Alton Democrat, September 11, 1915

Published an eleven-page pictorial edition of Sioux County's Business and Professionals -- 224 Names


NAME Place of Business Location
Allen, Frank Probst & Allen Alton
Atwood, Elmer H. Hardware Dealer Ireton
Aue, F. C. Teller First National Bank Sioux Center
Aue, Jno. F. D. Publisher Alton Democrat Alton
Balkema, N. Proprietor N. Balkema & Co. Sioux Center
Bamberg, L. N. Proprietor Alton Meat Market Alton
Beach, Dr. C. L. Dentist Hull
Behrend, John F. Real Estate and Insurance Orange City
Betts, Arthur Alton Pantorium Alton
Black, E. W. Black & Hazzard Ireton
Blessing, O. C. General Merchant Boyden
Boeyink, Jno. Ass't Cashier First National Bank Sioux Center
Bowers, Geo. E. U. S. Deputy Revenue Collector Alton
Brandow, C. G. Proprietor Floyd Hotel Alton
Brink, C. W. Cashier Bank of Granville Granville
Brocke, Charles Photographer Sioux Center
Brooks, R. L. Ass't Cashier First National Bank Hawarden
Brouwer, W. J. Real Estate Hull
Burket, G. F. Sec-Treas. L. L. Harlan Co. Hawarden
Callenius, Geo. Manager Farmers Elevator Co. Granville
Campbell, G. E. Cashier Security Savings Bank Ireton
Campbell, Robt. H. Ass't Cashier Security Savings Ireton
Carter, H. B. Carter-Freerks Lumber Company Rock Valley
Collins, H. E. Manager Alton Creamery Alton
Corwin, H. M. Director First National Bank Rock Valley
Dealy, Wm. Postmaster Hawarden
DeBey, C. Dentist Orange City
DeBey, Dr. John Physician and Surgeon Orange City
DeKoster, John Vice-Pres. First National Bank Hull
DeKruif, F. J. Druggist Orange City
DeLespinasse, Dr. A.  Physician and Surgeon Orange City
DePree, Dr. S. B. Physician and Surgeon Sioux Center
Dethmers, B. P. County Treasurer Orange City
DeVries, H. Mgr. Co-Operative Lumber Yard Hull
DeVries, J. S. Grain Mgr. Farmers Co-0p Co. Hospers
Diederich, F. J. Creamery and Electric Light Plant Granville
Diekevers, Ed Grain Mgr. Farmers Co-0p Co. Boyden
Dischler, S. Postmaster Rock Valley
Douma, J. F. Photographer Alton
Dyk, C. L. Real Estate Orange City
Eddy, W. H. Cashier Farmers Savings Bank Boyden
Eggink, Henry Manager F. M. Slagle & Co. Orange City
Eichman, L. Agent for Alton Democrat Hospers
Ellerbroek, John Proprietor Golden Rule Store Sioux Center
Ericson, Albert Ericson Bros. Hardware Store Hawarden
Eulberg, Peter Manager Alton Garage Alton
Fischbach, J. P. Postmaster Granville
Freerks, H. B. Carter-Freerks Lumber Co. Rock Valley
Fuller, F. E. County Supt. of Schools Orange City
Gearhart, J. E. Real Estate and Insurance Hawarden
Geselschap, A. F. Druggist Orange City
Gibbs, M. D. Cashier Bank of Northwestern Ia. Alton
Gleysteen, Dr. D. J. Physician and Surgeon Alton
Goebel, Peter Mayor Alton
Goergen, Math M. Proprietor Granville Garage Granville
Grimm, A. L. Foreman on Democrat Alton
Gundert, W. J. Manager Leader Store Rock Valley
Haase, Geo. Mngr. Cannon-Haase & Metcalf Granville
Hagar, G. E. Proprietor XYZ Restaurant Alton
Harlan, L. L. President L. L. Harlan Co. Hawarden
Hatley, G. T. Attorney at Law Orange City
Hazzard, I. D. Black & Hazzard Ireton
Heemstra, Chas. Heemstra & Rowenhorst Hdw. Boyden
Helbing, Fred Photographer Hull
Henkels, W. P. Wilkenson & Henkels Hawarden
Henning, R. Live Stock Mgr. Farmers Co-Op Boyden
Hess, Jno. Hess & Jungers Garage Hospers
Hoeven, A. E. Defiance Oil Company Alton
Hoeven, I. Defiance Oil Co. Alton
Hoeven, Joe Real Estate Hull
Homan, Jno. J. Proprietor Alton Clothing Store Alton
Horton, A. D. Cashier First National Bank Hawarden
Hospers, C. General Merchant Orange City
