George Crane who has been visiting relatives here returned to his home in Dodge City, Kas., Friday.
Jennie Robinson visited relatives in Foster, Friday.
Robert Archibald of Moulton, is visiting here with his daughter Mrs B O Spilman.
Effie Reading is on the sick list, not being able to fill her place in the Intermediate room, this week.
Homer Henderson is visiting relatives in Illinois.
Al Townsend is suffering from rheumatism.
Mrs G W Perkins of Ruthven is visiting her father John Riddle.
Will Yenger who has been visiting relatives here the past few months, returned to his home in Vorden, Cal., Thursday.
Mrs R D Trader left Tuesday for Hartland, Kas., to join her husband who has a position as a station agent at that place.
Rev C E Petitt came home from Mt. Pleasant, last week.
Miss Blanch Casady visited relatives in Milton Saturday.
Mr and Mrs S C Snow gave a class party Thursday evening, Feb 24 in honor of their son Wilbur, it being his eleventh birthday anniversary. Six boy members of his class at school were present: Ernest Tinsley, Howard Blaker, Eddie Wilson, Walter Abernathy, Otto Schaffer, John Ward.
Mrs Paris Smith has been ill the past few days.

Mrs Luther Larson of Ottumwa visited with relatives here and near Dudley last week.
Mr and Mrs Chas Nelson entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Mr and Mrs John Nelson, who have left for Florence, Neb., to make their future home.
Mr and Mrs Erland Allen and daughter, Miss Vendla, visited Sunday at the John Pearson home.
Mr and Mrs August Burgeson and sons, Laurence and Luoy, and Mr and Mrs Clarence Johnson and son Orville, were entertained Sunday at the John Peterson home near Dudley.
Mr and Mrs O W Hasselbrooth and son Glen have moved out on their farm near Ottumwa.
Chas Anderson of Omaha is visiting with his parents, Mr and Mrs August Anderson.
Mr and Mrs Amos Blake were Blakesburg visitors Sunday.
Alfred Burgeson of Blakesburg was a business caller here Monday.
Jacob Swanson was an Ottumwa caller Monday.
Mrs Frank Larson entertained the Ladies’ Aid society Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Minnie Kendall who has been ill is improving.
Mrs Joe King is still ill but is improving.
Mrs Thomas Hunt is still in critical condition.
Mrs Mahala Tillotson is in Ottumwa with her daughter who is seriously ill.
John Wilson, Jr., and Michael Heckart start for Colorado to settle on their newly acquired farm.
Mrs G M Thomas spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs E S Berry.
Mr and Mrs Andrew Orman spent Friday with the daughter Mrs Rebecca Hannah.
Mrs B F Skinner is much improved.
E S Berry’s new grocery building is undergoing a decoration of painting.
Dr T J Selmon and Earl Proctor were callers at East Lynn Wednesday on business.
J W Overturf was a caller at the news depot Tuesday morning.
W C Downing is working for Phillip Conley five miles west of Ottumwa.
Wesley Kimmell is visiting at this brother’s J C Erwin this week.

Born.- Wednesday, March 2, 1910, to Mr and Mrs C D Foster, a son.
Mrs Sarah Henderson, who is nearly 87 years old, is dangerously ill.
William Johnson, who fell on the ice some time ago, is still suffering from the effects of the fall.
Mrs O’Mengle and her sister, Mrs Minnie Best of St Paul, Minn., visited their brother at Bonaparte Thursday and Friday.
Mrs A E Riffle has been ill for several days.
Mrs James Reeve left Thursday for Summit, Iowa, where she will make her future home.
The Glazier Jubilee singers gave an excellent entertainment at the M E Church Friday evening to a fair sized audience.

