makes the seventh time she has been operated on in the last twenty-five years.
Dean David E. Cloyd of Highland Park college of Des Moines has been
secured by the graduating class to deliver the commencement address on Friday May 20 at the M. E. church.
James B. Weaver, Jr., visited the first of the week at the D. H. Payne

Mrs. Blanche Hendron of Kansas City is in the city for a visit with rela
tives and friends.
J. W. Trott is confined to his home with illness.
The Rock Island has re-sodded their lawns at the depot, which makes it look very nice.
Mrs. E. H. Finney and Mrs. J. O. Hunnell are in Albla, delegates to the
P. E. Q. meeting.
F. W. Neff of Unionviiie is in Eldon on business. ...

In the case of Henry Curry vs. State of Iowa, Curry was not bound over to
the grand jury Justice Day on the charge of ssault and battery with in
tent to commit great bodily injury. He later plead guilty of assault and battery.
Mrs. Volney Henry of Milton visited Monday with Mrs. John Lewis.
Mrs. Jesse Owsley and daughter Mabel and Mrs. Fred Sax and daughter Irene left Tuesday for Ft. Madi
son where they will consult specialists in regard to their daughters' health.
Mrs. Gladys Thompson of Drakevllle is visiting this week with her brother
Mrs. Ruth Burchett left Tuesday morning and Miss May Hinkle left
Tuesday evening for Albia where they Attended the P. E. O, state convention held this week.
Tom Kinman and Clyde Spurgeon were given the second and third degree in the Odd Fellow lodge Monday
Mrs. Earl Jones of Floris visited In Bloomfield Tuesday.
Mrs. Alex Cramer and daughter Helen left Tuesday for their new home in Grand Junction, Colo. 
The Presbyterian ladles gave her a surprise Monday evening and presented her with
two souvenir spoons. Light refresh ments were served. Mrs. Boy Cramer
and children accompanied them as far as Ottumwa.
Mrs. Eliza Swartzendruver left on Tuesday for Grand Junction, Colo.,
where she will make her home with her daughter Mrs. Wm. Diefenbach.
Her son Weller and wife accompanied her as far as Ottumwa.
Mrs. Lute Burchett who has been at he point of death for the past week
reported better.
Rev. Alexander attended the Presbytery in Ottumwa Tuesday. From
here he goes to Fairfield to spend at time.

Mrs. Lyda Webber is moving today into the new residence property of Pearl Dunkle on North Third street.
Mrs. Harry Allen is confined to her home this week on account of a dislocated ankle.
Chas Waugaman and John Briney of Kittamining. Penn., stopped off in Eddyville on their way to Denver and
visited their relatives Wm. Waugaman and family. They also visited relatives
in Chicago and Ottumwa.
Mrs. McConch who is now making her home at Prescott, la., is visiting relatives in Eddyville this week.
Rev and Mrs. Seeds will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary the 13th of this month.
John Lafferty is completing the im provements on the road work west of
town by covering with cement.
Those reported sick are Blanche Johnson, the little child of Bert Arnold and Mrs. James Harvey.

Mrs Reeves was buried at the McCormick cemetery Saturday.
Martin Wyckoff of Massenia, Cass County, who has spent a few weeks with his son John, Left Thursday to
visit his son James in Keota.
leo Summers visited his parents a few days last week on his way to Seattle, Wash.
John Wyckoff and son Oliver and family of Ft Morgan, Colo., arrived for a visit.

J. K. Alexander of Bloomfield,
after a short business visit in Ottum
wa, left for his home this morning.
Miss Evelyn Reed, L. Evelyn Pel
ham, Ruth Sellars and Opal Funk of
Kirkville, were business visitors in
the city yesterday.
of Avery, has
returned home.
Miss Edna Samuelson of Fairfield,
who has been visiting: her grand
mother, Mrs Charlcrtta Saxnueison, at
the Ottumwa hospital, returned home
Mrs. T. L. Campbell and Miss Mar
garet Rowland of Chillicoth© were -in
the city today shopping.
Mrs. George Nelson ankson Harold
of Rutledge are business'callers in
Ottumwa today.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Henkle of Bona
parte passed through the city this aft
ernoon en route to Chicago, where
they will visit relatives.
Mrs. Margaret Coffman and Mrs.
Carrie Blake of Keota are business
visitors in the city today.
Mrs. Mary Clicker and Mrs. O. Dur
flinger of Hedrick, passed through the
city today en route to Batavia, where
they will visit relatives and friends.
Blacklegine and Blacklegolds at.
Miss Mhmie Lanis of Eddyville,
who has been visftng her cousin, Mrs.
Fred Wilson, corner of Fourth and
McLean- streets, has returned home.
From Friday's Daily.
Mrs. C. ft Apley of Chillicothe, who
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Apley, west of the city, has. returned
Mrs.. J* •McCarty of Stockport re
turned home last evening after a
brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
W. McCarty, 1602 West Second street.
Mrs. A. W. Brown and daughters,
Misses Helen and Edith, and Mrs.
Gladys Welch of Kirkville, were-shop
pers yesterday tn Ottumwa.
Mrs. C. A. Henderson of Batavia,
was a city visitor yesterday.
Mrs. William Jager, Mrs. Lizzie Old
ham and Mrs. B. A. Hoopes of Eddy
ville are shoppers in Ottumwa today.
Miss Nettie Israel of Bonaparte,
Miss Mamie Funk of Colfax, and ^Irs.
Josephine Finney of Eldon nassed
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hardy of Bear
Creek, passed through the city today
enroute home from Denver and Colo
rado Springs, where they have been
visiting relatives the past three weeks.
R. T. Pearson and R. S. Sears of
Kirkville, are business visitor in the
city today.
Miss Gertrude Kellogg, of Bear
Creek, passed through the city today
enroute to Albia, where she will visit
A. T. Newell of near Carbon was in
the city attending the horse sale to
J. R. Swanson of near Munterville
was in the city today on business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Kretgh of Bata
via a»e visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Israel, 206 South Ward street.
Mrs. George Israel and son Charles
of Batavia returned home today after
a brief visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
Israel, 206 South Ward street.
Mrs. J. C. Hfli of Fknris and Mrs. J.
W. Bolwar of Drakevllle returned
home last evennig after a'visit in the
city with relatives.