From Original Commencement book  - clipping included
Submitted by Becke Dawson



On Friday, May 5, the Class of ’22 further enriched their reputation by thepromotion of what was probably the best Kid Day in the annals of the school. TheSenior Kid Day is an annual affair, taking place in the spring, and it isrecognized as an all-Senior affair, the Seniors’ holiday.

This year was no exception to the general rule, and the variety of thecostuming was remarkable. Most of the students were clothed in children’sgarb, but a few were costumed as tramps and hobos.

The Seniors assembled at the Parish House at eight o’clock, and the paradewas formed. From the Parish House the aggregation moved westward, and down Mainstreet. The parade, which was the largest one of its kind in the history of theD.H.S., extending for over a block, represented every color of the rainbow as itpassed down the street. It was headed by the president and vice-president of theclass, followed by three students in kids’ clothes carrying musicalinstruments and imitating the “Spirit of 76”. Then came the traditional“Mayflower”, taken from the school building the preceding night anddecorated gayly with the Senior colors, containing several girls of the class.Immediately following came the main body of the parade.

Regular classes began promptly afterwards with the Seniors attending in theincongrulous costumes. The Seniors continued to wear their tacky day raimentsthroughout the day, much to the dislike of the lower classmen, who attemptedcontinually to put the ‘kidding’ in the kid day.




