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AINSWORTH- Edwin E. Ainsworth, a prominent business man and Mason of Des Moines, died at Lake Melissa in Minnesota, Aug. 12th. He was a native of Burlington, Vermont, and nearly 51 years of age. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, Humeston New Era, 1890-08-20

BAILEY - Adelphi, Iowa, Dec., 12 [Special Correspondence of the State Register] -- Our neighborhood was shocked yesterday evening by the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. L. Bailey, an old, well and favorably known resident of Camp township.  He had made a call at the residence of Mr. Joseph Halterman, and the family were in the act of sitting down to dinner when he came in.  Being asked to take a seat at the table he declined, and was given a seat in an adjoining room while the family proceeded with their dinner.  He had only been seated a few minutes when he was heard to fall heavily to the floor.  Mr. H. was at once at his side and summoning the help needed, laid him upon a bed, and sent for Dr. Pense.  But death must have claimed him from the first attack, for all efforts to reuses him were of no avail, as he died after lying in a stupor for about three hours.  Mr. Bailey was an old resident, having come into the township in 1850, and located on the farm he was living on at the time of his death.  He, on account of poor health, had sold his farm and was making preparations to pay a brother a visit, who lives on the coast, in Lower California.  He leaves an interesting family scattered over Iowa and Nebraska, who will be shocked by the sudden and unexpected summons to his death-bed.  His funeral will take place to-morrow from Mr. Halterman's residence.  Your, etc., Ed. Caldwell. Iowa State Register, Tuesday, December 15, 1885

BARNES- DIED - Of scarlet fever on the morning of the 9th inst., Bessie May, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Barnes, aged one year ten months and thirteen days. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY Friday, May 12, 1882

BEATY- At the family residence, 820 West Ninth street, at 10 a.m., November 2, 1902, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Beaty Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

BERRY- Recovered. -- the body of Mr. J. P. Berry was found in the Des Moines river yesterday afternoon about four miles below the city, by some boys who were fishing, and discovered it rising to the surface in an eddy.  The authorities of this city were notified of it and Chief Olmsted with Coroner Griffith and Mr. Keeney, the undertaker, accompanied by Mr. Jennings of Moulton, a brother-in-law of the deceased, proceeded to the place and brought the body to the city where it was buried.  On the body was found a gold watch and chain, other jewelry and $9.00 and a fraction in currency.  Mr. Jennings desires the publication of this card:

Des Moines, June 25th, 1877

I wish, in behalf of the grief stricken family of James P. Berry, the young man who was drowned on Thursday last in this city, to return their heartfelt thanks to all those that have taken an interest in the recovery of the body of the unfortunate young man.

I remain yours respectfully,
Samuel Jennings
 Iowa State Register, June 26, 1877

BOYD- DIED - May 9, of Pneumonia, Mr. James Boyd, father of Mrs. James T. Allen, aged 82 years and 4 months. Iowa State Register, Weekly, Friday, May 12, 1882.

BROWN- E. E. Brown, one of the wealthiest men in Des Moines, died Saturday. He has lived there since 1856. Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa Citizen, 1891-05-08

BROWNE - The news of the death of Mr. John Browne January 20 caused general surprise, as it had not been generally known that he was ailing at all, and as he had been seen on the streets at various times during the last week. About three weeks ago he caught a severe cold, and the fire of Sunday morning week in his home, and the consequent exposure at the time, aggravated the slight illness into a congestive chill, felt for the first time Thursday about midnight. Arousing some of his household, measures were taken to overcome the chill, and then the family physician was sent for, but he arrived too late to be of service. Mr. Browne passing away about 4 o’clock, of congestion of the lungs. Mr. Browne was born in Wrexham, Wales, and was 66 years of age last May. He came to American about 40 years ago, and lived for awhile in Utica, N.Y., coming West in 1854. He has been a resident of Des Moines twenty-one years last June, always respected and honored. He was first married in Liverpool to Miss Jane Swale, and she, the mother of all his children, died in September, 1865, in Ottumwa. In 1873 he was wedded to Miss Marie Scott at Sheffield, Ill., who subsequently died, and four years ago he was united to his second wife’s sister, Miss Fannie Scott. The children - as has been stated, all by the first wife - are Mrs. Mary S. Parmelee of this city, John Browne of Ogden, Edwin Browne of California, Hamilton Browne of Des Moines, George Browne of Odgen, Mrs. O. M. Carpenter of Perry, and Mrs. E. W. Chambers of Springfield, Ohio. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER WEEKLY Friday, January 27, 1882

