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Henry Gerrit Boeyink and his wife Johanna Kastein came to Sioux Center in September of 1885 with seven children, as reported in an article on the family in the 1941 Jubilee edition of the Sioux Center News. Bits and pieces of their life have been learned from a few of their grandchildren living in Sioux Center.

Henry Gerrit Boeyink was born May 8, 1838 near Winterswijk, Holland. He was the son of Jan Henrik Boeyink and Geesken Rooks. Henry G. Boeyink married Johanna Wesselina Kastein in Holland. Johanna Kastein was born November 1841 in Dinxperloo, Holland and was the daughter of Roelf Kastein and Elizabeth Ter Beest who came to the United States settling at Alto WI in 1868. Henry G. Boeyink and his wife Johanna came to the United States in 1871 with their daughter Gesiena "Cynthia" who was two years old. Johanna's parents, Roelf and Elizabeth Ter Beest stayed in Alto WI, but two of Johanna's sisters families and her brother's family settled near Sioux Center. One sister, Theodore (Mrs. John Hagen) stayed in Alto WI. Those families that came to Sioux Center were Wilhelmina Kastein (Mrs. John Vande Berg), Hendrika (Mrs. Gerrit Jan Lammers) and Bernard Kastein. (See separate stories on each family.)

After Henry and Johanna Boeyink had farmed for several years near Alto WI and faund it hard to make a living on that farm, Henry and his oldest son went to Sioux County IA by train and laid claim on some land in Welcome Township. After a certain period of time they went back to Alto WI and moved the family and their meager possessions by wagon to their newly claimed land.

Henry Gerrit Boeyink Family about 1900. Back row: Cynthia(Mrs. Henry Van Peursem) 1869-
1935, Angelena (Mrs. Henry Eggink) 1879-1936, Ralph Boeyink 1881-1941, Elizabeth (Mrs.
William Kleene) 1876-1943, and John Boeyink 1874-1957. Frontrow L-R: Henry Boeyink 1884-
1927, Father Henry Gerrit Boeyink 1836-1926, Mother Johanna (Kastein) Boeyink 1841-1924,
Gerrit Boeyink 1873-1953.
Their first home on their farm two miles northwest of Sioux Center provided adequate shelter but little more. The stars could be seen through the roof at night. To keep warm during the cold first winters the family burned "cow chips" and dried tightly wound grass.

After about nineteen years of improving their farm, cultivating the soil, and seeing their children grown up and leaving home to establish homes of their own, Henry and Johanna Boeyink moved to Sioux Center in 1904. They resided in a house on the site where Dr. McGilvra's office was and what now is a new Beaver Eye Clinic. They lived there until death called them, Henry died in 1926 and Johanna died July 7, 1924.

One of the grandsons, Rev. Henry G. Eggink, remembers that as children they loved to visit their grandpa and grandma, especially on special days such as the birthdays of the grandparents. On these special days, after a lot of coaching by mother, the children would run over to grandpa and grandma Boeyink with these carefully memorized words "Harteligh Gefeliciteerd Met Je Verjaarday." The children would be rewarded for such a greeting with either peppermints or rock candy strung on a string.

This grandson can still visualize his grandparents on a cold winter evening sitting in the dark living room in front of the hard coal burner. Through the numerous little isinglass windows of the stove shone the brightly burning coals. Little was said throughout the evening, almost absolute silence reigned in the peaceful room. (Different from today with the television.) Should unexpected company come, they would he welcomed and before the evening was over they would be treated to a cup.of "Salie Melk," a sage milk made from sage grandpa grew in his own garden and a Santa Klaas cookie.
Overflowing kindness, gentleness and love characterized their simple, unassuming but fruitful lives.

The seven children of Henry and Johanna Boeyink were as follows:
Cynthia Boeyink was born July 13, 1869 in Winterswijk Holland married Henry Van Peursem. They lived near Maurice IA and were the parents of eight children: Johanna (Mrs. Art Meenk), Wilhelmina (Mrs. John Hoekstra), George Van Peursem, Henrietta (Mrs. Albert De Jager), Henry Van Peursem, Alfred Van Peursem, Ralph Van Peursem and Delbert Van Peursem.

Gerrit Boeyink was born September 2, 1873 in Alto WI and married Magdelina De Pree. They lived in Sioux Center and were the parents of four children: Joan (Mrs. Marshall Noble), Elsie (Mrs. Anthony Hasselo), Harold Boeyink, and Gertrude Boeyink.