Miss Clara Rodgers of Waterloo is visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Quincy Dorothy.
Percy and Ezella Chisman returned Friday from Highland center where they visited their sister Mrs Lee Dorothy.
Mrs Wm Shea visited relatives here Friday.
Mayo William returned Thursday from Des Moines where he attended business matters.
Ellet Cohagan returned Saturday from Des Moines where he attended the state Hardware Dealers’ association.
Mrs Curns Koortz went to Ottumwa Friday evening to visit her mother Mrs R J Reveal.
Lela Snow is visiting relatives and friends in Ottumwa.
Mrs Arnold Jay and daughter Marjorie were Ottumwa visitors Saturday.
Petty Mc Vey returned to her home in Clarkdale Thursday.
Joe Thompson is visiting relatives in Ottumwa.

Born to Mr and Mrs Emil Larson Sunday, March 6, a son.
Mr and Mrs John Pearson, Oscar Liden of Rock Island, Messers E F Akerson, Albin Allen and Bernard Lindquist of Ottumwa, were entertained at dinner Sunday at the Erland Allen home.
Miss Eva Peterson of Ottumwa is visiting friends here.
Mae Hultman spent Sunday afternoon with Hulda Carlson.
A number of ladies stopped in and gave Mrs Louise Johnson a surprise last Saturday afternoon to remind her of her birthday anniversary. Coffee was served after which all departed wishing Mrs Johnson many happy returns of the day.
Misses Eva Peterson, Esther Pierson and Agnes Gunnarson spent Saturday evening with Miss Hannah Pearson.

School began at the Shank School Monday with Miss Nelson of Ottumwa as teacher.
Little Miss Gladys Hancock of near Eldon spent a few days last week with her grandma Mrs Frank Turner.
News has been received from Joe Deiters of Sheridan Wyoming, formerly of this place that he is very sick with smallpox.
Mrs Mowery and daughter Miss Minnie were Ottumwa visitors Friday and Saturday.
Mrs Croft and family have moved from the Bucholtz farm to the Mae farm for the year.
Miss Nellie Crowley spend Saturday and Sunday with Miss Addie Deiters.
Mrs John Whites’ children are very sick with the mumps.
Harve Turner was in Ottumwa Friday.
Rev Hormel of Ottumwa conducted services as usual at Miller Chapel Sunday.

Prof B H Wilson and Assistants Miss Peden and Miss Ella Harlan appear on an educational program to be given at the High school at Eldon on Saturday, March 12. All teachers are urged to be present.
Mrs Elizabeth Wilson of Moline, Ill., is here, the guest of Mrs Bertha Littler.
Mrs Nettie Miller who has been ill is better.
Mr and Mrs L T Newell have returned home after spending the past winter in Huston, Texas.
G W Creath attended the good roads convention in Des Moines.
Mr and Mrs E G Russell of San Francisco, Calif., are here visiting the latter’s sister Mrs M Lanning.
Mrs J J Hicks who has been quite ill is improving.
Walter Nafziger returned home on Tuesday after an extended visit at Cleghorn, Ia.
Miss Grace D McElderry, a graduate nurse of Fairfield, is visiting her brother, Dr F McEldery.
Chas Gobble, manager of the Bladensburg Telephone co., was a business caller here Wednesday.
Mrs Anna Campbell was the recipient ofmany post cards by a shower given Tuesday by her friends in honor of her 82nd birthday.
Furnished by Ottumwa Title & Loan Company, Abstracters of Title. J A Lowenberg, Manager. Rooms 5, to 9. Summers Bldg., corner court and Second streets.
F W Darner and wife to J C and Mary Scully, lots 166 and 167, blk 34, Smith 5th add, Otts, $800.
Jonas Sax and wife to Edward Kennedy part lot 11 blk 8 Smith 2nd add Otta, $1400.
John Curtis and wife to R Van Der Ploeg, W1/2 W1/2 NE ¼ and pt E ½ NW ¼ and W ½ NW ¼ SE ¼ 9except coal) 3 73 15 $8000.
L B Saum and wife to Josiah Hesseltine, N1/2 SW1/4 18 71 15 $8000.
Harris Wm C to Mary Eirdance, part E1/2 NW ¼ 13 78 15  $1800.
Frank Epperson and wife to A Vanderzee W1/2 SE ¼ 12 and W ½ NE ¼ 21 71 15 $12,500.
Jas N Angel and wife to Allen Decker SE ¼ SE ¼ 17 and E ½ SE ½ SW ¼ 17 71 15 $6500.
Thanks to the assistance of the farmers living in the vicinity of the new Cliffland bridge, and the help of others who will derive some benefits from the structure, the south approach to the bridger will be built and the bridge will be put into operation on or before May 1.

