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Geurt Van Roekel was born December 2, 1855, left Bennekom, Netherlands on December 21, 1865, at the age of thirteen years, with his father Jan Harmen Van Roekel and two brothers and two sisters. These were Martina, (Mrs. Korver), Albertus, Geurt, Geertruida (Mrs. Van Gorp), and Abraham Van Roekel. Geurt's mother, Grada Jansen had died in Holland and one sister Willempje Van Roekel died on the ship and was buried at sea. Jan Harman Van Roekel with his five children moved first to Pella, Iowa and then to Hospers, Iowa where he homesteaded. One son, Geurt Van Roekel, homesteaded and lived in a sod hut a mile north of Sioux Center. He built a house on that site and this house is still standing.

Geurt Van Roekel married Christina Rouwenhorst. They had one son, Christian, born March 23, 1885. Geurt's first wife Christina died on May 2, 1885. Geurt married Christina's sister Matilda Rouwenhorst. and they had eight children. The nine children of Geurt Van Roekel were as follows:

Christian Van Roekel was born March 23, 1885 and was the only child of Geurt Van Roekel's first wife, Christina Rouwenhorst. Christian Van Roekel married Johanna Mouw on February 18, 1909. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of two children; Christine (Mrs. Ben Vermeer) of Sioux Center and Byron Van Roekel of East Lansing, Michigan.

Grace (Van Roekel) Mouw was born September 28, 1887 and she married John Mouw on February 28, 1907. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of five children; Matilda (Mrs. Gerrit Sandbulte), Bernard Mouw, Gerald Mouw, Junaida (Mrs. Richard Dibbet) and Melvin Mouw.

Christina (Van Roekel) Kuyper was born February 6, 1888 and she married Neal Kuyper on March 15, 1917. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of three children: Maria (Mrs. James De Wit), Eugene Kuyper, and Robert Kuyper.

Christina and Matilda (Rouwenhorst) Van Roekel, first and second wife of Geurt Van Roekel

John Van Roekel was born May 8, 1889 and he married Sarah Te Grotenhuis on February 10, 1915. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of six children: Gershom Van Roekel, Warren Van Roekel, Clinton Van Roekel, Merle Van Roekel, Rev. James Van Roekel, and Arlin Van Roekel.

Otto Van Roekel was born November 3, 1891 and he married Grace Pals on February 6, 1920. They were from Orange City and were the parents of six children: Dr. Otto Van Roekel, Gladys (Mrs. John Mitchell), George Van Roekel, Rodney Van Roekel, Dr. Glen Van Roekel, and Marla (Mrs. Joseph Mooibroek).

William Van Roekel was born April 28, 1893 and he married Jeanette Balkema on April 13, 1920. They were from Orange City and were he parents of three children: Clara (Mrs. Earl Moomey), Kenneth Van Roekel, and Ruth (Mrs. Richard W. Carey).

Albert Van Roekel was born October 17, 1895 and he married Cena Doornwaard. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of two children: Gordon Van Roekel and Lloyd Van Roekel.

George Van Roekel was born April 28, 1899 and he married Arabella Ruisch on February 24, 1922. They were from Alton, Iowa and were the parents of three children: Audrey (Mrs. Dr. Hubert Preul), Robert Dick Van Roekel, and Shirley (Mrs. Dan De Ruyter).

Dr. Henry Van Roekel was born October 28, 1901 and he married Tena Doornwaard on July 11, 1929. They were from Amherst, Massachusetts and Pella, Iowa. They had no children.

Geurt Van Roekel died December 5, 1917. Mrs. Matilda Van Roekel bought and moved into a home in Sioux Center in 1918. She died February 21, 1920.

By Christine Vermeer

Source: Sioux Center Iowa 1991 Centennial Book-- Contributor, Mary Haverhals


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