State Historical Society of Iowa, State Level Death Certificates, Used with permission.
Transcribed by Ralph Leonard

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Name Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Mother's
Maiden Name
Cabualac, Blasc.1898Mexico27 Mar. 1920Unknown
Cackler, John Francis08 Oct. 1934Iowa26 Mar. 1935Weeks
Cackler, Myrna Jane26 July 1932Iowa16 June 1936Weeks
Cadbury, Dottie Estella23 June 1861Iowa11 Aug. 1920Smith
Cadd, Edward Lincoln12 Dec. 1879Illinois28 Feb. 1936Cody
Cade, Jaqueline18 Oct. 1930Iowa19 Oct. 1930Yoder
Cade, Mary Lue23 Aug. 1934Iowa09 Sept. 1934Bungarner
Cadwallader, Margaret M. Rosenberg28 Sept. 183Iowa24 Mar. 1928Unknown
Cadwell, Albert B.09 Feb. 1872Illinois28 Aug. 1934Burns
Cady (Baby Girl)10 Feb. 1921Iowa10 Feb. 1921 
Cady, Catherine Ellenora18 Mar. 1880Iowa07 Sept. 1936Clift
Cady, Franklin Deloss03 Aug. 1860 28 Jan. 1930 
Cady, Harriet Viggers12 May 1871Indiana05 Oct. 1938Rogers
Cady, Helen06 Apr. 1836Pennsylvania25 Sept. 1921Gilbert
Cady, Margaret S.23 Aug. 1838Indiana11 Dec. 1918 
Cady, Minee Alma01 Feb. 1872Iowa27 Feb. 1932Roberts
Cady, Stella24 July 1867Iowa04 Feb. 1933Baughman
Cady, William Henryc.1839New York31 Jan. 1924 
Caffey, Lilac.1858Alabama20 Oct. 1933Unknown
Caffrey, Margaret06 Mar. 1895Iowa29 Dec. 1932Fitzgerald
Cagan, William J.06 Oct. 1881Wisconsin19 Feb. 1939Kennern
Cage, George Lindsey16 Feb. 1868Michigan09 Sept. 1939Cunningham
Cage, Thomas T.01 Mar. 1868Pennsylvania08 Dec. 1937Cunningham
Cahail, Betty Jane22 June 1922Iowa24 June 1922Wilson
Cahail, Edith27 Oct. 1885Ohio02 Sept. 1928Endey
Cahail, MaryMar. 1921Iowa21 Apr. 1921Cahail
Cahhal, Edward Ellsworth30 June 1866Iowa01 Nov. 1938LaSalle
Cahill, Edwinc.1877Missouri21 July 1918Eagon
Cahill, Thomasc.1873 26 Feb. 1934 
Cahow, Addie Florence03 Apr. 1866Iowa02 Mar. 1924Gosney
Cahow, Lucinda20 Sept. 1848Indiana04 Oct. 1927Fried
Cain (Baby Boy)23 Jan. 1934Iowa23 Jan. 1934Wagner
Cain, Arthur George03 July 1869England01 Jan. 1931Endes
Cain, Blanche N.09 July 1900Iowa20 July 1927 
Cain, Elizabeth18 Oct. 1897Iowa23 June 1937Geller
Cain, Frank01 Oct. 1867Iowa14 June 1939Reynolds
Cain, Joan28 Sept. 1933Iowa22 Aug. 1937Stradley
Cain, Johnc.1837Ireland06 Dec. 1923Donnelly
Cain, Joseph E.17 Sept. 1879Iowa06 Jan. 1935 
Cain, Lewis H.c.1895Missouri21 Apr. 1921 
Cain, Lydia Lavenia12 Dec. 1858Iowa14 Apr. 1928Long
Cain, Sarah Margaret26 June 1854Iowa24 Sept. 1938 
Cain, Susie08 Mar. 1883Iowa30 May 1933Wright
Caine, Julies S.c.1882Russia30 July 1922Epstein
Cairnes, Robert25 Dec. 1832Scotland17 Oct. 1921Carney
Cairns, Charles Daniel20 Mar. 1865Iowa04 May 1934Lester
Cairns, Elizabeth20 Oct. 1842Illinois30 Oct. 1922 
Calaborese, Philomen29 Feb. 1869Italy06 Oct. 1928 
Calabrese, Alta Mayc.1900Nebraska03 Jan. 1918 
Calabrese, Mauroc.1870Italy22 June 1935 
Caldbeck, May01 Sept. 1844Canada27 May 1918Unknown
Caldbeck, Wendell H.08 May 1877Canada24 Oct. 1928Little
Caldbeck, William27 Sept. 1846Ireland01 May 1928Atkinson
Calder, John William11 Apr. 1855Illinois04 Apr. 1921Brown
Calderon, Manual Mathiasc.1884Oklahoma21 May 1925 
Caldwell (Baby Girl)29 Oct. 1923Iowa30 Oct. 1923Fitzgerald
Caldwell, Adeline M.17 Feb. 1843Ohio24 June 1923Pollock
Caldwell, Allen Albert18 Feb. 1855Iowa25 Sept. 1922Smith
Caldwell, Amelia Post03 Feb. 1862Illinois18 Mar. 1937Schmidt
Caldwell, Anna04 June 1867Iowa19 Jan. 1931Wilson
Caldwell, Arthurc.1894 04 Aug. 1918 
Caldwell, Bonnie Lee15 July 1931Iowa31 Aug. 1931Courson
Caldwell, Charles B.16 June 1895Iowa11 Jan. 1936Stark
Caldwell, Charlottec.1870Missouri15 June 1935 
Caldwell, Dorthy Maud05 May 1908Iowa10 Mar. 1922McVey
Caldwell, Elias L.26 Nov. 1846Pennsylvania20 May 1917Unknown
Caldwell, Elva14 Dec. 1861Connecticut19 Apr. 1919Brennen
Caldwell, Frank D.16 Mar. 1894Minnesota24 Mar. 1933Beals
Caldwell, Frank E.20 Dec. 1854Pennsylvania15 Mar. 1917Hoover
Caldwell, Fred V.06 July 1921Iowa01 Oct. 1921Hill
Caldwell, Gale Edwin12 Sept. 1933Iowa26 Sept. 1933Courson
Caldwell, Hiram Sanford09 July 1863Illinois18 Sept. 1934Savage
Caldwell, Indiana31 July 1884Mississippi31 Oct. 1924Unknown
Caldwell, Jamesc.1852New York19 Nov. 1922Unknown
Caldwell, Lewis Ora16 Apr. 1882 10 Feb. 1934 
Caldwell, Margaret G.23 June 1890Iowa09 Oct. 1922Nichols
Caldwell, Mary Jane31 Oct. 1925New York31 Oct. 1925McCoy
Caldwell, Mary M.24 May 1858Iowa19 May 1927Roberts
Caldwell, Mary Settle04 Aug. 1876Kentucky29 July 1926Herndon
Caldwell, Mildred20 Feb. 1847Kentucky01 Aug. 1927Park
Caldwell, Miles Josephc.1874North Carolina12 Apr. 1929 
Caldwell, Myrtle Beatrice31 Jan. 1914Missouri04 Feb. 1920Hill
Caldwell, Norman Jane29 Oct. 1930Iowa07 Jan. 1931Elliott
Caldwell, Roy W.17 Oct. 1891Iowa18 June 1933Stanley
Caldwell, Sara08 Sept. 1869Canada27 Jan. 1928Evans
Caldwell, Stella08 Aug. 1872Iowa28 Jan. 1927Krill
Caldwell, Tamsy Jane05 Sept. 1850Iowa20 Dec. 1931Hall
Cale, Bonnie07 Mar. 1898Iowa24 Jan. 1932Misner
Cale, Dallas DeWitt22 Nov. 1854Iowa15 Nov. 1932Penry
Cale, Douglas B.01 July 1860Iowa26 Dec. 1925Penry
Cale, George A.05 Aug. 1870Iowa20 Feb. 1928Anfinson
Calfee, Arleigh17 Oct. 1884Iowa03 June 1928Geren
Calfee, William Harrison05 Oct. 1848Indiana12 Sept. 1927Unknown
Calhoun, Alva Franklin12 Mar. 1891Kansas05 Aug. 1933Parrack
Calhoun, Clara Mae12 Oct. 1875Michigan11 Sept. 1937 
Calhoun, James23 Aug. 1848Pennsylvania11 May 1932 
Calhoun, James Lewis09 Mar. 1932Iowa13 Mar. 1932Bridie
Calhoun, Jesse E.c.1901 16 June 1920Moehe
Calhoun, John R.09 Feb. 1872Iowa15 Feb. 1932 
Calhoun, Lewis Todhunter03 Nov. 1862Iowa22 Apr. 1936Todhunter
Calhoun, Mary Elizabeth13 Feb. 1838New York05 Mar. 1928Unknown
Calhoun, Moses27 Sept. 1899Arkansas20 Aug. 1939Wilson
Caligiuri (Baby Boy)03 Dec. 1935Iowa03 Dec. 1935Marana
Caligiuri, Maryc.1919Iowa13 Mar. 1923Grillo
Caliguri. James21 Feb. 1915Iowa01 Dec. 1925Grillo
Calister, Mackc.1872Mississippi15 Oct. 1927Unknown
Calkins, Amasa Colman11 Dec. 1849Illinois10 Aug. 1933Parks
Calkins, Guy Smith03 Sept. 1869Iowa03 Oct. 1935Maynard
Calkins, Lillian Belle23 Nov. 1883Iowa07 Nov. 1921Byerly
Calkins, Marion F.c.1895 12 Oct. 1918 
Call, Annac.1837Ireland16 Sept. 1920Unknown
Callahan, Alice Louise Babcock11 Aug. 1858New York05 Apr. 1917Babcock
Callahan, Alice M.27 Oct. 1870Iowa29 Oct. 1934Crane
Callahan, Maurice16 Sept. 1919Iowa09 Oct. 1930Clapp
Callanan, Sarah M.14 Sept. 1863New York13 June 1926Leggett
Calland, Richard21 Sept. 1869England15 Dec. 1935Whittle
Callander, John Morgan02 Mar. 1864Canada09 Sept. 1919Morgan
Callander, Minnie Garretson20 Oct. 1865Ohio06 July 1925Grant
Callaway, Birdie17 Feb. 1881Missouri30 Mar. 1937 
Callaway, Edwin Thomas26 Aug. 1870Iowa06 June 1939Frush
Callaway, James Elbac.1863Iowa29 Dec. 1923Yeager
Callaway, Mary Morgenstern28 Mar. 1894Iowa21 Apr. 1933Popke
Callaway, Wattie07 July 1857West Virginia10 Mar. 1919Unknown
Callen (Baby Girl)25 June 1919Iowa25 June 1919Kelly
Callen, Ella Josephinec.1858Iowa06 July 1923Richards
Callen, Susan E.23 Feb. 1845Virginia14 Mar. 1917Griseau
Callender, Wilson Fulton18 Nov. 1853Pennsylvania02 Dec. 1922Thompson
Callhown, Gladys Mae16 Sept. 1890Iowa13 Aug. 1929Briggs
Calliger, Anna19 Dec. 1879Iowa15 June 1934Wassam
Callison, Edna P.06 Jan. 1883Iowa23 Feb. 1932Alfree
Callison, George Henry21 May 1857Iowa17 Nov. 1934Draper
Calloway, Issac Franklin30 Oct. 1852Ohio08 July 1926Yeager
Calvert, Charles Archibald24 Mar. 1859New York07 Mar. 1923LaMont
Calvert, Elnathan04 May 1855New York27 Apr. 1926Lamont
Calvert, Esther Virginia01 May 1894Missouri06 Sept. 1923Pulsifer
Calvert, Helen Thelma13 May 1905Iowa28 June 1921Parke
Calvert, John18 May 1856England07 Oct. 1921 
Calvert, Letitia04 Mar. 1882Ireland25 July 1931Boyd
Calvert, Mary Jane12 Apr. 1861England20 July 1936Gordon
Calvert, Velma Irene18 Mar. 1910Iowa07 Aug. 1920 
Calvert, William W.19 June 1917Iowa20 June 1917Kottal
Calvin, Edwin M.12 July 1874Missouri18 June 1920Hume
Calvin, John H.c.1849Iowa05 July 1917Hammon
Calvin, Joshuway Brittc.1864Iowa29 Jan. 1922 
Cambell, Maryc.1872Maryland01 May 1922 
Camblin, George W.19 Nov. 1856Iowa22 May 1932Briney
Cambre, Lester L.24 Oct. 1889Illinois17 Oct. 1937Gilmore
Camell, Williamc.1896Kansas12 Jan. 1921Overstreet
Cameron, Alexander W.12 Aug. 1845Canada09 Feb. 1925McDonald
Cameron, Anna24 Nov. 1883Iowa14 Dec. 1930Reidenberger
Cameron, Bertha T.05 July 1874Michigan25 June 1935Wilt
Cameron, Edwin Stanton01 Dec. 1866Iowa02 Dec. 1937Phillips
Cameron, Eleanor29 Dec. 1880Iowa17 Feb. 1937Lundgren
Cameron, Elizabeth Schlenker25 Feb. 1862Iowa10 Apr. 1925Schlenker
Cameron, Harold Edward Martin05 Jan. 1932Minnesota14 Oct. 1932Koker
Cameron, James E. (aka Brush, Earl Edward)01 May 1900Ohio28 Sept. 1926Jones
Cameron, Jennie18 Mar. 1863Iowa13 Mar. 1937Mitchell
Cameron, Johnc.1875 23 Mar. 1930 
Cameron, John A.10 Aug. 1848Rhode Island17 June 1929 
Cameron, John Edward20 Sept. 1921Iowa27 Dec. 1921Grace
Cameron, Maria Jane19 Oct. 1851Wisconsin19 May 1927Curry
Cameron, Theodore28 Feb. 1880Iowa26 Dec. 1925Adams
Caminsky, Mary Feeley28 Feb. 1881Iowa27 Jan. 1938McDermott
Caminsky, Mosesc.1855Poland25 Sept. 1920 
Caminsky, Sarahc.1846Poland21 Dec. 1918Unknown
Camp, Anna J.08 Oct. 1836Connecticut28 Apr. 1927 
Camp, Eliza Mary23 Dec. 1845West Indies30 Jan. 1917Aikman
Camp, Margaret Virginia12 Dec. 1910Iowa14 July 1928Nichols
Camp, Rachel Elizabeth26 Oct. 1857Iowa16 Dec. 1933Speer
Campau, Bernardc.1889 15 Oct. 1918 
Campbel, Thomas25 Aug. 1925Iowa03 Nov. 1938McCormick
Campbell (Baby Boy)27 Oct. 1938Iowa27 Oct. 1938Campbell
Campbell, Angus K.10 Sept. 1834Ohio10 Jan. 1926Kephart
Campbell, Anna06 Feb. 1905Pennsylvania17 May 1932Marcinkevich
Campbell, Archibald S.24 May 1871Iowa27 July 1929Bell
Campbell, Arizona10 Oct. 1865Indiana08 Oct. 1932Hoff
Campbell, Audra Joan24 Mar. 1932Iowa11 Apr. 1932Campbell
Campbell, Barbara09 May 1840Ohio03 Feb. 1930Hinderlong
Campbell, Bessie09 Apr. 1854Pennsylvania29 Dec. 1929Springer
Campbell, Blanche08 Mar. 1876Iowa03 Aug. 1937Bishard
Campbell, Bremo27 May 1904Alabama12 July 1918Fritz
Campbell, Charles Arthur26 June 1931Iowa26 June 1931Campbell
Campbell, Charles C.19 Oct. 1918Iowa20 Oct. 1918Willart
Campbell, Charles E.June 1902Kansas16 Dec. 1931Padgett
Campbell, Charles L.26 Oct. 1884Iowa27 Feb. 1938 
Campbell, Charles W.29 Mar. 1854Wisconsin23 Apr. 1925Fouts
Campbell, Christine24 Mar. 1864Indiana08 Apr. 1939Ellinghausen
Campbell, Clara B.22 July 1881Iowa15 May 1921Vail
Campbell, Clarence E.12 Oct. 1856Iowa02 Apr. 1930Fagen
Campbell, Clarence Elmer25 July 1878Iowa13 July 1937Green
Campbell, Clarissa Mae24 June 1878Iowa20 Feb. 1938Redman
Campbell, Cora Christina03 Mar. 1868Iowa10 Apr. 1929Beavers
Campbell, Craig Carrisc.1930Iowa11 Oct. 1930Hemnes
Campbell, Davidc.1877Kansas08 Nov. 1928Unknown
Campbell, David24 Feb. 1863Wisconsin04 Oct. 1918Crawford
Campbell, Edwin Stanton17 June 1868Ohio05 Jan. 1937Getzman
Campbell, Elberta Lucille02 Apr. 1922Iowa22 Nov. 1922 
Campbell, Eliza21 Oct. 1849Ohio24 May 1918Robinson
Campbell, Elizabeth04 Jan. 1833Ohio24 Mar. 1921Wallick
Campbell, Estelle17 Apr. 1865Wisconsin15 Sept. 1938Brown
Campbell, Evac.1892Iowa08 Oct. 1917McManus
Campbell, Everett Earl04 Oct. 1896Missouri18 Feb. 1929Ord
Campbell, Flora23 Apr. 1862Iowa20 Oct. 1933Caldwell
Campbell, Frances Edward11 Oct. 1899Iowa20 Sept. 1918McCarty
Campbell, Frank Harrison20 Dec. 1887Vermont18 June 1934Brough
Campbell, Frank M.28 Feb. 1877Iowa16 May 1936 
Campbell, Frank Milton28 Sept. 1876Iowa22 Oct. 1936Swartfager
Campbell, Fred Abner19 Sept. 1882Iowa24 Oct. 1926Kelsey
Campbell, George G.19 Jan. 1892Missouri15 June 1917Sharp
Campbell, George S.12 Apr. 1857Illinois02 Aug. 1932 
Campbell, George Waldo15 Oct. 1865Iowa23 June 1932Evans
Campbell, Hazel Adel27 Apr. 1891Missouri20 May 1921Daughty
Campbell, Henry Clay14 Nov. 1858Kansas25 Dec. 1935Lambert
Campbell, Herbert Grant15 Dec. 1869Iowa08 Apr. 1934Pike
Campbell, Herschel17 Nov. 1871Indiana06 June 1929Ladd
Campbell, Horace Greely06 Oct. 1853Iowa31 Dec. 1923Flunn
Campbell, James C.06 Apr. 1858Iowa28 May 1933 
Campbell, James Herbey21 Dec. 1858New York19 Apr. 1938Tompkins
Campbell, Janet03 Jan. 1931Iowa04 Nov. 1938McCormick
Campbell, Jean Rulett11 Jan. 1920Iowa25 Oct. 1920Carlslyle
Campbell, Jesse Gertrude08 Jan. 1872Michigan16 Sept. 1924Philips
Campbell, John Walters30 May 1863Canada20 Mar. 1934Henderson
Campbell, John Wilber04 Nov. 1858Pennsylvania30 Jan. 1924Dean
Campbell, Josephc.1889 11 Jan. 1924 
Campbell, Josph H.03 Feb. 1867England05 May 1930Unknown
Campbell, Kennard08 Aug. 1899Illinois06 Aug. 1918Kenard
Campbell, Kenneth Wilbur28 Aug. 1906Iowa03 July 1925DeBoard
Campbell, Lawerence Francis22 Nov. 1938Iowa29 Nov. 1938Winslow
Campbell, Louise02 Feb. 1855Iowa08 Dec. 1931Henderson
Campbell, Lucerna04 Apr. 1848Pennsylvania22 Oct. 1920Baker
Campbell, Lula Blanche25 July 1882Iowa26 Mar. 1919Hoagland
Campbell, Lydia Ellen16 Jan. 1895Iowa11 Mar. 1925Vail
Campbell, Mabel Horn30 July 1878Minnesota14 Dec. 1918Banning
Campbell, Margaret18 Feb. 1878Iowa14 June 1932 
Campbell, Marrie Helen13 Apr. 1881Illinois19 June 1925Wright
Campbell, Martin S.30 May 1879Missouri28 Mar. 1933 
Campbell, Mary May15 June 1876Iowa03 Aug. 1936Gibson
Campbell, Mary Rebecca11 Aug. 1867Iowa21 Mar. 1928Evans
Campbell, Nancy Minerva16 Nov. 1844Ohio19 Feb. 1922Helphrey
Campbell, Nellie Rose18 Dec. 1895Iowa08 Dec. 1918Gibson
Campbell, Neonca Wallace1898Iowa15 June 1917 
Campbell, Nina07 Oct. 1863Missouri01 June 1920Unknown
Campbell, Philip G.11 Oct. 1876Ohio02 June 1923Getzman
Campbell, Robert Fulton31 Aug. 1893Ohio17 Nov. 1926Fulton
Campbell, Roscoec.1895 11 Oct. 1918 
Campbell, William28 Apr. 1840Ireland19 Apr. 1919Hutchinson
Campbell, William Closson26 July 1877Iowa27 Jan. 1921Coover
Campbell, Williard Roy20 July 1928Iowa19 Dec. 1928Venetta
Campfield, Jessie Hazel02 Feb. 1906Iowa04 Sept. 1929Church
Campfield, Martha M.22 May 1848Indiana22 May 1936Mount
Campfield, William Lincoln03 Feb. 1863Iowa17 Nov. 1938Tibby
Campin, George A.27 Jan. 1905Iowa02 Feb. 1924McKinsey
Campin, Sarah04 July 1875Iowa26 Jan. 1918Unknown
Campos, Ferella1900Mexico15 June 1920 
Campos, Julia12 Aug. 1937Iowa09 Apr. 1938Basquez
Campos, Nicholas10 Oct. 1936Iowa22 Jan. 1937Meding
Canarini, Antonetta23 Aug. 1878Italy30 Jan. 1931Rioli
Candee, Robert M.14 Apr. 1852Indiana08 May 1929Greene
Candelier (Baby Boy)08 Mar. 1917Iowa10 Mar. 1917Lett
Cane, Annac.1829 23 Dec. 1928 
Caner, Joseph Clarence30 Nov. 1864Ohio09 Dec. 1934Davis
Canfield, Allen Nelson14 Mar. 1861Iowa23 Dec. 1927Holmes
Canfield, Charles Martin01 Feb. 1857Iowa09 Apr. 1928Gregory
Canfield, Charles Martin01 Feb. 1857Iowa09 Apr. 1928Gregory
Canfield, Denver Newton25 May 1875Iowa04 Jan. 1937Sturgeon
Canfield, Edith Margaret08 July 1921Iowa29 July 1921Earle
Canfield, Elizabeth16 Feb. 1849Indiana23 Nov. 1932Stinson
Canfield, Emily Burch18 Nov. 1880England11 June 1919Jolly
Canfield, George M.15 Jan. 1866Illinois17 May 1937Thompson
Canfield, Hazel E.07 July 1906Iowa01 Jan. 1933Leftwich
Canfield, Lewis Bissell08 Mar. 1857Illinois12 Jan. 1936Thompson
Canfield, Mae Lillian14 June 1875Iowa05 May 1936Williams
Canfield, Margaret M.02 Mar. 1886Michigan12 Apr. 1937Topping
Canfield, Oscar18 Mar. 1871Iowa28 Nov. 1923Gregory
Canfield, Ruth Jane08 May 1834Pennsylvania01 June 1922Green
Canfield, William H.30 May 1929Iowa13 June 1929Ahrold
Canfield, Wrenn M.10 Jan. 1889Nebraska19 Sept. 1926Cary
Canine, Elven Merwin19 July 1893Iowa05 Oct. 1924Perkins
Canine, Harvey15 July 1844Iowa25 July 1929Smith
Cannell (Baby Boy)01 Aug. 1921Iowa01 Aug. 1921Reichman
Cannell, Laura Josephine09 June 1874Illinois18 Jan. 1936Daugherty
Canney, Margaret02 Sept. 1854Ireland04 July 1936Crimons
Canney, Margaret Helen30 May 1907Iowa05 Aug. 1927Crimmins
Canney, Patrickc.1859Ireland28 Jan. 1919Griffin
Cannom, George Frederick04 Mar. 1858Canada05 June 1924Edwards
Cannon, Anne M.05 Mar. 1891Iowa25 Jan. 1937O'Brien
Cannon, Charles J.01 Jan. 1867Illinois08 Jan. 1920Unknown
Cannon, Grace1891Missouri01 Feb. 1923 
Cannon, Helen I.c.1893Illinois21 Nov. 1918Donohue
Cannon, Horacec.1877Tennessee27 Feb. 1917Schoffner
Cannon, Jamesc.1831Ireland14 Jan. 1921Unknown
Cannon, John08 Aug. 1870New York04 Mar. 1931Unknown
Cannon, Mary Jane18 Nov. 1916Iowa05 Feb. 1917Grace
Cannon, Maude1885Iowa15 Aug. 1918 
Canny, Edna M.30 Dec. 1896Missouri27 July 1918Smith
Canon, Charles Robert14 May 1937Iowa28 Feb. 1938Ivory
Canon, Richard Warner05 Apr. 1927Iowa05 Apr. 1927Johnson
Canott, Moody L.23 Aug. 1887Iowa06 Aug. 1935Walker
Cansler, Pink10 Oct. 1862North Carolina14 June 1922 
Canterbury, Della Faye13 June 1881West Virginia06 May 1928Foster
Canterbury, James E.25 July 1878West Virginia30 Sept. 1936Paxton
Canterbury, Martha J.c.1868Missouri21 Aug. 1922Phelix
Canton, Katy17 Dec. 1889Missouri29 Jan. 1920Buckner
Cantrell, Elmer E.21 Aug. 1861Illinois19 Apr. 1937Forman
Cantwell, Mary03 June 1852Pennsylvania25 Mar. 1933Kelleher
Cantwell, Robert Stewart22 Apr. 1918Iowa15 Oct. 1922Tygart
Canyers, Betty Bell13 Oct. 1918Iowa21 Dec. 1918Manahan
Capek, Stazie26 July 1911Poland18 Feb. 1933Glowacki
Capen, Constance Elaine19 Oct. 1932Iowa15 Feb. 1934Allen
Capesius, Peter C.27 Aug. 1861Iowa11 Sept. 1929Ports
Caplan (Baby Boy)13 Dec. 1927Iowa17 Dec. 1927Clayman
Caplan, Bloome15 Feb. 1859Russia24 June 1932 
Caplan, Dora30 July 1926Iowa22 Dec. 1926Clayuren
Caplan, Esther12 July 1911Iowa23 Sept. 1927Clayman
Caplan, Eugenec.1926Iowa06 Feb. 1927Bassman
Caplan, Sarah Hazelc.1864Lithuania22 Aug. 1933 
Caplan, Williamc.1883Russia28 Apr. 1918Abrahamson
Caplan, Wolf13 May 1835Russia13 May 1917 
Caple, Donald03 June 1926Iowa02 Sept. 1936VanDeventer
Caple, Florence Rosalind11 Mar. 1866Iowa08 Apr. 1930Hunt
Caple, Sidney31 Aug. 1865England14 June 1929 
Caponigro, Carmanec.1861Italy16 Nov. 1926Unknown
Caponigro, Carmen Louise18 Jan. 1931Iowa06 Aug. 1931 
Caponigro, Josephc.1929Iowa01 Jan. 1933De Carlo
Caponigro, Rose Mary16 Nov. 1932Iowa20 Nov. 1932De Carlo
Capplan, Sadie1865Russia18 June 1926Unknown
Capps, Bertie Leroy13 Mar. 1901South Dakota06 Mar. 1935Collins
Capps, Ella America Eaton21 Sept. 1856Kentucky13 Nov. 1933 
Capps, Gertrude Rose29 Apr. 1885New York25 Apr. 1939Brown
Capps, John Earl28 June 1903Iowa26 May 1937Halterman
Capps, Louis M.06 Apr. 1853Illinois22 Mar. 1936 
Capps, Ollie E. Carrier07 Apr. 1865Iowa05 Apr. 1927Morrie
Capps, Samson A.Dec. 1837Missouri20 Feb. 1920Unknown
Capron, Amy C.17 Feb. 1849Iowa09 Aug. 1935Williams
Caputo, Rosac.1882Italy19 Nov. 1919Unknown
Caradimos, Georgec.1863Greece27 May 1932 
Caraher, James Francisc.1873Iowa16 Apr. 1918Grant
Caraher, Sarah14 July 1836Ireland20 Feb. 1918 
Carbett, John Henry06 Feb. 1872Illinois30 Apr. 1917Hall
Carcasco, Antonio08 Mar. 1934Iowa22 July 1934Gonsalez
Cardaman, Christen Rena11 Feb. 1926Iowa13 Sept. 1926Benalli
Cardamon, Angeline03 Mar. 1880Italy21 Apr. 1939 
Cardamon, Joseph J.c.1900Iowa06 July 1925Cardamon
Cardamon, Louisec.1891Iowa25 Nov. 1918 
Cardamon, Margaret29 May 1915Iowa12 Mar. 1936Cimino
Cardamon, Maryc.1877Italy05 Nov. 1925 
Cardamon, Mary A.04 May 1855Italy12 May 1929 
Cardamon, Paul J.23 May 1901Iowa11 July 1929Cardamon
Cardamon, Rose16 Feb. 1910Iowa10 Apr. 1930Sirianni
Cardamon, Sam23 Sept. 1864Italy05 Apr. 1932Cardamon
Cardell, Walter W.16 Dec. 1860Iowa21 Sept. 1927Bailey
Cardenas, Charles C.c.1871Mexico14 Apr. 1921 
Carder, Alice Mae29 Jan. 1888 17 Oct. 1932 
Carder, Amanda01 Dec. 1860Missouri13 Apr. 1931Creason
Carder, Fay03 Aug. 1898Iowa25 Jan. 1934 
Carder, John William31 July 1857Missouri20 Oct. 1935Brown
Cardines, Anna16 Sept. 1866Arkansas06 Aug. 1919Unknown
Cardone, Roy W.20 Oct. 1917Iowa04 Jan. 1918 
Cardwell (Baby Boy)01 Nov. 1939Iowa01 Nov. 1939Pearce
Carebe, Martha E.17 July 1848Ohio01 July 1922Butts
Carew, Sulouley Jr.03 July 1922Iowa06 Oct. 1922Fox
Carey, Alice Lillian20 Nov. 1857Indiana09 Aug. 1932Stanbourgh
Carey, Betty Marie31 Aug. 1922Iowa07 July 1937Tomlin
Carey, Cecil Josephine29 Oct. 1895Missouri21 Dec. 1936White
Carey, Charles Jr.07 Feb. 1892Iowa07 Mar. 1924Belle
Carey, Dan24 July 1868Illinois06 Mar. 1935 
Carey, Elizabeth29 Aug. 1868Illinois09 Sept. 1928Mines
Carey, Frankc.1887 02 Sept. 1922 
Carey, John16 May 1853New York08 Dec. 1930Unknown
Carey, John Henryc.1871New Jersey21 Oct. 1923Utter
Carey, Katherine Ellenc.1849Ireland17 Mar. 1920 
Carey, Martin26 Oct. 1878Iowa25 Dec. 1930Halteron
Carey, Mary Ann12 July 1860Iowa25 May 1938Ladd
Carey, Michael J.c.1861Iowa16 May 1920Unknown
Carey, Norac.1874 08 Jan. 1919 
Carey, Patsy Lee30 May 1939Iowa31 May 1939Pritchard
Carey, Peter M.12 Feb. 1859Iowa07 Mar. 1939Welsh
Carey, Richard G.25 Jan. 1869Wisconsin05 Aug. 1938Mathews
Carey, Rosie Carryc.1899Missouri14 Feb. 1924 
Carey, Samuel Newton04 Sept. 1870Indian Territory16 Sept. 1939Dillon
Cargill, Jennie Caroline25 Oct. 1867Connecticut29 Oct. 1919Godrow
Cargill, Katherine Angeline08 Dec. 1867Ohio01 Jan. 1920King
Carhart, Lester B.01 June 1920New York22 May 1920Unknown
Cariglino, Charles01 Oct. 1896Italy12 Aug. 1935Salvati
Carins, James Robert09 Oct. 1931Iowa21 Oct. 1931Bolderson
Carkhuff, Thomas H.14 Apr. 1934Iowa08 May 1934Johnson
Carl, Alice07 July 1865Iowa05 July 1939Rood
Carl, Charles Leo26 June 1895Iowa16 Apr. 1930Swartz
Carl, Dorothy Lucile08 Aug. 1930Iowa28 Nov. 1930Quick
Carl, Earnest H.19 Aug. 1862Illinois03 July 1930Lang
Carl, Gertrude Celestine14 June 1893Illinois05 Mar. 1935Graham
Carl, Henry15 Aug. 1846Illinois29 Mar. 1926 
Carl, Robert16 Apr. 1848Georgia22 Sept. 1926Vincen
Carl, Saiana Anna06 July 1854Indiana16 Apr. 1927Mitman
