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Keizer: Why Mothers Get Gray Hairs

Article from The Hawarden INDEPENDENT March 27, 1947
Why Mothers Get Gray Hairs…(The rest of the story)
Two small errors crept into this article. First, the information on which of my legs was doubly punctured and which still had the bullet was garnered while I was lieing face down. Which reversed the wounds. It is the right thigh in which the slug has been lodged for 56 years.

But no one other than I will remember the second reporting error now. After Dr. M.O. Larson had inspected and treated my injuries, he arranged my transportation home. By coincidence, our neighbor Don Barnard, who lived two houses east of the Keizer residence, was at the doctor’s office and volunteered to take me home. NOT in an “ambulance.” No one had forewarned my mother, who was somewhat taken aback when Mr. Barnard, our helpful Funeral Parlor Director, stopped his HEARSE at our sidewalk and wheeled me up our walk on his casket gurney! Mom was somewhat shaken and distraught. Milt Keizer-- 2/22/2003



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