The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part III Section 2

Part III Section 2 is the history section with townships and town histories.

Index by Surname 

Page Description
1-2 The Beginning of the Colony
by H. H. Van der Waa
2-3 Reminiscence of Early Days in Sioux County
by A. Van der Meide
3 The American Reformed Church, Orange City, Iowa
Rev. J. P. Winter
3 The First Reformed Church of Orange City
Rev. E. W. Stapelkamp
4 Some Reminiscences of the Early Settlement of Sioux Center
by Rev. James De Pree
5 West Branch Township and the Town of Sioux Center
by Rev. James De Pree
5 The Christian Reformed Church, Sioux Center
by Rev. Wm. P. Van Wye
6 Reminiscence
by Dr. Gleysteen
6 Charles Barnette Wolf, Publisher
6-7 St. Mary's Congregation
Very Rev. F. J. Brune
7-8 The Reformed Church of Alton, Iowa
Rev. A. M. Van Duise
8 Biographical Sketch of T. Heemstra
8 Nassau Township
by Joe Rexwinkel
8 The Charge of the Grasshopper Brigade
by Charles Pelmulder
8-9 History of Ireton
by Levi M. Black
9 Reading Township
by Wm. Dealy
9 A Brief Sketch of the History of the German Evangelical Lutheran St. John's Church of Reading Township
by Rev. C. D. Nuoffer
9-11  The History of Rock Township. Giving all the Details of the Growth of Rock Valley and Vicinity from Homsteadation Until Now
by Edward O. Plumbe, M.D.
11 History of St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rock Valley
by Rev. John A. O'Reilly
11 The United Presbyterian Church of Rock Valley, Iowa
by Rev. R. E. Lackey
11 The Christian Reformed Church of Rock Valley
Rev. Henry J. Heynes
11-12 Floyd Township
by Jacob Koolbeck and Others
12 History of St. Anthony's Congregation, Hospers, Iowa
Rev. John H. Geling
12 History of St. Anthony's Congregation, Hospers, Iowa
12 First Reformed Church. Hospers, Iowa
by C. Van Zyl
12-13 History of the First Reformed Church of Newkirk from 1882 to 1907
13 Reminiscence by Peter Hansen
13 Granville
13 History of the St. Joseph's Parish, Granville, Iowa
13-14 Lynn Township
14 Early Days in Grant Township
by Mrs. James  Brewster
14 Capel Township
15 Welcome
15-16 Sheridan Township
16 Reminiscence of Lincoln Township
by W. J. Newell
16 Lincoln Township
16-17 The First Reformed Church
D. J. Werkman
17 Plato Township
by Hans Moeller and Others
17 The Reformed Church of Carmel, Iowa
17 Garfield Sioux and Settlers
17-18 A Wedding Trip
18 Sherman Township
18 Sherman Township. Some of the Trials of Pioneering
by J. C. Emery
18 The St. Mary's Catholic Church, Maurice
18-19 The Reformed Church, Maurice, Iowa
Rev. P. Ihrman
19 Center Township
by D. A. Wheeler
19 Washington Township
by F. Worcester
19-20 Eagle Township
by Ernest Noteboom
20-21 Buncombe Township and Hawarden
by Wm. E. West
21 Hawarden
21 Northwestern Classical Academy
by Rev. J. F. Heemstra




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