Carl, Sapharona08 May 1845New York08 Feb. 1924Unknown
Carl, Shirley Marie03 Jan. 1931Iowa02 Nov. 1932Gumburd
Carlan, Olive08 Mar. 1858Illinois12 Feb. 1928Brookin
Carleton, Arthur Lee02 Sept. 1875Michigan15 Mar. 1939 
Carleton, Nettie M.21 June 1882Iowa01 Feb. 1930Huckins
Carley, Richard Lloyd25 May 1929Iowa14 Mar. 1934Davenport
Carlile, Helen15 Apr. 1859New York05 Apr. 1927 
Carlin (Baby Girl)23 Nov. 1918Iowa05 Dec. 1918Lund
Carlin, Doshie Viola Mae23 Mar. 1873Missouri27 Mar. 1937Followwill
Carlin, Margaret25 Apr. 1912Wisconsin12 May 1929Maurer
Carlin, Margaret E.13 Dec. 1838Iowa18 Mar. 1926Godwin
Carlin, Mary Ann27 Sept. 1850Illinois05 June 1923Bonham
Carlin, Robert J.26 Sept. 1923Iowa30 Apr. 1925Scalise
Carlisle, Catharine08 Jan. 1863Iowa29 June 1917Gilland
Carlisle, Eugene29 Mar. 1889Iowa08 Feb. 1935Dogett
Carlisle, Harveyc.1846 06 Dec. 1921 
Carlisle, Joy Marie26 Nov. 1902Iowa21 Feb. 1919Shatto
Carlisle, Sadie Viola30 Apr. 1875Iowa16 Jan. 1930 
Carlisle, Samuel S.10 Nov. 1902Missouri06 June 1927Peters
Carlisle, Zelma H.08 Oct. 1844New York22 Sept. 1922Cram
Carll, John William25 Aug. 1857Indiana10 Jan. 1927Pierson
Carll, Robert Eugene10 Oct. 1934Iowa03 Nov. 1939Holdren
Carlson (Baby Boy)29 Jan. 1935Iowa29 Jan. 1935Lundstrom
Carlson (Baby Girl)02 Feb. 1917Iowa16 Feb. 1917Johnson
Carlson Jr., Andrew W.08 May 1884Iowa13 Nov. 1926Gustafson
Carlson, Albert09 Dec. 1866Sweden03 Apr. 1933 
Carlson, Amanda Christine16 Oct. 1866Sweden19 Feb. 1933 
Carlson, Andrew John16 July 1831Sweden27 July 1917 
Carlson, Anna20 Jan. 1841Sweden01 Apr. 1918Calburg
Carlson, Anna B.22 Mar. 1852Sweden18 May 1933Johanna
Carlson, Anna G.Aug. 1844Sweden16 Jan. 1923Unknown
Carlson, Anna K.23 Jan. 1859Denmark16 Feb. 1939 
Carlson, Anna M.27 Oct. 1865Sweden24 June 1937Carlson
Carlson, Anna Theresa09 Oct. 1891Iowa03 Dec. 1917Nelson
Carlson, Anton07 Mar. 1865Sweden07 Dec. 1936 
Carlson, Anton Severine18 Mar. 1878Illinois15 Sept. 1925Swanson
Carlson, Arlene Mae21 Oct. 1931Iowa20 Feb. 1939Tow
Carlson, August01 Aug. 1852Sweden11 Dec. 1938Stena
Carlson, August Andrew20 Oct. 1845Sweden17 Feb. 1920 
Carlson, Augusta19 July 1857Sweden10 Feb. 1931Unknown
Carlson, Augusta16 Apr. 1859Sweden10 Apr. 1937 
Carlson, Augusta Fredricka03 Nov. 1850Sweden14 Oct. 1931Frick
Carlson, Betty Ann10 Apr. 1935Iowa18 Feb. 1936Macumber
Carlson, C. Will16 Mar. 1875Iowa05 Sept. 1933Jackson
Carlson, C.J.01 Sept. 1849Sweden03 July 1918 
Carlson, Carl Axelc.1885Sweden19 Nov. 1932Gustafson
Carlson, Carl G.11 Sept. 1902Iowa21 Aug. 1931Johnson
Carlson, Carl Johan08 Feb. 1836Sweden03 Oct. 1920 
Carlson, Carolie29 Mar. 1839Sweden31 July 1917 
Carlson, Charles06 May 1840Sweden28 Dec. 1921 
Carlson, Charlesc.1866 14 Apr. 1931Unknown
Carlson, Charles A.13 Jan. 1860Sweden14 Jan. 1934 
Carlson, Charles August02 Feb. 1885Sweden05 Nov. 1918 
Carlson, Charles H.22 Mar. 1857Sweden08 Jan. 1917 
Carlson, Charles J.24 Dec. 1865Sweden16 June 1938 
Carlson, Charles John28 Jan. 1856Sweden11 Apr. 1939 
Carlson, Charles P.10 July 1853Sweden12 July 1938 
Carlson, Charlotte20 Jan. 1848Sweden11 June 1919Unknown
Carlson, Christina Catherine30 Sept. 1874Sweden03 Mar. 1934Olson
Carlson, Christina Soffia15 May 1860Sweden25 Oct. 1926Malmberg
Carlson, Christina Sophia12 Feb. 1847Sweden20 Mar. 1934 
Carlson, Claris24 Feb. 1870Sweden30 Nov. 1938Quick
Carlson, Cloretta Mattie14 Aug. 1910Missouri05 Aug. 1938Tade
Carlson, Earl Sayer25 July 1926Iowa26 Aug. 1926Sayer
Carlson, Earnest Johnc.1924Iowa09 Oct. 1924Sydnes
Carlson, Eddc.1867Sweden05 May 1921 
Carlson, Edward L.09 Jan. 1886Iowa14 Aug. 1924Unknown
Carlson, Einer H.31 Aug. 1888Sweden28 Apr. 1933Anderson
Carlson, Elaf21 Mar. 1865Sweden04 Jan. 1928 
Carlson, Elsie Christine30 Jan. 1899Iowa02 Apr. 1937Johanson
Carlson, Emily15 Nov. 1851Sweden04 Dec. 1934 
Carlson, Ernestc.1892 11 Oct. 1918 
Carlson, Esther M.25 Dec. 1886Iowa03 July 1938Nelson
Carlson, Frank31 June 1874Sweden04 May 1935Swanson
Carlson, Frank August08 Nov. 1870Sweden04 June 1927 
Carlson, Frank O.01 Nov. 1874Sweden18 Mar. 1938 
Carlson, Fred J.23 Dec. 1884Iowa17 July 1929Johnson
Carlson, Gerda07 June 1877Sweden05 Mar. 1924Carlson
Carlson, Gustaf Adolph Sr.11 May 1852Sweden12 Jan. 1936 
Carlson, Gustavc.1890 10 Oct. 1918 
Carlson, Gustava23 Apr. 1850Sweden27 July 1928 
Carlson, Harold Milford22 Oct. 1928Iowa31 Jan. 1931Bryant
Carlson, Hulda10 July 1867Sweden26 Apr. 1930 
Carlson, Jessie29 Apr. 1871Iowa18 Sept. 1917 
Carlson, Joanne Louise07 Apr. 1926Iowa12 Mar. 1934Olney
Carlson, Johan August16 Nov. 1848Sweden19 Mar. 1922Johnson
Carlson, John A.06 July 1868Illinois18 Sept. 1937Anderson
Carlson, John Alfred04 June 1859Sweden28 Apr. 1928 
Carlson, John Fredrick17 Dec. 1864Sweden19 Jan. 1933 
Carlson, Julia Anna25 Apr. 1857Iowa19 Sept. 1930 
Carlson, Lars ElmerOct. 1882Iowa30 Dec. 1925 
Carlson, Lars M.02 Mar. 1844Sweden10 Dec. 1930 
Carlson, Lenea31 May 1906Iowa19 Apr. 1917Holmstrom
Carlson, Louise21 Apr. 1864Sweden22 May 1931 
Carlson, Louise Marie10 Jan. 1866Sweden29 Jan. 1936 
Carlson, Lovisa04 Oct. 1857Sweden21 Apr. 1923 
Carlson, Lucy16 Mar. 1868Sweden01 Dec. 1933Jackson
Carlson, Maria Charlotta28 Aug. 1853Sweden10 June 1926 
Carlson, Martin24 Aug. 1885Iowa16 Nov. 1929Jackson
Carlson, Martin C.24 July 1889Iowa21 June 1928Carlson
Carlson, Mathildac.1869Sweden22 Mar. 1938 
Carlson, Matidal22 Sept. 1843Sweden26 Feb. 1932 
Carlson, Minnie Emelia25 Nov. 1880Iowa26 Nov. 1920Nattenstrom
Carlson, Nels Fredrick30 May 1847Sweden04 Nov. 1928Unknown
Carlson, Olaf13 Jan. 1841Sweden03 Mar. 1924Unknown
Carlson, Olivia Augusta08 Mar. 1905Iowa29 July 1923Octelson
Carlson, Oscar24 Feb. 1866Sweden22 Aug. 1923Unknown
Carlson, Oscar16 Feb. 1865Sweden03 Aug. 1919Person
Carlson, Oscar Fredrick14 Oct. 1879Sweden02 Feb. 1917Johnson
Carlson, Oscar Jamesc.1923Iowa19 Oct. 1926Carlson
Carlson, Oscar T.19 Oct. 1854Sweden05 Oct. 1938 
Carlson, Otto L.01 Oct. 1851Sweden25 Mar. 1933 
Carlson, Peter John22 Oct. 1862Sweden22 Aug. 1921 
Carlson, Sven14 Mar. 1849Sweden15 Oct. 1917Unknown
Carlson, Sven Peter02 Oct. 1858Sweden08 Nov. 1928Unknown
Carlson, Tullc.1888 15 Oct. 1918 
Carlson, Viola15 Mar. 1921Iowa02 Apr. 1923Carlson
Carlson, Vivian1891Sweden17 Feb. 1919 
Carlson, William Edward05 Dec. 1882Illinois22 July 1931Mathesen
Carlstadt, Anna Fredac.1877Sweden25 Dec. 1920Henfelt
Carlton, Guy A.02 Aug. 1882Iowa24 Oct. 1938Jackson
Carlton, John W.10 Apr. 1921Colorado27 Feb. 1923Yockers
Carlton, Mary Catherine19 Nov. 1883Iowa24 Sept. 1936McIntyre
Carlton, Terrence A.27 Apr. 1937Iowa07 Feb. 1938McCall
Carman, Edna May19 Dec. 1925Iowa17 Sept. 1929Joynes
Carman, Jacob Waller09 Jan. 1842Illinois18 Feb. 1919Buckhman
Carman, Winnie May13 Apr. 1899Nebraska27 Dec. 1928Trullinger
Carmer, Dorothy Grace14 Feb. 1905Iowa28 Sept. 1925Cox
Carmer, Vern04 Feb. 1899Iowa10 Sept. 1938Carle
Carmeres, Pheobe Alta07 Aug. 1866Iowa18 May 1932Hocket
Carmichael, Curtis Lee03 Mar. 1912Iowa10 May 1929Fulkes
Carmichael, George C.17 Oct. 1853West Indies03 Feb. 1926Unknown
Carmichael, Joseph E.02 July 1878Iowa02 July 1938Carrol
Carmichael, Russell Kenneth23 Dec. 1934Iowa27 Jan. 1935Webb
Carmody, Charles31 May 1886Iowa15 Mar. 1927Logan
Carmody, Emma31 Dec. 1859Ohio06 Apr. 1939 
Carmody, James Herbert19 Oct. 1886Kentucky29 July 1935Coleman
Carmody, James Martin11 Nov. 1914Iowa11 May 1932Dowling
Carmody, Lenord24 Dec. 1909Iowa23 May 1937O'Conner
Carmody, Mary19 Aug. 1855Pennsylvania19 Oct. 1932McNamara
Carmody, Michael28 Sept. 1857Ireland27 July 1931 
Carnahan, David Gilmore12 Mar. 1865Iowa20 Sept. 1939 
Carnahan, George Washington07 Aug. 1865Iowa04 Dec. 1938Smith
Carnal, Beverly Ann30 June 1935Iowa24 Nov. 1936Romine
Carnan, John Wesley18 Jan. 1840Ohio24 Mar. 1923 
Carnes, Abrahamc.1853Ohio17 Sept. 1918Unknown
Carnes, Fred W.31 Jan. 1872Michigan09 Oct. 1935 
Carney, Anna Maria Sally Mae Saha05 Aug. 1856Germany14 Sept. 1939 
Carney, John J.28 Dec. 1861Massachusetts10 Aug. 1928Unknown
Carney, Mary Margaret15 July 1926Iowa16 July 1926May
Carney, Sarah E.c.1836England24 Oct. 1920 
Carns, Emma14 Aug. 1868Missouri21 Oct. 1919 
Caroher, Bernard F.c.1858Iowa28 Aug. 1921Grant
Carolan, Andrewc.1869Iowa04 Oct. 1932Brien
Carothers, Cliffordc.1892 17 Feb. 1918 
Carothers, Mariettac.1850Illinois04 Mar. 1919Buck
Carp, Margaret B.26 Mar. 1877Illinois29 Sept. 1936McGregor
Carp, Tony A.16 Oct. 1884Russia20 Oct. 1932 
Carpener, James S.08 May 1870Iowa05 Apr. 1939Dickerson
Carpenter, Albert09 Nov. 1845Pennsylvania03 Jan. 1921Britton
Carpenter, Albert Junior28 June 1924Iowa28 July 1924Jones
Carpenter, Albert R.01 Apr. 1889Kentucky05 June 1924 
Carpenter, Alberta04 Mar. 1913Iowa22 Apr. 1917Acklin
Carpenter, Alonso S.28 Mar. 1836Vermont31 Dec. 1921Unknown
Carpenter, America Jane28 Sept. 1856Kentucky25 Feb. 1933 
Carpenter, Archie B.  06 Oct. 1918 
Carpenter, Arthurc.1871Virginia15 Apr. 1935Holland
Carpenter, Betty Jean20 Aug. 1922Iowa03 May 1928Seward
Carpenter, Clell Jr.28 May 1926Iowa11 June 1926Fosenburg
Carpenter, Clyde09 Feb. 1915Iowa28 Aug. 1918Jackson
Carpenter, Cyrilc.1890Belgium23 Sept. 1917 
Carpenter, Donna Joyce15 Oct. 1938Iowa25 Nov. 1939Harvey
Carpenter, Edwin Benjamin03 Apr. 1852Missouri14 Oct. 1918West
Carpenter, Elizabeth W.23 Mar. 1859Ohio02 Aug. 1920Lenninger
Carpenter, Ellac.1865 22 Nov. 1925Unknown
Carpenter, Ella09 Sept. 1846Wisconsin14 July 1936 
Carpenter, Ethyl Mayc.May 1862Wisconsin20 Oct. 1920 
Carpenter, Frank15 July 1856Wisconsin13 Jan. 1936 
Carpenter, George W.27 June 1849Indiana12 Sept. 1932 
Carpenter, Glen23 Aug. 1905Iowa30 Aug. 1931Short
Carpenter, Glen Leaf02 Nov. 1912Iowa13 Mar. 1920Skinner
Carpenter, Grace D.07 Feb. 1898Iowa26 Mar. 1920Babbitt
Carpenter, Harry13 Feb. 1867Iowa02 Dec. 1934Lynch
Carpenter, Israel Scroggie24 Dec. 1855Iowa30 Apr. 1922Scroggie
Carpenter, John16 June 1930Iowa29 Jan. 1931Maxwell
Carpenter, John Drake13 Apr. 1864Iowa22 Aug. 1935Drake
Carpenter, Katie McClanahanc.1879Arkansas12 May 1935Williams
Carpenter, Leo James30 Aug. 1924Iowa13 Nov. 1924Carpenter
Carpenter, Lola Albert15 Feb. 1881Iowa17 Dec. 1930Garrett
Carpenter, Lon Silas07 Sept. 1872Iowa16 May 1935 
Carpenter, M.V.09 Mar. 1840Indiana26 Dec. 1919Rhephogh
Carpenter, Mary17 Apr. 1925Iowa26 May 1925McTighe
Carpenter, Mary Belle01 May 1858Indiana02 June 1932Gross
Carpenter, Matilda27 Nov. 1855Iowa03 Jan. 1920Long
Carpenter, Menerva12 May 1858Ohio09 Nov. 1930Plummer
Carpenter, Ray Smalley08 Mar. 1912Iowa03 Aug. 1923Smalley
Carpenter, Rebecca Ann31 July 1851Indiana13 Sept. 1924Marshall
Carpenter, Robert Glenn03 July 1917Iowa04 July 1917Johnson
Carpenter, Rosa Francesc.1883Illinois27 Oct. 1918Unknown
Carpenter, Rush A.12 Apr. 1869Missouri23 Feb. 1939Brown
Carpenter, Ruth C.06 June 1878Iowa04 July 1919Williams
Carpenter, Samatha Jane30 Sept. 1856Iowa11 Feb. 1932Mullen
Carpenter, Sarah E.17 May 1859Wisconsin10 May 1932Pritchard
Carpenter, Sophie Viola10 Jan. 1849Illinois18 Nov. 1917Unknown
Carpenter, Stella27 Aug. 1871Iowa21 May 1924Millslagel
Carpenter, Timothy E.16 Aug. 1870Wisconsin09 Mar. 1923Peep
Carpenter, William B.21 Nov. 1855Kentucky19 Oct. 1924 
Carper (Baby Boy)24 July 1923Iowa24 July 1923Nelson
Carper, Clementine H.22 Dec. 1842Illinois22 June 1925Rndell
Carper, Hiram Frank26 Jan. 1872Illinois26 Dec. 1928Unknown
Carper, N. Clay11 Nov. 1874Illinois04 Jan. 1932 
Carper, Pansy Marie10 July 1920Iowa06 Oct. 1927Gibson
Carpino, Emme28 Mar. 1930Iowa10 Apr. 1930Ortale
Carr, Abbie May19 Sept. 1891Iowa25 May 1926Demmitt
Carr, Aurilla Ring13 July 1855Iowa19 Sept. 1935Innks
Carr, Bryant04 Aug. 1858Missouri25 Feb. 1939Gruder
Carr, Elizabethc.1861New York01 Jan. 1921Gardner
Carr, Flora Fay12 Sept. 1880Illinois02 Oct. 1924Scott
Carr, Georgec.1867 16 Aug. 1922 
Carr, George14 Feb. 1858Scotland05 Nov. 1929 
Carr, George09 July 1886Iowa16 Aug. 1934 
Carr, George Edward18 Aug. 1861Iowa05 Nov. 1936 
Carr, George Ernest25 Sept. 1889Minnesota10 Sept. 1926Hogg
Carr, George H.23 Nov. 1853New York06 Dec. 1918Armstrong
Carr, George Henryc.1876Minnesota04 June 1936Smith
Carr, George W.08 May 1860Iowa19 Aug. 1932O'Shaughnessey
Carr, Hattie16 July 1905Iowa31 Mar. 1927 
Carr, Ira W.01 Jan. 1844Indiana18 Apr. 1925 
Carr, Jean Ellen17 Apr. 1875Scotland07 Feb. 1938Duffy
Carr, Jeannette26 Oct. 1861Wisconsin18 Jan. 1933Green
Carr, Johnc.1884 09 Oct. 1918 
Carr, John Henry01 Nov. 1920Iowa01 Nov. 1920Roberson
Carr, John Thomas1858England26 Dec. 1927Carr
Carr, Joseph H.09 June 1863Virginia22 Aug. 1939Burgess
Carr, Lula Ann28 Oct. 1885Iowa08 Apr. 1930Merrick
Carr, Mary Anne23 Nov. 1860England01 June 1926Holladay
Carr, Mary Francis28 Feb. 1893Iowa19 July 1928Price
Carr, Mary Margaret27 Oct. 1865Missouri24 Aug. 1939Kneeland
Carr, Michael18 Aug. 1852Ohio03 Nov. 1923Mehan
Carr, Patricteia Louise09 Nov. 1933Iowa14 Jan. 1934Williams
Carr, Robert Dean Jr.11 Mar. 1934Iowa11 Mar. 1934Burdick
Carr, Rosie1852Iowa16 Sept. 1922 
Carr, S. Ellen24 May 1826Iowa27 July 1928 
Carr, Sarah Griffith23 Oct. 1885Georgia09 Oct. 1919Hilgare
Carr, Thomas01 Oct. 1888Iowa26 Feb. 1921Nichols
Carr, Thomas G.09 June 1840Indiana29 June 1918Draggoo
Carr, William01 Jan. 1879Iowa13 Apr. 1923Keefe
Carr, William F.08 May 1860Iowa18 Jan. 1934 
Carraher, Grace Elizabeth19 Oct. 1904Illinois08 June 1926Belz
Carraher, Jennie Brand30 Apr. 1870Delaware28 Dec. 1934 
Carrasco, Manuel Jr.17 Mar. 1935Iowa18 Mar. 1935Gonsaliz
Carrell, Henry Lincoln11 June 1860Illinois22 Feb. 1936Cowgill
Carrell, Max Elliot21 May 1909Iowa01 Nov. 1927Gordin
Carrick, George Gail10 Mar. 1898Iowa22 May 1922Lamb
Carrille, Georc.1892 29 Nov. 1917Unknown
Carrington, Reecec.1860Iowa14 July 1934 
Carrizales, Ruth A.08 May 1872Iowa17 July 1936 
Carrol, Margaretc.1875Ireland05 Sept. 1927McCardel
Carroll (Baby Girl)24 Jan. 1920Iowa24 Jan. 1920Arnold
Carroll, Anna31 Jan. 1892Iowa04 Jan. 1928Malone
Carroll, Bridget09 Feb. 1856Ireland03 Feb. 1931McCardell
Carroll, Charles W.24 Feb. 1845Illinois18 Oct. 1920 
Carroll, Clarence02 Feb. 1917Iowa20 Mar. 1917Carpenter
Carroll, Edward J.27 Feb. 1870Illinois14 Sept. 1931Meehan
Carroll, George Washingtonc.1854Illinois06 May 1920Unknown
Carroll, Margaret Lorraine04 Nov. 1918Oregon11 Mar. 1926Irwin
Carroll, Mary03 Apr. 1892Missouri27 Jan. 1920Eddy
Carroll, Mary Ellen22 Mar. 1856Canada05 Mar. 1931Watlan
Carroll, Mary Rebecca01 July 1873Iowa28 Apr. 1924Cox
Carroll, Oscarc.1896 09 June 1919 
Carroll, Patrick J.21 Dec. 1849Ireland14 Oct. 1928McCaidle
Carron, Frank17 Aug. 1871Pennsylvania26 Apr. 1938McNicol
Carron, John15 Dec. 1844Scotland06 Oct. 1929 
Carron, John19 Feb. 1871Indiana09 July 1934McNicol
Carson, Bush13 Aug. 1861Ohio16 July 1932Poots
Carson, Carrie28 Oct. 1862Illinois22 Jan. 1930Slsamland
Carson, Catherine Louise08 Oct. 1847New York22 Feb. 1935Hazelswirt
Carson, Clara May08 Oct. 1884Iowa04 Oct. 1939Ridgley
Carson, Davec.1857New York25 July 1934 
Carson, Elizabeth08 Feb. 1864Illinois30 Oct. 1935False
Carson, Elizabeth10 Oct. 1844Wales27 Sept. 1917Brees
Carson, Frances Collins14 Oct. 1918Wisconsin04 July 1935Collins
Carson, Fred V.12 Feb. 1883Iowa15 Nov. 1937Kidd
Carson, Harriett Emma28 July 1856England18 July 1937 
Carson, John W.15 Jan. 1872Nebraska27 Nov. 1932 
Carson, Lola M.12 Sept. 1915Iowa13 June 1930Everling
Carson, Margaret Josephine05 May 1874Pennsylvania02 Mar. 1936Leonard
Carson, Mary Ellen02 Oct. 1852Ohio08 May 1920Cree
Carson, Maude Caroline02 Apr. 1870Canada17 July 1931Rbersole
Carson, William23 June 1901Missouri09 Jan. 1936Unknown
Carson, William B.29 Aug. 1849Indiana31 Dec. 1927Unknown
Carson, William Coleman03 Sept. 1841Canada28 Oct. 1928Morrison
Carss, Annie05 Jan. 1841England04 Mar. 1923York
Carstensen, Mae06 Mar. 1882Iowa17 Apr. 1925Wentyien
Cart, Minnie May Gose13 Nov. 1874Iowa04 Dec. 1936Miller
Cart, Samuel Madison25 Feb. 1850Indiana21 Mar. 1929Unknown
Cart, Thomas Madison17 July 1874Iowa23 June 1934Slife
Carter (Baby Boy)30 May 1918Iowa31 May 1918Bush
Carter (Baby Girl)17 Aug. 1919Iowa17 Aug. 1919Gay
Carter, Adelia Artie19 Oct. 1897Kansas07 Sept. 1935Martin
Carter, Albert14 Nov. 1846Ohio27 July 1927 
Carter, Allen Benton20 Apr. 1841Ohio19 Apr. 1924Severe
Carter, Amasa25 Dec. 1849New York03 Apr. 1921 
Carter, Amosc.1856 13 Mar. 1918 
Carter, Anderson Henryc.1868Virginia02 Oct. 1927Unknown
Carter, Anna B.01 Jan. 1896Iowa04 Aug. 1918Carr
Carter, Annie Mathews09 Sept. 1863England06 Feb. 1927Unknown
Carter, Arthur Paul19 Feb. 1896Ohio26 July 1927Calloway
Carter, Arthur Ray13 July 1875Iowa13 May 1936Elledge
Carter, Catherine Elizabeth02 Nov. 1898Iowa04 Oct. 1927Rae
Carter, Charles Alvin27 June 1903Iowa28 Apr. 1937Adams
Carter, Charles Frank06 Apr. 1934Iowa26 July 1934Wonderlin
Carter, Dolly Marton15 Feb. 1880Illinois08 Feb. 1926Clark
Carter, Dyle07 Oct. 1887Iowa09 Sept. 1928Williamson
Carter, E.H.c.1879Iowa21 Feb. 1918 
Carter, Edwin Enos14 Jan. 1880Kansas19 May 1933Ellidge
Carter, Effie Kimbrough13 Jan. 1889Georgia08 June 1937Bownman
Carter, Emma Melvania22 Aug. 1842New Jersey30 Jan. 1917Mann
Carter, Flora Wilson03 Feb. 1896Kansas02 Apr. 1937Johnson
Carter, Frances Bernicec.1910Iowa21 July 1933Roach
Carter, Frank Benjamin14 Dec. 1890Nebraska18 Dec. 1938Miller
Carter, George Gilford23 Nov. 1853Kentucky19 July 1931Breeding
Carter, Grace04 Nov. 1876Illinois22 June 1930McCord
Carter, Grace May20 Jan. 1875Iowa03 Nov. 1935Wright
Carter, Harriett10 Oct. 1853Missouri14 Oct. 1918 
Carter, Harriett Emeline09 Aug. 1840Illinois03 Feb. 1918Scott
Carter, Hattie Mae09 Oct. 1865Iowa08 Mar. 1935Montgomery
Carter, Helen Josephine25 Dec. 1906Iowa16 Aug. 1932Miller
Carter, Henry M.c.1895 13 Oct. 1918 
Carter, James H.13 Oct. 1863Missouri04 Jan. 1936Neal
Carter, John23 June 1849Indiana10 Dec. 1923Morris
Carter, Leone Inez14 Mar. 1881Indiana14 Oct. 1931Parnel
Carter, Lloyd16 Apr. 1872Iowa22 July 1938Salladay
Carter, Loyd D.14 Apr. 1897Iowa02 Aug. 1939Duncanson
Carter, Maryc.1847Iowa21 Mar. 1921Unknown
Carter, Mary Jane05 Apr. 1856Indiana28 Jan. 1930Adams
Carter, Mary Lucretia10 Mar. 1849Illinois14 Oct. 1929Williams
Carter, Mary Nettie06 Apr. 1852Iowa27 Oct. 1918Hannell
Carter, Nancy Jane07 Mar. 1840Indiana13 July 1921Estel
Carter, Nellie Jane19 Oct. 1884 23 Mar. 1925Butterfield
Carter, Robert F.02 Oct. 1860Illinois15 Jan. 1931Blair
Carter, Romson P.c.1861Iowa15 Sept. 1927Randall
Carter, Ruth I.06 June 1910Iowa15 Dec. 1932Carter
Carter, S.T.c.1859Iowa05 Aug. 1927 
Carter, Samc.1891 23 Oct. 1918 
Carter, Tracy25 Dec. 1894Texas21 July 1926Unknown
Carter, Violac.1889Alabama29 May 1927 
Carter, Viola Victoria15 Mar. 1893Iowa01 Jan. 1933 
Carter, Williamc.1897 09 Oct. 1918 
Carter, William Frank15 July 1887Missouri09 Jan. 1929Smith
Carter, William Henry16 May 1858New York27 Oct. 1935DeWitt
Cartinas, Alphonso06 June 1932Iowa13 Mar. 1935Garcia
Carton, Eva02 Mar. 1889Iowa14 Sept. 1939Prior
Cartwright, Carl A.c.1918Iowa11 Aug. 1921Leonard
Cartwright, Eldorador18 Feb. 1879Arkansas09 Sept. 1937McCoy
Cartwright, Elizabeth22 July 1840 01 Aug. 1926Weeks
Cartwright, Jennie27 July 1856Missouri29 July 1938Wilson
Cartwright, Roscoe Leroy24 Sept. 1924Iowa22 Dec. 1924Snell
Caruso, Joe19 Aug. 1890Italy04 May 1937 
Caruso, Tony (or Feora, Chales)c.1879Italy01 Apr. 1929 
Caruthers, Marjarie Belle10 Jan. 1925Iowa24 Feb. 1925Cunningham
Carver, Edith N.18 Dec. 1884Indiana05 Aug. 1935 
Cary (Baby Boy)18 Sept. 1919Iowa18 Sept. 1919Meltcher
Cary (Baby Girl)23 Mar. 1917Iowa24 Mar. 1917Johnson
Cary, Edward15 May 1855 24 Nov. 1927Unknown
Cary, Lewis16 Feb. 1851Virginia21 June 1929 
Cary, Lucyc.1851Virginia12 Nov. 1924 
Cary, Naomi10 Mar. 1900Iowa23 Feb. 1921Kinley
Cary, Samuel K.03 Feb. 1844Ohio17 Dec. 1917Unknown
Cary, Spencer C.10 Nov. 1862Virginia21 Feb. 1921Tinley
Carzoli, Alfredc.1876Italy14 Mar. 1935 
Carzoli, Louisc.1873Italy01 Dec. 1918 
Carzoli, Severina09 Dec. 1917Iowa16 Dec. 1917Vignaroli
Casaday, Martin E.24 Oct. 1843Iowa05 Apr. 1919 
Casaday, Mary Ellen01 Apr. 1851Illinois15 Sept. 1935McFarland
Casady, Alice Irene16 Nov. 1891Iowa18 Nov. 1936Filson
Casady, Edward Everett22 Oct. 1884Iowa16 Jan. 1935Daugherty
Casady, Helen Louise30 Oct. 1913Iowa11 Sept. 1923Coe
Casady, Lester Irwin01 Sept. 1906Iowa26 Sept. 1928Hohl
Casady, Sadie J.25 June 1856Illinois14 Jan. 1939Schroopman
Casady, Simon16 June 1852Iowa25 Mar. 1928Grimmel
Casady, Simon Jr.01 Sept. 1885Tennessee16 Jan. 1931Griffith
Case, Bessie17 Nov. 1903Iowa23 Mar. 1924Gould
Case, Cora J.29 Feb. 1849Indiana15 Jan. 1929Hinkle
Case, George M.21 Oct. 1858Indiana12 Dec. 1935 
Case, Harley D.20 Aug. 1864Iowa27 Nov. 1934Benight
Case, Henry W.L.04 Oct. 1856Iowa01 May 1935Cooper
Case, Huston L.24 Apr. 1845Pennsylvania23 Nov. 1929Cannon
Case, John A.11 Jan. 1857Illinois14 Nov. 1932Dalrymple
Case, Joseph Oscar16 Oct. 1878Iowa20 Dec. 1924Huff
Case, Margrette Virginia12 May 1852Virginia16 Sept. 1921Wallers
Case, Martha Elizabeth12 Sept. 1857Ohio05 June 1932Sydler
Case, Sarah E.16 July 1844Pennsylvania08 Apr. 1929 
Casebeer, Courtney H.14 Jan. 1877Illinois07 May 1925Miller
Casell, Charlott Delina24 Aug. 1842New York14 July 1920Applegate
Casey (Baby Girl)15 Feb. 1921Iowa15 Feb. 1921Stevens
Casey, Alfred11 July 1885Missouri19 June 1938 
Casey, Carl06 Apr. 1923Iowa13 Oct. 1923 
Casey, Charlesc.1900Missouri29 Mar. 1918Doss
Casey, Cliffordc.1903Missouri01 Apr. 1918Doss
Casey, Dolores M.08 Nov. 1915Iowa01 Apr. 1939Hanley
Casey, Ernestc.1897Missouri04 Apr. 1918Doss
Casey, George04 Oct. 1876Iowa04 Dec. 1921Brown
Casey, Harry R.c.1895Missouri27 Apr. 1918Doss
Casey, Ida Josephine21 May 1880Iowa03 June 1934Kinsey
Casey, Jenniec.1892Iowa23 Sept. 1939Connolly
Casey, Johnc.1865Illinois04 June 1919Mahoney
