A necessity for your local history library- **Sioux Center 1941 Golden Jubilee Book**

New! The Jubilee Edition of the Sioux Center News, originally published on July 31, 1941, has been reproduced as the Sioux Center 1941 Golden Jubilee Book. The book has the 44 pages of original newsprint reproduced, including actual copies of the newspaper, additional pictures of the era, and also pictures of the 1941 parade and a copy of the pageant, given for the occasion. An index of every name, business, school, church and organization is included.

The hard cover book is 260 pages with pictures, advertisements and the history of Sioux Center, not only dating back 50 years to 1891 when it was incorporated, but from the beginning of the town's settlement in the early 1870s.

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GSCGS – Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society
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