Mrs Lester Jay was an Ottumwa visitor Thursday.
Mrs Arch Morgan and children left Wednesday for Des Moines where they have located.
Melissa Commons went to Ottumwa Wednesday to visit relatives.
Ben Abegg and wife left Wednesday to visit relatives in Albia and Dudley.
Anna Abegg of Ottumwa is visiting relatives here.
Mrs Flossie Clark of Albia is visiting Mrs Waterman.
Mrs Myers and Miss Johnston of Ottumwa are visitors at the Rodger home.
Ison Chedister and family visited relatives in Ottumwa this week.
Miss Rutledge trimmer for Jennie Robinson arrived Tuesday.
Mrs Poston has returned from a visit at the Ed Tower home.

Mrs Mary Pottorff of Eldon has returned home after visiting her son Eli Lews, at the Ottumwa Hospital.
Mrs A J Stodghill of Dudley, who has been visiting her daughter Mrs E R Wells, 640 West Second Street, has returned home.
Mrs A R Pendarvis of Fredric is a shopper in the city today.
Miss Effie Peden of Agency, is spending the day with Miss Neil Hedrick, 218 North Washington St,
Brown Bedford and sister Mrs Lewis Graham of Kirkville, visited with friends in Ottumwa today, enroute to Osceola where they will visit relatives.
Mrs Carol Wilkins of Eddyville is a shopper in the city today.
Mrs W R Day of Moravia, passed through Ottumwa today, en route 

Theodore Northings, the 7 year old grandson of Mr and Mrs J V Kelley died Saturday night. He has been the same as one of the family for the past few years, as his father is dead and his mother with him has been living with her parents. Interment  in Iowaville cemetery.
H B Vinson has returned from a visit and is looking well.
Mrs Prof Wilson, Mrs Henderson and Mr and Mrs W F McClure are on the sick list.
The river is about clear of ice and soon we will hear the whistle of the boats which will run from Keokuk to Ottumwa regularly.
Fred Healey returned home Saturday night, accompanied by his son Lyon. Mr Healey lives at Koskanong, Mo., and has a large peach orchard which he says will bring him a big yield this year. Fred formerly lived here.
The brick plant of Trott & Sons will soon start again, as their output has cleaned up the surplus and the demand is growing fast.
The corner room of the McHaffey opera house is being repaired and steel ceiling is being put on.
The new cigar factory has put out the brands of cigars. Eldon Booster and Rock Island. This si the factory the Booster club secured.
The Democratic primary nominated I L Johnson, first ward. Richard Passwater, second ward and George Rock, third ward. 
Mrs Frank Koht of Grinnell, Ia., is in the city on business.
O P Dotson moved into the Coad place east Eldon. G R Dehl and wife of Wapello are visiting the family.
Jeff Davis and daughter Helen arrived last night from Monrovia, Calif. For a visit.
Robt Crow and Miss Ethel Conrad spent last evening in Ottumwa.

Daniel McCormick, G Bender and J Smith went to Des Moines last week to attend the good roads and thresher men’s conventions.
Mr and Mrs Spilman went Saturday and Sunday in Ottumwa last week.
Miss Alay Woodruff from Farson visited the school here Tuesday.
Several new pupils have enrolled in the school here this spring, Lena and Ruth Emery entering last week.
Rev Painter and family of Farson, stopped over night at Mr Denny’s on their way from from Brookville, Thursday.
Mrs Don McCormick and Children Doris and Fred, spent a few days with her brother in Chariton last week.
Mrs Kirkpatrick and Miss Smith were among the passengers to Ottumwa Saturday.
Mrs Walter Jones mother of Mrs Mefford of Farson, visited here.
Bible study was held at Mr Grant Davis’.
Mrs Frank Emery is visiting in Ottumwa.
Mr Weavers’ have moved to the Buckner farm west of here lately vacated by Mr Sylvester.