Casey, John J.05 May 1874Wisconsin13 Apr. 1936Mahoney
Casey, Lolac.1914Missouri03 Apr. 1918Doss
Casey, Maria C.22 Aug. 1881Iowa09 Dec. 1918Crasin
Casey, Michaelc.1862Ohio31 Dec. 1927Unknown
Casey, Michaelc.1835Ireland05 Nov. 1917Unknown
Casey, Patrick H.17 Mar. 1842Ireland01 July 1925Welch
Casey, Peter J.16 Mar. 1855New York03 Jan. 1926McManus
Casey, Richard22 Mar. 1888Iowa28 Feb. 1935 
Casey, Richard FrancisDec. 1930Iowa12 Dec. 1930Rollow
Casey, Roy10 May 1919Iowa22 Sept. 1919Stevens
Casey, Samuelc.1872Missouri03 Apr. 1918Unknown
Casey, Samuel Jr.c.1910Missouri07 Apr. 1918Doss
Casey, William J.29 Aug. 1882New York07 Dec. 1938 
Casey, William W.1881Iowa20 Dec. 1925Brown
Casgrove, Wayne Arthur23 Apr. 1920Iowa10 Nov. 1927Cole
Cash, Beulah18 Sept. 1896Iowa25 Sept. 1936Erie
Cash, Emma08 Sept. 1870Illinois10 July 1935Pettijohn
Cash, John Joseph09 June 1877Iowa29 May 1938Murphy
Cash, Rosa Elizabeth22 Jan. 1850Tennessee06 Oct. 1928Lovley
Cashatt, Grant14 Feb. 1863Iowa22 Apr. 1918Smith
Casidy, Oscar E.19 Dec. 1901Canada04 Oct. 1921Casidy
Caskey, Amanda Ellen07 Sept. 1855Indiana14 Sept. 1925Stultz
Caskey, D.E.04 Feb. 1869Iowa10 Oct. 1932Pryor
Caskey, George Franklin07 Apr. 1863Iowa23 Aug. 1936Tisdale
Caskey, Lawrence19 Jan. 1923South Dakota16 Feb. 1936Poulisse
Caskey, William J.04 Mar. 1879Ohio07 Sept. 1930Porterfield
Casner (Baby Boy)17 Jan. 1917Iowa31 Jan. 1917Clough
Casner (Baby Boy)11 May 1918Iowa12 May 1918Clough
Casner, Betty Jane18 Apr. 1927Iowa20 Mar. 1930Gustafson
Casner, Edith LaVerne19 June 1939Iowa07 July 1939Boatwright
Casner, Ethyl19 June 1939Iowa19 June 1939Boatwright
Casner, George William23 Mar. 1851Ohio03 Nov. 1930Barber
Casner, Harvey30 Aug. 1935Iowa11 Dec. 1937Gustafson
Cason, Harriettc.1866Missouri17 Mar. 1934Watts
Cason, William Thomas11 July 1871Iowa27 Mar. 1920 
Caspe, Margaret Lucille30 Apr. 1907Iowa02 Mar. 1930Boatwright
Caspe, Sadiec.1877Russia08 Mar. 1922 
Casper, C.C.14 Feb. 1863Michigan17 Apr. 1937Klingman
Casper, Charles1900Iowa29 Apr. 1922 
Casper, Ralph13 Apr. 1908Iowa07 Jan. 1918Isham
Casper, William H.07 Mar. 1855Indiana25 Aug. 1934Warner
Casperson, Barneyc.1905Norway20 July 1925Andrea
Cass, Daniel June25 June 1894South Dakota28 July 1919Fuller
Cass, Sarah Ann15 Mar. 1843OhioDec. 1930Mitchues
Cass, William Nathaniel26 Feb. 1866Wisconsin30 Nov. 1928Packard
Cassaday, Leon McHenry02 Jan. 1869Iowa10 Jan. 1924McHenry
Cassady, Harry D.20 Oct. 1925Iowa25 Aug. 1926Thompson
Cassady, Ida Whiting04 July 1854Iowa06 July 1937Criner
Cassady, Lloyd Herbert26 Feb. 1892Iowa22 Nov. 1920Whiting
Cassady, Raymond W.08 Nov. 1881Iowa07 July 1924Whiting
Cassatt, Sarah Ellen19 Mar. 1860Iowa23 Dec. 1929Crannor
Cassel, John T.20 Sept. 1859Ohio22 Aug. 1917 
Cassel, Melinda Ewing05 May 1865Missouri02 Nov. 1934 
Cassell, Victor07 Mar. 1922Iowa29 Mar. 1924Bennett
Cassell, William Henry09 Mar. 1841Illinois11 June 1918Rabb
Cassiday, Helen Elizabeth08 Feb. 1917Iowa27 May 1918Parker
Cassidy, Jesse L.20 Mar. 1857Iowa07 Jan. 1938Sturman
Cassidy, John F.29 Apr. 1885Illinois05 Oct. 1934Milan
Cassidy, L.L.01 Jan. 1855Ohio22 Oct. 1934DeWare
Cassidy, Patc.1881Iowa14 Aug. 1926Spain
Cassidy, Susie11 Apr. 1864Vermont13 Mar. 1927Lee
Cassill, Dema E.c.1856Ohio05 May 1936Sprague
Cassill, Seymore03 May 1863Ohio26 Aug. 1930Davis
Casson, Richard Charles10 July 1926Iowa12 July 1926Lathrum
Casson, William Robert19 Feb. 1872Illinois14 Sept. 1939Lash
Castallano, Rufugioc.1902Mexico15 Oct. 1932 
Casteel, Mabel20 Feb. 1882Iowa20 Jan. 1920 
Casteel, Miles J.21 Mar. 1857Missouri21 Mar. 1927Conly
Castel, Elizabeth Jewett07 Feb. 1831Ohio20 Mar. 1918Hayse
Castelline (Baby Girl)19 Jan. 1926Iowa19 Jan. 1926Kelly
Castelline, Paul R.13 Mar. 1925Iowa12 May 1938McVey
Castello, John W.08 May 1878Iowa14 July 1932King
Castelloe, Martin J.c.1881Nebraska12 Jan. 1918King
Caster, Carl A.02 July 1890Iowa20 Oct. 1933Cook
Caster, John Emery30 May 1861Iowa23 Jan. 1920Wethers
Caster, John L.18 Sept. 1847Iowa04 Dec. 1928Unknown
Caster, Lael Barnes16 Apr. 1915Iowa09 Feb. 1921Barnes
Caster, Laurel Adeline17 May 1880Iowa07 May 1922Lutz
Caster, Solomanc.1853Russia Poland23 Dec. 1924 
Castillo, Macario18 Mar. 1916Mexico25 Feb. 1919Unknown
Castings, Effie27 May 1875Iowa04 Oct. 1937Hancock
Castle, Alexander D.16 Feb. 1859Wisconsin23 June 1933Castleman
Castle, Charles Alexander05 Aug. 1846New York04 May 1926Oglivie
Castle, Charles Ballard11 Aug. 1869Iowa09 July 1937 
Castle, Georg Austin24 July 1873Iowa08 Nov. 1917 
Castle, George Jr.05 July 1923Iowa05 July 1923Baxtrom
Castle, Lafanial1917Iowa30 Nov. 1917Arthur
Castle, Mathilda A.09 Oct. 1850Virginia05 Apr. 1917Wickham
Castles, Thomas Ralph02 June 1882Iowa29 July 1934 
Castor, Joel Clarence22 Jan. 1872Iowa03 Jan. 1922Adie
Caswell, Rose Marrie12 Aug. 1937Iowa12 Aug. 1937 
Cataldo, Frank Anthonyc.1887Italy25 Nov. 1935Ligouri
Catamensious, Anna T.20 Jan. 1920Iowa26 Nov. 1920Chakalakis
Cate, Harry08 July 1844England04 Nov. 1928Bray
Cate, Jenniec.1850Michigan14 Mar. 1922 
Cate, Linnie Z.03 Feb. 1868Iowa15 Dec. 1934Perqie
Cater, Roy Auston02 Apr. 1880Iowa03 May 1921Unknown
Cathary, Charleyc.1884Syria07 July 1935 
Cathcart, Charles M.27 June 1871Iowa17 Aug. 1935Wetherell
Cathcart, Jenniec.1863Pennsylvania15 May 1927Shaffer
Cathcart, William H.30 Nov. 1859Wisconsin21 Mar. 1926Fox
Catlin, Theophitus Perry24 Feb. 1874Iowa23 Oct. 1938Catlin
Cato, Lawrence W.c.1894Minnesota07 Dec. 1917 
Catomerisos, Theafanisc.1887Greece09 May 1926Unknown
Catrenich, George24 July 1924Iowa02 Apr. 1925 
Cattell, Mary Carthrine27 Jan. 1852Iowa22 Aug. 1936Leedy
Catterall, Albert Baxter26 July 1861England02 Sept. 1936 
Catterton, Leonard11 Jan. 1882Missouri03 June 1922 
Caufield, Mary Loudes20 Nov. 1875Illinois02 July 1925Durkin
Caughey, Dewitt F.21 Feb. 1847Pennsylvania06 Nov. 1918McCrary
Caughey, Herold E.07 Mar. 1896Iowa16 Jan. 1919 
Caughie, Robert Stewart15 Nov. 1874Scotland30 Aug. 1933Small
Caughlin, Cyrus Edward10 Sept. 1864Missouri05 June 1926Waite
Caul, Hettie E.31 Dec. 1852Ohio15 Aug. 1918Richards
Caulfield, Jane E.31 Oct. 1873Iowa24 Mar. 1927Unknown
Caulfield, John F.31 Aug. 1862Ireland10 June 1930 
Caulfield, Mary A.18 Jan. 1849Ireland27 Dec. 1933Caughlin
Caulson, Elizabeth28 Dec. 1865England20 Aug. 1938 
Causdo, Johnc.1860 05 Dec. 1918 
Causey, Rose02 Jan. 1876Iowa11 Dec. 1924Cogley
Cavanagh, Catherine Agnes14 Sept. 1876Iowa19 Apr. 1935Gibbon
Cavanagh, Mary A.23 Sept. 1857Kentucky21 Mar. 1933Mitchell
Cavanaugh, Bette Cecile11 Aug. 1917Iowa20 May 1918Bean
Cavanaugh, Catherinec.1834Ireland26 June 1919Unknown
Cavanaugh, Donald William08 Sept. 1932Iowa26 July 1936Mahaffey
Cavanaugh, Florence Catherine12 Mar. 1891Iowa16 July 1936Flaherty
Cavanaugh, Jamesc.1868England23 Oct. 1920 
Cavanaugh, Jamesc.1852 13 Feb. 1923Unknown
Cavanaugh, Janec.1862Ireland01 June 1923 
Cavanaugh, Joan26 Apr. 1923Iowa01 May 1923Dougherty
Cavanaugh, John01 June 1846Ireland28 Apr. 1925Redman
Cavanaugh, John12 Oct. 1875Iowa15 Apr. 1932McDonough
Cavanaugh, Johnc.1829Ireland26 June 1917Unknown
Cavanaugh, Margaret E.c.1865Canada30 Mar. 1922Fahey
Cavanaugh, Mary08 Nov. 1848Ireland30 May 1925O'Connell
Cavanaugh, Mary Clare05 Dec. 1924Iowa15 Dec. 1924Douherty
Cavanaugh, Michael1861Ireland14 Mar. 1928Unknown
Cavanaugh, Patrick17 Mar. 1838Ireland12 Oct. 1925 
Cavanaugh, Patrick J.01 Aug. 1843Ireland04 Nov. 1931Unknown
Cavanaugh, Ray E.20 Oct. 1897Iowa17 Apr. 1938Benoit
Cavanaugh, Terryc.1850New York24 Nov. 1920McCabe
Cavanaugh, Thelma01 Aug. 1924Iowa08 June 1925Stewart
Cavanaugh, Velma May01 Aug. 1924Iowa13 May 1925Stewart
Cavanaugh, William T.28 Oct. 1875Iowa08 Apr. 1935Dunn
Cavander, Nintha Emiline04 Mar. 1838Delaware19 June 1920Unknown
Cavario, Myrtle04 May 1870Iowa22 May 1929 
Cave, Williamc.1843 11 Sept. 1928 
Cave, William B.c.1866Iowa03 Dec. 1917Parks
Cavenaugh, Katec.1864Wisconsin02 Sept. 1921Unknown
Cavender, Carolinac.1878 27 Jan. 1924Unknown
Cavender, Charles William16 Apr. 1844Indiana17 Mar. 1923 
Cavender, Margaret Catherine11 Jan. 1846Indiana08 Feb. 1924Stump
Cavender, Matthew23 May 1872England11 Mar. 1936Baker
Cavender, Orville Thomas27 May 1902Iowa12 June 1917DeYoung
Cavett, Anna Maria02 Nov. 1851Pennsylvania24 June 1931Bender
Cavett, Roy E.05 Oct. 1884Iowa02 July 1932Wallace
Cavill, John A.07 June 1869Virginia16 Apr. 1939 
Cawiezell, George Walter30 Mar. 1896Iowa10 June 1936Walters
Cayler, Frank31 Dec. 1881Iowa22 Sept. 1939Barnes
Caylor, Clara26 Jan. 1869Iowa21 July 1939 
Cazares, Antonia13 June 1878Mexico28 Jan. 1928 
Cecil (Baby Boy)05 Jan. 1933Iowa05 Jan. 1933Cecil
Cedar, Mathilda09 Nov. 1838Sweden18 June 1921 
Cederstrom, Claus Emil27 Oct. 1856Sweden15 Jan. 1928 
Ceilly, William W.06 June 1874Iowa04 July 1935Rabolt
Celander, Andrew Gustav05 Sept. 1861Sweden27 Dec. 1939 
Celander, Hannah08 June 1865Iowa19 Jan. 1934Anderson
Celander, Mathilda W.24 Dec. 1858Sweden15 Dec. 1923Unknown
Cello, Marilynn Deleath10 Sept. 1936Iowa20 Sept. 1936Millard
Cemeno, Joec.1829Italy17 Dec. 1917Unknown
Cenno, Anniac.1912Iowa01 Nov. 1917Pokuzze
Center, James31 Oct. 1864Illinois25 June 1938Hartwell
Cerretti, Merioc.1911Italy23 Feb. 1920Unknown
Cervetti, (Baby Boy)12 Oct. 1937Iowa13 Oct. 1937Nelson
Cervetti, Maria Madalena12 Mar. 1889France17 Mar. 1925Madici
Cerwetti, Frederickc.1897Italy25 Jan. 1925Costantina
Cessna, Charles L.11 Mar. 1870Iowa25 May 1934 
Cessna, Mabel18 Sept. 1875Iowa23 Feb. 1936Myers
Chadbourn, Harrisc.1889 10 Oct. 1918 
Chader, Hattie Wilhelmina22 Oct. 1854Sweden25 Jan. 1927Parson
Chaffee, Charles H.26 Oct. 1876Iowa09 Oct. 1937Lawson
Chaffin, Helen P.c.1918Iowa07 Apr. 1918Fultz
Chaffin, William T.28 Oct. 1868Illinois30 May 1926Rumman
Chait, Annac.1856Russia04 Aug. 1933 
Chalk, Rose E.22 May 1884Iowa14 Oct. 1926 
Chalmers, Henrietta16 May 1841Canada06 May 1927Turner
Chalstrom, Otto F.29 Mar. 1879Iowa12 Mar. 1939Carlson
Chamberlain, Augustia Puls27 Feb. 1855Iowa05 Jan. 1919 
Chamberlain, Cora09 Sept. 1870Iowa27 June 1938 
Chamberlain, Cyril C.27 Sept. 1872Indiana06 May 1939 
Chamberlain, Davis S.25 June 1848Iowa14 Mar. 1933Van Ormun
Chamberlain, Edmund A.01 July 1863Illinois18 July 1935Fish
Chamberlain, Gilbert Darye22 Oct. 1922Missouri20 June 1926Smith
Chamberlain, Grace17 Mar. 1876Illinois28 July 1929Hensey
Chamberlain, J.F.14 May 1880Massachusetts27 Feb. 1935Donahue
Chamberlain, Lena24 Aug. 1885Iowa25 Sept. 1930 
Chamberlain, Lonzo W.06 Feb. 1877Iowa15 Nov. 1930Ellis
Chamberlain, Loretta16 Oct. 1860Illinois08 Apr. 1927Straddle
Chamberlain, Mary Viola22 Aug. 1894Missouri20 Feb. 1922Beasley
Chamberlain, Orville LeGrand01 Mar. 1885Louisiana20 Dec. 1925DeLong
Chamberlain, RalphSept. 1857England20 Dec. 1925Young
Chamberlain, Richard O.25 Sept. 1874Illinois14 Mar. 1930Peck
Chamberlin, Albert Mott07 Mar. 1851Vermont27 Sept. 1926Titus
Chamberlin, Dayton30 June 1857Iowa09 July 1930Haughtelen
Chambers, Benjamin L.18 Apr. 1833Ohio04 Dec. 1919Darner
Chambers, Charles F.08 Jan. 1889Iowa23 Feb. 1935Hartung
Chambers, Dale Charles24 Feb. 1885Iowa31 May 1939Grimes
Chambers, Frank J.c.1890 14 Oct. 1918 
Chambers, George24 May 1846New York08 July 1927Knapp
Chambers, George C.06 Aug. 1876Missouri14 May 1918Fanchler
Chambers, George O.c.1897 12 Oct. 1918 
Chambers, Hazel May20 Feb. 1890Iowa03 Oct. 1918Hamrick
Chambers, James Smith24 Nov. 1848Scotland22 June 1935Joung
Chambers, Johanna J.29 May 1855Massachusetts13 June 1929Fairall
Chambers, John Dickinson17 May 1852Canada03 Mar. 1922Boyd
Chambers, Julius E.22 Nov. 1853Indiana04 Apr. 1933O'Dell
Chambers, Laura Agnes30 Jan. 1858Iowa07 Oct. 1936McEllherren
Chambers, Laura M.08 Oct. 1845Iowa16 Nov. 1925Pace
Chambers, Lucy Fenton23 Nov. 1866Kentucky28 Feb. 1935Turner
Chambers, Margaret Loma20 Nov. 1863Pennsylvania19 Oct. 1939Elias
Chambers, Margrette27 Dec. 1853Canada12 May 1917Lundy
Chambers, Mary08 June 1856Ohio30 July 1931Young
Chambers, Mary Elizabeth02 June 1881Iowa22 Oct. 1929Hall
Chambers, Mary Ellenc.1858Indiana05 Sept. 1917Unknown
Chambers, Melvin A.15 May 1914Iowa17 Aug. 1921Phelps
Chambers, Ned H.22 Oct. 1854Iowa30 Mar. 1939 
Chambers, Pheoba A.30 Oct. 1840Virginia08 June 1930Unknown
Chambers, Rose Marie03 July 1927Iowa12 July 1927Gray
Chambers, Roy Russell27 July 1891Iowa27 Sept. 1933Hartung
Chambers, Sarah Angie07 July 1872Iowa28 Dec. 1933Lane
Chambers, William27 June 1853Pennsylvania03 June 1921Unknown
Chambers, William25 July 1892Scotland03 Apr. 1938Cochran
Chamblin, Bluford08 Sept. 1861Iowa26 June 1931Jinkinous
Chambrona, Rosa Mariec.1855Italy19 Mar. 1922Unknown
Chambronia, Frankc.1870Italy03 Apr. 1935 
Champion, Adell02 Feb. 1861New York13 July 1917Post
Champion, Walter F.03 June 1854New York15 Nov. 1921Post
Champlin, Clarance Henry07 May 1877New York24 Jan. 1939Secor
Champlin, Connie Iola23 Feb. 1902Missouri10 Dec. 1938Bryant
Champlin, Millicent W.28 Apr. 1880Iowa19 Nov. 1934Stansell
Chance, Clara04 Apr. 1855Indiana25 Feb. 1938 
Chance, Harry Floyd17 Nov. 1875Iowa26 Nov. 1935Stiles
Chandler, Amelia04 Apr. 1880Indiana26 Jan. 1928Snyder
Chandler, G.W.21 Oct. 1831New York12 July 1918Unknown
Chandler, Joseph S.25 Feb. 1851Iowa23 Jan. 1921 
Chandler, Mary Alice09 May 1852Indiana10 Sept. 1924Woody
Chandler, Oliver R. (Tim)03 May 1887Illinois25 Sept. 1923Curry
Chandler, R.F.04 Apr. 1858Ohio09 Sept. 1928Davis
Chandler, Richard18 Sept. 1842Massachusetts08 Apr. 1918 
Chandler, William Augustas10 July 1854Massachusetts28 Nov. 1934 
Chaney, Adela27 Feb. 1845Ohio03 June 1921Leeds
Chaney, John Henry19 Oct. 1837Ohio12 Apr. 1918Unknown
Chaney, John W.18 Apr. 1872Ohio27 May 1921Creighton
Chaney, Lowell Mason29 May 1840New York13 Aug. 1936 
Chaney, Mannie25 May 1884Iowa21 Jan. 1924Flocher
Channon, Anna16 Dec. 1844England31 Jan. 1921 
Channon, Hazel Beulah05 Mar. 1898Iowa13 Mar. 1920McClain
Channon, Vivian May03 Nov. 1926Iowa03 Feb. 1927Clark
Channon, William23 Dec. 1871Iowa25 Feb. 1925Emmett
Channon, William19 Apr. 1846England31 Jan. 1925Unknown
Channon, William Franklin12 Mar. 1865Iowa14 July 1938Squires
Chapin, Penina Evaline04 Dec. 1848New Jersey05 May 1930Himinorer
Chapler, Lyle Coburn26 July 1865Iowa26 Aug. 1937Pugh
Chapliln, Elizahc.1897 14 Oct. 1918 
Chaplin (Baby Girl)26 Dec. 1923Iowa26 Dec. 1923Cront
Chaplin, Beryl12 July 1899Iowa23 Feb. 1930Nicholls
Chapman (Baby Boy)13 July 1932Iowa13 July 1932Duroy
Chapman (Baby Girl)24 Nov. 1917Iowa27 Nov. 1917Rife
Chapman, Alice Mabel21 Mar. 1874Ohio09 Jan. 1919Comparett
Chapman, Anna16 Mar. 1855Missouri29 June 1928Moreland
Chapman, Charles Francis24 July 1883Iowa30 Jan. 1925James
Chapman, Donald H.14 Feb. 1896Iowa03 Feb. 1928Cook
Chapman, Edna Louis17 Aug. 1916Iowa25 Feb. 1917Moore
Chapman, Elizabeth P.12 Mar. 1839Missouri08 Apr. 1918Unknown
Chapman, Esther Louise27 Aug. 1917Iowa12 July 1925Chance
Chapman, Frankc.1883 30 Nov. 1929 
Chapman, Frank M.19 Sept. 1850Illinois16 Jan. 1937 
Chapman, Frank S.25 June 1878Iowa04 Apr. 1919Barker
Chapman, Isaac Jacobc.1862Poland30 July 1928Shapiro
Chapman, Jane Mary18 Feb. 1837Ohio19 Jan. 1923Finlay
Chapman, Lloyd Earnest11 May 1884Iowa24 Oct. 1927Roach
Chapman, Margaret Ellen19 Mar. 1862Michigan19 May 1935Hammond
Chapman, Mary23 Jan. 1877Iowa27 Jan. 1926Johnson
Chapman, MidaOct. 1895Missouri05 Nov. 1918Grandman
Chapman, Nancyc.1869 22 June 1934 
Chapman, Nathanc.1880Poland16 Dec. 1923 
Chapman, Olive Grace03 May 1919Iowa31 Dec. 1920Bodeneril
Chapman, Robert U.24 July 1837Ohio30 Jan. 1925Updegraff
Chapman, Sadie02 Sept. 1875Illinois28 Mar. 1928 
Chapman, Solomon15 Aug. 1860Russia04 Feb. 1932 
Chapman, Thomas Hancock23 Feb. 1855Pennsylvania27 Aug. 1925Hancock
Chapman, Wallace J.02 Oct. 1858Iowa06 July 1939Jones
Chapman, Will R.11 May 1888Iowa14 July 1937Perkins
Chapman, William Thornton01 June 1852Iowa01 Aug. 1928Martin
Chapman, Wilma21 Sept. 1856Iowa17 July 1938McCrory
Chappel, Sarah27 Nov. 1873Iowa30 Apr. 1923Johnson
Chappele, Arthur Sterling14 May 1933Wyoming17 Mar. 1936Morgan
Chappell, Ida Irine02 Aug. 1856Pennsylvania20 June 1920 
Chappell, Richard Fredrick14 Feb. 1861Canada12 Apr. 1932Edwards
Charles, Franklin H.21 Nov. 1855Ohio19 Jan. 1920Berry
Charles, Hanna09 Dec. 1866Denmark06 Jan. 1930Hansen
Charles, Peter30 May 1894Louisiana16 Feb. 1925Archy
Charlton, Delia19 Aug. 1892Iowa07 Oct. 1936Vaile
Charlton, Diane Elizabeth06 Sept. 1930Iowa15 Mar. 1931Herrold
Charlton, John Edwin14 July 1913Iowa06 June 1939Pitcher
Charlton, Stanley Clarence03 Nov. 1914Iowa11 Apr. 1931Pitcher
Charter, Eveleyn04 Apr. 1869Illinois17 June 1926Charter
Chase (Baby Boy)27 July 1917Iowa27 July 1917Kester
Chase, Alonson W.23 Aug 1853Wisconsin07 June 1919Wells
Chase, Charles R.24 Sept. 1851Illinois21 May 1928Scripps
Chase, Clara Givin28 Aug. 1861Iowa27 Apr. 1935McDermott
Chase, Corac.1860Illinois06 Feb. 1920Cook
Chase, Edmund C.13 Apr. 1859Illinois24 Dec. 1927Scripps
Chase, Edna May31 May 1880Iowa11 July 1936Copeland
Chase, Frances B.26 Sept. 1853Wisconsin05 May 1937Knapp
Chase, Frank Wilbur19 July 1850Maine09 Sept. 1933Cobb
Chase, Frederick18 Sept. 1874 15 June 1938 
Chase, Frederick Henry01 Dec. 1915Iowa15 Aug. 1934Hoare
Chase, George Washington07 July 1860Montana16 Dec. 1933Lee
Chase, Isalina Rodda22 Feb. 1860Iowa22 June 1931Owens
Chase, John Givin03 Nov. 1887Iowa27 Jan. 1937Givin
Chase, Leonora May27 Mar. 1880Iowa14 Jan. 1931Woods
Chase, Margaret Lucretia23 Oct. 1845New York01 May 1936Vansanford
Chase, Rufus L.06 Mar. 1847New York02 Jan. 1928Sperry
Chassell, Edward D.25 May 1858New York18 Oct. 1928Jones
Chassell, Frances Arabella Jones04 Nov. 1834Pennsylvania17 Dec. 1928Bosworth
Chatman, Marguaret Anne25 Dec. 1851Missouri24 Sept. 1929Johnson
Chavalier, Samuel E.03 June 1858Ohio18 Feb. 1919Elenwood
Chavannes, Flora Lenore29 Dec. 1880Illinois02 Mar. 1927McCormick
Check, Jonas10 Jan. 1840Sweden04 Mar. 1917Parson
Chedester, Anna Bellec.1866Ohio14 Apr. 1933Phelphs
Chedester, Joseph20 Sept. 1844Tennessee18 Aug. 1929 
Cheek, Jesse W.14 Feb. 1844Iowa26 Sept. 1922Unknown
Cheerier, Charlesc.1868 27 Feb. 1928Unknown
Cheeseman, Andrew James26 Jan. 1874England30 Apr. 1938Reardon
Cheeseman, Edna M.04 Feb. 1879Illinois23 July 1933Perry
Cheetham, Daisy10 Aug. 1867Iowa14 Jan. 1920 
Cheever, Joseph B.c.1858 01 Dec. 1932 
Chelesnick, Paulinec.1914Iowa05 Jan. 1922 
Chell, Georgec.1891 19 Feb. 1918 
Chen, Burtsell Floyd03 Dec. 1885Iowa18 Nov. 1921McCutchen
Chenaworth, William13 Feb. 1842 22 Jan. 1918Unknown
Chenet, Sarah Nora23 Jan. 1934Iowa30 Aug. 1935Chambers
Cheneweth, Mary15 Dec. 1879Illinois02 Feb. 1939Jones
Cheney, Anna27 Dec. 1857Illinois28 Feb. 1935 
Cheney, Charley W.02 Dec. 1871Iowa24 Mar. 1935Light
Cheney, Clarence L.c.1866Ohio27 June 1934Gilfish
Cheney, Harriet25 Mar. 1928New York25 Mar. 1928Barber
Cheney, James Gammel24 Aug. 1845Massachusetts30 July 1932 
Cheney, Willc.1893 15 Apr. 1918 
Chengron, Elmer Gilbert16 Oct. 1897Iowa17 Apr. 1920 
Chennell, Arthur W.02 Apr. 1874Canada06 Aug. 1933Ede
Chenoweth, Anna Elizabeth05 June 1861Minnesota12 Mar. 1933Rice
Chenoweth, Joe24 Apr. 1904Missouri07 May 1935Madzen
Chenoweth, Retta A.17 June 1853Ohio31 Mar. 1930Beal
Chenoweth, Richard Louis21 Nov. 1924Iowa27 May 1925Morrison
Chenoweth, William Fredrick28 July 1874Iowa22 Feb. 1924Schooler
Cheout, John Ballot06 Aug. 1883Michigan27 Jan. 1930 
Cheout, William17 May 1885Michigan31 Oct. 1929 
Cherg, Elver H.18 July 1904Sweden07 Apr. 1939 
Cherington, Joe07 July 1869Ohio13 Nov. 1923Williams
Cherry, Charlott Heleme04 July 1924Iowa15 July 1924MacDuffee
Cherry, Christopher Columbus12 Dec. 1848Ohio16 June 1937Nesselroad
Cherry, John Watkin22 Jan. 1844Ohio10 Mar. 1921Morrison
Cherry, Samuel29 July 1867Missouri23 May 1937Markham
Cherry, Sarah Jane01 Oct. 1845Ohio09 June 1919Dakin
Cheshire, Harriett Louise05 Mar. 1865Illinois29 Mar. 1932Parsons
Chesi (Baby Boy)05 May 1934Iowa05 May 1934Vercellino
Chesley, Minnesota Mabel13 Nov. 1867Minnesota21 Jan. 1931Brockett
Chesley, Orin Gilbert11 Apr. 1869Minnesota03 July 1938Ricker
Chesling, William C.c.1890 11 Oct. 1918 
Chesnut, Granville Richard19 Feb. 1855Kentucky11 May 1938Colyer
Chesnut, Juliana07 June 1854North Carolina20 Feb. 1939Faw
Chester, Charles C.25 Dec. 1838New York12 Feb. 1921Unknown
Chevalier, Alice S.02 Nov. 1856Iowa21 Dec. 1932Jones
Chevalier, Millie Ellsworth20 May 1863Iowa21 Oct. 1919Simpson
Cheville, Fred F.18 Oct. 1912Iowa02 Nov. 1933Furnas
Chew, Laura30 Mar. 1864Iowa01 Sept. 1939Holt
Cheyney, Shirley Arlene21 Feb. 1929Iowa24 Jan. 1932McAlexander
Chezik, Edwardsc.1893 10 Oct. 1918 
Chiarottino, Anna Plemone28 Oct. 1892Italy19 Apr. 1926Clerico
Chiarottino, Paolo Michele03 Mar. 1882Italy19 Apr. 1926 
Chibukis, Janet14 Mar. 1920Iowa15 Mar. 1920Barkis
Chicdo, Antony01 May 1907Iowa07 Jan. 1925Philomeni
Chicilli, Mariec.1867Italy13 Feb. 1926Unknown
Chicilli, Philipino17 Feb. 1868Italy12 Mar. 1925 
Chicoski, Edith13 Dec. 1912Iowa24 May 1933Hathaway
Chiesa, Anna27 Sept. 1880Italy13 Aug. 1936Mariotti
Child, Aldace11 Jan. 1852New Hampshire20 Feb. 1925Walker
Child, Allen P.20 Nov. 1889Illinois25 May 1938Russell
Child, Ella Worsham28 July 1859Iowa12 Mar. 1928Marmon
Child, Homer Newton02 Apr. 1866Pennsylvania01 May 1938Lewis
Childers, Jake H.04 Aug. 1876Missouri08 Jan. 1937Maryland
Childers, Jennie14 Sept. 1854Iowa14 Sept. 1924Smith
Childers, Louis Calvinc.1868Iowa26 Jan. 1918Pointer
Childers, Martha17 Mar. 1844Ohio09 Jan. 1936 
Childers, Martha Emma31 Jan. 1845Holland02 Apr. 1926Boer
Childers, Thomas22 Aug. 1872Kentucky18 Oct. 1923 
Childress (Baby Girl)29 Sept. 1930Iowa29 Sept. 1930McCroskey
Childress, Bertha19 Feb. 1882Missouri20 Jan. 1935Dodd
Childress, Emma A. Brigham21 Sept. 1862Illinois26 Sept. 1934Chase