CHAMBERS- At Fort Madison, Iowa, October 24, 1902, of typhoid fever, Mr. Robert Chambers, aged 26. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

CLARKE- Mrs. Effie Clarke, wife of J. B. Clarke, formerly of Waukee, committed suicide by the morphine route, at the Logan House, Des Moines, last Thursday.  She claims that Clarke who is a railroad brakeman, had deserted her.  She took 30 grains of the poison and was under the doctors care six hours.  Clark was a worthless villian who used to hang around Perry and was arrested here several years ago for attempted assault upon a young woman. The Chief Reporter

CLEER - HORRIBLE FATE - Of the Baby Boys of Mr and Mrs Henry Cleer of East Des Moines

Monday forenoon sad intelligence was brought to the city in the fact that Henry and Willie Cleer, the four and two-year-old children of Mr Henry and Mrs. Caroline Cleer, had been burnt to death in their home while the father was absent at his daily .... and mother at a neighbor’s house. ...???....From all that could be gathered as to the facts in the sad affair, the mother had left the children at home, going to a neighbor’s (Mrs. Anna Pierce) for a pail of water, and dropping into the house for a chat. This was about half past nine o’clock. The children - named Henry Tenhart and William Arthur, the first named four years old October 5th last, and the other two years old last February - were both awake but in bed in their night clothes when the mother left, the latter giving as a reason that it was warmer for them there than around the house. The stove was about two and a half feet from the bed, and the mother’s supposition is that the little ones must have arisen and set fire to some paper that had been lying on the floor, carrying the flames to the bed, and thus setting it on fire and enveloping the interior in a blaze. The mother says there was no fastening to the door, which was hung on leather hinges, but it was not in the power of the little ones to pen it when closed, because they could not reach the only place on which a hold could be secured to pull it in. She has been married seven years, the cermony having taken place in Huron, Illinois. The family moved to Marshall county, thence to Des Moines, in July last. She is now twenty-six years of age. The house was a rented one. Mr. Cleer, the father, left the house about 6:45 a.m., and went to work at the packing-house.

H. J. Elder, one of the first on the ground, says he first saw the fire about ten o’clock. He was then nearly three hundred yards distant. When he arrived at the building the windows and doors were closed; he kicked in the east window, and the wind thus obtaining egress cleared the flames from the body of one child. He says he did not try the door to observe whether or not it was fastened. The mother came about two minutes later and made frantic attempts to get into the burning building, but was restrained by Mr. Elder and others. She was rendered almost insane by the terrible event, and struggled desperately with those holding her to get free and plunge into the fire.

The sight of the babies bodies was horrible, so mutilated by the cruel flames that it was impossible to distinguish which was Harry or which Willie. One little body was headless and limbless, nothing being left but a charred and blackened trunk, the little ribs being exposed through the blackened flesh. The other lay on the back with the palms of the little hands raised, the elbows reting on the door, the skull exposed and the brains oozing out. One was found in the southeast corner of the room, the other in the center. The father disappeared shortly after viewing the ruins of his home and the bodies of his children, and up to a late hour officers had failed to find him. He had started to the Western Union office to send a telegram to his mother in Marshalltown, but none is on record there to that effect, by him or to her. No particular consequence is attached to his disappearance except that, overcome by his terrible affliction, he had proceeded to drown his sorrow in drink.  THE IOWA STATE REGISTER WEEKLY Friday, January 27, 1882

COLLINS - DIED - Jan. 19, at the Fanning House, after a lingering illness, Miss Lizzie Collins, daughter of the late Miles Collins, aged 21 years and 6 months. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY, Friday, January 27, 1882

DALE- At the Methodist Hospital at 6 p.m., October 31, 1902, Mrs. Mary L. Dale, aged 55 years. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

DAUGHERTY- John Daugherty, a citizen of Des Moines since 1856, died a few days ago. He was a native of Zanesville, Ohio, born in 1822. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1890-11-28

DAVIS - Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah J. Davis, 1443 Twenty-first street, who died Sunday morning at her home, were held at 10:30 o'clock this morning at the family home.  The body was taken to Perry, Iowa, for burial. Des Moines Capital, Tuesday, May 16, 1922

DEVAULT- DIED - January 21, Noah N. Devault, aged 83 years and 18 days. Mr. Devault was born at Frankfort, Ky., January 3, 1799. Located at Des Moines in 1852. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY,Friday, January 27, 1882

