IAGenWeb Forum
Navigating the Forum

  1. Each of the main headings here is called a Forum. In this graphic there are four (4) Forum headings, thus 4 forums.

    Some Forums have more than one category. In the display below, the Forum Accessibility Discussion has 3 categories showing.

    Each forum has a moderator. A moderator simply keeps an eye on the topic to make sure items posted there are on topic. The moderator is usually someone with interest in the topic and they often post items to that particular forum.

IAGenWeb Forums and topics

  1. Click on the topic to open up that page of posted items. Below you can see the titles of the different topics posted to that forum. You can also see who authored the original post and how many people have viewed the topic.

Forum Topics under Board Tips & Procedures

  1. Click on the topic to open the post. Now you can read it. You can also post a reply by clicking on the post reply button.

  2. To exit the post, click on either the Forum Index or the Forum Topic text links

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