Childress, Mary A.03 Mar. 1896Iowa30 Dec. 1932Stevens
Childress, Sarah04 Feb. 1840Ohio30 Dec. 1924 
Childress, William Preston15 Mar. 1868Iowa30 Apr. 1939 
Childs, Edward Wilson12 Nov. 1869Iowa22 Sept. 1939Frantz
Childs, Eugene C.01 Apr. 1924Iowa27 Apr. 1924McKinney
Childs, Lettia A.17 June 1856Iowa11 Aug. 1937White
Childs, Nora13 Nov. 1859Iowa15 Feb. 1922Robbins
Childs, Samuel Grant12 May 1898Illinois08 Feb. 1919Gream
Childs, Samuel Grant30 June 1870Florida14 Jan. 1919 
Childs, William Gerald17 June 1927Iowa03 Apr. 1929Mohler
Chiles, Alice18 Sept. 1873Iowa25 July 1935McGuire
Chiles, Alice Kennedy10 Mar. 1913Iowa12 July 1931Turner
Chiles, Calvin P.25 Mar. 1862Missouri05 Jan. 1936 
Chiles, David Arthur14 Dec. 1928Iowa06 Apr. 1929Mohler
Chiles, Elijah Manbeckc.1859 28 Jan. 1921Bressier
Chiles, Elizabeth Jane29 July 1849Iowa02 Aug. 1937Krasher
Chiles, Elvin Jack22 June 1913Iowa02 Dec. 1924Hana
Chiles, Fred O.c.1895Iowa16 Aug. 1928Hines
Chiles, Jackson D.15 May 1860Iowa14 May 1935 
Chiles, John Layton06 Dec. 1840Virginia27 Apr. 1918Loyd
Chiles, Sarah Ann28 Dec. 1842Virginia24 Apr. 1930Livingston
Chiles, Walterc.1886 15 July 1918 
Chiles, William H.24 Jan. 1893Iowa21 Sept. 1922Corbett
Chilton, Abraham20 Feb. 1847Wales04 Mar. 1921Williams
Chinnon, Augusta10 Nov. 1856Germany30 Oct. 1926 
Chioclo, Frank12 Feb. 1880Italy25 Feb. 1938Cardamon
Chiodo, Angelo23 Jan. 1913Iowa02 Apr. 1929Reece
Chiodo, Peterc.1878Italy12 Jan. 1939Bonacci
Chiodo, Sarah22 Mar. 1847Italy10 May 1933Pascuzzi
Chipchase, Herbert17 Mar. 1879England23 Apr. 1929 
Chipchase, Jennie26 May 1871Ohio20 Nov. 1926Barns
Chipchase, John28 Feb. 1851England02 Jan. 1931Unknown
Chipchase, Sarah11 May 1854England20 Oct. 1938 
Chittenden, George William24 Jan. 1865Illinois18 Oct. 1926Moser
Chittenden, Lyman Wiliam02 June 1848Indiana07 Feb. 1919Keith
Chittenden, Monroe C.18 Oct. 1873Iowa23 July 1937Moore
Chittenden, Nellie07 Sept. 1855New York18 Feb. 1933 
Chittenden, Phobe01 Jan. 1849Indiana11 Mar. 1926 
Chittenden, Ruth Elberta17 Nov. 1900Iowa09 Jan. 1924Nelson
Chittened, Mildred24 Dec. 1923Iowa17 May 1928Chittened
Chivers, Alice Maud29 Mar. 1882England03 Dec. 1936Bain
Chlouts, Adelaide03 Mar. 1850Michigan07 Nov. 1926Unknown
Chong, Charleyc.1864China29 Feb. 1932 
Chortlon (Baby Girl)16 Nov. 1921Iowa18 Nov. 1921Pritchord
Chouels, Jacob Benjamin22 Aug. 1842Illinois25 Sept. 1925 
Chrisinger, Frank Leslie03 Apr. 1887Nebraska05 Dec. 1918Wright
Chrisinger, Luella25 Dec. 1870Indiana07 Nov. 1933Storms
Chrisjohn, Melvin J. Jr.11 Mar. 1896Minnesota28 Sept. 1922Zeigles
Chrisman (Baby Boy)05 July 1923Iowa05 July 1923Klinkenbeard
Chrisman, Mary J.08 Oct. 1841Ohio20 Aug. 1924Cowin
Christ, Arrilla C.21 Jan. 1848 20 Apr. 1935Huff
Christ, Emma K.02 July 1854New York12 Dec. 1919Hoffman
Christ, Fanny Eliza15 Dec. 1829Ohio10 Apr. 1922Woodbridge
Christ, Henry16 Oct. 1857Illinois19 May 1936Benz
Christ, Laura E.14 June 1884Iowa28 Jan. 1920Kraemer
Christensen (Baby Girl)13 May 1932Iowa15 May 1932Larson
Christensen, Andrew26 Mar. 1845Denmark31 Jan. 1935 
Christensen, Bert02 Sept. 1854Denmark28 Oct. 1921Unknown
Christensen, Carl16 Dec. 1891Iowa18 Dec. 1918 
Christensen, Carrie08 Dec. 1852Norway25 Mar. 1918Unknown
Christensen, Charlie16 Dec. 1872Wisconsin19 Jan. 1925Olson
Christensen, Chris19 Dec. 1861Denmark02 Dec. 1928Abernsen
Christensen, Christine Marthaline30 Mar. 1869Denmark08 Feb. 1930Hylesen
Christensen, Eldora22 July 1882Missouri26 June 1931 
Christensen, Ethel L.24 May 1912Iowa10 June 1937Sonne
Christensen, Herman10 Mar. 1893Iowa29 Oct. 1933Christensen
Christensen, Iris Irene24 July 1884Iowa05 Feb. 1924Osborn
Christensen, John Chris22 Jan. 1872Norway09 Aug. 1934Burg
Christensen, Julius24 Dec. 1877Denmark09 Dec. 1925Unknown
Christensen, Lars H.01 Nov. 1879Denmark23 Apr. 1929 
Christensen, Louisc.1889 07 Apr. 1918 
Christensen, Maren01 Mar. 1836Denmark14 May 1917 
Christensen, Mark Elmer29 July 1932Iowa30 July 1932Morten
Christensen, Mary Jensen09 Oct. 1867Denmark20 Jan. 1939Nelson
Christensen, Mauricec.1898 01 June 1919 
Christensen, Tony15 May 1897Iowa07 Feb. 1918Jensen
Christensen, Waldemar14 Sept. 1882Minnesota03 Feb. 1939Clausen
Christenson, Carl29 Sept. 1869Denmark11 June 1929 
Christenson, Karl LeVern12 July 1910Iowa23 Jan. 1930Anderson
Christenson, Margaret05 Feb. 1880Iowa12 Oct. 1932 
Christian, Jackie Wayne30 Dec. 1923Iowa30 Dec. 1923Clark
Christian, James E.29 Jan. 1829Tennessee13 Jan. 1929 
Christian, Max William09 Jan. 1897Nebraska01 Oct. 1925Boholtz
Christian, Roland Crossley27 Nov. 1880Illinois01 Nov. 1930Drake
Christianer, Fred22 Nov. 1829Germany25 Sept. 1920Hoebrook
Christiansen, Anna Marie11 Jan. 1858Denmark10 July 1936 
Christiansen, Chris E.06 Aug. 1882Denmark02 Dec. 1936Anderson
Christiansen, Elizabet18 Aug. 1866Pennsylvania12 Oct. 1927Unknown
Christiansen, Paulinec.1865Iowa18 Jan. 1922 
Christiansen, Theodore22 Sept. 1890Denmark25 Nov. 1928Griexel
Christianson, Anna16 Oct. 1846Denmark04 Mar. 1917 
Christianson, Floyd Raymond28 Sept. 1921Iowa10 Oct. 1922Bice
Christianson, Ruby09 Mar. 1918Illinois16 May 1918Simons
Christie, Mary15 Aug. 1850Massachusetts20 Jan. 1930 
Christina, Barbara Elizabeth25 June 1867Iowa16 Dec. 1936Ostenia
Christina, John Wesley09 Mar. 1864Iowa05 June 1935 
Christinger, Phillip J.20 Sept. 1850Ohio10 Apr. 1917McCulcand
Christinson, Ruth L.09 Mar. 1918Iowa14 Apr. 1918Simmons
Christison, Clarence William04 Aug. 1890Wisconsin20 July 1926Miller
Christman, Laurac.1898Alaska20 Nov. 1918Unknown
Christoffersen, Agnes Marie S.11 Jan. 1889Denmark19 July 1924Blicter
Christoffersen, Minnie Leota01 Apr. 1883Iowa10 Oct. 1927Lucas
Christoffersen, T.H.26 Aug. 1885Iowa19 Dec. 1937 
Christophel, Carrie08 Oct. 1857Illinois11 Dec. 1939 
Christopher, Andrec.1884Cyprus Islands09 Feb. 1921Unknown
Christopher, John Henry21 Dec. 1862Illinois06 Nov. 1935Baird
Christopherson, Betty Marie12 Dec. 1924Iowa10 June 1937Boyd
Christopherson, C. Albert25 Apr. 1859Sweden16 Jan. 1919Edstrom
Christopherson, Ernest I.02 Feb. 1870Sweden01 Feb. 1934Edstrom
Christopherson, Evelyn Louise15 Aug. 1922Iowa17 Aug. 1923Larson
Christopherson, Mina Irene07 Nov. 1911Iowa24 Oct. 1917Christensen
Christy, Anna Kennedy17 June 1861Ohio26 Dec. 1937Robinson
Christy, Arthur K.18 Nov. 1880Iowa31 Jan. 1929Unknown
Christy, Charles C.17 Oct. 1859Iowa17 Mar. 1924Deale
Christy, Charlie03 Jan. 1861Iowa05 Mar. 1927 
Christy, Earnest26 Oct. 1903Iowa04 Oct. 1922Brundwied
Christy, Edith M.21 Feb. 1878Iowa28 Jan. 1918Deal
Christy, Ellen M.28 May 1845Illinois24 Apr. 1918Marsh
Christy, Hanna19 Feb. 1867Illinois23 July 1929Booth
Christy, James Ellson23 Dec. 1853Indiana25 Feb. 1935Yoder
Christy, John Willard03 Nov. 1873Iowa23 Apr. 1931 
Christy, Leora M.12 Nov. 1850Indiana31 Oct. 1923Milligan
Christy, Martha Ellen19 May 1860Missouri01 Mar. 1936Driscol
Christy, Mary E.c.1834Pennsylvania14 Apr. 1920 
Christy, William16 Oct. 1832Pennsylvania27 Sept. 1919Young
Christy, William B.23 Nov. 1856Pennsylvania20 May 1922Unknown
Christy, William D.23 May 1841Pennsylvania30 June 1919 
Chronister, Williamc.1906 19 Mar. 1924 
Chubb, Joseph M.21 Sept. 1868Pennsylvania07 Dec. 1934 
Chubbic, Clara Elizabeth12 Oct. 1897Iowa15 Jan. 1927Franklin
Chuffic, Pheobe Lacey17 Apr. 1881Iowa11 May 1918Robinson
Chumbley, Keneth Forest03 Nov. 1922Missouri23 June 1938Hicks
Church, Benjamin F.15 Oct. 1838Ohio07 Oct. 1917Unknown
Church, Calvin J.c.1893Canada30 Jan. 1938 
Church, Mary11 July 1868New York25 Mar. 1930Walter
Churchill, Earl F.c.1897 09 Oct. 1918 
Churchill, Harley Main25 Jan. 1932Iowa29 Jan. 1932Seiberling
Churchill, Harry C.c.1888 15 Oct. 1918 
Churchill, Norman Jerry23 Jan. 1933Iowa28 Sept. 1938Seiberling
Churchman, Darrell Edwin05 June 1900Iowa29 Nov. 1918McManus
Churchman, Georgec.1858Ohio24 Oct. 1931 
Churchman, M.W.11 July 1861Iowa17 May 1933Wonderlin
Churdan, John K.25 Apr. 1857Iowa30 May 1923 
Churniman, Hymanc.1866Russia30 Aug. 1933 
Ciaccio, Tony16 Nov. 1921Italy16 Nov. 1921 
Cianciaruso (Baby Boy)16 Dec. 1938Iowa16 Dec. 1938Calabrese
Cianciaruso, Rosine Josephine14 Sept. 1933Iowa26 Sept. 1933Calabrese
Ciccatori, Angelo1881Italy14 Feb. 1921 
Ciderburg, Ernest D.24 Nov. 1898Iowa15 Oct. 1920Larson
Cies, Adam Bennett04 Oct. 1847Missouri21 Feb. 1938 
Cilley, Rebecca A.30 Oct. 1848Iowa07 Aug. 1930Highfield
Cilly, Harry Jr.14 July 1918Iowa06 June 1919Brody
Cinnamon, Andrew McCord21 Mar. 1889Illinois04 Sept. 1935Henderson
Cipale (Baby Girl)02 Feb. 1939Iowa02 Feb. 1939Biondi
Cipert, Adolf Nick18 Apr. 1918Iowa23 Apr. 1918Krantz
Cippel, David E.c.1851Pennsylvania12 Mar. 1931 
Cisna, Kate29 July 1853Ohio29 Mar. 1933Eagen
Cisneros, Pedro1888Mexico25 Feb. 1933Hernandez
Citniniti, Teresa08 Mar. 1862Italy10 Sept. 1925Donati
Civitota, Frank14 Nov. 1917Iowa02 Dec. 1918 
Cizhovsky, Louise12 Dec. 1868Illinois02 Jan. 1926Unknown
Claiborne, Rosalthe G.04 May 1833Massachusetts06 Mar. 1924Gleason
Clair, Lillian Bishop29 Sept. 1904Iowa02 Sept. 1928Trent
Claire, Jenniec.1887Iowa25 June 1925Brown
Clampitt, Catherine15 Nov. 1833Ohio10 Sept. 1922Unknown
Clancey, Catherine05 Sept. 1859Canada17 June 1932Kelley
Clancy, Catherine15 Jan. 1894Iowa23 July 1934Laffer
Clancy, Mary T.19 Jan. 1877Iowa21 Oct. 1939Irwin
Clancy, T.S.09 Feb. 1886Iowa09 Sept. 1939Ryon
Clancy, Williamc.1855Ohio19 Apr. 1923 
Clapp, Wilbur Levyc.1874Vermont04 Mar. 1925 
Clapper, Albert30 Aug. 1867Iowa11 Dec. 1925Howensture
Clapper, Alonzo1860Ohio28 Mar. 1920Dixon
Clapper, Elizabeth Susan22 Dec. 1842Ohio20 Sept. 1917Love
Clapper, Rosa Ann04 Feb. 1875Missouri12 June 1934Abernathy
Clapper, Susan Augusta05 Nov. 1847Ohio31 Oct. 1933Griffith
Claridy, William G.16 Nov. 1868Kansas18 Oct. 1920McCoy
Clark (Baby Boy)14 Jan. 1936Iowa15 Jan. 1936Kinser
Clark (Baby Girl)07 July 1923Iowa07 July 1923McManus
Clark (Baby Girl)01 July 1934Iowa02 July 1934Bullen
Clark (Baby Girl)Dec. 1917Iowa26 Jan. 1918Benson
Clark, Ada D.14 Sept. 1895Nebraska23 Aug. 1938Harrington
Clark, Albert Cornelious31 July 1838Connecticut02 Apr. 1918Whittlesey
Clark, Alexander12 Sept. 1837Scotland03 Feb. 1920Unknown
Clark, Alice31 Jan. 1858New York30 Dec. 1927 
Clark, Alice L.06 Jan. 1897Utah23 May 1923Tuke
Clark, Alvin Elsworth30 Jan. 1919Iowa28 Jan. 1920Sanderson
Clark, Anna Jean06 Feb. 1923Iowa03 Apr. 1935Waechter
Clark, Austin16 Oct. 1839New York27 Dec. 1924Edick
Clark, Ben G.13 Dec. 1847Canada08 May 1935Ware
Clark, Bertha L.07 July 1866Iowa19 Nov. 1929Oeskar
Clark, Beth Anne22 Sept. 1928Iowa08 Oct. 1928Hammer
Clark, Bethania McKinstry27 Jan. 1884Illinois28 Feb. 1917Bailey
Clark, Bettie Jean08 Feb. 1922Iowa25 Apr. 1922Dunaway
Clark, Birton L.09 July 1867Indiana02 July 1927Van Housen
Clark, Catherine M.03 May 1861Iowa14 May 1931Quinn
Clark, Charles26 Apr. 1867Illinois07 July 1937 
Clark, Charles Murray27 Jan. 1912Nebraska04 Jan. 1919Murray
Clark, Charles Wesley08 July 1865Illinois01 Oct. 1935Carroll
Clark, Charlie E.04 Aug. 1886Nebraska15 Oct. 1928Oliver
Clark, Charlotte Augusta27 Aug. 1848New Hampshire22 Mar. 1932Colby
Clark, Clarac.1872Iowa01 July 1936Phillips
Clark, Clarence E.04 May 1876Iowa19 Dec. 1923Miller
Clark, Cornelius A.14 Nov. 1887Missouri09 Jan. 1937Smith
Clark, Daniel B.08 Feb. 1857Iowa12 Apr. 1930Porter
Clark, Donc.1894 17 Oct. 1918 
Clark, Dora02 Mar. 1882Ohio11 Jan. 1922Reed
Clark, Dorance Brown24 May 1876California10 Feb. 1927Anderson
Clark, Earl Eugene29 Sept. 1924Iowa18 Apr. 1925Sanderson
Clark, Effie May04 Mar. 1876Iowa24 Dec. 1935Hooder
Clark, Elizabeth09 Mar. 1847New York11 July 1930 
Clark, Elizabeth Carroll1850Illinois12 June 1922 
Clark, Elizibeth Bernice24 Feb. 1898Iowa27 Oct. 1918Simson
Clark, Ella Jane19 Sept. 1878West Virginia06 Aug. 1939Boor
Clark, Ellen26 Mar. 1855Ohio22 Feb. 1936Sprunce
Clark, Elmer Oliver03 Sept. 1867Illinois27 Oct. 1938Earp
Clark, Emily K.20 Sept. 1868Kentucky05 Aug. 1931 
Clark, Ernest Andrew27 Apr. 1889Oklahoma10 June 1936Warner
Clark, Ernest Edward08 Sept. 1850Pennsylvania11 June 1924McKillup
Clark, Ethel Belle03 Feb. 1862Virginia03 Sept. 1923Kinsley
Clark, Flora B.13 June 1860Illinois12 Dec. 1917 
Clark, Forest S.04 Nov. 1878Iowa09 Jan. 1933Clark
Clark, Frances16 Aug. 1918Iowa05 Sept. 1918Boganwright
Clark, Francilo22 Apr. 1841New York10 Feb. 1921Edack
Clark, Frank S.26 June 1891New York31 Mar. 1918 
Clark, Fred L.24 Nov. 1894Iowa21 Jan. 1919Hamilton
Clark, Freddie Ellsworth17 May 1932Iowa20 Aug. 1932Sipes
Clark, George H.26 Mar. 1855Illinois15 Nov. 1925 
Clark, George Jr.13 Jan. 1923Iowa11 Apr. 1923Patterson
Clark, George Samuel19 Aug. 1916Iowa13 Feb. 1922Harding
Clark, George W.1850Indiana17 Dec. 1925Schiffer
Clark, George W.25 Nov. 1878Iowa18 Aug. 1936Wyatt
Clark, Goldie12 Mar. 1891Iowa11 Feb. 1927Unknown
Clark, Grace25 Oct. 1879Iowa02 Dec. 1929 
Clark, Green Clayc.1861Missouri12 Oct. 1917Unknown
Clark, Hannah B.09 Sept. 1849Wisconsin12 Apr. 1934 
Clark, Harry Elizah02 Feb. 1883Iowa04 Mar. 1920Yartle
Clark, Hazel22 Sept. 1913New York04 Mar. 1924Parks
Clark, Henry E.c.1864 17 Dec. 1925 
Clark, Henry Ray27 Oct. 1894Nebraska17 Apr. 1936Poole
Clark, Henry T.05 May 1856Iowa10 Mar. 1937Roberts
Clark, Herald Louis27 July 1915Iowa16 Dec. 1918Sandersen
Clark, Ida May06 Dec. 1868Iowa07 July 1925McCoy
Clark, Iva22 Apr. 1863Iowa27 Nov. 1918Wright
Clark, Ivy11 Aug. 1859Ohio21 Nov. 1936Kinney
Clark, James24 Feb. 1846 20 Mar. 1932 
Clark, James Edward11 Feb. 1881Iowa15 Jan. 1918Unknown
Clark, James Irvin04 Nov. 1890Iowa15 Dec. 1918Clark
Clark, James Theodore22 June 1849Iowa12 Dec. 1923Knauss
Clark, James Wesley08 Apr. 1876Nebraska08 Apr. 1917Raemer
Clark, Jasper25 Apr. 1859Illinois19 Aug. 1917Parr
Clark, Jaunitac.1890Missouri08 Feb. 1924 
Clark, Jerome21 July 1841Ohio09 Apr. 1923Unknown
Clark, Jerome William25 Feb. 1937Iowa14 Mar. 1937Grace
Clark, Joel N.11 Nov. 1856Iowa28 July 1927Clanton
Clark, John05 Jan. 1839England13 July 1921 
Clark, John01 Mar. 1846Ireland13 Mar. 1930Farrell
Clark, John19 Nov. 1934Iowa31 Dec. 1937Woodyard
Clark, Johnc.1849 08 Apr. 1919 
Clark, John A.10 May 1861Iowa09 Sept. 1934Taby
Clark, John Duke25 Sept. 1857England24 Apr. 1937Duke
Clark, John Duncan30 Apr. 1861Pennsylvania24 Oct. 1924Duncan
Clark, John Jascplac.1849Ohio02 Oct. 1926 
Clark, John W.16 Aug. 1870Iowa08 Dec. 1930Hall
Clark, John Wesley10 July 1861Iowa30 Nov. 1933Bowman
Clark, Joseph Day27 Oct. 1843Indiana14 May 1924 
Clark, Josephine E.07 Dec. 1853Iowa15 Nov. 1939Knouss
Clark, Keith Edward22 Mar. 1926Iowa03 Dec. 1926Ostrander
Clark, Laras26 Nov. 1891Iowa07 May 1939Johnson
Clark, Lavina Wheeler02 Oct. 1835Ohio29 Mar. 1926Wheeler
Clark, Lawrence Elwood19 Oct. 1854Iowa12 Apr. 1928Moore
Clark, Lawrence Lorraine24 Nov. 1918Iowa28 Dec. 1918King
Clark, Leo O.12 Oct. 1886Iowa26 Nov. 1937Shreve
Clark, Leroy28 Feb. 1936Iowa31 Mar. 1936Tyron
Clark, Leroy Elmer10 Feb. 1921Iowa30 Jan. 1929McGraw
Clark, Lloyd A.28 Aug. 1890Wisconsin08 Aug. 1936Brown
Clark, Mabel16 Sept. 1899Iowa05 Oct. 1922 
Clark, Mae Althea10 Mar. 1898Iowa24 Oct. 1923Hughes
Clark, Mary25 May 1858Wisconsin03 Feb. 1917Thurston
Clark, Mary Abagail01 Aug. 1858Iowa25 Mar. 1922Monk
Clark, Mary Alida22 May 1854New York12 May 1934Palmteei
Clark, Mary Ann22 Sept. 1857Ireland19 Oct. 1929 
Clark, Mary E.06 Aug. 1854Michigan20 July 1932 
Clark, Mary E.14 May 1848New York01 Oct. 1917Leete
Clark, Mary Ellen06 Aug. 1899Iowa07 Jan. 1926Maplethorpe
Clark, Mary Garner01 July 1867Iowa28 June 1917Cooper
Clark, Mary J.27 Mar. 1907Iowa26 Feb. 1936Collins
Clark, Mary Janec.1849Illinois08 July 1917Unknown
Clark, Mathew15 Aug. 1841Canada17 Feb. 1918Straker
Clark, Maxine Millird09 Mar. 1921Iowa23 May 1921Gray
Clark, Mervil E.24 Nov. 1898Illinois13 Mar. 1935Mott
Clark, Minnie24 Feb. 1866Iowa08 Jan. 1934 
Clark, Myrtle25 Nov. 1900Iowa22 Nov. 1936 
Clark, Nancy Bly03 Aug. 1841Indiana14 Feb. 1932Carman
Clark, Nira25 Mar. 1875Iowa16 Dec. 1927Ingood
Clark, Noyes Joseph1864Illinois28 Nov. 1921Stearns
Clark, Oliver T.28 Apr. 1876Iowa03 Oct. 1925Wyatt
Clark, Ollie W.20 June 1893Missouri11 Dec. 1936Harvey
Clark, Owen R.30 Oct. 1866Illinois02 Sept. 1939 
Clark, Paul11 Nov. 1925Iowa13 Mar. 1927DeOviddie
Clark, Paul Philo13 Mar. 1856Vermont17 Feb. 1939 
Clark, Ralph Dean03 Sept. 1921Iowa10 Feb. 1922Swan
Clark, Ralph R.23 Aug. 1900Iowa04 Feb. 1938Osborn
Clark, Richard Thomas26 Apr. 1923Iowa22 June 1925Sanderson
Clark, Robert William24 Nov. 1905Iowa18 May 1920Ennis
Clark, Rosetta Caroline14 Mar. 1865Illinois25 June 1936Bryson
Clark, Sarah Elizabeth10 Feb. 1842Indiana21 Oct. 1919Keller
Clark, Sarah Williamson Paddock04 Dec. 1854New York18 May 1932Gove
Clark, Silas Henry10 Oct. 1885Nebraska05 Dec. 1917Unknown
Clark, Susie04 June 1855Iowa08 Dec. 1928Dansdill
Clark, Thelma Leora07 June 1914Iowa21 Nov. 1935Simpson
Clark, Thomas30 Mar. 1848Georgia08 July 1929McKaig
Clark, Thomas Jefferson21 Apr. 1913Iowa26 Aug. 1918Sanderson
Clark, Vinnie27 June 1876Iowa05 Apr. 1934Maine
Clark, Virginia06 Oct. 1912Iowa26 Apr. 1931Avis
Clark, Virginia Fern06 Oct. 1912Iowa27 Apr. 1931Avise
Clark, W.E.12 July 1868Nebraska18 Oct. 1918Rainer
Clark, W.F.c.1865 29 June 1935 
Clark, Walter Oscar07 Dec. 1860Iowa07 Sept. 1922Bellnape
Clark, Wilbur G.14 Sept. 1875Iowa09 Mar. 1933Unknown
Clark, Wilford Ray02 May 1866Minnesota08 Dec. 1923McGlashen
Clark, Wiliam Wright14 Mar. 1849Indiana12 June 1931Unknown
Clark, William19 June 1859New York19 Oct. 1937Taylor
Clark, William03 Sept. 1874Iowa10 Dec. 1917Wallace
Clark, William C.15 July 1856Maine11 May 1919Unknown
Clark, William Lanec.1838Ohio20 Mar. 1927Lane
Clark, William Otto06 Mar. 1904Missouri10 Oct. 1939Allen
Clark, William Richard11 June 1894Iowa09 Oct. 1928VanHorn
Clark, Wilson17 Sept. 1903Iowa23 Mar. 1936 
Clarke, Albert03 Aug. 1859England01 Sept. 1938Farmer
Clarke, Anna12 Apr. 1861Illinois01 May 1929 
Clarke, Bell Bora23 June 1860Iowa15 July 1931Bennett
Clarke, Bertrand B.12 Apr. 1935Iowa23 Aug. 1935Bemis
Clarke, Carroll Bertrand23 Nov. 1898Iowa04 Feb. 1921Carroll
Clarke, Charles07 June 1868Ireland25 Apr. 1932Clarke
Clarke, Edgar T.09 Apr. 1887Iowa22 Aug. 1924Johnson
Clarke, Estelle May22 Aug. 1909Iowa05 Sept. 1932Smith
Clarke, Frederick Harlan12 Jan. 1904Iowa22 May 1923Seaman
Clarke, Margaret N.31 Mar. 1836Ireland16 Aug. 1922English
Clarke, Marian26 Aug. 1873Iowa26 Sept. 1934Armstrong
Clarke, Novella Norma12 Aug. 1901Arkansas17 Mar. 1934Mitchener
Clarke, Samuel13 Oct. 1845Ireland03 May 1917Batemean
Clarke, Sarah E.13 May 1842Massachusetts10 June 1925Wright
Clarke, Sarah Elizabeth03 Dec. 1863Iowa25 Jan. 1936Martin
Clarke, Seward F.03 Jan. 1908Iowa31 Jan. 1919Hall
Clarkson, Agrapina17 Nov. 1841Illinois29 Jan. 1919Van Sickle
Clarkson, Edwin28 Feb. 1881Iowa12 Nov. 1924 
Clarkson, Fred A.28 Nov. 1891Pennsylvania25 May 1929 
Clarkson, George B.12 Sept. 1854Canada03 Jan. 1920 
Clarkson, John04 May 1886Iowa07 June 1936Lewis
Clarkson, John O.17 Mar. 1923Iowa07 Jan. 1924Cox
Clarkson, John R.22 June 1867Iowa18 May 1936Green
Clarkson, Nettie19 Oct. 1864Iowa17 Jan. 1932 
Clarkson, Norma Jean25 Jan. 1929Iowa16 Jan. 1931Wastney
Clarkson, Robert L.27 Apr. 1859Canada21 Mar. 1931 
Clary, Ernest S.06 Jan. 1854Maryland11 Mar. 1924Unknown
Clary, Kate14 Feb. 1860Illinois19 Sept. 1919Lewis
Clary, Lussa05 Nov. 1878Ohio03 Mar. 1919Bennett
Claude, Celia N.22 Oct. 1875Wisconsin21 Jan. 1938 
Claus, Georgec.1858Germany09 Aug. 1920 
Clause, John Oliver13 Nov. 1928Illinois13 Sept. 1929White
Clause, Mary E.08 May 1880Iowa29 Jan. 1926Howell
Clausen, Andrewc.1890 11 Oct. 1918 
Clausen, Peter Reinhold30 July 1866Germany12 Nov. 1938Dierks
Clausen, Rasmus30 July 1845Denmark04 Feb. 1922 
Clauson, John Gust19 Jan. 1858Sweden11 Mar. 1932 
Clauson, Lottie02 Apr. 1866Sweden26 Sept. 1938 
Clay, Anson Edwin28 Feb. 1863Illinois04 Dec. 1920Messenger
Clay, Charles1867Iowa26 Jan. 1920Unknown
Clay, Ethel May17 Apr. 1916Iowa30 Mar. 1917Wallace
Clay, Henry Stollenwak27 Feb. 1855Alabama17 Feb. 1926Unknown
Clay, Joy Doris19 Jan. 1927Iowa24 Apr. 1927Dennis
Clay, Karl K.07 July 1923Iowa13 Mar. 1930Cunningham
Clay, LeRoy Gregg02 Apr. 1878Iowa25 Aug. 1936Taylor
Clay, Lewisc.1888Missouri12 Jan. 1930 
Clay, Lorengo Edwin30 June 1859Illinois10 Oct. 1928Hoag
Clay, Nellie15 Oct. 1874Iowa29 July 1917Pennington
Clayborn, Mary AliceFeb. 1824Iowa03 May 1924 
Claybrook, Anna Sophia21 May 1895IllinoisApr. 1924Molen
Claybrooks, Hattie Bell12 Nov. 1887Iowa29 Sept. 1939Minner
Clayman, Abe14 June 1890Iowa14 Mar. 1931Lubin
Clayman, Dorac.1852Russia Poland12 May 1925Karot
Clayman, Isaac15 Aug. 1862Russia01 Aug. 1932 
Clayman, Louisc.1860Russia02 Feb. 1937Shaney
Clayman, Max S.c.1855Russia01 May 1929 
Clayman, Mosec.1879Russia28 Nov. 1936 
Clayman, Phillipc.1897Iowa13 Feb. 1921Lubin
Claypool, Joec.1888 18 Oct. 1918 
Claypool, Pauline04 July 1893Illinois14 Apr. 1937 
Claypool, William E.28 Oct. 1868Iowa14 Feb. 1929Unknown
Clayton, Anna04 Aug. 1888Iowa24 Aug. 1921 
Clayton, Forest Alfred Jr.04 Nov. 1925Iowa15 Feb. 1926Mannings
Clayton, Forrest28 Mar. 1899Iowa12 June 1939McClossell
Clayton, Harry Jack29 Dec. 1901Oklahoma03 Dec. 1923Williams
Clayton, Henry Howland04 Jan. 1849New Jersey08 June 1919Wooley
Clayton, Lillie03 May 1876Iowa02 Feb. 1936Ruble
Clayton, Marie S.15 Mar. 1840New York02 Feb. 1917Putnam
Clayton, Martha A.09 Oct. 1857Wisconsin19 Dec. 1927Reeves
Clayton, Martha Elizabeth30 May 1879Kansas23 Oct. 1917Cunning
Clear, Guy19 Sept. 1906Iowa21 Aug. 1928Webb
Cleary, Bridgid E.16 Sept. 1855Illinois22 July 1933Golden
Cleary, Catherinec.1880Ireland18 Mar. 1937 
Cleary, Delia14 Feb. 1868Illinois02 Nov. 1933Knox
Cleary, Leoc.1896 14 Oct. 1918 