High School Auditorium

Friday evening, June the twenty-third

At eight o’clock


‘March Militaire’ …. Schubert

Overture, ‘Calif of Bagdad’ … Boieldieu

High School Orchestra

Oration ‘ The Demand for Leadership’ , Alvord Leslie Boeck

Oration ‘The Press and Internationalism’ , Philip David Adler

Music ‘Sweet Day is Softly Dying’ …. Old French Melody

‘Route Marchin’ …… Stock

Boys’ Glee Club

Oration ‘Our Unfinished Task’, Clara Ruth Yocum

Oration ‘Clean Sportsmanship’ , Robert Clyde Barker

Music ‘Morning’ …… Oley Speaks

‘The Dew is on the Clover’ …. Coombs

‘Chit-Chat’ …. Old English Song

Girls’ Glee Club

Oration ‘The Larger Education’ , Eugene Vincent Carlquist

Presentation of Diplomas … Dr. O. A. Dahms, President Board of Education

‘Thunderer March’ …. Sousa

High School Orchestra



Harriet Bendixen

Vera Cox

Erna Estella Reibstein


Bernhard Henry Berg

Mary Gertrude Butler

Margaret Louise Collins

Frank Willard Court

Donald Dietz

Riley Dietz

Lourdes Bernard Gordon

Anna Josephine Johnson

Verah Lillian Klahn

William H. Leuenhagen

Vera Ione Lockwood

Arnold LeRoy Lund

Alma Ruth Macrorie

Traugott Louis Richter

Kurt Bernhard Schmidt

Myron Kirk Thompson

John Stuhr Van Ausdall

Helen Virginia Warner

Raymond Henry Wendland

Arthur Wupper


Vernice Loretta Albrecht

Edna Lydia Bertram

Ella Augusta Bloom

Elizabeth Charlotte Border

Vera Louise Burns

Mary Goss Carter

Wilma Matilda Coleman

Ella M. Gales

Alma Ivy Harkness

Lily M. Johnson

Neola Mae McCall

Helen Martha Myers

Clara Amanda Niemand

Ella Marie Rock

Mary Elizabeth Shantz

Helen Louise Warner

*Louise Warner



Harry Cain

*Robert Adams Chandler

Raymond Dau

Harold Herman Ely

Herbert Victor Grueber

Ralph Haase Kloppenburg

John Lundvall

Clarence F. Meyer

Victor Hugo Bonepart Meyer

John H. Moeller

Edward Henry Ohlsen

Kenneth Rohm

Walter G. Schlichting

Elliott Washington Swenson

*John Thomson

Harold Vogel


Hazel Davis

Dorothy E. Evans

*Edna Maria Lantau

Mary Anne Meewes

Sylvia Constance Pedersen

Clara Ruth Yocum


Philip W. Allen

Hugh D. Bradford

Robert Henry Braunlich

Eugene Vincent Carlquist

Bernardine K. Dahms

Joseph E. Fennell

Robert Alden Fox

Austin Jay Goddard

George Matern Heeschen

Paul Richard Krasuski

Willard Lambert McDermand

Albert Cornelius Petersen

George Washington Schmidt

Earl Norman Schnoor

Ben Simon

Fred Edward Toulouse

John H. True

Otis L. Wiese

Ernst Kurt Zoller

*Arnold H. P. Ladehoff


Philip David Adler

Margaret Estelle Archibald

Richard Winthrop Ballard

Robert Clyde Barker

Barbara Elsie Beatty

Irma Marie Berg

Alvord Leslie Boeck

Charles W. Crowe

Harley Sidney Derry

*Anne Downer

Gladys Lorayn Drury

Stephen Lee Ely

Glen Arthur Enzfelder

Charlotte Grimes

Francis Lynn Hinchliffe

*Isabel Houghton

*Leslie Hudson

Edith Innes

Dorothy Ruth Kasten

Neoma Kistenmacher

Ella Fay Mc Cue

Doris Elizabeth Martyn

John Keith Mason

Irene Carolyn Meyer

Marcus Edward Miller

Leeland Moorhead

Lulu Kathryn Naumann

Mae Marguerite Naumann

Helen Louise Nelson

Raymond George Paustian

William Philip Rohm

Earl Sitz

Carl Stolle

Mildred Anne Strohkarck

*Arthur Temple

Helen Thuenen

Paul Leslie Wagner

Pearl Lillian Weaver

Will Henry Weise


Herbert Carl Bluedorn

Meyer Crystol

Emerson L. Gibney

*Malvern George John

Joe King McLean

*Charles Henry Murray

Floyd Francis Schroeder

*Chester Day Salter


Harold Carl. Nic. Albrecht

Dorothy Browning Albright

Frances Norma Armil

Earl Phenias Bartmess

Edna Mae Bender

Frederick L. Bills

Werner Laverenz Braack

*Carroll Elmer Butler

Charles Clarence Carroll

Ruth Ione Crinklaw

Orvin Otto Deters

Juanita Alverson Dygert

Erma Maude Ewert

Iola Gilmour

Norma Ann Goettig

Elroy Ray Goodell

Evart Franklin Griggs

Vera Hagemann

Mary Hanne

Irma Rose Hartman

Dorothea May Heuer

*Vivian Gertrude Hooyer

Ruth Wheeler Jamison

*Florence Krotzer

Marie Emily Kruse

*Elsie Leahy

Hildegarde Marie Marousek

Bernice Ruth Martin

Stella Mae Matthews

Ethel Marie Margaret Moeller

Lovena Gertrude Moore

Elizabeth Ann Neuhaus

Harry Ernest Nielsen

Marguertie Peteresen

Wilma Margaret Priess

*Fern Ennice Radech

Emma Rakociy

*Ernest Smith Risley

Linda Madge Rohlff

Eleanor Magdalena Schlump

Esther Ellen Schwarzbach

*Kathryn Seiffert

Mildred Ione Senn

Lucile Mabelle Sorrowfree

Helen Dorothy Spring

Isabel Marie Stockwell

*Dorothy Blanche Taylor

Irma Carolyn Teufel

Edna Henrietta Thomsen

Helen Trauffer

Walter Herman Twachtman

Vera Caroline Voss

Marguerite Mary Wagner

Harriet Rachel Wheeler

Lucile Kathryn White



Eugene Vincent Carlquist

Neoma Kistenmacher

Vera Ione Lockwood


Mary Gertrude Butler

Margaret Louise Collins

Bernardine K. Dahms

*Charlotte Grimes

Elizabeth Ann Neuhaus

*Fern Ennice Radech

Traugott Louis Richter

*Dorothy Blanche Taylor

Otis L. Wiese

Diploma in January

First honors in graduation are awarded those pupils whose record is E in atleast thirty of the thirty-two academic credits required for graduation.

Second honors are awarded to those whose recorde is E in at least twenty-fourof the thirty-two academic credits required, and averages G in the remainingeight.