Huibregtse, H. J. Mgr. Farmers Co-Op Creamery Hull
Huizenga, Dr. F. J. Physician and Surgeon Rock Valley
Huizenga, Jno. Cashier State Bank Rock Valley
Hulshof, H. Jeweler Rock Valley
Hutchinson, Wm. Judge of the District Court Alton
Hyink, B. J. General Merchant Hawarden
Hyink, H. W. H. W. Hyink & Co. Ireton
Jacobs, Homer Teller State Bank Rock Valley
Jelgerhuis, Nic Produce Commission Merchant Orange City
Jongewaard, John County Recorder Orange City
Jungers, Lewis President Hospers Savings Bank Hospers
Jungers, Peter Postmaster Hospers
Kettler, Bernard Proprietor Dubuque House Alton
Kettler, Otto P. Assistant Postmaster Alton
Klay, Gerrit Attorney at Law Orange City
Klay, T. E. Attorney at Law Orange City
Klein, B. J. General Merchant Hospers
Klein, Henry W. Manager Button Elevator Alton
Kleinjan, P. Agt. Frms. Ins.of Cedar Rapids Orange City
Knowlton, G. C. Real Estate Ireton
Kolyn, Andrew J. Attorney at Law Orange City
Kooiman, K. W. Mgr. Peoples Co-Operative Store Boyden
Kooreman, E. J. Postmaster Alton
Kooreman, Wm. General Merchant Alton
Kuyper, A. C. Proprietor Kuyper Furniture Store Orange City
Lammers, W. A. President Lammers & Company Sioux Center
Landhuis, J. B. Cashier Hospers Savings Bank Hospers
Large, Frank A. Cashier First National Bank Rock Valley
Large, I. S. President First National Bank Rock Valley
Leafstedt, H. Leafstedt Bros. & Vernon Hawarden
Levering, Abe Mgr. Trans-Mississippi Grain Co. Maurice
Linnan, John President Farmers Elevator Co. Maurice
List, John A. Pres. Independent Remedy Co. Alton
Lock, Dr. A. L. Physician and Surgeon Rock Valley
Lohr, F. J. Mgr. Sioux County Abstract Co. Orange City
Lohr, L. O. Photographer Orange City
Lubbers, H. Druggist Orange City
Lucas, Peter General Merchant Alton
MacDonald, Agnes Cashier Alton Democrat Alton
Martin, N. C. Photographer Alton
Mason, Jake Mason & Mason Alton
Mason, Myron Mason & Mason Alton
McCarthy, J. M. Mgr. Independent Remedy Co. Alton
McCrum, J. W. President Boyden Bank Boyden
McDonald, J. L. Real Estate and Insurance Maurice
McMurray, T. E. Proprietor Fair Store Rock Valley
McWilliams, B. D. McWilliams Bros. Drug Store Alton
McWilliams, P. O. McWilliams Bros. Drug Store Alton
Meines, K. Manager Farmers Store Ireton
Mertz, F. C. Rounds-Ketels Milling Company Rock Valley
Miller, F. P. Hardware Alton
Moeller, Hans Vice-Pres. First National Bank Rock Valley
Montgomery, A. T. Lumber Mgr. Farmers Co-Op. Co. Hospers
Morris, F. F. Cashier Northwestern Bank Ireton
Mouw, Neal Cashier First National Bank Sioux Center
Mouw, Peter Bookkeeper First National Bank Sioux Center
Mueller, C. J. Secretary Alton Creamery Co. Alton
Murphy, W. I. Agent for Alton Democrat Rock Valley
Nelle, J. H. Manager J.H. Queal & Company Granville
Nemmers, Jos. General Merchant Granville
Neuroth, A. Proprietor Meat Market Granville
Nissen, Peter Proprietor Golden Rule Store Orange City
Ogg, Dr. J. A. Dentist Orange City
Oggel, Dr. H. D. Physician and Surgeon Maurice
Paramore, J. H. Photographer Hawarden
Perrott, Nic Nic Perrott Garage Hospers
Peters, W. J. Harness Shop Boyden
Pins, J. A. Furniture and Undertaking Alton
Pitts, C. W. Attorney at Law Alton
Price, J. F. Drugs and Jewelry Granville
Probst, Albert Probst & Allen Alton
Randall, W. S. Attorney at Law Hawarden
Reiniger, C. G. Clerk of Courts Orange City
Relander, Fred Proprietor Hotel Warren Rock Valley
Ricker, Henry Mayor Granville
Riemersma, J. Democrat Correspondent Sioux Center
Riemersma, James Schalekamp's Drug Store Sioux Center