DUNLAP- William Rufus Dunlap, 55, of Brooklyn, Ia., died this morning at the Iowa Methodist hospital.  The body will be taken to Brooklyn for funeral and burial services. Des Moines Capital, Tuesday, May 16, 1922

FOOTE- W.D. Foote, formerly deputy county clerk of Polk county, died on Sunday morning last in Canada, of consumption. He went there about three weeks ago in the vain attempt to regain his health. Iowa, Perry, Perry Chief, 1887-05-05

GRAHAM- DIED - At his residence in Des Moines, May 4, 1882, Robert Graham, aged 65 years, 7 months and 26 days. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

HANSEN- (Sept. 4) - Labor day, Leslie Hansen - 5 years old, killed by an auto on his birthday.  Des Moines Daily News, Dec. 31, 1916, pg. 12

HARBACH– At the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Clapp, 1900 West grand avenue, at 10:30 o’clock yesterday morning, Pauline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Len Harbach, age 6 years. The death of Pauline Harbach was sudden and unexpected. She was fist taken ill last Monday, the attack being a light form of measles. No alarm as to her condition was felt until Thursday, when she seemed to take a turn for the worse. Friday at noon a consultation of the attending physicians was held, at which it was found that complications, chief among them pneumonia and a weakness of the heart, had set in. From that time she grew steadily worse. At the close of another consultation yesterday morning the physicians announced that the crisis would not be reached for several days. Thirty minutes after they left the house Pauline died in her mothers arms. Her death comes as a great low to a large circle of family friends. During her life she had associated largely with grown people and was an unusually bright child. Numerous telegrams of sympathy have been received from friends and relatives. The services will be held Monday, afternoon at 3 o’clock from the residence of the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Clapp. Rev. J. Everist Cathell officiating. The pallbearers, who were all chums of the descendent and to whom she used to refer as her “uncles” are John Clarkson, Otis Love, Leland Windsor and Thomas Hooper. Des Moines Daily Leader, 4 -13- 1902

HILL– At Troy, N. Y. April 10, 1903 of paralysis, John F. Hill, father of Mrs. J. Howard Henry of this city.  Burial at Geneva, N.Y. yesterday. Des Moines Daily Leader, 4 -13- 1902

HITECHEW- At the home of her daughter, Mrs. James E. Stout, of East Grand avenue, at 2 p.m., October 31, 1902. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

HOSICK- DIED - Friday, Jan. 20, 1882, at 6:30 a.m., Ella Hosick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hosick, of congestion of the brain.  THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY, Friday, January 27, 1882

HOYT- Byron D. Hoyt, the young man who was suffocated with gas at Hotel Goldstone, in Des Moines, died from the effects of it. He had to all appearances so far recovered from the effects of the gas inhaled that it was believed he would recover, but he relapsed into unconsciousness and died. He was twenty-seven years of age, and a printer by trade. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1889-10-16

HURST- Death of a Daughter of Bishop Hurst - The Buffalo Express of the 9th inst. has the following sad news for all the many friends of Bishop Hurst and family in Iowa:  "The many friends of Bishop John F. and Mrs. Hurst will be deeply grieved to learn that death has invaded their family circle.  A few minutes before Monday passed into Tuesday the spirit of Blanche, their younger daughter, passed away.  The disease was diphtheria, which she contracted about two weeks ago.  She had formed an ardent friendship with the daughter of Dr. Hopkins, and both were stricken down soon after they had been some time together.  The playmate died five days ago, and now the second summons comes.  Blanche Hurst was born in Madison, N.J., September 24, 1874.  Her father's duties calling him to various parts of the world, the family often went with him, and in this way Blanche enjoyed many unusual advantages.  She was always fond of then change and excitement incident to travel, and remembered well what she saw.  In 1881 the family removed to Des Moines, Ia., and during the next year a long official trip was made to California and the Pacific Coast.  In 1884 bishop Hurst was called to Europe and India, and Mrs. Hurst and her children spent long seasons in Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Rome and Paris.  On arriving in a locality where a new language was spoken, teachers were engaged, and Blanche, with her aptitude for educational acquirement, advanced so rapidly that on leaving the Continent last summer she was able to speak French, German and Italian quite fluently, a rare acquirement for one so young.  In August last the family made the tour of Scotland and then returned to America.  The great intellectual promise shown by Blanche was joined to many excellencies of the heart as well.  All who knew her were sincerely attached to her.