Cleary, Martin James11 Nov. 1858Ireland15 Oct. 1938Long
Cleaver, Bernard17 Mar. 1892Iowa09 Mar. 1917Daniels
Cleaver, Frederick D.06 Apr. 1872Iowa09 Jan. 1929Dowdst
Cleaver, Mae Ethel21 Nov. 1877Iowa18 Nov. 1930Frith
Clegg, Edward10 Aug. 1864Iowa25 Apr. 1930Nuttall
Clegg, George28 Sept. 1856Iowa21 Aug. 1931Nuttall
Cleggett, Celia Ann23 Dec. 1854New York10 May 1929Bayes
Cleghorn, Delbert Owen11 Dec. 1936Iowa17 Jan. 1938Larkin
Cleghorn, James Maxwell31 Jan. 1872Iowa06 May 1935Spencer
Cleghorn, Robert Lee16 May 1932Iowa18 May 1932Larkins
Cleland (Baby Girl)27 June 1933Iowa27 June 1933Cleland
Cleland, Alice May03 Dec. 1905Minnesota01 Jan. 1934Stimar
Cleland, Findley E.03 May 1866Iowa20 Feb. 1926Stiles
Cleland, Victor S.c.1895 14 June 1918 
Cleland, William White15 Mar. 1864Iowa27 Nov. 1937Goodwin
Clem, Elizabeth J.16 Feb. 1869Ohio19 July 1936Hastings
Clemans, Ezra Charles19 Aug. 1860Minnesota25 Sept. 1939Baumgartner
Clemans, Walter Alonzo17 June 1894Iowa29 Apr. 1937Jeffries
Clemens (Baby Boy)31 Dec. 1918Iowa02 Jan. 1920McFadden
Clemens, Ada23 Feb. 1890Iowa06 Feb. 1931Fane
Clemens, Fay04 June 1889Iowa27 Nov. 1927Rifensberger
Clemens, Gladys03 Mar. 1908Arkansas28 Nov. 1927Edwards
Clemens, James Lumford16 Aug. 1877Indiana02 Sept. 1924Glassford
Clemens, Lynn V.25 July 1892Iowa23 Sept. 1936Bonner
Clemens, Winford T.28 Mar. 1880Pennsylvania06 Feb. 1931Unknown
Clement (Baby Boy)01 Apr. 1917Iowa01 Apr. 1917Keaney
Clement, Andreq Jackson09 Feb. 1858Iowa27 Feb. 1925Murphy
Clement, Carroll Eugene26 May 1923Iowa01 June 1929Bailey
Clement, Clifford18 Aug. 1870Iowa15 Feb. 1938 
Clement, Emily07 Mar. 1874Ohio14 Feb. 1939Gibson
Clement, Jerome Alonzo11 Aug. 1869Iowa19 May 1938Murphy
Clement, Sarah Ann12 Mar. 1852Indiana01 Oct. 1917Unknown
Clement, Wilma08 Dec. 1928Iowa08 Dec. 1928Bailey
Clements, Emma04 Apr. 1873Illinois12 Mar. 1939Samuels
Clements, Eva Leah27 Jan. 1896Iowa19 Dec. 1939Gillespie
Clements, Hattie Irene23 Nov. 1847Ohio12 Sept. 1939Wilson
Clements, James J.23 Apr. 1853New Jersey20 Aug. 1928Wood
Clements, Josephine Francis01 Jan. 1842France25 Mar. 1917 
Clements, Millie Marie16 Dec. 1885Iowa24 Dec. 1939Martin
Clements, Reeta15 Oct. 1893Kansas13 Jan. 1921Gurst
Clements, Roberta22 Feb. 1909Iowa27 Dec. 1935Stipes
Clements, Ronald18 Oct. 1929 26 Sept. 1935Epperson
Clements, Wilbur F.04 Aug. 1868Pennsylvania13 Dec. 1935Harding
Clemins, Travis07 Oct. 1861Iowa26 Oct. 1930Murphy
Clemmer, Charles J.17 Sept. 1928Iowa25 Apr. 1930Louis
Clemmer, George11 Jan. 1856Iowa08 Aug. 1932Zarley
Clemmer, Velmac.1891Iowa23 Sept. 1930Wills
Clemmons (Baby Boy)01 Apr. 1930Iowa01 Apr. 1930Wilkins
Clemmons, Sylvia Blanche13 Nov. 1873Illinois04 Nov. 1921Dick
Clemons, Mary M.08 Dec. 1837North Carolina18 Aug. 1921 
Clemons, Velma Irene06 Sept. 1921Iowa06 Sept. 1921McFadden
Clendeniel, Stephen02 July 1843Pennsylvania22 Mar. 1923Edington
Clendenning, Margaret20 Dec. 1911Iowa07 Feb. 1934Randolph
Clergy, Albert W.09 Nov. 1887Iowa29 Jan. 1920Person
Clergy, Louis03 Nov. 1885Iowa21 July 1939Pearson
Cless, John Albert11 Feb. 1875Ohio13 Sept. 1935 
Cleveland, Andy J.05 Feb. 1865Iowa20 Jan. 1920Cox
Cleveland, Charles Melvin10 Nov. 1871Iowa14 Dec. 1932Cox
Cleveland, Dorothy30 Dec. 1915Iowa09 Jan. 1917Lund
Cleveland, Eathel21 Sept. 1884Iowa05 Aug. 1935Waltz
Cleveland, Hiram L.08 Mar. 1847New York29 Mar. 1935Bingham
Cleveland, Margaret20 Feb. 1914Illinois09 Dec. 1939Lund
Cleveland, Martha06 July 1854Pennsylvania09 Jan. 1934Rowe
Cleveland, Mary L.01 Mar. 1845 06 Dec. 1931Unknown
Cleveland, McKinleyc.1896 12 Oct. 1918 
Cleveland, Walda Lou30 Jan. 1933Iowa06 Sept. 1933Hyde
Clevenger, Elizabeth06 Dec. 1873Tennessee18 Apr. 1928Cooter
Clevenger, Ethel Fay16 Aug. 1897Iowa10 May 1926McMichael
Clevenger, Ethel Marian23 Mar. 1882Iowa15 Feb. 1934Carpenter
Clevenger, Herbert Ashwell19 Nov. 1914Iowa29 Nov. 1918Siebemann
Clevenger, Matila Marie13 July 1893Iowa01 Sept. 1924Beierlein
Cleverly, Arlina16 Mar. 1874Indiana01 Oct. 1926Wells
Clevinger, Jacqueline09 July 1935Iowa02 Jan. 1936Ipolar
Cliff, Ruby09 July 1903Ohio24 July 1930Daugherty
Clifford, Bernice22 Mar. 1898Iowa18 Dec. 1927Burnaugh
Clifford, Paul06 Mar. 1921Iowa10 Mar. 1921 
Clifford, Rose08 June 1887Minnesota05 Nov. 1932 
Clift, Guy E.04 Oct. 1881Iowa19 Mar. 1927Edgett
Clift, Martha Jane17 Mar. 1844Pennsylvania19 Nov. 1924Ottis
Clifton, Elmer L.17 Oct. 1894Illinois26 Aug. 1936Hart
Clilnkinbeard, Jennie Mae25 Jan. 1865Nebraska29 Oct. 1922Ray
Cline, Alice Bernice17 Aug. 1920Iowa17 Aug. 1920Sertphine
Cline, Alice M.07 June 1924Iowa07 Oct. 1924Condon
Cline, Alice W.17 Nov. 1859Kentucky07 Aug. 1938Kenneman
Cline, Camelia Francesc.1864Iowa17 Dec. 1927Reed
Cline, Caroline22 Dec. 1844Maryland14 July 1929 
Cline, Charles13 June 1847Indiana21 June 1922Landan
Cline, Dortha Inge19 June 1924Iowa16 Feb. 1936Williams
Cline, Edna24 Aug. 1889Nebraska08 Jan. 1936Hughes
Cline, Frank DeFoe26 June 1890Iowa26 Nov. 1918Schuster
Cline, Frank M.07 Sept. 1858Iowa08 Oct. 1935Cowan
Cline, George H.23 Apr. 1859Indiana29 Nov. 1924Ball
Cline, Kate W.16 Mar. 1856Ohio06 Sept. 1923Welser
Cline, Stella May06 June 1880Iowa18 May 1927Williams
Cline, Valentine07 Feb. 1835Ohio23 Jan. 1920Silcott
Clingan, Elmo M.23 Dec. 1891Iowa10 Nov. 1922King
Clinger, Jessie  07 Oct. 1918 
Clingman, Martha Jane28 Nov. 1853Illinois31 July 1921Unknown
Clinite, Albert Lincoln17 Jan. 1864Illinois24 Dec. 1928Ernst
Clinite, Loyd Lincoln09 Apr. 1898Iowa29 Jan. 1917Myers
Clinite, Margery Jane08 Feb. 1917Iowa10 Feb. 1917Houston
Clink, Howardc.1860 28 Sept. 1935 
Clinkenbeard, Jo Anna30 Dec. 1937Iowa31 Dec. 1937Dann
Clinkenbeard, John Wesley25 Mar. 1845Iowa04 June 1931Kimes
Clinkenbeard, Sarah Frances07 Dec. 1849Iowa04 Apr. 1930Wheeler
Clinton, Alfredc.1870Canada02 Apr. 1930 
Clinton, William J.c.1878South Carolina13 Aug. 1934Eaves
Clive, Earl Arthur27 Sept. 1875Minnesota27 Mar. 1939Boyer
Clline (Baby)20 Dec. 1919Iowa20 Dec. 1919Candon
Cllinton, Willard Charles06 Apr. 1894Iowa28 Apr. 1924 
Clock, Archie Leuis25 Oct. 1867Iowa22 Nov. 1933Marvin
Clocksin, Bessie Ayleen25 Nov. 1901Iowa15 Dec. 1933Grant
Cloe, Carl Wilson15 May 1887Iowa19 Jan. 1918Wilson
Cloe, Clara B.22 Jan. 1860Iowa05 Jan. 1937Newberry
Cloe, Frank01 May 1854Iowa25 Mar. 1922Coney
Cloe, John Wesley24 July 1868Iowa27 Apr. 1931Unknown
Cloptn, Asbury21 Aug. 1852Missouri08 Oct. 1927Davis
Clopton, Charles16 July 1894Iowa25 June 1938Wells
Clos, Jacob Constance21 Feb. 1857Wisconsin15 Nov. 1925Theodalt
Close, Aletha L.10 June 1866Iowa27 Nov. 1938Hartman
Close, Benjamin S.22 Feb. 1850Iowa16 Jan. 1930 
Close, Jimmie12 June 1878Iowa20 Apr. 1932Winburn
Close, Raymond Stewart01 Feb. 1902Iowa22 May 1936Saunders
Close, William George18 Apr. 1875Iowa10 Oct. 1927Minburn
Closson, Katherine02 Dec. 1851Illinois17 June 1932Chust
Closson, Kern Charles22 Dec. 1886Iowa24 Jan. 1927Lancaster
Clothier, Elmer E.31 May 1866Iowa27 Feb. 1934Marsh
Clothier, Minn L.17 Mar. 1873Nebraska09 Apr. 1933Grove
Cloud, Jimmie21 Apr. 1922Wyoming30 Sept. 1923McCall
Clough, Frances R.02 June 1844England28 May 1919Unknown
Clough, Margaret28 Nov. 1833Ireland18 Aug. 1922 
Clouse, Carmellac.1853Italy30 Nov. 1939 
Clouse, Mary BarbaraApr. 1893Nebraska24 Jan. 1925Reecy
Clouse, Vernon Raymond08 Aug. 1930Iowa08 Aug. 1930Cox
Clousi, Albert25 Apr. 1916Iowa15 Jan. 1935Amato
Cloutier, Adaleen05 Aug. 1880Iowa31 Dec. 1938La Rocque
Cloutier, Albert Verne10 Jan. 1889Iowa19 Aug. 1939LaRocque
Cloutier, John B.02 Apr. 1851Canada28 Mar. 1932Carmody
Cloutier, Mary Ann16 July 1882Wales23 Apr. 1931Gould
Clow, Agnes29 Aug. 1894Iowa13 Nov. 1931McCune
Clow, Augusta Amalia23 July 1854Sweden28 Sept. 1938 
Clow, James L.c.1895 16 Oct. 1918 
Clow, John C.19 July 1852Sweden19 Apr. 1928 
Clow, Louis09 Dec. 1872Iowa10 Nov. 1929LaGrange
Clow, Louisa M.10 Nov. 1841New York18 Jan. 1926Stocker
Cloyd, Greenc.1837 08 Aug. 1922 
Cloyd, LeRoyc.1912Iowa31 Jan. 1918Gray
Cloyd, Maybelle10 Mar. 1884Iowa07 Mar. 1923Flummer
Clulow, Robert James24 Sept. 1872Canada24 Oct. 1936Cochrane
Clute, Mary Marrylees13 Nov. 1840Scotland26 Aug. 1931Monat
Coakley, Francis20 Oct. 1887IowaFeb. 1924 
Coakley, Jerry J.15 Jan. 1850Iowa24 Mar. 1928 
Coalson, Richard1883Missouri24 May 1923Unknown
Coan, Anna07 July 1871Iowa30 Dec. 1930Curron
Coan, Harryc.1876 21 June 1932Blake
Coan, Harry11 Oct. 1875Illinois21 June 1932Blak
Coan, Robert Eugene25 Apr. 1932Texas09 May 1933Johnson
Coate, Myrtle M.08 Oct. 1888Montana06 Mar. 1929Browning
Coate, Thelmac.1901Iowa13 Dec. 1932Barker
Coates, Clyde E.c.1892 09 Oct. 1918 
Coates, John W.16 June 1872Iowa02 Aug. 1921Watters
Coates, Lindsey C.26 Mar. 1885Missouri02 July 1931Coates
Coates, Margaret E.1849Ohio25 Dec. 1922Hillaird
Coates, Thomas R.c.1864Wisconsin06 Apr. 1929Lannon
Coatney, Elmer H.18 Oct. 1858Illinois26 Apr. 1933Greiner
Coatney, Howard Ralph1834 03 Sept. 1921Bales
Coatney, Mable Leah19 Aug. 1923Iowa21 Dec. 1933Nordyke
Coats, Charles E.05 Feb. 1876Wisconsin26 Jan. 1939Smith
Coats, Frank C.12 Sept. 1852Ohio02 Apr. 1926Churchill
Coats, Gussc.1893 14 July 1918 
Coats, Jennie1863Iowa28 July 1917Taggart
Coats, John W.20 Mar. 1897Missouri06 Feb. 1922Wingo
Coats, John Wesley10 Aug. 1847Illinois03 Mar. 1926Hines
Coats, Robert03 Mar. 1865Missouri28 Aug. 1926Martin
Coats, William1853Missouri08 Sept. 1918Martin
Cobacker, Louisc.1845Russia12 Dec. 1918 
Coball, Robertc.1892 07 Oct. 1918 
Cobb, Agnes S.22 Aug. 1850Vermont22 Jan. 1920Seger
Cobb, Almeda Kizer18 Mar. 1861Pennsylvania29 Oct. 1938Beemer
Cobb, Cassie14 Jan. 1888Iowa13 Apr. 1934Dodd
Cobbs, Hannah24 Dec. 1859Missouri23 Feb. 1935 
Cobert, Sophia B.10 Feb. 1883Illinois10 Feb. 1939Mueller
Coble, Bert02 Dec. 1885Iowa25 May 1929Sheldon
Coble, Thomas Henry21 Sept. 1846Wisconsin25 Mar. 1925 
Coble, William15 Dec. 1863Pennsylvania09 Nov. 1938Emerick
Cobliegh, Oliver G.c.1888Nebraska27 Oct. 1918Hicks
Coburn, Matthew B.02 Sept. 1871Iowa25 Dec. 1933McAiddin
Coburn, William Marion26 May 1867Iowa07 May 1931Campbell
Cochran, Alberta22 May 1866Iowa31 July 1930Haznes
Cochran, Dona Lee09 Dec. 1932Iowa10 Dec. 1932Broman
Cochran, Elizabeth23 Apr. 1844Ohio28 Mar. 1919Unknown
Cochran, John18 Sept. 1895Indiana03 Feb. 1917Collins
Cochran, Martha E.18 Dec. 1859Indiana03 Dec. 1934Cline
Cochran, Robert Lee14 May 1925Iowa18 Feb. 1929McBride
Cochran, Sophie Minnie30 Aug. 1902Iowa16 Feb. 1938Grill
Cochran, Viola Violet10 Jan. 1913Missouri19 Jan. 1922Andrews
Cochran, William Fulton30 Dec. 1862Iowa26 Sept. 1936McNeal
Cochran, William James20 Jan. 1880Iowa24 Dec. 1938McElroy
Cochrell, Arch10 Dec. 1887Iowa22 Nov. 1931Slaye
Cockayne, Donald Myles12 Jan. 1934Iowa10 June 1934Conard
Cockburn, James Thompson27 Apr. 1857Ohio25 Mar. 1933Hughes
Cockburn, Jessie I.25 Sept. 1851Canada30 June 1925Grubb
Cockburn, Russell James27 Mar. 1894Indiana29 Oct. 1931Young
Cockerham, Clara May03 May 1881Iowa12 Dec. 1929Sheppard
Cockerham, Jennett Marie27 Nov. 1923Iowa29 Nov. 1923Skelding
Cockerham, Jesse F.05 May 1846North Carolina24 Oct. 1924Gibbs
Cockerham, Neoma05 May 1916Iowa01 Sept. 1917Skelding
Cockerham, Roscoe Marcus06 Sept. 1883Iowa23 Nov. 1919Lasell
Cockerham, William Leroy02 Dec. 1933Iowa05 Mar. 1935Norburt
Cocking, Clara28 Aug. 1861Pennsylvania05 June 1938Livsey
Cocking, Gerald R.12 Mar. 1933Iowa15 Mar. 1933Finegan
Cocklin, Evarillac.1843Indiana21 Oct. 1932Custer
Cockrell, Bertha Hamilton07 Feb. 1866Illinois30 Dec. 1930Unknown
Cocoanut, Edwardc.1871South Carolina12 Apr. 1938 
Coconut, Fannie Watts14 Mar. 1860Missouri21 Nov. 1933Bruner
Coddington, Burt Crandall24 Jan. 1858Michigan05 Aug. 1930Crandall
Coddington, Cephas21 Mar. 1837Indiana23 Sept. 1919Moorehouse
Code, Joseph C.17 Sept. 1871Iowa24 July 1922Robinson
Coder, Groverc.1892Iowa22 Apr. 1923Charles
Codling, E.C.20 May 1872New York25 Nov. 1936Smart
Codner, Riley E.09 Apr. 1870Iowa19 Aug. 1930Breese
Cody, Clifford LeRoy10 Jan. 1921Iowa19 Feb. 1921Earles
Cody, Grace11 Nov. 1867England05 Sept. 1934 
Cody, Louiec.1896 01 Feb. 1918 
Cody, Sarah Amelia25 Nov. 1881Iowa10 Jan. 1929Wisthoff
Coe, Anna05 Mar. 1866Iowa27 Apr. 1932English
Coe, Charley Benjamin19 Mar. 1924Iowa29 Aug. 1924West
Coe, Hattie Agnes14 May 1886Iowa12 Jan. 1927Long
Coe, Margaret M.16 Jan. 1924Iowa16 Dec. 1925Willson
Coe, Richard Earl07 Jan. 1934Iowa01 Aug. 1934Dietz
Coe, Ross David02 July 1905Iowa19 Apr. 1926Guthrie
Coe, W.G.01 June 1867Iowa31 Jan. 1932Gray
Coellner (Baby Boy)07 Mar. 1924Iowa08 Mar. 1924Gardner
Coellner, Detley14 Apr. 1850Germany08 Sept. 1921Unknown
Coenan, Henry G.c.1897 08 Oct. 1918 
Coeran, Mikec.1887 23 May 1918 
Coffee, Charleyc.1853Kentucky09 Jan. 1921Unknown
Coffee, Jerome W.c.1867Missouri24 Sept. 1919Unknown
Coffee, Laura Rawson09 Jan. 1912Iowa28 Nov. 1919Rawson
Coffeen, Charles W.14 July 1876Iowa07 Sept. 1934 
Coffey, Cleveland10 May 1868Illinois01 Oct. 1918Vermillion
Coffin, Alpheus L.05 Nov. 1846Ohio15 June 1930Janney
Coffin, Harold L.11 Aug. 1915Iowa11 Dec. 1927Sheets
Coffin, Herbert Lewis06 Dec. 1890Nebraska24 July 1930Terry
Coffin, Isabelle Elmer10 July 1849Indiana28 Dec. 1937Fisher
Coffin, Nathan Emery02 Feb. 1863Pennsylvania30 Jan. 1931Stevenson
Coffin, Walter Emery09 Jan. 1856Pennsylvania12 Feb. 1927Stevenon
Coffin, Wilford H.12 Sept. 1889Canada04 Sept. 1932McMillen
Coffine, Frank06 Oct. 1887 20 Apr. 1937 
Coffland, Charles W.01 Mar. 1856Ohio17 Aug. 1920 
Coffman, Aubrey03 Mar. 1898Missouri28 Dec. 1932Dorris
Coffman, Barbara Ann08 Sept. 1925Iowa08 Sept. 1925Betz
Coffman, Clella20 Oct. 1892Iowa27 Jan. 1929Reed
Coffman, Dean Melvin01 Dec. 1919Iowa30 Apr. 1930Wilson
Coffman, Doria Catherine14 July 193Iowa02 Oct. 1918Coffin
Coffman, Elsie Irene07 Feb. 1922Iowa23 May 1922Godfrey
Coffman, Harry Euctace14 May 1866Kentucky10 Mar. 1917Cowan
Coffman, Mary C.14 Aug. 1869Iowa10 Jan. 1935Clark
Coffman, Paschalc.1893 08 Oct. 1918 
Coffman, Robert E.23 June 1906Indiana15 June 1924Morrison
Coffman, Thomasc.1868Ohio16 July 1926Schonefelt
Cofield, Timothy Hines07 Mar. 1855Pennsylvania30 Dec. 1924Phelps
Coghlan, Ethel Mae06 Dec. 1913Iowa17 Aug. 1917Bass
Cogley (Baby Boy)04 Dec. 1920Iowa04 Dec. 1920 
Cogley, Charles Francis10 June 1922Iowa04 Jan. 1924 
Cogley, Robert29 Sept. 1931Iowa29 Sept. 1931Darrell
Coglizer, Florence Abella18 June 1871Iowa08 Jan. 1936 
Coglizer, Harry Ellsworth22 Apr. 1869 23 Sept. 1934 
Cogswell, Beulah L.16 June 1872Tennessee25 Jan. 1938 
Cogswell, Starr E.26 July 1885Michigan26 May 1938 
Cogswell, Zack15 Aug. 1866Missouri13 July 1921Unknown
Cohagan, James E.20 Feb. 1880Iowa25 Oct. 1938Edwards
Cohen (Baby Girl)15 May 1924Iowa08 May 1924Mastronesky
Cohen, Aaron Harry10 Apr. 1868Russia21 June 1918 
Cohen, Abraham05 July 1848Lithuania24 July 1927 
Cohen, Alice14 Oct. 1888Kentucky04 Jan. 1917 
Cohen, Benjimenc.1864Russia13 Apr. 1939 
Cohen, Celia Sarah30 Apr. 1854Poland30 Jan. 1919Unknown
Cohen, Dorac.1858Lithuania14 June 1935Blotsky
Cohen, Edward18 Sept. 1858Russia26 Nov. 1938 
Cohen, Elic.1880Russia09 Dec. 1930Unknown
Cohen, Eyra Mosesc.1843Russia01 Feb. 1922 
Cohen, Friedac.1840Poland25 Feb. 1921 
Cohen, Friedac.1867Russia16 July 1930Cohen
Cohen, Gertrude31 Mar. 1896Iowa14 Dec. 1923Wolk
Cohen, Goldiec.1863Poland07 Feb. 1932 
Cohen, Harold11 Mar. 1902Iowa27 Sept. 1917Lavine
Cohen, Harry1868Russia30 Apr. 1928Soltan
Cohen, Harryc.1863Poland21 Oct. 1939 
Cohen, Harry V.c.1859Poland29 June 1919Cohen
Cohen, Ida22 Mar. 1846Poland22 May 1920Sanders
Cohen, Ida C.05 Oct. 1875Iowa30 Jan. 1923Cohen
Cohen, Ida Mary08 Mar. 1876Lithuania28 July 1937Fenberg
Cohen, Irene14 Oct. 1893Iowa06 Dec. 1933Godell
Cohen, Isaac02 Jan. 1858Russia19 June 1917Seigel
Cohen, Johnc.1852Poland23 Oct. 1926 
Cohen, Juliac.1854Poland03 Jan. 1925Uscharsky
Cohen, Julius15 Mar. 1851Russia20 Dec. 1930Unknown
Cohen, Julius R.15 Dec. 1853Poland28 Jan. 1936 
Cohen, Louis26 Dec. 1876Lithuania06 Mar. 1939Bola
Cohen, Mae L.09 Jan. 1879Iowa10 Sept. 1938Greenwald
Cohen, Meyerc.1879New York27 Mar. 1922Levich
Cohen, Molly18 Nov. 1864Poland Russia29 June 1933 
Cohen, Moses May05 Oct. 1854Poland02 July 1921Wallerstein
Cohen, Rachelc.1860Poland10 Feb. 1922Unknown
Cohen, Rachelc.1860Russia24 Jan. 1919Libby
Cohen, Rachel1853Poland20 Jan. 1926Boshe
Cohen, Rebecca12 Apr. 1878Russia28 Sept. 1936 
Cohen, Rosec.1872Russia28 Aug. 1939 
Cohen, Ruth Sarah28 Nov. 1932Iowa09 Apr. 1933Rosenblut
Cohen, Samuelc.1868Russia13 July 1936 
Cohen, Samuelc.1846Russia16 Oct. 1934 
Cohen, Samuel I.c.1876Poland05 June 1934 
Cohen, Sarah16 Mar. 1859Poland28 June 1925 
Cohen, Tillie05 Mar. 1839Poland18 July 1926Liie
Cohn, Mable Agnes14 Sept. 1886Iowa26 Feb. 1925Lurry
Cohn, Sarahc.1825Russia11 Jan. 1923 
Cohoon, John Fremont28 July 1856Iowa27 Apr. 1934Hicks
Coile, Mary Janec.1914Iowa29 Dec. 1922Yaple
Cokenower, James W.13 Aug. 1853Illinois16 Apr. 1929Thompson
Coker, Willisc.1897 18 Oct. 1918 
Colacino, Tony11 Jan. 1925Iowa02 June 1925Pwotroki
Colavecchio, Phillepc.1847Italy21 July 1923 
Colbert, Arthur Francis06 July 1865Wisconsin02 Apr. 1938McComish
Colbert, Henry Herbert28 June 1875Illinois02 Dec. 1934Santee
Colbreath, Flora Collette04 June 1885Iowa22 Jan. 1920Hull
Colburn, Amanda Elvira08 Oct. 1848Iowa01 June 1925Amos
Colburn, Charles William10 Feb. 1858Michigan21 Apr. 1925Rice
Colburn, Edward05 Aug. 1854New York28 May 1932Hubbard
Colburn, Georgian02 Aug. 1836Indiana09 Dec. 1924 
Colburn, Jay C.07 Feb. 1865New York05 Jan. 1936Hubbard
Colby, Charley Hayden12 Aug. 1870Illinois19 Aug. 1935Merchant
Colby, Dortha Maxene17 Jan. 1919Minnesota01 July 1920Lufle
Colby, Elvera Irine19 Oct. 1905Iowa29 Aug. 1925 
Colby, Henry15 Nov. 1875Minnesota31 July 1935Colby
Colby, Mildred Ellen29 Oct. 1917Iowa12 May 1929Miller
Colby, Tilla H..07 July 1859Norway06 Jan. 1933Colby
Cole (Baby Girl)22 June 1919Iowa23 June 1919Schall
Cole, Albert A.04 July 1872Missouri06 Feb. 1934 
Cole, Albert Burnham25 Nov. 1912Illinois21 June 1931Rechtin
Cole, Alfred24 Dec. 1920Iowa21 June 1921Miller
Cole, Charles Thomas01 Jan. 1872Rhode Island14 Jan. 1938Green
Cole, Clara Wakefield27 Oct. 1869Iowa27 June 1930 
Cole, Clifford Marion02 Nov. 1908Iowa23 Feb. 1938Milburn
Cole, Cora Lucy22 Feb. 1882Iowa20 Jan. 1917Davidson
Cole, Corneliusc.1863 22 Dec. 1934 
Cole, Dalasc.1875Pennsylvania07 Sept. 1933Clark
Cole, Edgar LeRoy31 Jan. 1918Iowa31 Jan. 1919Anderson
Cole, Edith25 Feb. 1916Iowa20 Apr. 1918 
Cole, Elizabeth19 Mar. 1909Iowa21 Sept. 1921Miller
Cole, George06 Mar. 1862Iowa10 Sept. 1938 
Cole, Harley A.12 Oct. 1872Iowa27 Sept. 1922Unknown
Cole, J.B.c.1869 20 Feb. 1919 
Cole, J.J.c.1859 24 Jan. 1924 
Cole, James E.  14 Oct. 1918 
Cole, James H.c.1870 18 Jan. 1919 
Cole, John25 Sept. 1876England23 Aug. 1937Jackson
Cole, John Clark24 Jan. 1858West Virginia23 Dec. 1925Shiveley
Cole, Josephine May29 Jan. 1934Iowa09 Aug. 1934Cole
Cole, Julia25 Feb. 1836Iowa03 Jan. 1918 
Cole, Kathleen Louise29 Aug. 1916Iowa04 Oct. 1918Schaal
Cole, Kearney04 May 1877Pennsylvania22 July 1930Clark
Cole, Leona Bellec.1881Iowa19 Mar. 1930 
Cole, Logan C.c.1894 12 Oct. 1918 
Cole, Mary03 Apr. 1871Russia14 Jan. 1929Hoppe
Cole, Mary E.06 Jan. 1851Pennsylvania26 Dec. 1925Wood
Cole, Pauline27 Jan. 1875Missouri23 July 1938 
Cole, Roderic W.08 Aug. 1903Iowa13 Nov. 1919Wakefield
Cole, Russell Cody04 Mar. 1873Pennsylvania05 Oct. 1918Clarke
Cole, T. Haymond17 Jan. 1853Indiana25 Feb. 1927Lucas
Cole, Thereso14 Feb. 1851Ohio10 Apr. 1934Henderlong
Cole, Wayne Stanley26 Apr. 1922Iowa02 May 1922Doyscher
Cole, William E.06 Dec. 1877Iowa06 Nov. 1923Ludwick
Cole, William Smith12 July 1855England08 June 1919Smith
Cole, William W.15 Sept. 1864New York18 Sept. 1937Stephen
Coleamn, Louisac.1837Indiana22 Feb. 1922Simmons
Colegrove, Josephine Armenta16 May 1901Missouri30 Apr. 1927Graves
Coleman, Andrew Lionel01 Dec. 1902Ohio18 Nov. 1934Steele
Coleman, Catherine31 Aug. 1848Indiana29 Mar. 1937Braley
Coleman, Dennisc.1892 02 Jan. 1918 
Coleman, Earnest T.09 July 1873Iowa31 Jan. 1931Myers
Coleman, Electra F.11 Oct. 1878Iowa18 July 1933Tann
Coleman, Elizabeth20 Dec. 1832Ohio19 Jan. 1928Leedy
Coleman, Frank15 Nov. 1883Iowa21 Aug. 1924Alderce
Coleman, Fred Gary19 July 1932Iowa11 Aug. 1938Gooch
Coleman, Jamesc.1890West Virginia26 Nov. 1918 
Coleman, JaruesSept. 1855Ireland02 Mar. 1921 
Coleman, Jennie May17 Feb. 1868Iowa03 Dec. 1938Myers
Coleman, Jessie B.c.1873Scotland14 July 1922Robinson
Coleman, Laura B.25 Nov. 1892Missouri13 Mar. 1931Turner
Coleman, Mary06 Aug. 1923Iowa13 Aug. 1923Coleman
Coleman, Olive04 Sept. 1865Alabama15 May 1923Unknown
Coleman, R.M.J.06 Feb. 1848Pennsylvania07 Feb. 1929Gienger
Coleman, Uriahc.1860Virginia29 May 1934 
Coleman, Victoria M.24 May 1859Canada27 Mar. 1936Passmore
Coleman, W.T.P.c.1828Virginia16 Nov. 1918 
Coleman, Winifred B.24 Aug. 1910Iowa14 Jan. 1920McDonald
Coles, Kathryn D.10 Oct. 1901Iowa02 Mar. 1936Jenney
Coleson, Samuelc.1861 06 Aug. 1921Unknown
Colflesh, Allen W.13 May 1883Missouri15 Sept. 1935Davis
Colgan, Andrew M.09 May 1864Minnesota19 Nov. 1919 
Colgan, Ella N.25 Nov. 1871Minnesota12 Dec. 1933 
Colgan, Grace Vivian29 Nov. 1894Illinois11 Dec. 1930Hunt
Colgin, Ida May22 Oct. 1862Illinois15 Oct. 1928Bissitt
Colglasier, John M.30 Mar. 1861Indiana10 Feb. 1937Mitchell
Coliguri, Mary1918Iowa07 Dec. 1918Unknown
Collamore, Howard T.c.1897 10 Oct. 1918 
Collard, Mary Jane17 Feb. 1837Canada14 May 1918Wiliy
Collard, Royal J.04 June 1870Canada28 Dec. 1938Brown
College, Madeline Rose29 Sept. 1927Iowa25 Jan. 1929Campbell
Collener, Harold Albertc.1914Iowa01 Mar. 1917Kuehner
Collett, Jessie1881Iowa14 Dec. 1918Evans
Colley, Morton Van07 Nov. 1930IowaJuly 1931Overton
Collie, Mary1838Ireland21 July 1918 
