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Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association states our purpose and directs how we are governed.

Board of Directors 2022–2023

Office Officer Term
President Linda Ziemann (State Coordinator 2023/2024) 1 Year
Vice President Lynn Diemer Mathews (Assistant State Coordinator 2023/2024) 1 Year
Secretary Lynn McCleary (Muscatine & other counties) Appt 11 Jan 2024.
Exp Jul 2024
Treasurer Mark Christian (State Coordinator 2001/2002) 3 Years
Exp Jul 2025
Director-at-Large Jena Edgerton Patzner (Webster County Coordinator) 1 Year
Director Kris Meyer (State Coordinator 2022/2023) Lifetime
Director Cindy Booth Maher (State Coordinator 2021/2022) Lifetime
Director Constance McDaniel Hall (State Coordinator 2013/2014, 2020/2021) Lifetime
Director Constance Diamond (State Coordinator 2019/2020) Lifetime
Director Paul Nagy (State Coordinator 2018/2019) Lifetime
Director Lynn McCleary (State Coordinator 2017/2018) Lifetime
Director Cheryl Siebrass (State Coordinator 2016/2017) Lifetime
Director Karen De Groote (State Coordinator 2015/2016, 2007/2008) Lifetime
Director William Haloupek (State Coordinator 2014/2015) Lifetime
Director Steve Williams (State Coordinator 2012/2013) Lifetime
Director Ralph Leonard (State Coordinator 2011/2012) Lifetime
Director Linda Ziemann (State Coordinator 2010/2011) Lifetime
Director Barbara Hug (State Coordinator 2006/2007) Lifetime
Director Sharyl Ferrall (State Coordinator 2004/2005) Lifetime
Director Mark Christian (State Coordinator 2001/2002) Lifetime

Presidential Appointments (Assignments)

Office Officer Term
Website Coordinator Steve Williams 1 Year
Welcome Committee Constance Diamond (Lead)
Mark Christian, Treasurer
1 Year

Friends of IAGenWeb operates independently of The IAGenWeb Project. To insure against conflict, the presiding officers of the Friends are the IAGenWeb State Coordinator, President, and the Assistant State Coordinator, Vice-President. The Friends of IAGenWeb board is composed of as many past State Coordinators as choose to participate, as well as an appointed Director-at-Large.

No part of the assets or income of The Friends shall be distributed to the officers, board members and any one else directly connected to The Friends or IAGenWeb.

You may contact Constance Diamond, Welcome Committee Lead and President, for information about the Friends and its projects or Mark Christian, Treasurer, for financial information about the organization.

Past Directors, Appointments & Assignments

Office Officer Term
Treasurer Mark Christian (Story County) 2013 - 2025
Secretary Barbara Hug (Jasper County) 1 Year. Exp Jul 2024. Resigned 10 Jan 2024
Secretary Karen De Groote (Black Hawk, Butler, Humboldt, Pocahontas County Coordinator) 2018 - 2022
Secretary Janelle Graham Martin (Hamilton County Coordinator) 2016 - 2018
Secretary Ralph Leonard (Hamilton County Coordinator) - 2016
Director-at-Large Joanne Breen (Washington County Coordinator) 2022 - 2023
Director-at-Large Alvin Pool (Harrison County Coord.) 2021 - 2022
Director-at-Large Sherri Turner (Lee County Coordinator) 2020 - 2021
Director-at-Large Sarah Little (Wright County Coord.) 2019 - 2020
Deceased 9 Apr 2023
Director-at-Large Nettie Mae Lucas (Clinton County Coord.) 2017 - 2018
Director-at-Large Paul Nagy (Buena Vista, Winnebago County Coordinator) 2016 - 2017
Director-at-Large Lynn McCleary (Cedar, Louisa, Muscatine County Coordinator, Dallas County Assistant Coordinator) - 2016
Director-at-Large Cheryl Siebrass (Cass County Coordinator) - 2015
Welcome Committee Constance Diamond (Lead)
Mark Christian, Treasurer
? - 2022
2013 - 2022
Website Coordinator Steve Williams 2013 - 2023
Website Coordinator Rich Lowe - 2013
Treasurer Rich Lowe (County Coordinator, Gravestone Photo & WPA Project Coordinator)

Abt 2009-2013. Term exp July 2015 but resigned in July 2013

Director Richard Harrison (State Coordinator 1999/2000, 2008/2009) Removed by vote. Deceased.
Director Gail Meyer Kilgore (State Coordinator 2003/2004) Deceased 22 May 2021
Director Don Kelly (State Coordinator 2002/2003) Deceased.
Director Loren Toomsen (State Coordinator 1997/1998) Inactive. Deceased.
Director Greta Thompson (State Coordinator 2005/2006) Inactive as of Mar 2016 Deceased.

Friends of IAGenWeb is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.