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Everything you see on our pages has been donated, typed or in some way touched by a wonderful volunteer.  If you have resources to share or time to type, please email John Rigdon, county coordinator or contact the Welcome Hostess at IAGenWeb.

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Scott County Cemetery Records

These cemetery records have been compiled by the extraordinary efforts of the previous coordinators, and many generous volunteers! It is our continued effort to keep building our database so that EVERY cemetery within Scott County will be as complete as possible and on-line. There are undoubtedly errors as tombstones are very difficult to read and spellings have changed over the years.

Should you have additions or corrections please email your Scott County Coordinator

If you are searching for a particular grave, but are unaware of the burial location, a good place to start is the IOWA GRAVESTONE PHOTO PROJECT. This database will continue to expand, as others submit photos. We welcome your photos of headstones! Please only submit your own work, and refrain from uploading images found on other websites.

WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION, 1930's Graves Registration Survey (WPA) Index for Scott County
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Burial Permits May 23, 1882 - August 2, 1882

Visit our Scott County Obituary Board, to search or post an obituary

Large Scale Map Overview of Scott County Cemeteries

Maps indicating cemetery locations are provided by TopoZone.com, which in turn uses United States Geological Survey coordinates.These maps give driving directions; and allow the user to zoom in, pan left to right, up and down, etc. Created for IAGenWeb courtesy of Rich Lowe Jr. Submitted by Lynn McCleary on April 9, 2014.

Cemetery City, Township Latitude Longitude Driving Directions
Allens Grove Allens Grove Twp. 41.706695 -90.7279209 View Map
Argo Baptist Le Claire Twp.      
Asbury Chapel
aka Chapel Hill
Buffalo Twp. 41.4939206 -90.6781958 View Map
Big Rock Liberty Twp. 41.7647482 -90.8262575 View Map
Blue Grass Blue Grass, Buffalo Twp. 41.5083639 -90.7576432 View Map
Burch Hickory Grove Twp. 41.6580852 -90.6759744 View Map
Davenport City Cemetery
aka Old City
Davenport City Map (drawn by Paul French) 
City Park, Rockingham Rd, Davenport      
Davenport Memorial Park Davenport 41.5647545 -90.5598585 View Map
Dixon Dixon, Liberty Twp. 41.7430826 -90.7876453 View Map
Eldridge Eldridge, Sheridan Twp. 41.6639197 -90.5806934  
Fairmount Davenport 41.5122542 -90.637361 View Map
Fairview Butler Twp. 41.7203089 -90.5095801 View Map
Fairview Le Claire Twp. 41.6128105 -90.3981864 View Map
Fenno Bettendorf, Pleasant Valley Twp. 41.5500333 -90.4579101 View Map
aka Faessler Private
Princeton Twp. 41.7116982 -90.4181884 View Map
Friday Family Davenport 41.509476 -90.6681955 View Map
Frauen Hickory Grove Twp.     
Glendale Cemetery Map (drawn by Paul French) 
Le Claire, Le Claire Twp. 41.591422 -90.3617958 View Map
Gabbert Buffalo Twp.     
Holy Family Davenport 41.5297542 -90.6212494 View Map
Jacks Le Claire Twp. 41.6336437 -90.3659632 View Map
Kay Family Lincoln Twp. 41.6514207 -90.5140242 View Map
in a field?
Kistenmacher Blue Grass Twp. 41.5380861 -90.7262533 View Map
Le Claire Prairie Le Claire Twp. 41.6333657 -90.4334656 View Map
Linn Grove Hickory Grove Twp. located on Allen's Grove Rd
between Donahue & Maysville
41.6653072 -90.6834747  
Long Grove Christian Church Long Grove, Winfield Twp. 41.6953082 -90.5834714 View Map
Maysville Maysville, Hickory Grove Twp. 41.6500292 -90.7181981 View Map
McCausland McCausland, Butler Twp. 41.7478088 -90.4468008 View Map
aka Summit
Lincoln Twp. 41.6253101 -90.499579 View Map
Mount Calvary
aka St. Marguerite's
Davenport 41.5633656 -90.5640253 View Map
Mount Joy Butler Twp. 41.6994752 -90.5479147 View Map
Mount Nebo Hebrew Davenport 41.5644767 -90.5559695 View Map
Mount Union Butler Twp. 41.6850317 -90.4565226 View Map
New Liberty Liberty Twp. 41.7344703 -90.879315 View Map
Nowlan Princeton Twp. 41.7141983 -90.3554087 View Map
Oakdale Memorial Gardens
aka Oakdale Cemetery
Davenport 41.5461438 -90.5490247 View Map
Oak Ridge Princeton, Princeton Twp. 41.6691989 -90.3492966 View Map
O'Toole Hickory Grove Twp. 41.650029 -90.7334763 View Map
in a field?
Pine Hill Davenport 41.5622546 -90.5559694 View Map
Pioneer Liberty Twp. 41.7714139 -90.8787592 View Map
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Twp. 41.5725332 -90.4226312 View Map
Princeton City Princeton, Princeton Twp. 41.6697544 -90.3451298 View Map
Rose Hill Buffalo, Buffalo Twp. 41.4644759 -90.7256972 View Map
Round Grove Liberty Twp. 41.6889161 -90.830702 View Map
Sacred Heart Davenport 41.5433655 -90.591804 View Map
Saint Ann's Catholic Winfield Twp. 41.7291967 -90.5779159 View Map
Saint Mary's Davenport 41.5250323 -90.5959706 View Map
Saint Patrick's Liberty Twp. 41.7691925 -90.8284797 View Map
Saint Peter's Buffalo, Buffalo Twp. 41.4647537 -90.7265305 View Map
Salem Lutheran Princeton Twp. 41.6800319 -90.4034652 View Map
aka Miller
Lincoln Twp. 41.6253101 -90.499579 View Map
Tri-City Jewish Davenport 41.5116987 -90.6368055 View Map
Walcott Walcott, Blue Grass Twp. 41.5811405 -90.776533 View Map