Ireton Petiton for Incorporation

Submitted by Gayle Harper and Pam Finch

Inc. Articles 1890
To the Honorable Circuit Court of Sioux County Iowa
we the undersigned resident Petitioners of the Town of Ireton in Said
County, desire to Incorporate our Town into a City of 2 class under the
laws of this State, would respectfully pray you to grant us a charter for
such incorporation as ??? Plat hereto attached covering Sec 7-94-46 In
Reading Tp. County and State aforesaid. Said Territory now contains 430
resident inhabitants.



F. A. Goff
L. E. Day
R. L. Wheeler
M. M. Gilchrist
N. N. Coon
R. O. Bock
L. M. Black
E. U. Wood
O. S. Burket
A. P. Owens
H. Kuhl
C. Kroll
G. D. Terpenning
Joe Ehilers
W. S. Scott
Jacob Foster
F. ?. Krause
A. H. Mosher
J. C. Beckwith
D. R. Stewart


E. C. Carhenter?
J. G. Kass
Dan Niehaus
Truman R. Greene
John Brown
John Arthur
F. M. Wilson
J. H. Kidwiler
Geo M. Harding
J. E. Byrne
E. H. Burket
J. W. Fanand
Geo F. Dayton
H. B. Smith
John Carter
Francis Ridson
Van T. Smith
F. L. Lindsay
?. L. Fritts
E. R. Terpenning

Filed July 5, 1890
                                         M. J. Finch
                                           Clerk District Court





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