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"Bart" and Mina Van Maanen came over from the area of Ede, Netherlands with their five children on July 23, 1892. They first settled near Alton, Iowa, on a farm. Albertus was born June 19, 1859 at Bennekom, Netherlands, to Hendrik Van Maanen and Gysbertje Geurtsen. They were married in the Netherlands on August 7, 1880. Mina was born August 7, 1862 and died in 1951 in Sioux Center. Bart died February 24, 1933 in Sioux Center. Bart Van Maanen had a brother Evert born December 16, 1856, who with his wife and seven children Game to this area also. They had three more children in America.

Bart and Mina farmed five miles north of Sioux Center and then three miles north and a half west, there they lived until they moved to town and built the house at 1041stAve. S.E. in about 1920. In about 1951, their son John B. Van Maanen bought the house and John's wife Elizabeth still lives in that home today. Bart and Mina were members of the Christian Reformed Church where he was an elder for many years. Bart was a first organizer of the Farmer's Co-op Society in Sioux Center.

At the time of his death the obituary in .the Sioux Center News of March 2, 1933 relates that Bart and Mina Van Maanen had fifty three grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Therefore, their descendants today, some 58 years later, would be numerous.

Albertus Van Maanen Family about 1928: Except for the parents, the center couple, the husbands
are standing behind the wives. Seated row with ladies L-R: Maggie (Mrs. Evert Van Maanen),
Hattie (Mrs. Gerben De Jong), Jennie (Mrs. Cornelius Wassink), Gertrude (Mrs. Timen Rens),
Anna (Mrs. Henry Berghorst), Parents Albertus and Mina Van Maanen, Grace (Mrs. Conrad Hul-
stein), Mina (Mrs. John Rens), Winnie (Mrs. Henry Vis), Albertha (Mrs. Ben Bleyenberg), and
Elizabeth (Mrs. John Van Maanen)

The ten children of Bart and Mina Van Maanen were as follows:
Anna Van Maanen was born October 20, and she married Henry J. Berghorst on February 28, 1905. They lived in the Hills-Beaver Creek, MN, area and were the parents of ten children; Albertus "Bert" Berghorst married Hattie Stip, Samuel "Sam" Berghorst married Gertrude Baron, Mina (Mrs. Clarence Dooyema), Johannes "Joe" Berghorst married Jeanette Post, Edward Berghorst married Dena Eppinga, Frank Berghorst married Sophia Schouwenberg, John Berghorst married Virginia Mann, Lubertha (Mrs. Charles Brink), Henry John Berghorst married Hermina Van Holland, and Ann (Mrs. Walter Wichner). The mother, Anna, died January 8, 1948 and the father, Henry, died March 21, 1978.

Gertrude Van Maanen was born on February 2, 1883 and she married Timen "Tim" Rens on March 4, 1908. They were from Hull, IA and the parents of two children; Raymond Rens married Matilda Bos and Albertus "Bert" Rens married Madeline Koele. The mother, Gertrude, died March 16, 1961 and the father, Bert, died May 29, 1958.

Jennie "Jane" Van Maanen was born November 7, 1885 and she married Cornelius Wassink on November 7, 1907. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of six children: Arend Wassink born 1908 died 1926, Mina Wassink born 1912 died 1928, Nellie (Mrs. John Brummel), Albertus Wassink born 1923 died 1931, Arend Wassink married Rosella Blankespoor, Comelius Wassink born 1928 died at two months of age. The mother Jennie died February 27,1969 and the father Cornelius died December 13, 1951.

Hattie Van Maanen was born December 24, 1887 and she married Gerben De Jong on January21, 1914. They were from Hull and the parents of four children; Mina (Mrs. William R Hulstein), Thomas De Jong married Martha Vogel, Albertus De Jong married Edith W. Niewenhuis, and Arnold De Jong married Adelaide H. Punt. The mother, Hattie, died September 20, 1974 and the father Gerben died May 24,1974.

"Ed" Van Maanen was born October 3, 1890 and he married Maggie Mulder on February 21, 1914. They were from HuIl and the parents of nine children; Ella (Mrs. Andrew Meendering), Albertus "Bert" Van Maanen married Theresa B. Hoekstra, Rudolph "Roy" Van Maanen married Grace Scholten, Tuenis "Tom" Van Maanen married Gerdena Vande Schaaf, Mina (Mrs. Theodore Hoekstra), Edward Van Maanen married Alyda Kraayenbrink, Margaret (Mrs. Donald Hoekstra), Harold Van Maanen married Lois Sandbulte, and Jane (Mrs. Henry Hoksbergen). Evert Van Maanen the father died July 23, 1961 and the mother, Maggie, died March 10, 1953.

Grace Van Maanen was born July 19, 1893 and she married Conrad G. Hulstein on April 10, 1914. They were from Carmel, IA and the parents of eleven children; Gerrit "Fred" Hulstein married Johanna M. Vande Linden, Mina A. Hulstein born 1916 died 1934, Caroline M. (Mrs. Marvin De Kam), Emma (Mrs. John P. Vogel), Etta (Mrs. Bert Baker), Albertus Hulstein married Arta Hop, Gertrude (Mrs. Henry Vonk), Viola (Mrs. John Delfs), Minerva (Mrs. Gerrit Vander Streek), Winerva Hulstein and, Mina (Mrs. Leonard Nyhof). The mother, Grace, died May 29, 1971 and the father, Conrad, died April 1, 1972.

Mina Van Maanen was born October 16, 1895 and she married John R Rens on February 27, 1914. They were from Hull and the parents of eight children: Angelina (Mrs. Clarence Sybesma), Mina (Mrs. Arie Burgraff), Robert Rens married Lena Beukelman, Albertha (Mrs. John De Groot), Janet (Mrs. James Kroese), Albertus married Jacoba Koele, Marvin Rens married Evelyn Vande Oever, and Delmar Rens married Henrietta Koele. Mother, Mina, died May 28, 1982 and father, John, died November 13, 1971.

Winnie Van Maanen was born August 3, 1899 and she married Henry P. Vis on December 17, 1919. They were from HuIl and the parents of five children; Peter Vis married Louise Punt, Mina (Mrs. Peter De Stigter), Hendrene (Mrs. Berend Stuit), Bert Vis married Alice Eshuis and Henry W. Vis married Evelyn J. De Jong. Mother Winnie died August 13, 1988 and father Henry died Dec. 20, 1967.

Albert Van Maanen was born August 2,1901 and she married Ben Bleyenberg on February 6, 1924. They were from Sioux Center and the parents of six children; Mina (Mrs. Tuenis Jansma), Arta (Mrs. John Haverhals), Bernice (Mrs. Peter Reynolds), Delores (Mrs. John Hoksbergen), and Alvin Bleyenberg married Betty Bleyenberg. Ben died August 14, 1986 and Albertha is in the nursing wing.

John B. Van Maanen was born February 24, 1904 and he married Elizabeth Rozeboom on July 1, 1927. They ware from Sioux Center and were the parents of three children; a baby died in infancy, Delbert married Darlene Ulferts, and Joan Ellen (Mrs. Merle Van Roekel). John died October 17, 1966 and Elizabeth still lives in her home.

In 1933 the Van Maanen's had 53 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Their descendants today would be numerous.

By Mrs. Elizabeth Van Maanen

Source: Sioux Center Iowa 1991 Centennial Book--Family Contributor, Mary Haverhals

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