Groom's Names are linked to the account of their marriage. These cover the approximate years of 1890-1955. Help us grow this data base. Your marriage contributions are most welcomed. Email the county coordinator, Linda Ziemann.

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Location Photo
Wagner, Reynold Neuroth, Virginia 24 Aug 1944 Granville  
Wajer, John Tuynman, Mrs. John 19 Feb 1926 Rock Valley  
Wanningen, Gerrit Berghuis, Jacoba 13 Dec 1926 Sioux Center  
Watkins, William Peck, Dorothy Mar 1922    
Westra, Sikke Dowe VanHaitsma, Pietje Petranella 25 Feb 1890 Sioux Center
Wilkison, John Eilers, Luella 16 Nov 1936 Hawarden  
Winterfeld, Albert Schultz, Meta 07 Mar 1905