Collier, Darsie A.02 Mar. 1870Illinois26 Feb. 1926Houston
Collier, Eliza09 Dec. 1880Missouri30 May 1929Morris
Collier, Henry J.04 Mar. 1868Missouri07 Nov. 1930Wray
Collier, Rose JaneOct. 1921Iowa27 Oct. 1921Morris
Colling, Emma M.02 Oct. 1852Canada17 July 1925Yoe
Colling, George21 Oct. 1845England09 Feb. 1935Jose
Collins, Ambrose P.10 Oct. 1888Iowa30 Aug. 1937Londy
Collins, Asburyc.1847Indiana16 Apr. 1919Dixson
Collins, Barbara Louise27 Apr. 1936Iowa02 June 1936Thomas
Collins, Bertha H.c.1881Missouri02 Nov. 1939Forbush
Collins, Catherine08 Oct. 1851Ireland17 Feb. 1924 
Collins, Clyde Richard04 Apr. 1892Iowa09 Feb. 1939Baugh
Collins, Colleen Mae15 Feb. 1933Iowa10 Jan. 1939Weatherly
Collins, Elizabeth Louise11 Feb. 1870Wisconsin17 Jan. 1937Smittle
Collins, Ella F.11 Nov. 1865Iowa12 Feb. 1939Griffin
Collins, Etta Ovid14 Dec. 1876Missouri24 May 1935Scobee
Collins, Frank J.c.1894Iowa28 Apr. 1920Riley
Collins, Fred Eugene16 June 1927Iowa01 Sept. 1927Sweeney
Collins, Gladys Corrine11 June 1893Iowa25 Oct. 1918Hinson
Collins, Harry Francis24 July 1856Tennessee31 May 1924Unknown
Collins, Howard James22 Oct. 1896Iowa05 Dec. 1932Johnson
Collins, James G.c.1847Ireland09 Feb. 1923Unknown
Collins, Joe H.10 July 1903Iowa30 Dec. 1935Allen
Collins, Johannahc.1851Denmark07 Sept. 1920Unknown
Collins, Johnc.1851Ireland23 Dec. 1923Collins
Collins, Johnc.1850Iowa06 Sept. 1923 
Collins, John Frederick14 Jan. 1929Iowa11 Mar. 1929Wagner
Collins, John Randolph13 Sept. 1866Iowa28 Mar. 1930Rutherford
Collins, Joseph H.04 Aug. 1864Iowa10 July 1938Collins
Collins, L.E.c.1872 01 June 1932 
Collins, Louis F.c.1871Pennsylvania13 Oct. 1926 
Collins, Martha Jane1887Iowa27 May 1923 
Collins, Mary Ann03 Oct. 1844Indiana18 Apr. 1928Heck
Collins, Mary Lou18 Dec. 1933Iowa15 Nov. 1936Pownell
Collins, Mary R.08 Feb. 1837Vermont20 Nov. 1920Smith
Collins, Phillip Addison18 June 1919Iowa01 Oct. 1928Briggs
Collins, Richard Earl16 Oct. 1925Iowa17 Oct. 1925Eide
Collins, Rosona14 May 1851Iowa20 Sept. 1928 
Collins, Ruthc.1887Dakota06 June 1917Schlick
Collins, Stella16 Mar. 1888Iowa08 Feb. 1929Konine
Collins, Wayne Edward20 June 1923Iowa08 July 1923Weatherly
Collins, William08 Mar. 1849Illinois05 Mar. 1924Brock
Collins, William05 May 1868Scotland13 Sept. 1935Fersine
Collins, William Alexander05 June 1933Iowa07 Aug. 1938Prock
Collins, William C.02 July 1890Iowa16 Oct. 1933Walker
Collinson, William Barker18 July 1866Canada25 Nov. 1931Berry
Colllins, Edwardc.1858Iowa26 Aug. 1923Eagan
Colllins, Lucille16 Sept. 1912Iowa09 Sept. 1922Tully
Collura, Guiseppec.1864Italy09 June 1930 
Collyer, Williamc.1852Massachusetts25 Nov. 1920 
Colo, Elizabethc.1860Wisconsin06 Feb. 1923McDermott
Colson, Judson04 July 1835New York19 Aug. 1919Smith
Colson, May09 Apr. 1909Missouri25 Jan. 1929Baldwin
Colton, Samuel Chambers Kendrew21 Mar. 1902Vermont29 Apr. 1918Kendrew
Colton, Susannah06 May 1854Illinois20 Feb. 1932Mahanna
Coltrane, Mary1853Ohio01 Nov. 1927Unknown
Colvin, Emma11 Sept. 1898Iowa14 Jan. 1935Johnson
Colvin, Lithac.1876Missouri22 Feb. 1921Bodine
Colwell, Charles F.08 Sept. 1913New Mexico24 Mar. 1929Intyre
Colwell, John25 Aug. 1847Ireland22 Oct. 1922 
Colyar, Ichabod21 Nov. 1844Indiana16 Dec. 1925Powers
Colyar, Pearl M.11 Mar. 1893Iowa17 Aug. 1933 
Colyar, Phoebe A.01 Aug. 1853Iowa03 May 1926Unknown
Colyn, Antonie09 Nov. 1861Iowa16 Mar. 1939Vander Waal
Colyn, Hattie18 Jan. 1871Iowa18 Mar. 1933Vander Scoy
Colyn, Roxey15 Jan. 1897Iowa16 July 1924Deaton
Comalto, Francisc.1909Iowa30 July 1917 
Combs, Bessie Eldora18 Feb. 1887Iowa08 Nov. 1924Sullivan
Combs, Effama24 Mar. 1871Iowa15 June 1917Unknown
Combs, Emmitt O.12 Jan. 1904Missouri01 June 1925Lewis
Combs, Ethel Cora24 Nov. 1889Iowa14 Apr. 1917Pancoast
Combs, Hulda C.04 Sept. 1839Ohio30 June 1932 
Combs, Mary Caroline12 Sept. 1861Pennsylvania05 Jan. 1930Eckil
Combs, Nancy Martha08 Aug. 1857Iowa09 Aug. 1935Kinney
Combs, Willard Jr.24 Sept. 1859Ohio02 Feb. 1917 
Combs, Willis20 Apr. 1868Missouri05 June 1928Campbell
Comegys, Edward Franklin14 Mar. 1868Iowa05 Feb. 1938Vought
Comegys, Frances Anne06 Sept. 1868Iowa08 Apr. 1937Rice
Comegys, William22 Apr. 1876Illinois26 Dec. 1930Vought
Comelin, Ruth Loretta29 Oct. 1899Illinois31 Mar. 1936Bogord
Comer, Clora16 Jan. 1879Iowa21 May 1918Unknown
Comer, Elvira12 June 1857Iowa06 May 1921Kregsinzer
Comer, James D.16 Apr. 1853Indiana28 Dec. 1921Unknown
Comerford, Lawrence Eugene09 Oct. 1926Iowa30 Jan. 1927Flannagan
Cometo, Joseph G.c.1861Italy13 Nov. 1928 
Comfort, Margaret31 Mar. 1833West Virginia30 Nov. 1921Arnold
Comfort, Thomas F.c.1859New York28 June 1922Purcell
Comiskey, John Thomas28 Sept. 1927Iowa23 Jan. 1928Wignall
Comito, Alphonso06 Nov. 1930Italy20 Feb. 1930 
Comito, Charlesc.1868Italy04 Mar. 1925Ciancheo
Comley, Daniel Augustinec.1846Illinois29 Apr. 1925 
Commerford, James14 Feb. 1857Iowa09 Mar. 1917Galligan
Commodore, Juanita26 Oct. 1903Iowa23 Aug. 1936Coleman
Compapiono, Tonyc.1888Italy25 Apr. 1920 
Comparet, Elizabeth Ann08 July 1841Indiana19 Dec. 1919Miller
Compas, Pauline25 Jan. 1927Iowa13 Aug. 1927Munyes
Compero, Fernando27 June 1925Iowa06 Sept. 1925Rodriquez
Compero, Jesus19 Aug. 1926Iowa13 Nov. 1926Ramirez
Comperro, Carlos10 Feb. 1927Iowa15 Feb. 1927Rodriquez
Compette, Elma11 Mar. 1924Iowa28 July 1924Campers
Compiano, Mary S.23 Aug. 1927Iowa14 July 1929Roberto
Compton, Anna22 June 1848England31 Mar. 1925Foster
Compton, Clarence R.20 May 1894Iowa29 Mar. 1938Benge
Compton, Ellis Hartley13 Dec. 1884Iowa01 Jan. 1929Harris
Compton, Elwood03 Aug. 1853Ohio21 Sept. 1939Oren
Compton, Madeline16 Oct. 1920Iowa14 July 1926Thornburgh
Compton, Milton08 Apr. 1864Iowa17 Sept. 1917Wroe
Compton, Minnie E.07 Sept. 1867Illinois15 June 1919Brimhall
Compton, Samantha Harris28 July 1852Ohio01 Apr. 1932Kitty
Comstock, Frances Elizabeth21 May 1899Iowa11 Mar. 1938Hoops
Comstock, Ida Jane15 Sept. 1864Iowa24 Aug. 1939 
Comstock, Irma04 Mar. 1920South Dakota25 July 1930Cakebread
Comstock, Libby10 June 1869Illinois25 Nov. 1933Eggleston
Comstock, Marshall E.09 Feb. 1883Iowa02 Nov. 1929Collins
Comuizzi, Johnc.1884Italy24 Dec. 1919Unknown
Conant, Lydia03 Apr. 1867Michigan23 Apr. 1939White
Conard, Everett Slanley14 Dec. 1901Iowa20 Jan. 1920Conerlison
Conard, Flora Dorac.1873Germany18 Oct. 1937 
Conard, Submitta Jane12 Dec. 1845Indiana17 Aug. 1928Wyings
Conaway, Ernest L.11 Apr. 1882Kentucky07 Apr. 1922 
Conaway, Jerome P.12 Feb. 1931Iowa15 Feb. 1931Murphy
Conaway, Robert Allen27 July 1925Iowa27 July 1925Hankins
Conbeer, John R.25 Dec. 1843Ohio01 May 1923Betts
Conbett, William26 May 1848Indiana26 June 1931Unknown
Condiff, Francis Marion26 Nov. 1862Indiana07 June 1931Pagett
Condit, Eliza E.25 Oct. 1865Iowa27 Oct. 1934Frazier
Condit, Ezekiel Emery07 Sept. 1852Iowa10 Nov. 1919Criswell
Condon, Caroline24 Apr. 1854Indiana21 Aug. 1934Bird
Condon, Charles Benjamin20 Jan. 1887Illinois26 Jan. 1938Carberry
Condon, Elizabeth Copping09 Nov. 1924Iowa07 Nov. 1924Crawford
Condon, Eva Wills14 Apr. 1871Illinois17 Feb. 1928Sackett
Condon, J.R.09 Sept. 1881Iowa12 Oct. 1933Whittir
Condon, John P.28 Oct. 1885Iowa20 Oct. 1935Manion
Condran, Mary Alice20 Oct. 1855Illinois23 Dec. 1930Slattery
Condran, Mary Gertrude02 July 1855Pennsylvania20 Nov. 1929Gavin
Condree, Ted C.13 Sept. 1907Oklahoma18 July 1939Brown
Conely, Hulda21 July 1863Minnesota17 Feb. 1932Werder
Conen, Idac.1873Russia06 Dec. 1926Zarnow
Congdon, Josephine Eloise23 Nov. 1848Maine18 Nov. 1921Webster
Conger, Albert Lee25 Mar. 1869New York29 June 1928Lee
Conger, Edith26 Nov. 1872Iowa17 Apr. 1939Oyer
Conkel, Barbara Arlene08 Mar. 1934Iowa21 June 1934Klonglan
Conkel, Pearl Charlota14 Sept. 1889Iowa13 Feb. 1927Rickgenberg
Conkel, Wilda L.09 Oct. 1893Iowa16 Oct. 1933Thompson
Conklin, Albert M.15 Jan. 1891South Dakota08 Dec. 1927Denny
Conklin, Clifford Wayne11 Sept. 1916Iowa08 May 1938Sheppard
Conklin, Daniel W.01 Aug. 1868Iowa02 Oct. 1918 
Conklin, Emma03 Sept. 1885Germany28 Apr. 1925 
Conklin, Emmac.1864 27 Oct. 1924 
Conklin, Ethyl11 Mar. 1866Iowa14 May 1929Keith
Conklin, Evelyn Dolly01 Apr. 1887Iowa13 May 1939Keller
Conklin, Mary24 May 1871Iowa02 Jan. 1930Fines
Conklin, Richard J.11 Aug. 1860Iowa06 Apr. 1918Stanbery
Conkling, Claude Daniel19 Feb. 1902Iowa31 Dec. 1937Albright
Conkling, Wilbur S.17 Sept. 1873Iowa11 June 1926Bonifield
Conlee, Myra Maud11 Nov. 1881Iowa18 June 1937Millhouse
Conley (Baby Boy)21 Mar. 1927Iowa29 Mar. 1927Berry
Conley (Baby Boy)19 Dec. 1926Iowa20 Dec. 1926Farley
Conley (Baby Girl)23 Oct. 1917Iowa24 Oct. 1917Farley
Conley, Ann25 Aug. 1929Iowa21 Apr. 1931Farley
Conley, Basil J.07 Sept. 1853Indiana27 June 1932Harmon
Conley, Bessie04 Apr. 1874Illinois13 Aug. 1930Marsh
Conley, Eli Lorenzo24 May 1882Iowa07 Mar. 1936McCradden
Conley, Ellen14 July 1853Illinois04 Jan. 1931Unknown
Conley, Harry Elmer06 Sept. 1878Missouri14 Aug. 1939Dodds
Conley, John07 Nov. 1856Pennsylvania30 May 1927McClusky
Conley, John E.1850United States26 Oct. 1923 
Conley, Lehi Hoslingsc.1845Illinois26 Nov. 1931 
Conley, Mary Emaline21 Aug. 1881Illinois14 Mar. 1926Wooley
Conley, Nina Hamilton01 Oct. 1887Iowa16 June 1919 
Conley, Roy O.27 Jan. 1894Iowa06 Feb. 1924Dodds
Conley, Valda27 Nov. 1879Iowa29 Feb. 1936Blakesley
Conley, Victoria Boyd03 Sept. 1884Ireland06 Nov. 1918Boyd
Conlin, Velma29 Mar. 1908Iowa10 Feb. 1934Elifrite
Conling, Margaret Troy03 Nov. 1854 30 Oct. 1922Unknown
Conlon, Mary Ann31 Mar. 1846Iowa17 Dec. 1927Unknown
Conn, Benjamin F.22 Feb. 1849Indiana10 Feb. 1925Menne
Conn, David Francis01 Feb. 1877Missouri22 June 1937Thompson
Conn, David Gustavus27 Feb. 1839Ohio10 May 1926Unknown
Conn, Eva Jane24 Feb. 1927Iowa11 Apr. 1935Linn
Conn, Henry Mack21 Oct. 1915Iowa29 Apr. 1918Sanford
Conn, Hugh Taylor08 Apr. 1845Kentucky28 May 1937 
Conn, J.W.c.1862 23 Jan. 1922 
Conn, John30 Aug. 1878Iowa16 Feb. 1936Ballentyne
Conn, Martha Jane Thompson31 May 1843Ohio02 Jan. 1922Caldwell
Conn, Wilbur Darrell23 July 1914Iowa04 Nov. 1918Sanford
Conn, Winfield S.20 Dec. 1850Indiana02 May 1930 
Connell, Catherine25 Dec. 1861Ireland01 June 1924 
Connell, Catherine05 May 1897Iowa26 Oct. 1939Wadley
Connell, Frank Michael20 Sept. 1886Iowa22 Oct. 1934Smuth
Connell, Zacharia M.12 Jan. 1851Ohio29 July 1918Perkins
Connelly, Amadac.1839Ireland13 Mar. 1920Unknown
Connelly, Henry Harmon20 Nov. 1851 08 Feb. 1935Harmon
Connelly, Patrickc.1873Ireland11 Oct. 1932Nayton
Conner (Baby Boy)31 July 1934Iowa31 July 1934Burns
Conner, Agnes Marie01 Jan. 1889Washington24 Oct. 1918Unknown
Conner, C. Lester08 Apr. 1887 27 Aug. 1927 
Conner, Carl23 Oct. 1939Iowa23 Oct. 1939Conner
Conner, Dorothy S.15 July 1872Iowa26 Aug. 1918 
Conner, Eleanor J.04 Jan. 1905Iowa29 Dec. 1934Kiskaddon
Conner, Emeline Sargeant09 June 1854Iowa14 June 1924Brown
Conner, Estelle Agnes22 Sept. 1873Illinois11 Dec. 1931Purcell
Conner, Frankc.1892Iowa22 June 1922Murrey
Conner, Grace17 Oct. 1907Iowa28 Mar. 1928McFarland
Conner, Henryc.1871Tennessee21 July 1919Unknown
Conner, James Richard Jr.28 Aug. 1928Iowa09 Sept. 1928Widberg
Conner, John28 Aug. 1846Ohio29 Dec. 1918Reed
Conner, Mary Loretta12 Aug. 1854Pennsylvania10 Aug. 1928 
Conner, Mary May02 Oct. 1878Iowa19 Feb. 1932Messmore
Conner, Mary Melissa14 Sept. 1848Indiana03 Feb. 1930Drapper
Conner, Ray Alden27 Oct. 1915Iowa05 Mar. 1925Ritcherson
Conner, Robert D.10 Oct. 1929Iowa30 Nov. 1929Caldwell
Conner, Seneca C.17 Oct. 1853Illinois23 Feb. 1928Armstrong
Conner, Williamc.1888 12 Apr. 1918 
Conner, William A.12 July 1844Indiana16 Apr. 1925Stone
Conner, William Henry09 Dec. 1862Wisconsin30 Sept. 1932Hudson
Conner, William T.03 Dec. 1855Indiana05 Sept. 1926Unknown
Conners, Andrew J.21 Jan. 1917Iowa26 Jan. 1931Dooley
Conners, Catherine28 May 1869Maryland23 June 1926Unknown
Conners, Earl16 July 1833Iowa03 June 1922Sargent
Conners, Gerald Earl01 Mar. 1923Iowa29 Mar. 1937Stoddard
Conners, Ignatius22 May 1899Iowa13 Mar. 1936Boylan
Conners, Pearl Almyra01 Aug. 1891Iowa01 July 1927Ussell
Conners, Velma08 June 1917Iowa16 Sept. 1917Stoddard
Connerton, John J.c.1867Illinois25 Feb. 1917Coates
Connerton, William J.c.1896Wisconsin20 Apr. 1918Eagon
Connett, Alma17 Nov. 1900Iowa08 Mar. 1934Deaton
Connett, Amanda24 Sept. 1849Ohio09 Sept. 1934Bomnett
Connett, Austin07 Aug. 1845Ohio06 Feb. 1919 
Connett, Cecil20 Apr. 1928Iowa11 Oct. 1932Harper
Connett, Corda27 June 1871Iowa09 June 1934Dinsmore
Connett, Edward Thomas02 Nov. 1860Iowa30 Sept. 1929Rose
Connett, Emma S.16 Oct. 1859Ohio24 Feb. 1929Brady
Connett, Harold14 Feb. 1932Iowa20 Mar. 1932Fee
Connett, Hazel28 July 1918Iowa07 Jan. 1935Wheeler
Connett, James12 July 1856Iowa01 Mar. 1930Rose
Connett, Joe Jr.10 Sept. 1927Iowa12 Sept. 1937Halterman
Connett, Newton27 Jan. 1872Iowa16 June 1938Rose
Connett, Pearl Opal29 Jan. 1898Iowa31 Oct. 1918 
Connett, Sadie L.29 Mar. 1926Iowa12 June 1927Harper
Connick, Henry06 June 1852Wales02 Feb. 1927Lewis
Connick, Isaic14 Dec. 1844England08 Jan. 1929Edwards
Connolly, Anna08 Aug. 1861Iowa19 Jan. 1934Loftus
Connolly, Anniec.1877Iowa08 Dec. 1917Bryne
Connolly, Dan B.14 May 1856West Virginia17 May 1927Unknown
Connolly, Jerryc.1845Ireland31 May 1918McCarthy
Connolly, Katherine20 June 1869Ohio17 May 1932Bristor
Connolly, Rosemary17 Nov. 1925Iowa27 Oct. 1926O'Malley
Connolly, Thomas Richard08 Jan. 1891 24 Aug. 1935Flanagan
Connor, Jamesc.1882Iowa11 Dec. 1935Horn
Connor, John J.c.1861Iowa09 Mar. 1931 
Connor, Martin F.1901Pennsylvania20 May 1921 
Connors (Baby Girl)08 Mar. 1919Iowa08 Mar. 1919Duley
Connors, Catherine07 Apr. 1861Iowa23 Oct. 1926Tobin
Connors, Peter13 Oct. 1860Ireland26 Aug. 1924Doyle
Cono, Aroulia Bagi Martinas13 May 1890Mexico13 July 1925 
Conrad, Benjamin C.20 June 1833Ohio03 Apr. 1919Lensenberg
Conrad, Benjamin Creger14 Feb. 1895Iowa09 May 1929Parker
Conrad, Christ S.c.1895 12 Aug. 1918 
Conrad, Edwinc.1845New York06 Apr. 1925Boise
Conrad, Grace V.20 Dec. 1858Iowa25 Dec. 1921Jeffers
Conrad, John17 June 1863Sweden21 June 1922 
Conrad, John Fitch10 May 1860Iowa16 June 1938Canterberry
Conrad, Mary Drusilla11 Feb. 1927Iowa18 Nov. 1932Maulsby
Conrad, Mary Lee05 July 1917Missouri10 Nov. 1938Scott
Conrad, Ricka B.21 Feb. 1877Denmark26 Jan. 1926Hansen
Conrad, Robert Bruce08 Sept. 1917Iowa13 Dec. 1924Thompson
Conrad, Thomas Francis10 Sept. 1839Virginia28 Dec. 1930Unknown
Conradi, George26 Sept. 1851Germany07 June 1926Harbach
Conradi, Kate10 Oct. 1866Indiana16 Oct. 1938 
Conradson, Lois Elizabeth Golda17 Nov. 1922Iowa30 Nov. 1922Fisher
Conrey, Celia Ann29 Jan. 1840Indiana06 Feb. 1926Duncan
Conrey, Florence Estella09 June 1861Illinois22 Mar. 1935Stites
Conrey, Marion Bert11 Nov. 1881Iowa02 Apr. 1938McKern
Conrow, Jackie Jr.05 Jan. 1926Iowa21 May 1926Pugh
Conroy, Adeline Amelia08 Nov. 1848New York26 Dec. 1930Burdick
Conroy, John T.02 May 1883England22 Apr. 1936Meenahon
Consigny, Cassie12 Jan. 1850Ohio13 July 1918Unknown
Consoever, Phurba28 Feb. 1874Iowa25 Oct. 1921Hand
Constant, Bertie01 Dec. 1924Iowa26 Aug. 1925Washington
Constant, Bertie M.17 July 1887Kansas10 Dec. 1924Lowther
Constant, Elgina26 May 1901Missouri22 July 1922Brassfield
Constant, George William06 Feb. 1868Illinois24 Apr. 1924Keagle
Constant, Hopec.1894Missouri22 July 1922Hurst
Constant, John Michael10 Dec. 1938Iowa26 Feb. 1939Connett
Constant, Paul15 Nov. 1918Iowa15 Nov. 1918Rhiberg
Constine, Richard Henry15 May 1880Michigan29 Apr. 1920 
Contri, Luigi21 June 1878Italy18 Mar. 1927Emilia
Converse, Clifford Darwin11 Feb. 1915Iowa17 May 1933Converse
Converse, Jacob H.04 July 1876Illinois10 Feb. 1919 
Converse, Lillianc.1899Iowa09 Apr. 1922McCann
Converse, Norton D.24 Sept. 1858Canada18 Jan. 1935Hedrick
Converse, Robert C.23 Mar. 1867Iowa01 Aug. 1939 
Convey, James Thomas22 Mar. 1898Iowa31 Mar. 1918Rick
Convey, Wallace C.03 Apr. 1862Iowa26 Oct. 1922Hallett
Convy, Alice13 June 1868Illinois15 Mar. 1931 
Convy, James W.16 Apr. 1866Iowa08 July 1927Hallet
Conway, Elmes Gordon04 June 1858Iowa18 May 1920Smith
Conway, James Monroe02 July 1894Iowa29 Sept. 1932Dolphin
Conway, Johnc.1852 30 Aug. 1922 
Conway, Lee J.04 Aug. 1856Ohio17 Oct. 1931 
Conway, Maryc.1839Pennsylvania11 Aug. 1929 
Conway, William Andrew01 Aug. 1879Iowa30 Nov. 1928Mantle
Conway, William L.09 May 1868Iowa13 July 1937Fowler
Conwell, Mary31 Oct. 1859Iowa13 Aug. 1923McCarthy
Conyers, Milton R.c.1878Iowa01 May 1938Hunt
Conyers, Oliver R.21 Sept. 1870Indiana22 Aug. 1939Hunt
Cooey, Bella03 July 1840Ireland20 Dec. 1920Ryfe
Cook, Addison G.17 Oct. 1873Iowa21 May 1926Maun
Cook, Agnes Rogers21 Feb. 1893Illinois09 May 1934Barthelemu
Cook, Anna04 Aug. 1874Missouri26 Nov. 1926Coats
Cook, Arlene Jeneve30 Aug. 1908Iowa09 Oct. 1919 
Cook, Arminac.1858 20 Jan. 1938 
Cook, Betty07 Apr. 1896Iowa02 Apr. 1921McHenry
Cook, Caroline07 Oct. 1854Germany14 Nov. 1927Unknown
Cook, Catherine24 July 1865Missouri25 Sept. 1929Quirk
Cook, Catherinec.1841Ireland01 Feb. 1917Hayes
Cook, Catherine A.29 Nov. 1818Pennsylvania12 Dec. 1919Unknown
Cook, Charles Alfred25 Mar. 1853New York05 Aug. 1925Peters
Cook, Charles M.27 Mar. 1859Illinois20 Aug. 1939Dunn
Cook, Christina25 Oct. 1865Iowa31 July 1933 
Cook, Clara A.02 Apr. 1841Maine05 Mar. 1925Curtis
Cook, David Mott10 Dec. 1934Iowa22 Dec. 1934McMurray
Cook, David W.17 May 1847 02 Jan. 1932Smith
Cook, Dorthy Janec.1920South Dakota16 Aug. 1932Auldridge
Cook, Ed H.14 July 1868Indiana27 Aug. 1938Cornelious
Cook, Edward N.21 Nov. 1858Wisconsin01 Nov. 1921 
Cook, Elizabeth15 Sept. 1875Iowa07 Jan. 1925Peters
Cook, Elizabeth J.30 July 1855Iowa20 Sept. 1938Stitt
Cook, Flora N.28 Mar. 1858New York14 Aug. 1928Unknown
Cook, Frank E.14 Dec. 1858Iowa11 Jan. 1923Scott
Cook, Frank F.04 Sept. 1878Iowa24 Dec. 1934Ruth
Cook, Galva Deloris16 Aug. 1926Iowa15 Oct. 1926Williams
Cook, George F.17 Jan. 1876Illinois02 Mar. 1939Morey
Cook, George W.06 June 1860Tennessee08 Jan. 1936 
Cook, George William13 Sept. 1853England09 May 1932 
Cook, Georgia Earthely13 June 1907Kansas21 Feb. 1939Brown
Cook, Giles H.c.1854Illinois20 Sept. 1938 
Cook, Glenn02 Sept. 1898Iowa27 June 1937Kendall
Cook, Helen Ruth16 Mar. 1924Iowa18 Mar. 1924Ward
Cook, Henrietta08 Mar. 1833North Carolina09 Nov. 1919 
Cook, Ida May27 July 1863Pennsylvania09 Aug. 1938 
Cook, Ina09 Oct. 1862Wisconsin15 Feb. 1934Clifford
Cook, Isaac P.04 Mar. 1835Indiana20 Aug. 1918 
Cook, Jeri Kae05 Nov. 1937Iowa15 Nov. 1937Blackledge
Cook, Jesse13 Oct. 1858Iowa22 May 1938Jay
Cook, Jessie A.27 Apr. 1868Iowa27 Sept. 1935 
Cook, John04 June 1849Ohio29 Mar. 1930Halterman
Cook, John11 Sept. 1856Germany06 Sept. 1918 
Cook, John Addison29 Nov. 1856Wisconsin09 Sept. 1928McDonald
Cook, John B.24 Apr. 1885Illinois17 Feb. 1923Cook
Cook, Kate B.21 Oct. 1865Missouri06 July 1938Moore
Cook, Lavonne May17 Mar. 1928Iowa17 Mar. 1928Cook
Cook, Leland17 Aug. 1917Iowa01 June 1918Beveridge
Cook, Lelia Fern17 Dec. 1898Iowa06 Dec. 1932Hull
Cook, Leonard26 July 1930Iowa01 Feb. 1932Bush
Cook, Lucile20 Dec. 1916Iowa06 Feb. 1918Wright
Cook, Lula19 Oct. 1881Missouri12 Nov. 1935Haley
Cook, Mabel Eunice16 Apr. 1893Iowa11 Aug. 1937Wolverton
Cook, Marguerite Elizabeth18 Apr. 1890Iowa22 Nov. 1934Harold
Cook, Mary C.05 Nov. 1831Ohio08 Mar. 1918Maher
Cook, Melissa Elisabeth12 Oct. 1844Kentucky19 Oct. 1929Veneman
Cook, Minnie C.07 Sept. 1874Missouri27 Jan. 1937Curtis
Cook, Nancy Mariah16 Nov. 1839New York28 Dec. 1922 
Cook, O.J.07 Aug. 1919Iowa09 Aug. 1919 
Cook, Opal Arlene22 Jan. 1911Iowa28 Mar. 1932Smith
Cook, Orville L.27 July 1888Iowa09 Sept. 1936Elwood
Cook, Owen Peter26 June 1889Michigan02 Dec. 1924 
Cook, Pearl Lenihan10 Jan. 1891Iowa09 Oct. 1922Jones
Cook, Raymond Wendell04 Aug. 1912Iowa27 Aug. 1929Johnson
Cook, Robert Roy25 Dec. 1886Kansas03 Feb. 1934Webber
Cook, Roscoe E.23 Apr. 1877Iowa28 May 1917Moore
Cook, Roy B.  13 Oct. 1918 
Cook, Roy William09 Feb. 1897Iowa16 Dec. 1936Tomlinson
Cook, Samuela12 May 1881Tennessee19 Nov. 1938 
Cook, Sarah A.18 Feb. 1835Ohio27 Nov. 1917Myers
Cook, Sarah Jane06 Oct. 1855Indiana06 Mar. 1920Stanley
Cook, Silas M.27 Jan. 1869Wisconsin15 Sept. 1928Wallen
Cook, Thelma Geanc.1923Iowa23 Feb. 1924Crest
Cook, Thomas Peter05 Dec. 1870Iowa09 Sept. 1919Charity
Cook, Viola Marie26 Aug. 1910Nebraska11 Sept. 1934Chetman
Cook, Willard J.15 Feb. 1862Iowa10 June 1920Fuller
Cook, William27 Dec. 1842England12 Aug. 1924Unknown
Cook, William Abner02 Sept. 1880Iowa22 June 1938Ryan
Cooke, Harriet N.16 Nov. 1848Ohio16 Sept. 1933Harbolt
Cooke, Robert W.14 Aug. 1854Ohio30 Apr. 1920Reed
Cooke, Roy08 Aug. 1892Iowa15 Sept. 1929Falk
Cooke, Viola Soulec.1853Ohio12 Mar. 1930Stouffer
Cookerly, Thomas B.14 Mar. 1853Indiana18 Oct. 1929Hitchcock
Cookhill, Thomas Edward14 Aug. 1846Ohio13 Jan. 1929Crawford
Cooking, Charles Wesley17 Oct. 1857Iowa17 Oct. 1931Dannett
Cookley, Bertha M.11 Aug. 1882Iowa03 Sept. 1925Connel
Cooksey, Samuel01 Sept. 1865Kentucky16 June 1936Dunn
Cool, Everettc.1897 15 Oct. 1918 
Cool, Frances Eldora05 Feb. 1866Iowa18 May 1919Graybell
Cool, John30 Apr. 1845Pennsylvania15 Apr. 1930 
Cool, Maggie16 July 1864Iowa26 Mar. 1917Thompson
Cool, Mary Elizabeth10 Oct. 1848Indiana30 Oct. 1931McAllister
Cooley, Alonzo B.21 Nov. 1870Illinois22 Dec. 1935Heastrand
Cooley, Bell18 July 1877Alabama29 June 1924Gordon
Cooley, Clara B.c.1863Ohio22 Mar. 1917Leekrone
Cooley, Curtis27 May 1900Alabama18 Mar. 1929Washington
Cooley, Ethel May10 Nov. 1900Missouri14 Oct. 1931Doolia
Cooley, Floyd Evert03 Aug. 1892Iowa04 Sept. 1938Bowman
Cooley, Harvey Ward31 July 1911Iowa16 May 1918Ream
Cooley, Jack Edward01 Feb. 1937Iowa23 Oct. 1937Taylor
Cooley, James Oliver26 Mar. 1934Iowa27 Mar. 1934Ovington
Cooley, Joseph Allen01 Mar. 1855Indiana12 Feb. 1936Douglas