The annual school election was held Monday afternoon. The following directors were elected: Fred Miller, to succeed himself and Roland Linn to succeed C C Cremer and J D Newell as treasurer.
The M E Church choir will give a musical.
Mr Wm Johnson and granddaughter Miss Vesta McCoy visisted over at the latter’s parents at Selma.
Miss Cora Augustine has returned home from Laddsdale after closing a very successful term of school.
Miss Eliza Reynolds and Bertha Littler left today for Moline, Ill., to visit relatives.
Prof Wilson, Misses Ellen Harlow, Fannie Nye, Margaret Luippold, Edna McDowell, Cora Augustine and Mrs Ella Nue attended the teacher’s meeting in Eldon.
Mrs Wm Miller of Ottumwa visited Saturday wit Mrs L F Streblow.
Mrs J D Newell leaves today for Amers to visit her sister Mrs S R Foster.
Mr John Enyart and family went to Eldon today to attend the funeral Mrs Enyart’s sister, Mrs Emma Walker.

Little Lillian Kendall, granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Wm Kendall was buried in the Ormanville Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.
Mrs Laura Kennelworth preached at Hopewell Saturday and Sunday.
Mr and Mrs D O Thompson were visitors at the E S Berry home.
Mrs and Mrs Edgus Tilletson were the guests of Mrs G M Thomas.
Miss Nena Green attended the teacher’s meeting at Eldon Saturday.
T J Randall was elected school director for Ormanville.
Jas Helmick is the director for the Fairview school.
Miss Vera Davis is visiting the parental Butler Davis home.
Mrs Wm Walker and niece Effie Walker were guests Friday at the G M Thomas home.
Miss Edna Berry is in Ottumwa this week.
Leon Bolin who lives in this vicinity sold one hog in Ottumwa Saturday for $50.47.
E S Berry is in his new grocery store. He is having a new barn built.
Mrs Thomas Hunt is on the sick list.
Mesdames Dollie Chance, Tillie Smith and G M Thomas were entertained a few days since by Mrs E S Berry and daughter Edna.
Saturday Mrs G M Thomas was a business caller at the M K Leonard home.
Mr and Mrs M C Leonard have moved on their recently purchased farm.
Mrs Ruth S Wilson started to join her husband Friday morning, he is located in Colorado.
Carbon will soon boast of a new grocery store.
Mrs Laura Wagner of Ottumwa was a recent visitor.
Mrs Richard Stavison is out of this city visiting relatives.

Jeff Carter and wife have returned from a visit with his son William near Libertyville.
The funeral of Mrs Emily Walker from the home of her son took place. Interment in the Eldon Cemetery.
Chas s Bierce of Albia is in the city for a few days on business.
Thomas Jacques has been drawn on the grand jury of the Federal court at Keokuk.
Captain Duckworth and daughter are now settled in Eldon as the former is the superintending a timer tract of land the Rock Island owns near here, and will be put into timber and ties. Capt Duckworth is an old veteran of the war and served well and good until the close. He is welcomed by all who know him here. He has lived in Iowa and at Keosauqua for over fifty years.
Image 4, Our Neighborhood
Jimmie Weir, son of Mr and Mrs G Weir of 1309 East Main, run a rusty nail in his foot last Tuesday and his foot is in a very bad shape. Dr Emma Peterson has it in charge.
Wednesday, March 16, was the regular meeting of Mountain Grove lodge No. 43, Woodmen circle. There was a class of 20 taken through the mysteries of the circle.
Eli Lewis, 1215 Orchard Street, has entered the hospital for medical treatment.
Mrs William Atwood of Williams, who has been a surgical patient at the hospital, has returned home.
For Sale _ 7 room house on Orchard street, with cellar, summer kitchen, cistern, well and barn. 1009 Orchard st.
At the Garrick Theatre three days the Ottumwa boys and girls in the 9 Redpath’s Napanees. 