John Boeyink was born December 25, 1874 in Alto WI and married Clara Muilenburg. They were from Sioux Center and ware the parents of four children: Gerrit Henry Boeyink, Adelaide (Mrs. Donald Jurrians), Sylvia (Mrs. Clarence Van Wechel) and Dorothy (Mrs. Ervin Happel).

Elizabeth Boeyink was born October 4, 1876 in Alto WI and married William Kleene. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of seven children: John Kleene, Johanna (Mrs. Clarence De Vos), Ida (Mrs. Arie Vierhout), Gerrit H. Kleene, Wilbert Kleene, Ann Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur Johnson) and Clazena (Mrs. Elmer Rozeboom).

Angelena Boeyink was born September 22, 1879 in Alto WI and married Henry Eggink. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of five children: Clarence Eggink, Henry G. Eggink, Christina Eggink,Johanna (Mrs. Julius De Wit), and Mabel (Mrs. Clarence Vande Brake).

Ralph Boeyink was born February 19, 1881 in Alto WI, and married Agnes Muilenburg. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of eight children: Gerrit H. Boeyink, Jake Boeyink, Gladys (Mrs. Sam Bruinsma), Esther (Mrs. John Bleeker), Joyce (Mrs. Jack Moeller), Roberta (Mrs. Don Colon), Leona (Mrs. Hallie Russel), and Donna (Mrs. Arnie Kwikkel). Henry Boeyink was born April 25, 1884 in Alto WI and married Martha De Vries. They were from Sioux Center and were the parents of two children: Henry "Louis" Boeyink and Paul Boeyink.

By Several Grandchildren of Henry G. Boeyink

Source: Sioux Center Iowa 1991 Centennial Book--Family Contributor, Mary Haverhals

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RESEARCH NOTES---Compiled by Wilma J. Vande Berg

Birth records were documented in the above story.

MARRIAGE RECORD of Gerrit and Johanna
Gerrit Hendrik Boeijink a farmer age 30, married Johanna Wesselina
Kastein age 26, He was the son of Jan Hendrik Boeijink and Geeske
Rooks, She was the daughter of Roelof Kastein and Elisabeth te Beest,
they were married 24 Jul 1868 at Winterswijk, Gelderland Netherlands.

OBITUARY  of Gerrit Henbdrik Boeyink 1838-1926
Source: Alton Democrat (1-10-1926)
Birth: May 8, 1838
Death: September 22, 1926
Those who attended the funeral of Mr. Gerrit Hendrik Boeyink at Sioux
Center last Friday were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Van Peursem and son
Delbert, Mr. and Mrs. John Hoekstra. Sir. and Mrs. Al De Jager. Mr.
and Mrs. John Van Peursem and Mrs. George and Alfred Van Peursem.
Mr. Boeyink was the father of Mrs. Henry Van Peursem and was 88 years
Source: Sioux County Index (10-15-1926)
Mr. and Mrs. William Kleene, who reside five miles east of Doon, are
mourning the death of Mrs. Kleene's father, Mr. Gerrit Hendrik
Boeyink, who has been making his home with his daughter, for the past
He was 88 years old, born in Holland and lived in this country 45
years, most of the time, near Sioux Center.
Funeral services were held at Sioux Center Saturday – Doon Press.
He was married to Johanna Wesselina Kastein Boeyink. They had seven
children: Cynthia Van Peursem, Gerrit Boeyink,John Boeyink,Elizabeth
Kleene,Angelina Eggink, Ralph Boeyink, and Henry Boeyink.

OBITUARY of Johanna Mrs. Gerrit H. Boeyink  1841-1924
July 9, 1924 Sioux Center News
(translated by W. J. Vande Berg)
Monday morning Mrs. G. H. Boeyink died at the age of 82 years and 8
months. The funeral took place at the Second Reformed church on
Wednesday. Church pastor Ds. Haverkamp officiated.
The deceased was born in the Netherlands and married in 1868 with Mr.
G. H. Boeyink. In 1871 they moved to America and lived until 1885 in
Alton Wis. In that year, they moved to Sioux Center and settled in a
homestead. After a couple of years, they came to live in town. The
deceased is survived by her elderly husband, seven children, 35
grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren, all in the neighborhood. The
24th of July would Mr. and Mrs. Boeyink has been married for 56 years.
(Her maiden name was Kastein, daughter of Roelof Kastein and Elzabeth
Ter Beest.

Source: Vande Berg family history records


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