Davenport Democrat
Davenport, Scott, Iowa
17 July 1906

List of Those Who Received Diplomas Outside the City
Superintendent J.H. Jacobs Has Just Issued the Last of the 104 Certificates

The last of the diplomas for graduation from the common schools of the county outside the city of Davenport have just been issued by Superintendent J.H. Jacobs. There have been 104 pupils graduated from the schools of the county this year and their names are as follows:

Ella Struck, Davenport, No. 4
Henry C. Gathji, No. 4, Butler
Charles Eugene Foley, No. 4, Winfield
Anna Foley, No. 4, Winfield
Mary E. Foley, No. 4, Winfield
Fred W. Zabel, No. 4, Butler
Mildred A. Litscher, No. 5, Butler
Rollin Pope, No. 3, Princeton
Lyda Heible, No. 3, Princeton
Charles Stoltenberg, No. 5, Sheridan
Hilda J. Lamb, No. 5, Sheridan
Detlef Ihms, No. 5, Sheridan
Henry Heur, Fulton M., No. 3
Erma McLaughlin, No. 1, Lincoln
Grace Reed, No. 5, Lincoln
Alfons Zabel, No. 8, Lincoln
Wm. Barr, No. 1, Lincoln
Rona Schneckloth, No. 4, Lincoln
Hilda Stutt, No. 4, Lincoln
Walter Zabel, No. 8, Lincoln
Helmuth Rock, No. 3, Allen's Grove
John Brandt, No. 8, Blue Grass
Christine Paustian, No. 2, Fair View
Elmer H. Lau, No. 3, Lincoln
Carl Lau, No. 3, Lincoln
Dora Gruenhagen, No. 3, Fulton
Viola Arp, town of New Liberty
Hugo Lensch, town of New Liberty
Jennie Thede, No. 7, Liberty
Mattie Fick, No. 6, Sheridan
Pauline Bowers, town of Buffalo
Flora Steen, town of Buffalo
Julius Rostenbach, town of Buffalo
George Zurcher, town of Buffalo
Louis Roe, town of Buffalo
Ella Bishop, town of Buffalo
Gertrude Frank, town of Buffalo
Florence Streicher, town of Buffalo
May Westendorf, town of Buffalo
Florence Kautz, town of Buffalo
Flora Moorhead, town of Buffalo
Adelia M. Wrage, town of Buffalo
Bennie Wal**, Duck Creek, District No. 4
Henrietta Kiene, Duck Crrek, District No. 4
Adolph Kroeger, town of Eldridge
Alvena Kay, town of Eldridge
Charles Foster, Pleasant Valley
Edward Elmegreen, No. 1, Sheridan
Hildd Stender, Fair View, District No. 2
Rosa Marti, Ind. District No. 2, Winfield
Christina Marti, Ind. District No. 2, Winfield
Hilda Klauer, Duck Creek District No. 4
Elsie Porth, Duck Creek District No. 4
Luella Stoltenberg, No. 7, Cleona
Ernst Johnson, Hopewell, District No. 2
Frances H. Frye, town of Maysville, No. 1
Elsie Frye, town of Maysville, No. 1
Minnie Freuchtenicht, Utica Ridge District No. 2
Reinhardt Schulz, No. 5, LeClaire
Harriet C. Howell, No. 5, LeClaire
Delphine Kuehl, No. 7, Davenport
Cecelia Selfers, No. 7, Davenport
Lawrence T. Heminway, No. 7, Davenport
Elsie Long, No. 5, Davenport
Della Lage, Utica Ridge District No. 2
Bessie E. Atkinson, No. 7, Davenport
Geo. Meinert, town of Maysville, No. 1
Selma Alice Schaefer, Utica Ridge District No. 3
Myrtle May Gaghagen, No. 3, Davenport
Ethel Dyer, No. 7, Buffalo
Elva Murray, No. 7, Buffalo
Hildagarch Elmergreen, No. 7, Lincoln
Alice L. Hourigan, jersey Ridge District No. 1
Geo. I. Barr, Jersey Ridge, District No. 1
Harriet Edith Nason, Jersey Ridge, District No. 1
Margaret Anna McCosh, Jersey Ridge, District No. 1
Lynne Pierre Townsend, Jersey Ridge District No. 1
Ruth Etta McCosh, Jersey Ridge, Ridge District No. 1
Agnes Zella Preston, Jersey Ridge, District No. 1
Herbie Priester, No. 6, Sheridan
Mildred Leamer, Argo District, LeClaire
Gladys Hamilton, Argo District, LeClaire
Bertha Bowley, Argo District, LeClaire
Etta Sorrewpa, Argo District, LeClaire
Bertha Lippold, Argo District, LeClaire
Hilda Kruse, No. 7, Blue Grass
Herbert Lamp, No. 9, Sheridan
Millie Homan, Fair View District, Rockingham
Howard Speer, town of Blue Grass
Ella Burr, town of Dixon
Alma Engel, town of Dixon
Lillian Hansen, town of Dixon
Arthur Wunder, town of Blue Grass
Almeda Calderwood, No. 2, Sheridan
Errett B. Calderwood, No. 2, Sheridan
Henry Klindt, No. 1, Lincoln
Wilhelmina Lehnhardt, No. 3, Buffalo
Millie Thede, No. 7, Liberty
Ella Thede, No. 7, Liberty
Josephine Knuth, No. 9, Butler
Hazel Steppe, No. 7, Lincoln
Laura J. Linder, No. 1, Davenport