Roy Fitzgerald is very sick with the mumps.
Mr and Mrs Brooks’ home and all the contents burned Wednesday morning. 
Will Shank is very ill with rheumatism. His mother Mrs Conley Shank of Agency has been there for some time.
F W Turner returned home last week from Texas where he has been staying on his farm for the past few months.
Mr and Mrs Jim Dunning moved last week to Mr Monteg’s farm near Ottumwa.
Geo Deiters is ill with the grip.
Samuel Fitzgerald of Ottumwa visited Last week at home here.
Mrs Nellie Alderman visited one day last week at the home of her mother, Mrs Courtney.
Mrs Mowery and son Glenn were Ottumwa callers Friday.

Mrs Leslie Berry and children of Ladd, Ill., are visiting Mrs Berry’s mother Mrs Linda Miller.
Mrs Kent Chisman was called to Albia Wednesday by the death of her mother.
Mrs Zella Chisman is visitin with her sister north of town.
Mrs S C Baird and children are visiting Mrs Baird’s mother, Mrs Perry Cloyd.
Jessie Gaston of Winterset is visiting the Lester Jay home.
Clint Gregory of Richland was a business visitor here.
Mrs J C Broinerell and daughter Imogenet were visitors in town one day last week.
Mr and Mrs Lester Jay entertained the members of the Masonic Lodge here with their wives at a Masonic dinner at 7:30 o’clock Wednesday evening. The out of town guests were John Lafollelletie and wife of Seymour, Wm Rowe and wife of Foster and Wm Jackson and wife of Ottumwa.
Emmett Jones, Ellet Cohagan and Guy Hall were Ottumwa visitors.
Prof B O Spilman visited from Friday until Sunday in Bloomfield with his parents, Mr and Mrs Spillman.
Joe Fowler is critically ill at the home of his sister Mrs Jerry Thompson.
L B Carlton of Miller Ridge spent Sunday with J T Riddle.
Sander Pierson and family were recent visitors at Ross Bachman’s.
Dr Tart is seriously ill but is convalescent.
Majorie Porter of Albia returned home recently after a visit with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs J F DeHaven.
Mr and Mrs James Gadbaugh of Ottumwa visited last week at he Elmer Figg home.
Mrs Tobe Smith of Harlan, Ia., visited recently with relatives here.
Mrs Will Jackson of Ottumwa is here visiting here daughter Mrs John Torrence.

Mr and Mrs Ed Gustason entertained a number of relatives at dinner Sunday.
Mr and Mrs Wm Baldwell of Blakesburg visited Mr and Mrs John Pearson Tuesday.
Mose Blake and daughter, Miss Bertha were Blakesburg callers yesterday.
O W Hasselbrooth was a business caller in Ottumwa last week.
Mr and Mrs Wm Cotrell visited with Mr and Mrs Fred Grooms.
Mr and Mrs August Burgeson and sons Mr and Mrs Wm smith and sons and Mr and Mrs Sanders Pierson and sons were entertained at the Wm Baldwell home near Blakesburg Sunday.
Mrs Anne Mokinson who has been quite sick is reported some better.
Mrs Oscar Halgren and son and Miss Regina Johnson of Ottumwa are visiting at the Gustave Johnson home.
Mrs Charlotte Gustason is visiting with her daughter Mrs J W Johnson.
Mrs Frank Gustason visited in Ottumwa last week.
Miss Besse Fisk closed a successful term of school here Monday.
Miss Lena Anderson and brother Edwin were in attendance at the funeral of the late Carl Pohison in Ottumwa last week.
Miss  Mae King of Kirkville, was in Ottumwa yesterday enroute to Hynes and Avery, where she will visit relatives and friends.
Mrs Aaron Millard of Avery, who has been visiting her son and daughter in law, Mr and Mrs  P G Drummonds, 101 Tindall street returned home.
Mr and Mrs J W Fite and Mrs J C Brooks of Eldon, were in the city yesterday.

