Sioux County, Iowa

Buncombe Township, Sioux County

The Independent of East Orange March 6, 1878

Sioux County in D – Tail
Buncombe Township is in the extreme southwest corner of the county, being Town. 94 and 95, Range 47; and two fractional townships, 94 and 95, Range 48 caused by the Sioux River which bounds it on the west, separating the county from Dakota. Several creeks cross it flowing into the Sioux Affording excellent stock water. There is some little rough lands along the Sioux, but no one that could be called waste, nearly or all being tillable. The settlement is almost all in a strip about 3 miles wide along the extreme easter part of Town. 94, 47. The rest being as yet vacant. The former county seat, Calliope, is on the Sioux River at present a town but in name. The Sioux City and Pembina road is graded to this point and in operation to Portland, 14 miles distant; efforts are now being made to effect is further extension, with the advantages of location, and a most beautiful site, Calliope will be something more than a name ot the map. There are 4 schoolhouses excellent buildings; supplied with all the modern conveniences. Taxes were a low, if not lower, in Buncombe than any other township in the county. A grist mill is located near Calliope. There are 2 post offices, Corn Valley and Calliope. Excellent water fertile lands, and a beautiful stream along its western border combine to furnish many attractions to the settler in search of a home. We are not informed as to the price of lands, but think they are no higher than in other parts of the county.

~Transcribed by Wilma J. VandeBerg




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