Cooley, Lou Ella06 Dec. 1918Iowa08 Dec. 1918Craige
Cooley, Marquis Layfette08 Apr. 1850Iowa24 Nov. 1918Roth
Cooley, Mary17 June 1873Alabama02 June 1917Brooks
Cooley, Mary Caroline18 Dec. 1856Iowa06 Feb. 1938 
Cooley, Samuel08 July 1919Iowa11 Dec. 1919Southall
Cooley, William Orval30 July 1873Iowa29 Nov. 1927Glick
Coombs, Ellen M.17 Apr. 1884Massachusetts30 Oct. 1935McClellan
Coon, Adelbert Justin02 Mar. 1866Iowa28 Oct. 1928Osborn
Coon, Ashford Rolands24 Feb. 1853Iowa16 Mar. 1930 
Coon, Elizabeth18 Apr. 1920Iowa02 Apr. 1939Graef
Coon, Eugene Amisa16 Oct. 1856New York05 Nov. 1925Osborn
Coon, Ivory12 May 1861Iowa12 May 1926Reasoner
Coon, John29 Jan. 1863Iowa20 Jan. 1931Park
Coon, John Calvin11 Dec. 1888Nebraska30 Nov. 1937Hovell
Coon, Johnnie L.01 Sept. 1906Iowa28 Aug. 1938Hayworth
Coon, Lee31 May 1935Iowa31 May 1935Perry
Coon, Lucy31 Jan. 1866Iowa14 Aug. 1938Cain
Coon, Margaret25 Oct. 1877Iowa25 Apr. 1936Collins
Coon, Margaret Ermina19 Jan. 1873Iowa27 Nov. 1939Osborne
Coon, Mary31 Dec. 1857Iowa08 Mar. 1923Dunbar
Coon, Mary Ann24 Apr. 1853Illinois23 June 1938Sloson
Coon, Nancy Ann07 July 1936Iowa25 July 1936Moriarty
Coon, Nellie M.05 June 1893Iowa12 Dec. 1918Swearingen
Coon, Orvis Harasho21 Jan. 1833New York12 Mar. 1918Solsby
Coones, Anna28 Apr. 1881Germany30 Dec. 1918Unknown
Coones, Clyde H.09 Oct. 1884Iowa29 Sept. 1919Maxon
Coones, Harriet Kathleen01 Oct. 1853Iowa22 June 1932Binegar
Cooney, Raymond16 Feb. 1933Iowa24 Apr. 1933Dennis
Coonrod, Arthur W.13 May 1887Illinois24 Feb. 1937Myers
Coons (Baby Boy)21 Aug. 1935Iowa21 Aug. 1935Moriarty
Coons, Jim16 Sept. 1876 30 Nov. 1936 
Coontz, Dorothy Jean09 Nov. 1925Iowa28 Feb. 1926Daugherthy
Cooper (Baby Boy)03 Aug. 1917Iowa03 Aug. 1917Larson
Cooper, Alethea M.19 Apr. 1846Ohio17 May 1932Butts
Cooper, Alice19 Mar. 1884Iowa29 May 1922Cole
Cooper, Amos B.24 Apr. 1859Illinois14 July 1933Stark
Cooper, Anna V.28 Sept. 1865Pennsylvania10 Jan. 1917Thompson
Cooper, Bessie Mayc.1899Alabama12 Sept. 1929 
Cooper, Betty Lorane05 Feb. 1923Iowa12 Mar. 1923Blocker
Cooper, Carrie17 May 1917Iowa27 Jan. 1933Moden
Cooper, Charles C.19 July 1866Ohio02 Aug. 1934Slickenger
Cooper, Doris18 May 1927Iowa15 Jan. 1928Lacher
Cooper, Effie May04 July 1886Missouri14 Aug. 1932 
Cooper, Elizabet07 Apr. 1840Canada16 Apr. 1930 
Cooper, Ella16 July 1900Iowa30 Jan. 1919 
Cooper, Elva Ethel02 June 1881iowa26 June 1935Stertzs
Cooper, Emma Warfield27 June 1853Ohio16 Aug. 1934Wilson
Cooper, Ester Emyrimis21 Feb. 1834New York21 Feb. 1924Patterson
Cooper, Eva09 Nov. 1854Indiana02 Oct. 1919Avery
Cooper, Evelyn Darlyne02 Sept. 1923Iowa25 Apr. 1924Matherly
Cooper, Francis Louise24 Apr. 1923Iowa01 Nov. 1923Beulosa
Cooper, Fredc.1889 18 Mar. 1924 
Cooper, Gladys K.04 Feb. 1900Iowa26 Mar. 1925Burns
Cooper, Hattie Eliza13 Feb. 1855Iowa09 Feb. 1928Coffin
Cooper, Henry M.12 Oct. 1873Iowa09 Nov. 1930McMasters
Cooper, Isabelle06 May 1849Pennsylvania25 Oct. 1919Wirt
Cooper, Jenniec.1852Indiana19 Oct. 1917Unknown
Cooper, Jessc.1876 08 Feb. 1938 
Cooper, John A.16 June 1846Pennsylvania02 July 1933 
Cooper, John Thomas30 Apr. 1870Virginia24 Mar. 1931Walker
Cooper, Johnnie F.01 July 1906Iowa08 Sept. 1920Harlan
Cooper, Julia Elizabeth17 July 1841Vermont12 Dec. 1927Terry
Cooper, Laura01 Nov. 1915Iowa04 Sept. 1928Cummings
Cooper, Lilian03 Aug. 1873Iowa29 Mar. 1920 
Cooper, Lottie Mabie11 Nov. 1885Iowa12 Nov. 1939Wolf
Cooper, Mary Jane01 Jan. 1845Ohio17 Mar. 1931 
Cooper, Nancey Jane26 Apr. 1849Ohio18 July 1917Morris
Cooper, Nancy Jane05 Nov. 1834Pennsylvania03 Mar. 1923McCrory
Cooper, Newberry19 July 1842Pennsylvania03 Jan. 1926Cother
Cooper, Ottis04 Oct. 1922Iowa10 Nov. 1922Moden
Cooper, Robert Joseph17 May 1925Iowa03 Apr. 1926 
Cooper, Sadie28 Dec. 1876Iowa26 Jan. 1937Miller
Cooper, Samuel John03 Nov. 1874Pennsylvania30 June 1939Travers
Cooper, Stella10 Oct. 1889Iowa29 Sept. 1923 
Cooper, Stephen E.07 Mar. 1853Illinois19 June 1930Stark
Cooper, Taylor A.c.1896 11 Oct. 1918 
Cooper, Thomas w.28 Aug. 1864Iowa28 May 1939White
Cooper, Viola I.26 May 1870Illinois04 Aug. 1938Oakley
Cooper, William D.22 May 1875Illinois19 Nov. 1938DeHeart
Cooper, William E.19 July 1876Ohio12 Dec. 1919Freestone
Cooper, William Perry04 July 1842Iowa04 Dec. 1919Thron
Coover, Bartha23 Apr. 1863Illinois05 Dec. 1937Shie
Cop, Martha Elizac.1839Illinois27 June 1931Unknown
Cope, Benjamin16 Apr. 1836Ohio15 Aug. 1919Dungan
Cope, John Higgeus13 June 1853Ohio27 Nov. 1917Higgens
Cope, Priscilla04 Mar. 1841Ohio30 July 1926Worrell
Cope, Sarah Duncan03 Apr. 1833Ohio03 Apr. 1917Stevenson
Cope, William Amond29 July 1845Tennessee18 June 1930 
Copeland, Bruce Burns11 Mar. 1873Iowa26 Feb. 1933See
Copeland, Charles W.07 Sept. 1870Iowa18 Nov. 1917Unknown
Copeland, Jessie17 May 1865Ohio25 Jan. 1925Gabbraith
Copeland, Laura25 June 1850Indiana31 Oct. 1925Case
Copeland, Laura04 Dec. 1834Massachusetts27 Feb. 1917 
Copeland, Myra Anna29 Jan. 1926Iowa07 July 1927Rogg
Copeland, Williamc.1880 c.25 May 1920 
Copenhaver, Blair M.29 Apr. 1919Iowa29 Nov. 1937Parker
Copenhaver, Jesse V.02 Mar. 1882Indiana14 Feb. 1932Fintsman
Copenheffer, Johnc.1847 15 Jan. 1917 
Copic, Anna May21 Dec. 1924Iowa13 Sept. 1925Ambrose
Copic, Clara D.25 Jan. 1880Wisconsin20 Dec. 1934 
Copie, Nathan01 May 1851Indiana16 Aug. 1933Unknown
Copley, George B.21 Sept. 1863Illinois21 Feb. 1932Bernard
Copley, Lavonne25 May 1918Iowa27 Nov. 1925Fronk
Copley, Nellie Viola11 Dec. 1875Illinois06 June 1933Smith
Copp, Charlesc.1852Canada17 July 1923 
Coppack, Mary Elizabeth02 Oct. 1861Iowa08 May 1919Davis
Copper, Elsie A.25 Sept. 1890England28 Feb. 1939Mills
Coppi, Alicec.1884Italy26 Aug. 1922Unknown
Coppick, Harvey Gale14 Feb. 1928Iowa16 June 1928 
Coppick, Violet Alda16 May 1904Wisconsin23 Oct. 1938Prunkill
Copple, Sam10 Aug. 1878Russia07 Aug. 1932 
Coppo, Peterc.1891 04 Aug. 1918 
Coppock, Ellwood C.05 May 1853Ohio23 Dec. 1922Coalt
Coppola, Catherinec.1858Italy04 Nov. 1932 
Coppola, Josephc.1855Italy03 Aug. 1918Unknown
Coppola, Samuelc.1852Italy04 Dec. 1919Unknown
Corbett, Charles E.29 July 1877Iowa09 Jan. 1923Wright
Corbett, Della C.17 Mar. 1867Iowa15 July 1919Stites
Corbett, Mary Anna23 Dec. 1871Minnesota18 May 1917Tracey
Corbett, William David18 Aug. 1925Iowa01 July 1929Collotora
Corbin, Eleanor11 Mar. 1897Iowa11 July 1919Swihart
Corbin, Rue14 Feb. 1887Iowa29 June 1938Jones
Corbin, Walter09 Nov. 1932Iowa13 June 1933Niehaus
Corcaran, Henry P.06 Oct. 1890Iowa19 Dec. 1936Griffin
Corcoran, Alice Isabel12 Jan. 1862Canada26 Nov. 1929Litchfield
Corcoran, Ellen06 Apr. 1852New York22 Nov. 1934 
Corcoran, Ellen Jo10 Oct. 1929Iowa30 Aug. 1935Moon
Corcoran, Henry B.c.1851New York20 Apr. 1938Collister
Corcoran, Marian18 Sept. 1877Iowa02 Mar. 1937 
Corcoran, Martin J.17 Nov. 1876Iowa05 Apr. 1933Middleton
Corcoran, Michael P.21 June 1894Illinois14 Jan. 1937Naville
Corcoran, Nora Agnusc.1864New York12 Mar. 1924 
Corcoran, Owen11 Apr. 1859Ireland13 Mar. 1939 
Corcoran, Sarah01 Mar. 1865Iowa23 Feb. 1931Hamah
Corcoran, Thomas M.06 May 1861Iowa21 May 1938 
Cord, Clarence V.10 July 1869Illinois10 Nov. 1929Kennedy
Cordars, George09 Jan. 1871Italy10 Jan. 1931 
Cordary, Annac.1872New York23 Oct. 1918Unknown
Cordary, Margaret B.10 Dec. 1913Iowa11 Dec. 1918Boston
Corderman, Henry20 Mar. 1867Iowa05 Feb. 1931Ackers
Cordray, Stuart09 Oct. 1874Ohio08 Feb. 1920 
Core, Arthur W.25 May 1871Iowa17 Sept. 1931Walker
Core, Clarence C.18 Apr. 1881Iowa09 June 1934Johnson
Corey, Albert H.30 Mar. 1869Michigan27 Sept. 1928Klice
Corey, Deborah Jane31 Oct. 1857Ohio14 Dec. 1938Reed
Corey, Eric07 Sept. 1831Sweden12 Feb. 1928Unknown
Corey, Frederick Klice26 Feb. 1871Missouri25 Oct. 1934Klice
Corey, John Martin08 Apr. 1877Iowa20 Sept. 1930Elletto
Corey, Samuel Arthur12 Sept. 1861Iowa30 Sept. 1936Johnson
Coriom, Mary Jane20 July 1853Iowa30 July 1936Unknown
Cork, Alfred Joseph22 Dec. 1853England24 Aug. 1934Willett
Cork, Ethelbert12 Oct. 1863England22 Nov. 1932Willett
Corkham, Marie14 Nov. 1888New York21 Dec. 1936 
Corkill, Charles Kneal21 Mar. 1867Illinois04 Sept. 1932Kneel
Corley (Baby Boy)08 May 1920Iowa22 May 1920Dinnell
Corley, Dexter W.31 Mar. 1858Illinois18 Jan. 1929Wakefield
Corley, Jessie S.10 Dec. 1858Illinois21 Jan. 1935Scripps
Corliss, Martha Anna25 June 1844Kentucky05 Aug. 1930Davis
Cormac, Williamc.1864 13 Feb. 1929 
Cormish, Harvey Normanc.1917Minnesota30 Dec. 1929Johnson
Cornelius, Anna J.07 Dec. 1863Iowa15 July 1927Van Ordstrand
Cornell (Baby Girl)22 May 1919Iowa22 May 1919Holmes
Cornell, Adie Belle08 Oct. 1861Illinois23 Apr. 1934Jones
Cornell, Edward F.17 Aug. 1875Ohio05 Jan. 1925Unknown
Cornell, Lewis Cass19 Dec. 1858Illinois13 June 1936Spiker
Cornell, Mary04 Jan. 1847Ohio21 Apr. 1924Smith
Cornell, Nettie Neafie31 Jan. 1863Iowa04 May 1934Van Houten
Cornell, R.J. Jr.05 Aug. 1917Iowa28 Mar. 1918Holmes
Cornell, Wendell J.09 Dec. 1911Iowa28 Sept. 1929Holmes
Cornelleson (Baby Boy)19 Dec. 1918Iowa19 Dec. 1918 
Cornelson, Arthur Williard19 Sept. 1915Iowa20 Sept. 1926 
Corner, George W.17 May 1850Ohio10 Dec. 1921 
Cornick, Celia B.07 Feb. 1883Iowa21 Aug. 1926Siebrasse
Corning, Fanny R.02 Nov. 1844Maine05 Mar. 1939 
Cornish, Christina Mary09 Oct. 1918Iowa05 Nov. 1918Herbert
Cornish, Harryc.1881 01 Mar. 1921Unknown
Cornish, John Edwin02 Sept. 1920Iowa07 Apr. 1921Nesbit
Cornwall, Arthalinda14 Dec. 1854Illinois04 Oct. 1936Breece
Cornwell, Betty Jane06 Feb. 1933Iowa11 Aug. 1937Niendorf
Cornwell, Clifford21 Aug. 1886South Dakota18 Nov. 1918Miller
Cornwell, Walter M.04 Jan. 1868Ohio01 Oct. 1926 
Corr, Emmac.1867Missouri08 Dec. 1926Worrens
Correll, Vivian16 Oct. 1883South Dakota11 Feb. 1921Binegar
Corrie, Elizabeth E.25 Apr. 1856Indiana30 Dec. 1928Light
Corrigan, Jamesc.1849Ireland05 Dec. 1919Train
Corrigan, O.M.c.1869New York22 Nov. 1926Fregan
Corrigan, William H.09 Nov. 1858New York14 Sept. 1931Trainer
Corry, Elizabeth Burr25 Aug. 1839Canada20 Nov. 1925Unknown
Corry, Laura May03 May 1880Iowa13 May 1932Moore
Corsaut, George Benjamin13 Aug. 1867Illinois13 Oct. 1929Williamson
Corso, Anna08 Sept. 1875Italy30 Sept. 1935Palmisano
Cort, John Herbert29 July 1887Iowa07 Apr. 1937Boreland
Cortelyou, Salina Kathrine24 Feb. 1836Indiana15 Feb. 1919Ziegler
Cortese, Bennie20 Jan. 1854Italy14 Mar. 1924Unknown
Cortese, Fannie14 Jan. 1874Italy04 Aug. 1936Mazzi
Cortez, Caroline14 May 1845Italy28 May 1934 
Cortez, Maria1879Mexico24 May 1924Ledesma
Coruito, Donna10 Oct. 1933Iowa10 Oct. 1933Telace
Corwin, Charles E.23 Apr. 1872Iowa13 May 1935West
Corwin, Henry05 Oct. 1838Michigan17 Jan. 1931Unknown
Corwin, Joseph Edwin04 Oct. 1869Iowa29 Apr. 1922Tufts
Corwin, Pluma R.04 Dec. 1843Indiana21 Mar. 1923 
Corwin, Victor17 Apr. 1926Iowa04 May 1926Balas
Cory, Adelbert S.29 Mar. 1851Pennsylvania25 Dec. 1927 
Cory, Chancy Welcome12 Jan. 1882Iowa11 Nov. 1937Allen
Cory, Elizabeth C.24 Apr. 1878Iowa25 Jan. 1926Isemeyer
Cory, Esther E.27 June 1910Iowa05 Mar. 1920Ault
Cory, Freeman11 May 1850Ohio05 Aug. 1926Unknown
Cory, Irvin Martin Thomas12 Jan. 1922Iowa24 Feb. 1922Ault
Cory, Isiah Mortin13 Apr. 1838Indiana01 Apr. 1927Phoebus
Cory, Mary19 Mar. 1916Iowa21 Feb. 1917 
Cory, Sarah Ann02 Feb. 1836Indiana22 Sept. 1918Dowler
Cory, Sarah Ann12 Oct. 1850Illinois14 Nov. 1926Haller
Cory, Susan Eliza13 Nov. 1851Illinois22 Mar. 1927Morton
Cory, Veda Mae30 Sept. 1906Iowa17 Sept. 1930Blue
Corzatt, Alva19 Mar. 1865Iowa27 Dec. 1927Unknown
Cosby, Charles D.05 Feb. 1855Indiana10 Aug. 1925 
Cosenza, Dorothy31 Oct. 1920Iowa06 May 1932Scalise
Cosgrove, John09 Oct. 1848Pennsylvania09 Nov. 1933Hayes
Cosgrove, John26 Sept. 1888New Jersey15 Feb. 1935Mulchaey
Cosgrove, Thomas24 May 1844Ireland12 Oct. 1926 
Coskery, Elizabeth Nason03 Dec. 1865New York12 Aug. 1938Schofield
Coskery, John Samuel01 Nov. 1858Georgia12 July 1922Tanahill
Cosner (Baby Boy)25 May 1923Iowa27 May 1923McGlotheus
Cosner (Baby Girl)24 Aug. 1936Iowa24 Aug. 1936Harpp
Cosner, Herold Jr.22 Apr. 1933Iowa22 Apr. 1933Thompson
Cosner, Jeannine Loueda10 Mar. 1931Iowa18 June 1932Hopkins
Cosner, Ronald03 June 1929Iowa11 Nov. 1933Hopkins
Cosper, AllenApr. 1908Iowa20 Feb. 1917 
Cosper, Elmer Ross05 May 1895Iowa02 Jan. 1923Jones
Cosper, William Jenry27 Apr. 1864Iowa15 Jan. 1927Unknown
Cossel, Albert B.02 Feb. 1882Iowa08 Dec. 1929Newland
Cossel, Eva Ellen26 Nov. 1886Iowa31 July 1927Turner
Cossel, Othella Myrtle19 Mar. 1887Iowa20 July 1929Abernathe
Costa, Fern Alna02 June 1886Iowa25 May 1936Eyerly
Costanza, Angelac.1845Italy04 May 1922 
Costanzo, Laura25 Mar. 1904Kansas21 Aug. 1933Hood
Costello, Catherine09 Oct. 1860Canada22 Apr. 1925Gill
Costello, James15 Apr. 1847Ireland15 June 1925Unknown
Costello, Katheryn06 Nov. 1912Iowa18 Aug. 1926 
Costello, Margaret25 Sept. 1856Canada10 June 1939Gill
Costello, Mary Elizabeth28 Mar. 1853New York08 June 1939Gill
Costello, Thomas Francis11 June 1865Iowa01 June 1929Gill
Cosuer, Margerie24 May 1928Iowa30 Nov. 1928Unknown
Cote, George L.c.1837 06 Oct. 1922Unknown
Cotnam, Florence M.18 Apr. 1860Illinois06 Sept. 1938Murray
Cotoldo, Kelley1922Iowa16 Nov. 1922 
Cotter, Anna Estella26 Nov. 1890Wisconsin05 May 1918 
Cotter, Anna S.c.1850Ireland03 Jan. 1920Everts
Cotter, Ellenc.1843Maine01 Sept. 1921Hagerty
Cotter, Lela Pearl09 Oct. 1900Iowa17 Nov. 1928Studevant
Cotter, Minniec.1877 07 May 1922 
Cottoms, Walker Barnhart17 Oct. 1873Iowa19 Mar. 1927Lee
Cotton, Alfred Henry14 Mar. 1873Wisconsin25 Dec. 1937Powell
Cotton, Archer V.29 Oct. 1882Iowa06 Feb. 1925Babcock
Cotton, Belle Risser02 Feb. 1883Iowa20 Sept. 1928Cooper
Cotton, Eliza Ellen24 Sept. 1877Iowa15 Dec. 1926Terry
Cotton, Frank N.22 Mar. 1883Iowa01 June 1938Fenner
Cotton, John10 Feb. 1858England06 Dec. 1934 
Cotton, Laura E.12 Oct. 1873Iowa26 Sept. 1926Raush
Cotton, Viola10 July 1880Missouri27 Jan. 1935Gunnells
Cottrall, Mary E.c.1871Illinois26 Dec. 1919Slattery
Cottrell, Anna M.01 Sept. 1843England29 Jan. 1932Jackson
Cottrell, George Edwin28 Oct. 1877New York20 Aug. 1937Waite
Cottrill (Baby)22 Mar. 1921Iowa22 Mar. 1921Gerdess
Couch, Charles Edward24 Jan. 1834Tennessee13 Apr. 1921 
Couch, Elizabethc.1844Ireland29 Feb. 1924 
Couch, George Washington30 Oct. 1856Indiana27 Dec. 1937Nilson
Couch, Harry Lee25 Nov. 1934Iowa04 Dec. 1934Allenwood
Couch, Henry16 Feb. 1861England02 Apr. 1933Spear
Couch, Jennie Lenora10 June 1921Iowa18 Sept. 1934Beeman
Couch, John11 Nov. 1864New York09 Jan. 1927Unknown
Couch, John Alford21 May 1873Iowa05 June 1928Doiley
Couch, Joseph C.16 Jan. 1837Mississippi10 Nov. 1921 
Couch, Phoebe Ann23 Mar. 1866England10 Nov. 1938Hummell
Couch, Richard09 May 1928England07 Nov. 1924Couch
Couch, Sarah Irene06 Mar. 1832Ohio30 Apr. 1921Holder
Couch, Sherman Fredrick20 Dec. 1882Iowa15 May 1936Snyder
Couchman, Barbara26 June 1923Iowa26 June 1923Render
Couchman, Thomas B. Sr.27 Mar. 1862Indiana23 July 1935Bicknell
Coughennower, Angeline10 Mar. 1858Illinois25 Jan. 1929 
Coughlan, Harriett Ellen12 Jan. 1914Iowa25 Oct. 1938Johnson
Coughlin, Bertha Amelia31 Dec. 1879Iowa29 Jan. 1924Lee
Coughlin, Daniel13 Oct. 1869Illinois26 June 1929 
Coughlin, Ellen Lee03 Oct. 1853Kansas05 May 1927Lynch
Coughlin, Margaret05 Aug. 1868Ohio21 Mar. 1927McGovern
Coughlin, Owen Eugenec.1864Wisconsin19 Mar. 1922McGowen
Coughlin, Sarah E.19 July 1851Wisconsin26 Mar. 1925Langler
Cougill, Ada Marian24 Jan. 1914Iowa09 Jan. 1917Boucher
Cougill, Anna Frances06 Apr. 1909Iowa23 Aug. 1920Boucher
Cougill, Francis M.11 Sept. 1858Indiana27 May 1926Clevenger
Cougle, Robert E.1883Maryland09 Aug. 1921Chaney
Couglin, Mary Francesc.1842Ireland21 Dec. 1917Flannery
Coulson, Minnie Elizabeth23 Nov. 1854New York07 Dec. 1936Shaw
Coultas, Donald Chester31 Aug. 1933Iowa26 Mar. 1938Kennedy
Coulter, Alice May04 Nov. 1873Iowa08 Dec. 1932 
Coulter, Almyra Jane10 May 1860Missouri05 June 1926Unknown
Coulter, Frank Marion13 Oct. 1900Iowa13 Oct. 1918Loughman
Coulter, Harry Jay11 Dec. 1888Iowa03 Oct. 1936Cronk
Coulter, John Harvey19 Aug. 1860Ohio29 Mar. 1939Miller
Coulter, Mina M.22 Jan. 1869Wisconsin14 Dec. 1933Franklin
Council, Leonard B.c.1852Iowa16 Mar. 1922Unknown
Councilman, Angeline14 Mar. 1841Iowa06 June 1937Miller
Countryman, Cecil E.30 Aug. 1918Iowa18 Sept. 1936Bartholomew
Countryman, Roy Wayne16 Feb. 1933Iowa16 Apr. 1934Bernard
Countryman, Sara Lucille11 Jan. 1938Iowa13 Jan. 1938Voyce
Couortney (Baby Boy)Oct. 1921Iowa04 Oct. 1921Ahrold
Coup, Frank L.08 Dec. 1874Iowa28 June 1936Hazelton
Courcett, Emery03 Nov. 1875Kansas30 Dec. 1920 
Courman, James William27 Oct. 1855Iowa14 Jan. 1918Guthen
Courson, George26 Feb. 1854Indiana28 Apr. 1935 
Courson, Mildred B.03 July 1879Iowa23 Nov. 1933Irwin
Court, Louis (Mrs.)23 Mar. 1866Missouri15 Apr. 1926Unknown
Courter, Elizabeth30 June 1839Illinois13 Sept. 1932 
Courtney, Amy19 Mar. 1862Ohio11 Oct. 1936McCartney
Courtney, Catherine15 June 1842Ireland23 Apr. 1923Hamilton
Courtney, Elizabeth Jane10 July 1849Ohio16 Nov. 1919Unknown
Courtney, Ellenc.1861Massachusetts21 Apr. 1917McCarty
Courtney, Gerald Dean12 Sept. 1901Iowa29 Oct. 1939Wilburg
Courtney, Helen Louise06 Oct. 1909Iowa12 Mar. 1929Walker
Courtney, James Levi30 Jan. 1849Indiana03 Oct. 1926 
Courtney, Jessie Hanna13 Mar. 1876Iowa30 Sept. 1936 
Courtney, Louis J.05 Sept. 1852Kentucky28 June 1918Unknown
Courtney, Martin Luther27 May 1845Kentucky25 June 1938Draper
Courtney, Mary Ethel04 Jan. 1883Iowa02 May 1930Goode
Courtney, Mary Ethel06 Mar. 1891Iowa22 July 1933Irwin
Courtney, Oscar L.03 Nov. 1878Indiana22 Jan. 1931Whites
Courtney, Rebecca05 July 1854Iowa26 Jan. 1918Wise
Courtney, Rezin C.02 Dec. 1841Maryland15 Jan. 1920Hawks
Courtny, Eva Bessie30 Jan. 1894Iowa24 June 1920Unknown
Courtright, Otho Clarnecec.1869Iowa29 Jan. 1929Jarrett
Cousins, Franklin J.20 Dec. 1844Ohio29 Sept. 1926Pepper
Cousins, William John08 Dec. 1876Iowa14 Feb. 1939Martin
Cousins, William S.22 Apr. 1832Ohio26 Jan. 1919McCallets
Covall, Lymanc.1890 07 Nov. 1922Kimbel
Covan, Archie C.05 July 1906 02 Nov. 1927Coven
Coventry, William James04 July 1855Pennsylvania29 Apr. 1921Hood
Covich, William29 Jan. 1867Romania09 Dec. 1937Rose
Covitota, Marquiete02 Feb. 1913Iowa02 Dec. 1918 
Cowan, Jane05 Sept. 1852Scotland15 Dec. 1924 
Cowan, Mercer Bernard23 Sept. 1853Illinois01 Jan. 1923Wells
Cowan, Rebecca Janec.1860 01 June 1927 
Cowan, Robert07 Oct. 1847Scotland01 Oct. 1926 
Cowart, James J.21 June 1888Georgia07 Dec. 1931Parten
Cowart, Leonard06 Jan. 1921Iowa07 Jan. 1921Connell
Cowdery, Florence Eugene14 Mar. 1873Iowa24 Mar. 1925Kidd
Cowell, William19 Nov. 1859Illinois21 Aug. 1929 
Cowger, Sherman N.09 Dec. 1864Iowa08 July 1934Thomas
Cowgill (Baby Boy)02 Apr. 1917Iowa02 Apr. 1917Harless
Cowgill, Charles Oliver11 Dec. 1885Iowa13 Feb. 1929Mathis
Cowgill, Cyreanus10 June 1854Indiana17 Jan. 1926Hudson
Cowgill, Lee H.13 Jan. 1891Iowa07 Dec. 1937Ten Eyck
Cowgill, Lucinda30 Aug. 1865Iowa17 Dec. 1933Roberts
Cowgill, Roy24 July 1917Iowa24 July 1917Roney
Cowgill, Schyler Colfax27 Mar. 1869Iowa29 Nov. 1926Unknown
Cowhill (Baby Girl)10 Nov. 1921Iowa14 Nov. 1921Carpenter
Cowie, Anna B.02 July 1870Iowa04 Sept. 1925Wicklen
Cowie, Hazelc.1885Iowa12 Aug. 1918 
Cowie, Ray12 Apr. 1892Iowa11 Mar. 1932Oldham
Cowles, Carrie A.c.1860Canada22 July 1934 
Cowles, Francis Wetmore15 Mar. 1884Pennsylvania20 July 1933Wellman
Cowles, Howard Kellogg08 Sept. 1887Iowa04 Sept. 1917Hewitt
Cowles, Joseph28 May 1923Iowa22 Jan. 1924Turnbull
Cowles, Virgil DeLa22 Mar. 1852Michigan06 Mar. 1924Ball
Cowley, Elizabeth Ann06 Oct. 1879Iowa08 Nov. 1933Williams
Cowley, Thomas17 Aug. 1846Ireland10 Nov. 1933McCarrick
Cowman, Willard M.17 June 1903Iowa29 June 1938Schrader
Cownie, John08 Dec. 1843Scotland15 May 1923Unknown
Cownie, Margaret G.24 May 1873Iowa04 Aug. 1937O'Neill
Cownie, Sarah J.18 Feb. 1842Wales31 Jan. 1925Jones
Cowper, Dean Harry Mattingley04 Mar. 1870Canada02 July 1934Bishop
Cowperthwait, Maryc.1853 18 Dec. 1928 
Cox (Baby Boy)10 Aug. 1919Iowa24 Aug. 1919Cox
Cox (Baby Boy)28 June 1930Iowa28 June 1930Couch
Cox (Baby Boy)26 July 1918Iowa30 Sept. 1918 
Cox (Baby Girl)31 Oct. 1933Iowa31 Oct. 1933Cox
Cox, Alma Haigh06 Nov. 1879Illinois16 Jan. 1930Crowell
Cox, Alva West27 Jan. 1893Iowa14 Feb. 1927Unknown
Cox, Alvin03 Oct. 1903Missouri18 Aug. 1931Barrett
Cox, Amanda27 Mar. 1853Iowa20 June 1918Shook
Cox, Aneliza A. Hall24 June 1844Pennsylvania15 Feb. 1934Stone
Cox, Anna K.01 May 1846England05 Dec. 1930Anity
Cox, Arthurc.1869Iowa08 Mar. 1924Herring
Cox, Bridget Josephine23 Dec. 1852Ireland14 Mar. 1932Garmon
Cox, Charles C.01 Aug. 1867Virginia27 July 1931Unknown
Cox, Charles H.21 Oct. 1883Iowa05 Oct. 1920Bellows
Cox, Charlie E.10 June 1865Iowa25 Feb. 1918Herring
Cox, Clara22 Feb. 1888Missouri29 June 1923Austin
Cox, Clement J.06 May 1873Illinois30 Apr. 1937Peffhers
Cox, Clifford Vernard14 Feb. 1880Iowa09 Apr. 1939Lovelace
Cox, Deloris10 July 1905Missouri19 Jan. 1923 
Cox, Donald Dale31 July 1922Iowa29 Aug. 1922Gillen
Cox, Edward R.04 Sept. 1868Illinois06 Sept. 1925Reed
Cox, Eliza Lenore18 Sept. 1879Missouri22 Jan. 1927Duff
Cox, Ellac.1879Iowa12 Oct. 1924Stark
Cox, Everett Robert19 Nov. 1893Minnesota17 Aug. 1935Nash
Cox, Frances18 Nov. 1858Ohio21 May 1933 
Cox, Frank Fredc.1853Wisconsin17 June 1923Unknown
Cox, Fredrick Roy08 Oct. 1882Nebraska08 Feb. 1919Kelly
Cox, George E.25 Mar. 1885Illinois01 Mar. 1933Heather
Cox, George W.01 Oct. 1852Iowa06 Nov. 1927Johnson
Cox, George Washington04 July 1866Iowa30 June 1926Unknown
Cox, Harley E.c.1892 12 Oct. 1918 
Cox, Herbert Warren10 Aug. 1925Iowa07 June 1933Lillie
Cox, Hershell James23 Apr. 1888Nebraska16 Oct. 1938Kelley
Cox, Ida M.09 Nov. 1860Iowa28 Sept. 1936Streater
Cox, Irene May30 May 1894Iowa06 May 1918Cole
Cox, Jamesc.1879 18 May 1935 
