Groom's Names are linked to the newspaper account of their marriage. These cover the approximate years of 1902-1955. Help us grow this data base. Your marriage contributions are most welcomed. Email the county coordinator, Linda Ziemann.

Groom Bride Date of Marriage Location Photo
Haack, Herman C. Kruger, Anna 26 Sep 1918 Hospers  
Hamilton, Walter Fogelson, Florence 05 Sep 1918 Hawarden  
Hansen, Leo J. Mousel, Katharine 10 Jan 1911 Alton  
Hansen, William V. Konz, Marcella 25 Jan 1926 Alton  
Heisig, Herman Mans, Mrs. Nellie Feb 1909 Orange City  
Heissel, William F Mairose, Elizabeth L 02 Apr 1913 Alton  
Hilmert, Prof. Wm. J. Klein, Eva 08 Jun 1928 Orange City
Hodapp, Eugene Arthur Ewin, Ida Mae 28 Mar 1951 Alton  
Holles, Matthew Bennier, Dorothy 24 May 1938 Granville
Honnold, Guy Koolbeek, Florence I. 10 Jun 1908 Hospers  
Hospers, C. G. Abbott, Lucy Aug 1914 DesMoines