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~Kansas Street, Looking North, Hawarden, IA (Postcard Submitted by Collector, David Shedlock)

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Hawarden Main Street photo submitted by Chuck March.

Hawarden downtown street corner, Chuck is the baby, 1948.

Mill Dam -- North Hawarden, Iowa

1911 Hawarden, Iowa -- Public Library

Interior View of Daniels Variety Store, Hawarden, Iowa

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Hawarden_school.jpg (227224 bytes)  
Hawarden grade school. 
Who knows these little angels?

The only one I know in this picture is Milo Bedard.
 [Submitted by Gayle Harper]

Hawarden_school_2.jpg (120706 bytes)  
Hawarden grade school (2) 
How about putting names to the faces?

The X is Harland Harry. [Submitted by Gayle Harper]

1Football_pcard_Finch_owned.jpg (42693 bytes)2Football_pcard_Finch_owned.jpg (23410 bytes)  
Hawarden High School football team 
of season of 1911
Postcard dated November 30, 1911 
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

1Main_Street_Hawarden_PCFinch_owned.jpg (59256 bytes) 2Main_Street_Hawarden_PCFinch_owned.jpg (33588 bytes)
Hawarden Main Street
Postcard dated Hawarden, Iowa June 8, 889? 
from Mae Hills? to Abbie L. Adler, Clinton, Iowa
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

The Abbie L. Adler that the postcard is addressed to was a sister of the famous clown, Felix Adler, also known as the King of Clowns. [Submitted by Ray Mullin]

Band_hawarden.jpg (42264 bytes) Hawarden Band
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

Hawarden_Football_Team_Irl_S_West_1912.jpg (38984 bytes) 
Hawarden Football Team circa 1912

Names: Irl S. West - can you name the others?
Submitted by Pam Finch]

HHH.jpg (141847 bytes)  
Junior High Chorus, 1939
People identified: Edith Bolluyt, Doris Schlueter, Robert Harry,  Richard Harry. The boy in the front row in the stripped sweater second from the right is Edsel (Ed) Wood and the boy on the end to Ed's left is Martin Hulleman.
[Submitted by Gayle Harper, and identifications by Gayle Harper and Bob Wood ]

1_Haw_old_school_pcard_Finch_owned.jpg (35325 bytes)2_Haw_old_school_pcard_Finch_owned.jpg (28638 bytes)  
Hawarden school
postcard dated Hawarden, Iowa Mar. 27, 1907
from M. Finnie? to Pearl Mallory, Canton,
South Dakota
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

1Kansas_st_pc_Finch_owned.jpg (32704 bytes)2Kansas_st_pc_Finch_owned.jpg (138298 bytes)  
Kansas Street, Hawarden, Iowa 

Postcard dated "Hawarden, Iowa, 
Dec 16, 198' could this be 1898? 
from Martha to Miss Ella Doddri???e,
Centerville, Indiana.
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

School_PC_with_Grace_and_Ruth_Storts.jpg (51804 bytes) 
Hawarden Public School

Postcard includes Grace and Ruth Storts
[Submitted by Pam Finch]

Baseball_Team_hawarden.jpg (37418 bytes) 
Hawarden Baseball Team

[Submitted by Pam Finch]


Above is a photo of my kinder class by the Hawarden old schoolhouse in 1945.  That's me on lower right, chin in hand, sitting by Roger Marshall.

Play_Alma_Myrt_George_and.jpg (135336 bytes) Play with Hope Emerson
In Photo: Alma Bancroft, Myrtle Bancroft, George Bancroft, Hope Emerson [Submitted by Pam Finch]

Diane Wright added this:
     My grandfather, Lynn Dale Morgan was born in Ireton in 1896, and lived in Hawarden until the late 1920s. He was a very large man, and was known as "Big" Morgan. He and Hope Emerson "courted" in high school--he always said (I am told) that the only reason she dated him was because he was the only man in town taller than she was!
     Lynn and my grandmother, Gussie Caperton Morgan, from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, met in South Dakota, when they were both acting in a local theater production of a play called "Whose Little Bride Are You?" Because of this amateur acting bent that he must have had, I have no doubt that he is in the photo of the cast on the stage. I cannot make out enough detail to tell precisely.

Dry Creek Hawarden


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