Miss Warden of Ottumwa visited her sister, Mrs S C Brown on Tuesday.
Rev Lucy Carter moved from the Dr Kussart property into the Vance property on North Third street.
Over fifty residents of Eddyville accompanied W S Keller to Ottumwa on his steamboat Tuesday. They were met by representatives of the Commercial association of Ottumwa.
Mrs McCord who moved here recently from Moravia is quite ill with tonsillitis.
Others on the sick list are Mrs Lieling, M Clark and Mrs Bescoe.
Ed Kussart is taking a vacation this week and Ed Shields is working in his place at the restaurant.
P D Ankeney left with his car for Midland, S D., where they will make their future home.
Mr and Mrs James Johnson came in from Illinois to visite relatives.
Mr and Mrs G W Stevens of Dudley are moving into the property this week they recently purchased of Chas Kussart.
Miss Bird Miller who has been visiting relatives in Eddyville.
Mrs Ed Fausnaugh fell yesterday morning and was quite painfully injured. 
Mrs Gertie Myers of Eldon is visiting her aunt Mrs C Briggs west of town.
Mrs Ninemeyer of Ottumwa came up to do some special drill work.
Mrs Stella Oswandel and daughter Florence of Beacon are visiting at the Reese home.
Miss Emma Moran is visiting her brother Tom in Marshalltown.

Mrs Andrew Stodghill has returned from a visist with relatives in Ottumwa.
L J Newquist and daughter Tillie were recent Ottumwa visitors.
Ed Perdue was a business visitor in Chillicothe Saturday.
Mrs A E Gustavison returned to her home in Ottumwa Sunday evening after a few days’ visit with relatives south of town.
Mrs Frans Peterson went to Ottumwa Monday, being called there by the death of her brother.
Miss Esther Polson returned to Ottumwa Sunday evening after a two days’ visit at the FRans Peterson home.
Mrs Albert T Johnson, visited at the John Swanson home Monday.
Mr and Mrs John Peterson were guests at the Chas A Carlson home near Willard Sunday.
Andrew Carlson and son Arthur were Chillicothe  callers Saturday.
Harry Swanson was a visitor at the John Kinblade home near Munterville Sunday.
Miss Alice Peterson accompanied by Miss Minnie Tourson of Ottumwa spent Saturday and Sunday at the John Peterson home south of town.
Mrs Charles L Swanson called at the Andrew French home West of Munterville Saturday.
Mr and Mrs Harry Stevens were passengers for Ottumwa Monday.

The baby of Scott Williams is suffering with an abscess of the throat.
Frank DeLong has been appointed census enumerator for Columbia township.
Rev Lucy Carter was an Oskaloosa passenger yesterday.
Mrs Grace of Cameron, Illinois, and Mrs Matier of Albia, have been visiting their sister, Mrs Thomas Ewing.
Miss Bessie Funk who has been visiting for some time with her sister of La Pulpa, Okla., returned to her home in Eddyville this week.
Mr and Mrs Grimes and baby of Oskaloosa are visiting this week at the parental Kussart home.
John Miller of Cedar falls, arrived last night in Eddyville, to visit with his son, Harry and look after business interests.
Grover Hubbell of Des moines, is here this week in the interest of the sand plant.
Gid Dotts and son George went to Oskaloosa today and purchased a Hayes 30 horse power automobile and drove home.
Frank Rice while at work today at the sand plant had the misfortune to receive a painfull injury to his eye. The injury was so serious it was necessary to take him to Ottumwa to consult an eye specialist.
Lincoln Lee bought a fine team this week, and paid $500 for the same.
Rev Seede purchased a horse this week.
The Geo DeTar farm of between three and four hundred acres, located five miles west of Eddyville, was sold at auction today. It was purchased by John Lanning, Joe Barber, J Oldham and Chas Stuber, The average price per acre was about $55.00