The funeral will be held at Bishop Hurst's residence, No. 445 Franklin street, at 10o'clock to-day.  It will be private, the Revs. A. M. Fisher and F. C. Inglehart officiating. Iowa State Register, Tuesday, December 15, 1885

JOHNSON- At his home, 521 South East Fourth street, at 10 p.m., November 1, 1902 J. D. Johnson, aged 27 years. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

JOHNSON - Helen Marie Johns died at the home of her mother, 1406 Fremont street.  Funeral services will be held at the Maple street Baptist church Thursday at 2:30 o'clock.  Burial in Laurel Hill. Des Moines Capital, Tuesday, May 16, 1922

KELLOGG- DIED - At her home, No. 1016 Eighth street, on Wednesday morning, May 3, 1882, Daughter of Howard M and Maude Kellogg, aged five years. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY Friday, May 12, 1882

KENDALL- James L. Kendall, a prominent member of the Des Moines Bar, died yesterday evening. Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1869-10-18

KLINGMAN- S. A. Klingman, a former citizen of Humeston, but of late years living in Des Moines, died last week on board ship, just before reaching New York, while returning from a visit in Europe. Mr. Kingman had many friends here who will deeply regret to learn of his death, and extend the most sincere sympathy to his bereaved family. Mrs. Dr. McCulloch, went to Des Moines to attend the funeral services. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, Humeston New Era, 1900-09-19

LAKEWALD- The body of Miss Mary Lakewald was found in the Des Moines river at Estherville.  There was a hole under one eye extending to the brain, and it is supposed she was murdered and the body thrown into the stream. Wednesday, November 01, 1893 Humeston, Iowa

LOGAN- The grand jury of Polk county which has been investigating the shooting of Constable Logan, in Des Moines, while making a liquor seizure in March last, has returned indictments against Reid Hurlburt, of the firm of Hurlburt, Hem & Co., and Joseph Row, charging them with murder in the first degree.  Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1887-05-05

MAGUIRE- DIED - In Des Moines, on Monday, May 8, of consumption, at his residence, 805 Eleventh street, Richard Maguire, aged 16 years. Deceased was the son of Lewis Maguire, who was killed in East Des Moines last week.  THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY Friday, May 12, 1882

MANN- The five-year-old child of Mrs. Mann, a widow lady, residing at No. 220 East Des Moines street, between First and Second streets, was drowned May 4 in a water bucket but half filled with water. Further than this mere item there seems to be nothing to relate. The mother cannot account for the manner in which it occurred. The bucket was an ordinary one, and contained not more than ten inches of water. The only cause to be inferred is that the child may have been endeavoring to get a drink out of the bucket. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

MARTIN- At her home, 14115 Fifth Street, at 5 o’clock yesterday morning, Mrs. Josephine Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Perkins, aged 24. The funeral will be held from the residence at 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.  Daily Leader, 4 -13- 1902

MCCLELLAND- George F. McClelland, a well-known and popular attorney of Des Moines, died in that city December 31st.  He graduated from the law school at Iowa City in 1876, and was at the time of his death a little over 44 years of age.  He leaves a wife and two children. January 8, 1890, New Era,  Humeston, Iowa

MCDONALD- Another sad Death by Drowning - Yesterday little Nicholas McDonald who was visiting his aunt in Madison county, was drowned in the North River.  The little fellow was very anxious to go out with her, and earnestly solicited his father to be allowed now, during school vacation, to visit his aunt in the country, where he could ride the horses and have a splendid time.  He was so active and venturesome, so bright and happily dispositioned that his father's heart will long wear the shadow of his untimely taking off.  His aunt was here visiting and the bright eyed, robust boy was made glad by the consent of his father to be allowed to return with her.  The recent rains had swollen the streams emptying into that river and caused and overflow near his aunt's house, into which with several companions, he went to play - to wade- not expecting to go near the creek itself, but the treacherous water had washed out a hole in the sandy soil and the unsuspecting boy found himself suddenly engulfed in the swollen stream.  He sank out of sight almost instantly, and was not taken out of the water for nearly two hours, when, of course, life was extinct.  His remains were brought to the city on the delayed train arriving her at 11 o'clock.  He would have been eight years old on the 3d day of next October, had he lived , and that short span of life had so entwined him about the hears of his parents and relatives that many will mourn with wet eyes to-day, testifying to their depth of sorrow.  To Mr. McDonald who had the great affliction of losing his wife, this boy's dear mother, last year, this loss will come with almost crushing force.  In him was embodied the young spirit that gave wings to hope and gilded the darkest hours with bright anticipations for the name and home; he was so cheerie and piquant, so graceful in form and spirit that the most indifferent were inspired by him to better deeds and worthier motives, and to the observing and loving father who appreciated all these things and whose grief is made more poignant by the reflection we tender our sincerest sympathy and can assure him that almost without exception the whole community partakes of his grief.