Rounds, E. R. Treas. Rounds-Ketels Milling Co. Rock Valley
Rouwenhorst, C. Heemstra & Rouwenhorst Boyden
Rozeboom, C. Assistant Cashier State Bank Rock Valley
Sarset, C. F. Prop. Nyall Quality Store Boyden
Satterlee, L. D. Furniture and Undertaking Ireton
Schalekamp, H. J. Druggist Sioux Center
Schemmer, A. F. Prop. General Hardware Store Rock Valley
Schmidt, George Harness and Saddlery Granville
Schoep, P. L. Real Estate Sioux Center
Scholten, J. A. Proprietor City Livery Garage Hull
Schroeder, Jno. Schroeder Bros. Shoe Store Alton
Schroeder, Peter Schroeder Bros. Shoe Store Alton
Schutt, J. P. Cashier Farmers & Merchants Sioux Center
Shimp, Wm. E. Sec-Treas Wm. Shimp & Son Hull
Slife, C. A. Hawarden Realty Co. Hawarden
Slikkerveer, H. Mayor Orange City
Smedley, E. D. Veterinarian Alton
Smith, Hal Assistant Cashier Citizens Bank Hospers
Smith, J. A. Cashier Citizens Bank Hospers
Smith, Jno. President First National Bank Hawarden
Smith, Walter W. Hawarden Realty Co. Hawarden
Snell, R. W. Attorney at Law Hawarden
Spykerman, G. Photographer Boyden
Steffen, A. F. Secretary School Board Hull
Stevens, Joe Proprietor Farmers Store Boyden
Stover, Wm. Creamery, Light and Ice Plants Hospers
Stuart, A. Jeweler Orange City
Sumner, W. L. Furniture and Undertaking Ireton
TePaske, Anthony County Attorney Sioux Center
Toering, H. Postmaster Orange City
Tonn, Dr. W. F. Chiropractor Sioux Center
VandenBerg, B. Manager Farmers Elevator Co. Maurice
VanderHoop, E. Lammers & Company Sioux Center
VanderLinden, Harry Ass't Cashier Alton Savings Bank Alton
VanderMeer, C. Proprietor Alton Cement Works Alton
VanderMeide, Jake Vice-President State Bank Rock Valley
VanderStoep, F. Manager Rock Valley Creamery Rock Valley
VanderWel, W. Lbr. Mgr. Farmers Co-Operative Boyden
VanderWilt, A. Vander Wilt & Sons Garage Orange City
VandeSteeg, G. L. City Treasurer Orange City
VandeSteeg, Jake Van Zyl Implement Co. Hospers
VandeWaa, Dr. H. J. Assist. State Veterinary Surgeon Orange City
VanEizenga, J. J. Van Pelt & Van Eizenga Orange City
VanOosterhout, P. D. Attorney at Law Orange City
VanPelt, Henry Van Pelt & Van Eilzenga Orange City
VanRooyen, H. Real Estate Hospers
VanSteenbergen, E. Lammers & Company Sioux Center
VanSteenbergen, John Druggist Sioux Center
VanSteenbergen, Wm. Jeweler Sioux Center
VanSteenwyk, W. A. Proprietor Commercial Hotel Sioux Center
VanWyk, P. H. Pres. Co-Op Lumber Yard Hull
VanZee, Peter Proprietor Alton Livery Alton
Van Zyl, Bert Van Zyl Implement Co. Hospers
Van Zyl, R. Supervisors Third District Alton
Vos, Peter Cashier Sioux County Savings Maurice
Vugteveen, G. H. Vugteveen & Wynia Rock Valley
Wagner, Dr. James A. Physician and Surgeon Granville
Waite, Harrison Tailor Hawarden
Walgenbach, W. Mgr. Farmers Live Stock Dept. Hospers
Walhof, C. A. Ass't Cashier First National Bank Rock Valley
Walpole, Jas. Mayor Rock Valley
Wargowski, H. J. Mgr. Farmers Co-Op. Creamery Boyden
Warntjes, H. General Merchant Maurice
Warren, Dr. F. E. Dentist Alton
Weatherwax, C. G. Supt. Public School Alton
Weis, J. M. Prop. Square Deal Restaurant Alton
Weiskircher, J. L. Manager J. L. Weiskircher & Co. Granville
Wheeler, M. Photographer Ireton
Wiersma, Wm. County Sheriff Orange City
Wilson, J. S. Cashier First National Bank Hull
Wiltgen, Miss Mary Prop. Wiltgen Millinery Parlors Alton
Winter, J. G. Postmaster Sioux Center
Wissink, D. H. County Auditor Orange City
Woertink, Herman Assist. Mgr. F. M. Slagle & Co. Hospers


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