Mrs Chesley Rogers left Saturday for her home in Waterloo after a visit of three weeks with her parent J Q Dorothy and wife.
Mrs Jake Smith of Unionville, Ia., returned to her home Saturday after a visit with relatives here.
Owen Swain and wife of Unionville spent Saturday night at the Paris Smith home.
Grace Williams is spending part of  the week at the J Ross home north of town.
Laura Smith of Ottumwa spent last Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Calvin Smith.
J E Cohagan and wife spent Saturday night at Herman snow’s in Albia.
Mrs c E Petitt and son Edwin returned Saturday from a visit at Mt Pleasant.
Mr and Mrs Harry Peterson went to Corydon Saturday to consult an eye specialist.
Mrs Ann Abernathy and M B Abernathy spent Sunday at Ed Barnes south of town in honor of Mrs Mary Barnes birthday.
The Misses stella and Petty McVey returned to their home in Rathbun on Monday after visiting the Frank Tinsley home.
Mrs Emmett Smith and babe spent Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Wilson.
Mrs Wm Jackson who has been visiting relatives here returned to Ottumwa.

Harry Sheldon of Austin, Minnesota, visited with Ollie Warner.
George Stevens has bought property in Eddyville.
Al Simms of Eddyville, spent Tuesday with John Simms here.
Mrs John Burgason, Mrs John Peterson, Mrs A B Burgeson and Mrs Anton and son returned Thursday on No 179 from Ottumwa where he attended the funeral of Carl Pohlson.
Mrs Ray Randall of Ottumwa was a visitor in our town.
Mrs Harry Stevens returned Thursday from a short visit in Ottumwa.

Mr and Mrs Boyd attended the funeral of their nephew near Bladensburg Thursday.
Mr T C Curtis has been seriously ill the past week with pheumonia.
Mrs Knupp and children are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Crain.
Mrs Braden and daughter of near Peakin, and Mrs Stevenson and Mrs Wray of Hayesville, were visitors at the Bacon home Friday.
Mrs w B McCormick and two sisters, one from Ottumwa and one from Eldon, arrived to spend a few days.
A very pleasant surprise was given to Miss Pearl Cornwell. It being her fourteenth birthday. She had gone to spend the afternoon with her sister Mrs Dalby. She was phoned to come home, the afternoon was spent with music and games. Those present were Marie Davis, Lulu Lowenburg, Leona Emery, Florence Crow, Margaret Bender, Wretha Emery, Myrtle Curtis, and the Misses Smith and Beedle.

John G Keyhoe and wife of Argentna, Ark., are visiting the latter’s parents, Mr and Mrs Walters.
Mrs J E Varnum is on the sick list and four of the Henderson family.
Lebanon Kimes left for Terre Haute, Indiana, being called there by the illness of his son James who is not expected to live. He will pass through Decatur, Ill., on the way and visit his daughter Mrs Ida Mosley.
A W Roberts and wife left for Ottumwa to attend the birthday anniversary of Mrs Clara Roberts.
Rev Perry H Haney will preach at the First Baptist church at Eldon.
Mrs Clara Bell returned to her home in Mystic Wednesday after a visit with her mother Mrs M Miller.
Mrs Ella West visited the first of the week at Fred Lobers.
Mrs Marsh of Tracey, Ia., arrived Wednesday for a visit with her daughter Mrs C E Petitt.
Mrs Frank Hardy entertained the ladies of the H O Club at her home.
Mrs G Burgher of Coatsville, MO., who has been visiting here with her daughter Mrs C T Slavin returned home last week.
Hon Austin Jay of Moravia came down Thursday evening to install officers in the Masonic Lodge.

James Walker, a switchman was the victim of a peculiar accident Saturday. He was working on top of some cars and fell to the ground, a distance of at least ten feet and landed on his head and sholders. He was taken home and is confined to his room, but will be out for a short time.
The meeting at the Odd Fellows’ hall Saturday afternoon was well attended.
Miss Cora Ritz of Jefferson, Okla., is visiting her brother Henry Ritz and many friends.
March 27 was the sixty-second birthday of Mrs J E Houghland, and she was given a card shower by her friends.
George L Carter was in the city today.
Judge Roberts passed through to Centerville today.
Pat Savage of Ottuwmwa was called here by the death of his mother Mrs C Savage. The funeral was from the Catholic Church at 9 am, Rev Father Hogan officiating. Interment in Caredy cemetery, Eldon.