The funeral will take place from his fathers residence, East Walnut street, near the corner of 7th, at half past two o'clock to-morrow afternoon.  The friends of the family are invited, without further notice. Iowa State Leader, June 26, 1877

MCLAIN– At his home near Grimes, April 11, from dropsy, T. A. McLain, aged 45 years. The funeral will be held from his late home at 1 o’clock this afternoon under the auspices of the I. O. O. F. lodge of Grimes, of which he was a member. The interment will be in the McLain family cemetery. Des Moines Daily Leader, 4 -13- 1902

MILLER- DIED - May 9, of scarlet fever, Jessie, daughter of George and Mary Miller, aged 13 years 11 months.  THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

MITCHELL- BABY’S GONE - The funeral service at Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Mitchell’s for their baby boy was held January 16th, at their residence on High Street, and was very largely attended. It is scarcely a year since Messrs. Mitchell, Bartlett & Crain, of which firm the bereaved father is a member, were rejoicing over their three boys; two have gone to break the charmed trinity, and the pleasant rivalry that lightened up the office hours of the father is no more. In two homes of the members of that firm the patter of little feet have gone out to be heard no more on earth, and naught is left but little tenantless shoes and stockings, and little clothes to be hid away in drawer and trunk, and memories of baby tricks, echoes of voices, and dreams of baby caresses that will awake to sorrow of which there will be little surcease till the meeting on the Shining Shore. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY,Friday, January 27, 1882

ORWIG- Died- On Tuesday night, April 10th, 1877, in the last hour of the day, Mira Orwig, only child of R. G. and Maria S. Orwig, in the thirteenth summer of her sweet young life.  Funeral services will be held at the Congregational Chruch on Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Her young friends especially and the friends of the family are cordially invited to attend. Iowa State Leader, June 26, 1877

PEAS- The 1-year-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Peas of Des Moines was drowned by falling into a bucket of water left standing in the yard. The baby and another child were left playing in the yard and when discovered the baby was dead. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1890-11-28

Levi Peterson, an old settler of Des Moines, and a man of considerable wealth, died suddenly a few days ago. West North Central, Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1890-11-28

POTTER- Miss Elsie Stewart went to Des Moines Monday evening to attend the funeral of her cousin, Henry Potter, who died in California from injuries received in a mine accident.  The Chief Reporter,

PRATZMAN- Wm. Pratzman, a young man of Des Moines, died recently of typhoid fever. He had been sick sixty-one days, and was treated by Christian scientists. Saturday’s dispatches said that the coroner investigated the matter and the jury, after being in session three days, returned a verdict resting the responsibility with the scientists, and the evidence taken will be laid before the grand jury. Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1891-02-25

RAMBO- Died - June 13th, Mamie W. youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rambo, aged nine months and thirteen days.  The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral to-morrow, June 15th, at 2 p.m. from the family residence, No. 947 Ninth street.

Under this was:

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Rambo will read with sorrow and surprise the announcement of the first break in a happy family circle.  Death comes ever as an unwelcome guest, but he comes robed with a peculiar gloom when he takes away the baby -- the pet of the household.  But evermore the halo of angel light will hover around that little head, and time that alone can soften grief will enable those loving parents to think less bitterly of that mid-night hour when

Their darling bud up-curled,
Drop't in the grave, God's lap, their wee
White Rose of all the world"

Iowa State Register, June 14, 1877

REEDS - At her home, south of Cummings, November 1, 1902, Mrs. Cochran Reeds, aged 71 years. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

RICE- An old man named Rice, guard at the C., M. & St. P. bridge across Des Moines river, died last Saturday night very suddenly. He was taken to Ft. Atkinson, Ia., for burial Sunday night. Iowa, Perry, Perry Pilot, 1884-07-30

RICORD- Charlie Ricord well-known in this city, has the further embarrassment of his wife dying from morphine administrered by herself in Iowa City Monday. Iowa State Leader, June 26, 1877

RILEY- DIED - At 6 o’clock Saturday morning, little Bessie A., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riley, 1216 Mulberry street, passed away to the spirit land, aged 3 years, 3 months and 21 days. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY,Friday, January 27, 1882

