The following article was taken from the Davenport High School Yearbook, "The 1938 Blackhawk".

 Interviewing Mr. Naumann


The following facts and figures about Davenport High School were gathered in a chatty interview with our principal, Mr. A. I. Naumann. 

Campus Shadow. In what year did Davenport High graduate its first class?

Mr. Naumann. In 1864. The graduating class consisted of two boys.

Q. Are there any members of this class living?

A. No.

Q. Were was D. H. S. originally located?

A. The original site was at 6th and Warren streets, where now is the Jefferson School.

Q. How many teachers were employed at that time?

A. Only four.

Q. When was the Home Economics building acquired?

A. It was purchased in 1902.

Q. What has the Oral Deaf School Building been used for?

A. First it served as the residence of the president of Iowa College and later as the Administration Building for high school.

Q. Who was our first principal?

A. Mr. A. S. Kissel.

Q. When were the Administration Building and the gym, constructed and what was the cost?

A. They were built in 1930 at a cost of $350,000.

Q. How many students are now attending D. H. S.?

A. About 2,100.

Q. How many faculty members do we now have?

A. At present there are 75 teachers.

Q. What is the cost of educating each high school pupil?

A. $117.64 per year.

Q. What percentage of the boys take R. O. T. C.?

A. About 50 percent.

Q. How many students go to college after graduating from D. H. S.?

A. About 28 percent.

Q. How does Davenport High School compare with other schools in scholarship?

A. Class A. It has a high scholastic rating.

Q. Who is the oldest living graduate?

A. Mrs. Thomas L. Marshall now living at Painesville, Ohio, is the oldest living alumna. She was graduated in the class of 1866. Alice French who wrote under the pen name of Octave Thanet was one of the seven members of this class.

Transcribed by Elaine Rathmann