Groom's Names are linked to the newspaper account of their marriage. These cover the approximate years of 1902-1955. Help us grow this data base. Your marriage contributions are most welcomed. Email the county coordinator, Linda Ziemann.

*Last update 2/22/2019
Groom Bride Date of Marriage Location Photo
Day, Willie Sargent, Isa 27 Mar 1895 Ireton  
DeGroot, Pvt. George Mensink, Eva Henrietta 27 Apr 1918    
Dethmers, John Griffith, Edna 16 Jun 1931 Rockwell City  
DeWall, Glenn Krusen, Lela 26 Aug 1944 Luverne, MN  
Dimmick, Dick Rausch, Barbara 30 Apr 1954 Luverne, MN  
Doolieslager, Gerrit DeBont, Evertje Aug 1914 Sioux Center  
Dorsey, Albert Lowery, Anna Mae 16 Sep 1934 Rock Valley  
Dykstra, Henry Schutt, Johanna 29 Jun 1927 Sioux Center  
Dykstra, John S. DeVries, Anna 15 Sep 1933 Sioux City