Rinehart- Died - On Sunday evening at 5:30, at his residence, west of University Place, Mr. Jesse Rinehart, aged 71 years.  Mr. Rinehart was born in Baltimore County, Pennsylvania, in 1841, and removed to this state in 1853.  He located in Des Moines in 1863 and has resided here continuously since, a worthy citizen and respected by all who knew him.  He leaves a widow and six children, four daughters and two sons, the youngest being twenty years of age.  The funeral will be held at the family residence to-morrow at 10 a.m.   All friends are requested to attend.  Iowa State Register, Tuesday, December 15, 1885

ROBINSON- Hon. Moses W. Robinson, who had been ill for some time past, died at his home in Webster township January 20, at 6 a.m. There is a sad coincidence in this death which deserves mention. Mr. Robinson, as is well known, was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1857, which drafted the second Constitution of the State, the survivors of which convention held their quarter centennial anniversary in this city last week. It was expected by the committee on arrangement to have had introduced Mr. Robinson on the programme of exercises, and it is peculiarly sad to note that on the day of the anniversary his life was passing away, and on the following day it had passed, having lived a day over the twenty-five years which marked the quarter-centennial of the convention’s anniversary. Mr. Robinson was born in Ross county, Ohio, and was there raised on a farm. On the 15th of April, 1838, he came to Iowa, and located in Burlington, where he continued farming and stock-raising until 1869, when he removed his family to Des Moines, and purchased the large Tuttle farm in Webster township. Mr. Robinson was married to Miss Martha Hillhouse, in Ohio, in 1841, who now survives him, with three children, two of whom are married. Mr. Robinson’s death adds one to the eight deceased members of the convention, making the number nine.

He was a man well known over the State for his wisdom as an agriculturist, and was for two terms a director of the State Agricultural Society. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY, Friday, January 27, 1882

ROGERS- At his late residence, Thirtieth street and Terrace Drive, Hugh Y. Rogers, aged 78 years, after a lingering illness of two and half years from paralysis. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

SAVAGE- DIED - At his home in Des Moines, Tuesday, May 2, 1882, of chronic anaemia, Edwin M. Savage, aged 30 years, 7 months and 18 days. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

SAVAGE- DIED - In Des Moines, on Tuesday, May 2, of supposed cancer of the stomach, Edward E. Savage, at the residence of his brother, Everett Savage, on Sycamore street.

Mr. Savage learned the printing business in the GAZETTE office, Cedar Falls, and had worked at his trade in this city the past year and a half. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

STONEROAD- DIED - January 20, 1882, of lung fever, Susie, daughter of L. A. and F. H. Stoneroad, of Des Moines, aged 16 months. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER, WEEKLY, Friday, January 27, 1882

STORMS- At the Methodist Hospital, 11 a.m., October 31. Irving Storms, father of Rev. A. B. Storms, pastor of the First Methodist church in this city. Iowa State Register, Friday, November 7, 1902

SULEY- Died - At the residence of her aunt, Mrs. Emma Pierce, 1111 cherry street, Friday, Oct. 9th, Miss Anna Suley, aged 18 years.  Miss Suley was a native of Des Moines, and had many friends, to whom her untimely death will be a severe loss.  The funeral will take place from the residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o' clock.  Friends of the family are invited without further notice.  Iowa State Register, Saturday, September 10, 1885

TUTTLE- Mrs. Martin Tuttle of Des Moines died last Sunday morning. West North Central, Iowa, Prairie City, Prairie City Index, 1871-02-24

WAINSCOTT- The little Wainscott child has been buried in Woodland Cemetery, beside the grave of its father, and on the same lot in which are the graves of its uncle and the other little ones. All have died within the past eight weeks. THE IOWA STATE REGISTER,WEEKLY, Friday, May 12, 1882

WILKINS- (Oct. 1 ) - Captain Clarence Wilkins of NO. 3 fire station was killed by a taxi. Des Moines Daily News, Dec. 31, 1916, Pg. 12

WILLIAMS– Friday evening, after an illness of more than fifteen years, Horace G. Williams. His two daughters, Mrs. Lola Daniel and Mrs. Vesta Lafferty, were his constant attendants during his last days. His great-grandfather was Judge Boudinot of the United States supreme court. The remains will be taken to Hamilton and be buried besides his wife, who preceded him in death a year ago. No citation for this

WRIGHT- Mrs. Hannah Wright, widow of the late Judge Geo. W. Wright, of Des Moines, died at Sioux City on the 27th, at the age of 77 years. North Central, Iowa, Humeston, New Era, 1897-07-07

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