Groom's Names are linked to the newspaper account of their marriage. These cover the approximate years of 1902-1955. Help us grow this data base. Your marriage contributions are most welcomed. Email the county coordinator, Linda Ziemann.

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Location Photo
Marra, Nicholas E. VanLaar, Jennie Aug 1914 Sioux County  
Maurer, Nelson E. Foulds, Mamie Apr 1917 Canada aboard a Troop Train  
McCall, Cecil Boer, Clara 07 Oct 1918 Orange City  
McCarthy, Arthur Scholten, Esther 23 Jan 1926 Elk Point, S.D.  
Medley, Thomas A. Kellen, Cecilia 10 Jan 1916 Alton, Iowa  
Meins, Otto Muth, Bernadine 20 Feb 1941 Ireton, Iowa  
Meyer, Edwin J. DeBoer, Charlotte 26 May 1955 Alton, Iowa  
Meyners, Theodore Lee, Ruth 07 Sep 1932