Cox, Jesse Leander23 Dec. 1885Iowa17 Dec. 1932McNichols
Cox, John Henryc.1865 25 July 1923 
Cox, John Ranslan06 Sept. 1876Iowa18 Apr. 1938Tyler
Cox, Leslie07 June 1930Iowa08 June 1930McNally
Cox, Letta06 Nov. 1891Iowa29 Aug. 1921 
Cox, Luella A.19 July 1857Iowa04 Sept. 1934Grueber
Cox, Mae Laura10 Oct. 1881Illinois07 Jan. 1933Kelley
Cox, Marcia T.17 Apr. 1846Michigan04 Aug. 1929Neuman
Cox, Mark12 Feb. 1861Iowa28 Dec. 1936Wilson
Cox, Martin Calvin07 Aug. 1853Missouri25 Jan. 1930Wadkins
Cox, Mary Ann12 Mar. 1838Ohio24 July 1918Wyric
Cox, Mary Anna25 Sept. 1846Ohio16 Oct. 1917Unknown
Cox, Mary Frances10 Dec. 1853Indiana19 July 1930Campbell
Cox, Mattie14 Mar. 1864Missouri18 Jan. 1938 
Cox, Nancy25 Feb. 1892Texas31 Jan. 1924Armstrong
Cox, Ole V.c.1893 10 Apr. 1918 
Cox, Ralpha DePalma17 June 1916Iowa24 Nov. 1921 
Cox, Rebecca02 Oct. 1855Iowa27 Oct. 1931 
Cox, Rebecca Jane24 Jan. 1856Kentucky24 July 1928Young
Cox, Rhoda M.14 Aug. 1860Iowa12 Dec. 1917Miner
Cox, Robert13 Sept. 1826Ohio04 July 1917Christy
Cox, Robert Andrew18 July 1859Illinois09 Aug. 1917 
Cox, Russell Lowell28 Feb. 1918Iowa30 Aug. 1932Perkins
Cox, Ruth Opal27 Oct. 1921Iowa09 Mar. 1923Cox
Cox, Samuel03 Sept. 1848Pennsylvania30 Apr. 1921Unknown
Cox, Sarah29 Jan. 1852Pennsylvania01 May 1922Gordon
Cox, Sarah Ann31 Jan. 1848Iowa20 Sept. 1923Unknown
Cox, Thomas Wesley27 Dec. 1834Indiana28 July 1917 
Cox, Tom08 Jan. 1876Missouri09 Feb. 1919Lint
Cox, William Havill12 Sept. 1899Iowa16 Oct. 1919Short
Cox, William Henry19 Dec. 1873Iowa23 Oct. 1937 
Cox, William Thomas06 Dec. 1848Indiana11 Jan. 1939Watkins
Coy, John04 Apr. 1864Pennsylvania24 Sept. 1922Salagiver
Coy, Josephine01 Sept. 1877Iowa27 Aug. 1936King
Coy, Mollie14 Feb. 1857 03 Feb. 1937 
Coy, William Riley23 Feb. 1860Iowa27 July 1927Gladman
Coyle, Daniel E.24 Jan. 1891Iowa31 Oct. 1939McMenimen
Coyle, Maple Luveniac.1880Iowa23 Dec. 1937Reynolds
Cozad, Gerald09 May 1932Iowa19 Oct. 1933Nelson
Cozenza, Carmen31 Oct. 1919Iowa12 June 1925Scalice
Crabb, Will27 May 1878Iowa03 May 1923Wells
Crabb, William Milton09 Jan. 1868Illinois24 June 1933Potter
Crabill, Ada Bertha19 Dec. 1879Nebraska28 Sept. 1923Pheasant
Crabtree, Carrol14 June 1920Iowa15 June 1920Zachery
Crabtree, Emma Jane28 July 1864Indiana20 June 1923Fiock
Crabtree, George Washington10 Jan. 1845Ohio05 June 1932Davidson
Crabtree, Gilbert Anson14 Oct. 1858Iowa30 Nov. 1930Davidson
Crabtree, Lena01 Sept. 1847Wisconsin01 Dec. 1925Unknown
Crabtree, Lillian22 Oct. 1857Iowa07 Aug. 1937Sheidler
Crabtree, Margarett08 Jan. 1880Ohio27 May 1920Hamlin
Crabtree, Robert Henry09 Oct. 1854Iowa08 June 1917Davidson
Cracroft, Harvey Henry05 Nov. 1850Iowa28 Apr. 1918 
Craddock, Clara Belle23 Nov. 1860Iowa21 Oct. 1932Porter
Craddock, Clyde S.23 July 1883Iowa11 Jan. 1928Gray
Craddock, Fountain A.30 June 1851Iowa17 Jan. 1937 
Craddock, Nellie J.c.1886Iowa13 Dec. 1918Gray
Craddock, Oscar A.31 Dec. 1881Iowa09 Mar. 1934Gray
Craddock, William03 Nov. 1931Iowa17 Mar. 1932Jackson
Craeser, Genevieve Maude08 Feb. 1906Illinois02 Dec. 1918Staley
Craff, George Linus24 Sept. 1866Iowa02 May 1936Fairchild
Craford, George W.c.1856 27 Oct. 1932 
Craft, Alfred Scott27 Dec. 1866New York21 Apr. 1930Burns
Craft, Nellie B.24 Feb. 1865Missouri29 Oct. 1932Weller
Crafts, George Lester08 Apr. 1863Iowa18 Sept. 1937Ingham
Crafts, John B.c.1836Canada18 Dec. 1919Unknown
Cragan, Catherine Elizabeth06 Apr. 1861Wisconsin10 Nov. 1924Fitzgerald
Cragan, Charles Edgar03 Sept. 1850New York27 July 1936Lyka
Cragan, Narcissa21 Dec. 1852Indiana20 Sept. 1924Wright
Craghead, Anna06 Oct. 1901Illinois16 Apr. 1939 
Craig (Baby Girl)05 Feb. 1918Iowa05 Feb. 1918Rosenburgh
Craig, Abel Carrey23 Feb. 1839Pennsylvania13 Oct. 1924Carrey
Craig, Abigail Diantha12 Sept. 1854Maine20 Nov. 1927Mason
Craig, Ada Lucile13 Nov. 1911Missouri30 Dec. 1934Green
Craig, Alexanderc.1851Scotland05 Nov. 1937 
Craig, Clarence Eugene22 Aug. 1912Iowa23 Mar. 1932Hohl
Craig, Cora Ann15 Mar. 1877Iowa19 Oct. 1923Graham
Craig, David24 Oct. 1879Ireland13 Oct. 1937 
Craig, David J.22 Aug. 1868Canada26 Nov. 1936Shepard
Craig, Edward13 July 1872Iowa17 Mar. 1923Blyles
Craig, Edward Marion15 Nov. 1903Iowa03 July 1929Watt
Craig, Ernestine Richter29 July 1877Germany22 July 1921Unknown
Craig, Franna Blyler12 Apr. 1836Ohio02 June 1920Billman
Craig, Frederick W.29 June 1854Maine24 Apr. 1937Wheeler
Craig, Harry26 Aug. 1887Arkansas01 Oct. 1922Unknown
Craig, James14 Nov. 1863Illinois22 July 1933Todd
Craig, John M.20 Feb. 1887Iowa17 Jan. 1931Powers
Craig, Joseph25 Aug. 1842Maine01 June 1919Wheller
Craig, Lelia1892Illinois26 Nov. 1928Carter
Craig, Margret Myrtle24 May 1881Iowa18 May 1924Wymore
Craig, Robert27 Apr. 1870Ireland26 Nov. 1930Unknown
Craig, Samuel06 Apr. 1859Ireland15 Jan. 1937Thompson
Craig, Worthy Samuel04 Aug. 1891Iowa02 June 1934 
Craigher, James Wilson25 Dec. 1918Iowa31 Dec. 1918Bell
Craighton (Baby Boy)18 Dec. 1934Iowa19 Dec. 1934Craighton
Cram, Alfreda19 June 1850Maine26 Apr. 1936 
Cram, Anna T.02 Apr. 1859Illinois09 June 1924Stroh
Cram, Frank10 Oct. 1866Iowa25 Nov. 1928Childers
Cram, Granville A.23 Nov. 1913Iowa15 Feb. 1937Woolsey
Cram, Martin30 Jan. 1838Ohio08 Sept. 1920Unknown
Cram, Myra26 Jan. 190Iowa12 Jan. 1921Woolsey
Cram, William Frederick25 Jan. 1856Massachusetts31 Mar. 1933Jackson
Cramer, Bess30 July 1888Iowa04 Apr. 1937Hastings
Cramer, Georgec.1875 01 Feb. 1935 
Cramer, Josephine19 Nov. 1850Illinois21 May 1919Ward
Cramer, Marie Fern28 Mar. 1892Colorado09 Jan. 1928Smith
Cramer, Matilda09 Feb. 1844Ohio02 Sept. 1926Pierce
Cramer, Ruth H.Oct. 1899Missouri26 Dec. 1931Yeager
Cramer, William Jasper05 Dec. 1861Ohio07 Apr. 1920Fuyem
Crampton, Fred L.c.1890 13 Oct. 1918 
Crandale, Pamelia01 Dec. 1846New York23 Nov. 1926Galushia
Crandall, Bertha08 Aug. 1892Missouri29 Oct. 1933 
Crandall, Clifford William24 Apr. 1922Iowa27 Jan. 1937Trumbo
Crandall, Floyd Melvin18 Dec. 1891Minnesota27 July 1919Cobb
Crandall, Grace Lena19 Oct. 1890Iowa10 Dec. 1931Crandall
Crandall, Henry Abbott12 Apr. 1840New York19 July 1925 
Crandall, Joseph B.21 Nov. 1865Iowa18 Apr. 1927Brown
Crandall, Margaret Jane12 Nov. 1884Wales04 Apr. 1924Willes
Crandall, Sally17 June 1937Iowa17 June 1937Carver
Crandell, Hazel Elaine17 Dec. 1915Iowa02 Apr. 1917Samuelson
Crandell, Helen Cornelia10 Oct. 1845New York17 Feb. 1929Lake
Crane, Arthur Floyd19 Jan. 1895Canada19 Jan. 1930Cochran
Crane, Eugene Robert23 Nov. 1916Iowa06 Aug. 1917Graham
Crane, George W.22 Mar. 1854Illinois25 Feb. 1917Swain
Crane, Kennith D.03 July 1898Iowa09 Oct. 1919Guyer
Crane, Marvin A.03 Mar. 1907Iowa07 Nov. 1937Kitzman
Crane, Roy A.c.1876Iowa21 Jan. 1926Coleman
Crane, Sadie Maria24 Sept. 1872Missouri18 Aug. 1932Osborn
Crank, Ada17 Jan. 1873Iowa12 Oct. 1937 
Crank, George W.05 May 1853Missouri06 Feb. 1932Henson
Crank, Mary Ann14 Apr. 1879Iowa28 Jan. 1917Kirsher
Crank, Velma13 Mar. 1899Iowa18 Mar. 1919Richards
Cranmer, Barbara17 Mar. 1881Germany18 July 1934 
Crann, James Harry25 Nov. 1884New Jersey27 Apr. 1931Unknown
Crannell, Lucinda Emmer09 June 1857Alabama05 Feb. 1931McGee
Cranner, Rayc.1887 16 Oct. 1918 
Crasher, Richard E.12 Jan. 1863Indiana26 Aug. 1928 
Cratsenburg, Angie17 Aug. 1871Iowa20 Feb. 1924Turney
Cratty, Carlton Frank22 Mar. 1888Iowa17 Mar. 1931Davy
Cratty, Henry04 Nov. 1854Ohio06 Dec. 1934 
Cratty, Mary Kathrine29 Sept. 1855Illinois24 May 1928Jackson
Cratty, Roy30 June 1885Iowa08 Aug. 1929David
Cratty, Sarah A.14 Feb. 1844Ohio03 Aug. 1921 
Cravath, Laura Hill02 Dec. 1857Iowa22 Oct. 1934Berger
Craven, Abijah01 Feb. 1845North Carolina28 Apr. 1930Dawcett
Craven, Carrie Winnifred21 Feb. 1869Iowa05 July 1939Norton
Craven, Charles A.07 Mar. 1879Iowa23 Sept. 1919Wilson
Craven, Elva10 Jan. 1854Indiana09 Oct. 1928Ingram
Craven, Mary Angeline19 Jan. 1848Illinois23 Jan. 1920Unknown
Craven, Maudy D.03 June 1867Indiana19 Oct. 1932 
Crawford, Albert Wesley03 June 1890Iowa22 May 1924Butcher
Crawford, Amelia Mary17 Aug. 1918Iowa10 Jan. 1920Bosley
Crawford, Andrew02 May 1859Scotland31 May 1938 
Crawford, Andrew Jr.10 Dec. 1914Iowa17 Feb. 1938Warren
Crawford, Charles S.23 June 1860Iowa12 Aug. 1930Wilkins
Crawford, Clara11 Aug. 1885Missouri10 Jan. 1928Bass
Crawford, Davidc.1896 19 Oct. 1918 
Crawford, David Parker21 Sept. 1864Iowa18 Nov. 1917McClay
Crawford, David Wallace31 Aug. 1852Ohio17 Apr. 1931Cameron
Crawford, DeWitt15 Dec. 1924Iowa11 Mar. 1925Lewis
Crawford, E. Stanleyc.1870Canada08 July 1917Unknown
Crawford, Edith Louise02 Jan. 1888Iowa14 July 1918Mantee
Crawford, Edwin09 Apr. 1862Ohio23 Dec. 1937 
Crawford, Effie03 Mar. 1863Pennsylvania19 Jan. 1939Bond
Crawford, Elizabeth12 Mar. 1844Ohio02 Apr. 1922Unknown
Crawford, Elizabeth10 Oct. 1831Massachusetts22 Jan. 1921Unknown
Crawford, Elva Laurena22 Apr. 1892Illinois26 June 1939Bailey
Crawford, Eva Maude14 Apr. 1861Iowa08 Jan. 1924Collier
Crawford, Frances21 Sept. 1895Iowa29 Dec. 1936Collins
Crawford, Frank01 Nov. 1871Iowa24 Mar. 1938Cardin
Crawford, Glen Francis Jr.08 Sept. 1930Iowa13 Aug. 1930Cross
Crawford, Harriett Ethel25 July 1888Iowa19 June 1934Cooney
Crawford, Henry B.29 May 1849Indiana18 Apr. 1931 
Crawford, Henry Clay17 Sept. 1849Indiana12 Apr. 1930Yeates
Crawford, James F.23 Mar. 1851Ohio28 June 1925White
Crawford, James L.14 Mar. 1841Indiana30 Nov. 1929 
Crawford, James M.05 Sept. 1860Iowa16 Aug. 1932McClay
Crawford, James William15 Feb. 1854Illinois25 Mar. 1923Wallace
Crawford, Jane E.17 July 1829New York19 Apr. 1924 
Crawford, Jennie03 Oct. 1869Illinois23 Dec. 1928Unknown
Crawford, Jennie F.11 Dec. 1846Ohio25 Mar. 1935Flanegin
Crawford, Jennings William07 Mar. 1883New York19 Apr. 1934Benest
Crawford, John Calvin04 Mar. 1847Indiana02 May 1920Unknown
Crawford, John H.c.1867Iowa28 Sept. 1917Walter
Crawford, Joseph M.20 July 1854Ohio03 Mar. 1917White
Crawford, Lillie Belle03 Sept. 1870Illinois16 May 1936 
Crawford, Margaret14 Nov. 1860Scotland19 Sept. 1923Unknown
Crawford, Mary Alice14 July 1851Illinois08 Feb. 1922Robins
Crawford, Mina Pearl18 June 1899Iowa20 Apr. 1922Snyder
Crawford, Raymond03 Oct. 1899Iowa19 Dec. 1926Collins
Crawford, Raymond David25 Oct. 1925Iowa25 Oct. 1925Darby
Crawford, Retta23 Feb. 1900Iowa21 Apr. 1923Porter
Crawford, Retta15 June 1858Ohio03 Feb. 1933Anker
Crawford, Robert29 Apr. 1929Iowa29 Apr. 1929Jones
Crawford, Robert A.22 Aug. 1855England07 Aug. 1937 
Crawford, Roger Leroy17 Nov. 1935Iowa07 Dec. 1935Ostlund
Crawford, Sarah Jan12 Jan. 1868Iowa24 Aug. 1935Pifer
Crawford, Sophia22 June 1869Iowa27 June 1938Kreutzer
Crawford, Sylvia02 May 1862Iowa20 Sept. 1937Garver
Crawford, Walter Irven04 Mar. 1878Iowa07 Mar. 1932Taylor
Crawford, Warren Levurn21 Dec. 1918Iowa01 Feb. 1920Whitfield
Crawford, William17 Sept. 1837Scotland05 July 1919 
Crawford, William E.c.1864Pennsylvania12 May 1928 
Crawford, William L.14 Mar. 1878Iowa03 Sept. 1922Reed
Crawley, Frankc.1892 03 Apr. 1918 
Crawley, John H.c.1898 22 Oct. 1918 
Craycroft, James Ivan17 Aug. 1894Iowa24 Dec. 1934Hubbard
Creamer, Carl Joseph09 June 1887Iowa09 Dec. 1934Gorman
Crecelius, Billie Murdock01 Jan. 1929Iowa03 Jan. 1929Murdock
Credon, Cornelusc.1864Ireland21 Aug. 1930Melam
Cree, Florence23 Apr. 1895Iowa18 Apr. 1918Collins
Cree, Nellie18 Dec. 1868Iowa21 Sept. 1934Brooks
Creedon, John F.14 Mar. 1871Ireland14 Feb. 1930 
Creedon, Rogerc.1866Ireland21 Sept. 1929Mullane
Creekmore, Fay25 Feb. 1902Missouri15 Dec. 1928Mac
Crees (Baby Boy)25 Jan. 1939Iowa25 Jan. 1939Hicks
Creger, Pearl Alvin04 July 1885Iowa07 Oct. 1918S,ith
Cregmiles, William13 Dec. 1836Ohio18 Mar. 1920 
Creighton, Claudia28 Dec. 1887Iowa08 Apr. 1939Cutshall
Creighton, Floyd Edwin04 Jan. 1916Iowa06 Sept. 1928Tyler
Creighton, Hermonc.1859 02 June 1935 
Crell, Frankc.1900 05 Aug. 1923Unknown
Cremer, Ruth02 May 1909Iowa03 Aug. 1934Buchanan
Crenshaw, Harry Hamilton21 Dec. 1869Iowa18 Jan. 1939Edwards
Crenshaw, Leroy19 Feb. 1895Texas21 June 1939Woods
Crenshaw, Ruth Yevoma20 Feb. 1909Iowa02 Mar. 1935Riley
Creson, Maude Marie27 Apr. 1899Kansas29 Dec. 1935Person
Cress, Merton W.07 Dec. 1878New York12 Nov. 1936Fenner
Creswell, Florence17 Dec. 1881Illinois22 June 1931Thompson
Cretzinger, Jamesc.1878Illinois20 Oct. 1918Wincholt
Crevaro, Frankc.1882Italy21 Nov. 1920 
Crevaro, Frank03 May 1878Italy13 Mar. 1930Macre
Creveling, Lela Florence19 Nov. 1899Kansas01 May 1925Gentry
Crew, Joseph H.  14 Oct. 1918 
Crews, Elizabeth28 May 1896Kentucky30 Jan. 1936 
Crews, George W.26 May 1889Missouri24 May 1939Walton
Crews, Harry01 Sept. 1856Virginia26 Dec. 1934 
Crews, Irvin C.01 Feb. 1881Missouri02 Apr. 1939 
Crews, Kleonike29 Apr. 1927Iowa02 May 1928Fallongs
Crews, Laura19 Nov. 1855Missouri15 Jan. 1934Oak
Crews, William C.09 Aug. 1858Missouri11 Jan. 1936Guskwaller
Crews, William Harrison21 June 1880Missouri05 Apr. 1927Guinn
Crewse, Lewis William22 July 1921Iowa15 Sept. 1925Suddeth
Crewse, Sarah Frances04 Oct. 1841Indiana09 May 1933Johnson
Crewse, Ustaunia06 Aug. 1929Sweden26 May 1930Fallings
Cribb, Oliver Cromwell11 Dec. 1863England20 Apr. 1928Luck
Cribbeb (Baby Girl)21 May 1931Iowa21 May 1931Cox
Crider, David Parks23 Nov. 1880Pennsylvania30 Dec. 1932Parks
Crieger, Johanna14 June 1826Germany19 July 1918Getz
Crill, Charlesc.1869Iowa16 Mar. 1917Cochran
Crill, Martha Jane08 June 1867Iowa08 Feb. 1938 
Crimmins, Nora Eldorac.1870Iowa23 May 1927Hart
Criner, Cabec.1893 18 Apr. 1918 
Cripliver, Barbara03 May 1851New Jersey02 Dec. 1936Smith
Cripliver, Corra Jane26 July 1878Iowa23 Sept. 1922Willery
Cripliver, Moss Wayne03 June 1876Iowa10 Jan. 1929Rockholz
Crippen, Clarence John07 Apr. 1915Illinois08 June 1919Gray
Crippen, John R.06 Nov. 1880Iowa20 Feb. 1925Milks
Crippen, Marcus14 June 1886Iowa13 Dec. 1934Milks
Crippen, Philo20 Sept. 1872New York06 May 1923Marks
Crisco, Joseph  27 Oct. 1918 
Crise, Carl Jay08 Apr. 1929Iowa16 Apr. 1929Custer
Crise, Coleen22 Oct. 1921Iowa23 May 1928Custer
Crisman, William20 Nov. 1938Iowa26 Dec. 1938Reese
Crispin, Albert M.04 Oct. 1862Ohio07 June 1936Dunnell
Crispin, James William14 Apr. 1853Ohio16 Feb. 1936Dunell
Crispin, Mary L.12 June 1840Ohio06 Oct. 1918 
Crissey, Josephine05 Nov. 1845Ohio08 Dec. 1922Going
Crissman, Isaac17 May 1835New Jersey25 Sept. 1920 
Crist, Doyle W.02 Sept. 1911Iowa27 Apr. 1936Woodring
Crist, George (Mrs.)25 Feb. 1882Iowa23 Apr. 1938Cage
Crist, Margaret Ellen12 Aug. 1864Maryland31 Jan. 1924Sanders
Crist, Maude E.08 Nov. 1874Indiana02 Aug. 1937 
Crist, Squire Pierce13 Apr. 1853Iowa26 Mar. 1934Wickem
Cristensen, Howard Woodrow12 Jan. 1912Iowa26 Dec. 1939Nelson
Criswell, Harriett Edith29 May 1877Iowa20 Dec. 1918Smith
Critelli, Grazia05 Aug. 1885Italy17 Apr. 1929Soluni
Crittenden, George L.31 July 1886Illinois03 Mar. 1937Freise
Critz, Charles Henry05 June 1864Iowa12 May 1936Dimkel
Critz, Mildred04 July 1895Iowa13 Dec. 1930Stephenson
Critzer, James E.08 Mar. 1893Ohio23 Nov. 1938Carter
Crnkovich, Catherine25 Nov. 1894Croatia16 Feb. 1939 
Croak, Geraldine25 June 1926Iowa26 Dec. 1926Doran
Croak, Thomas F.06 Nov. 1883Iowa22 May 1939Sammon
Croake, James M.21 Sept. 1893Iowa16 Sept. 1934Hollaran
Crocker, Daisy May28 Nov. 1881Iowa05 Mar. 1922 
Croenne, Oscar27 June 1868France07 May 1935 
Crofoot, Fred G.01 Sept. 1864Wisconsin27 Apr. 1939 
Crofoot, Sadie23 Apr. 1864Iowa08 May 1920 
Croft, Frank12 Mar. 1848Sweden23 Jan. 1924 
Croft, Roy P.c.1886Iowa06 Feb. 1917Steel
Croll, Americac.1853 25 Jan. 1920Johnston
Cromer, Emma26 Apr. 1847Ohio23 Nov. 1936Wilkinson
Cromley, George E.30 Jan. 1881Iowa04 Mar. 1937Hewitt
Cromwell, Ruth A.15 Feb. 1853Massachusetts21 Oct. 1917Smith
Cron, Allen Lee18 Feb. 1936Iowa19 Feb. 1936Kahn
Cron, Meurtle31 Mar. 1868Vermont07 Mar. 1926 
Crone, Mary Amanda17 July 1839Pennsylvania02 Jan. 1926Wilson
Crone, R.B.07 Jan. 1871Iowa30 Mar. 1927Arnold
Cronen, Gustaf16 Dec. 1916Iowa27 Jan. 1918Huffman
Cronin, Edward27 Aug. 1875Wisconsin01 July 1930McCune
Cronin, Glen02 May 1895Iowa21 June 1936McBurney
Cronk, Elizabeth J.07 Dec. 1835Ohio23 Feb. 1919Barrett
Cronk, William F.25 July 1857Iowa26 Apr. 1938Chance
Cronkelton, D.O.24 Jan. 1854Ohio09 Sept. 1935Hubbard
Cronkhite, Charles T.c.1889 12 Oct. 1918 
Cronkhite, Lester G.08 Oct. 1907Iowa17 Jan. 1935Jacobs
Cronkleton, Mary01 May 1862Pennsylvania24 Jan. 1931Sullivan
Cronon, Fay Electa23 Jan. 1889Iowa29 Jan. 1934McCollough
Crook, Anna Lizzie10 Jan. 1864Iowa02 Jan. 1921Moore
Crook, Edward Loyd18 Sept. 1923Iowa01 Feb. 1925Lones
Crook, Emanuel24 Feb. 1846England09 Aug. 1921 
Crook, Esther04 May 1856England29 Aug. 1930 
Crook, Minnie G.21 June 1863Kansas22 Nov. 1936Moore
Crook, Robert Jeffry12 Apr. 1919Iowa03 Feb. 1936Jeffrys
Crook, Stephen Lovel08 Nov. 1878Iowa17 Feb. 1928Lewis
Crook, Thomas29 Mar. 1860Wales17 Aug. 1930Pethomis
Crooke, Thaddeus Homer14 Nov. 1857Indiana24 Jan. 1931Tatum
Crooks, David Lee22 Nov. 1929Iowa15 Oct. 1932Warren
Crooks, Fred R.19 May 1880Iowa28 Aug. 1923Green
Crooks, Hazel Jane26 Dec. 1921Iowa15 Oct. 1925Warren
Crooks, John30 Nov. 1867Illinois20 May 1939Peckinpaugh
Crooks, Shirley Jean26 May 1933Iowa17 Dec. 1934Warren
Crooks, Wanda Lou03 Sept. 1906Missouri07 June 1936Cullum
Crookshank, Bessie12 Nov. 1882Iowa19 Jan. 1920Woods
Croop, James01 Oct. 1862Pennsylvania04 Nov. 1928Lohman
Crosby, Beth Louise24 Aug. 1917South Dakota10 Sept. 1924McClelland
Crosby, Cora Alice31 Jan. 1868Illinois15 Oct. 1931Marr
Crosby, Edgar Alonzo05 Nov. 1862 01 Jan. 1925Unknown
Crosby, Edwin L.04 Nov. 1869Wisconsin26 Mar. 1920 
Crosby, Harry Harrison27 July 1888Kansas27 May 1935Hunter
Crosby, Iver Newton09 June 1917Iowa17 June 1917Heckenberger
Crosby, Lewis Earl17 Sept. 1892Iowa01 May 1935Dale
Crosby, Martha A.15 May 1835Ohio30 Aug. 1920Raleigh
Crosby, Maurice John13 Jan. 1888Iowa02 Oct. 1938Doyle
Crosby, Netta Catherin04 May 1872Illinois05 Sept. 1919 
Crosier, Asa William14 Aug. 1851New York27 May 1938Wiggins
Crosier, Melissa W.14 Jan. 1834 26 Jan. 1920Smith
Crosland, Claudia Lena10 Apr. 1885Iowa26 Mar. 1938 
Crosman, Aron Ulyses26 Apr. 1869Illinois30 Apr. 1920Graham
Croson, Harry V.27 Nov. 1868Illinois08 Feb. 1937 
Cross, Ada Russell Walker15 Jan. 1887Missouri26 Sept. 1929MacDonald
Cross, Alma Sedora29 Apr. 1917Iowa11 Sept. 1917Phillip
Cross, Arthur William22 Nov. 1892Iowa20 Dec. 1919Heifner
Cross, Benglsmain01 Apr. 1836Wales08 Oct. 1917Unknown
Cross, David O.c.1896 19 Oct. 1918 
Cross, Ed1851New York15 Dec. 1921 
Cross, Edwin M.22 Apr. 1853Ohio12 Aug. 1924Jaquis
Cross, Elizac.1855England07 Mar. 1925 
Cross, Emma C.22 Aug. 1874Illinois03 Oct. 1933Nevitt
Cross, Floyd07 Apr. 1911Iowa07 Nov. 1918 
Cross, Frances Emeline13 Nov. 1858Iowa20 Apr. 1933Henning
Cross, Freeman Clinton28 May 1891Iowa26 Feb. 1923Snow
Cross, George Leroy10 Feb. 1922Iowa28 Aug. 1922Casey
Cross, Guy Victor07 May 1888Kansas18 June 1922Stickler
Cross, Hariett Ruth21 Nov. 1919Iowa24 Nov. 1919Cavis
Cross, Harry05 Apr. 1886Iowa21 Jan. 1938Roberts
Cross, Harry L.10 May 1859Iowa01 Mar. 1928Smith
Cross, Homer Chandler26 Sept. 1847Ohio12 Mar. 1937Blaine
Cross, John Franklin26 Dec. 1861Iowa15 Feb. 1932Bodkins
Cross, Joseph29 Feb. 1860Wales02 Nov. 1939Williams
Cross, Mary22 Oct. 1860Illinois07 Apr. 1936Wilcox
Cross, Matilda08 June 1864Missouri04 Dec. 1917Jones
Cross, Nancy14 May 1888Missouri29 Dec. 1920Richmond
Cross, Rebecca22 Apr. 1843Kentucky02 May 1917Unknown
Cross, Richard29 Aug. 1921Iowa01 Dec. 1936Casey
Cross, Sarefrta29 Jan. 1862Illinois05 Sept. 1919 
Cross, Synthia07 July 1838Indiana07 Nov. 1923 
Cross, Thomas05 May 1867Pennsylvania24 Nov. 1936Williams
Cross, William17 Mar. 1878Iowa13 Dec. 1918Snow
Crossland, Eliga M.18 Aug. 1887Missouri26 Jan. 1937Marriott
Crossland, John23 Mar. 1844England06 Apr. 1936Brooks
Crosson, Minnie M.02 Aug. 1889Kansas22 Jan. 1922 
Crosson, Ottis W.28 June 1885Illinois02 Dec. 1927 
Crosswait, Mary E.25 Sept. 1843Indiana26 Feb. 1923Ross
Crosswait, Scott Thompson15 Nov. 1894Iowa03 Nov. 1927Thompson
Crothwait, Nancy17 May 1844Illinois27 July 1928Craig
Crouch, Bessie17 Feb. 1880Missouri12 Dec. 1939 
Crouch, J.V.c.1893 03 Feb. 1919 
Crouch, Josephine Beson27 Feb. 1853 26 June 1931 
Crouch, Mabel Beatris28 Nov. 1918Iowa25 Sept. 1918Hansen
Crouch, Nellie23 May 1881Kansas21 July 1925 
Crouch, Parker Leslie13 Apr. 1879Iowa11 Mar. 1938Turpin
Crouch, Philena24 May 1842New Hampshire10 Nov. 1923Thurston
Crouch, Thomas11 Nov. 1916South Dakota15 Oct. 1939Lewis
Crouse, Freda Hildra12 Nov. 1898Iowa27 Jan. 1919Blackburn
Crouse, Julia E.c.1849New York20 Mar. 1925Hawn
Crouse, Lucy Bowman12 Feb. 1882Missouri11 July 1932Coon
Crouse, Rosetta31 Jan. 1859Iowa22 June 1923Grandstram
Crouse, Seward31 Mar. 1843New York21 Mar. 1927Zoller
Crout, John Wessley05 Mar. 1907Iowa27 June 1919Morris
Crow, Eramus Darwin14 Sept. 1859Iowa10 Dec. 1928Mace
Crow, Evanenlia Janett13 Dec. 1929California16 Dec. 1931Whitaker
Crow, Ida S.15 Sept. 1855Iowa30 Dec. 1928Mace
Crow, Lester Laverne06 Nov. 1929Iowa31 Jan. 1931Smith
Crow, Margaret Mary24 June 1898Nebraska28 Aug. 1930Stuhr
Crow, Marshallc.1901Arkansas01 Jan. 1935 
Crow, Oren06 May 1868Iowa25 Mar. 1924Young
Crow, Raymond Earnest09 July 1875Iowa21 Jan. 1939Jenks
Crowder, Andrew Jacksonc.1859 08 Oct. 1935Endsley
Crowder, Elizabeth A.22 Jan. 1861Missouri14 Feb. 1923Parker
Crowder, Ella Deal13 Sept. 1868Iowa23 Feb. 1936 
Crowder, Everett Walter24 Apr. 1869Iowa18 June 1934Johnson
Crowder, Frank19 Dec. 1913Iowa29 Dec. 1937Clayborn
Crowder, Melvenia A.03 Apr. 1890Illinois25 Feb. 1935 
Crowder, William H.c.1880Georgia13 Dec. 1922Unknown
Crowe, Adelia05 May 1862Canada13 Feb. 1931Benoit
Crowe, Bernice Pearl06 June 1907Iowa21 Apr. 1933Williams
Crowe, Gavin B.17 July 1885Iowa06 Jan. 1932Benson
Crowe, James Emmet16 Mar. 1857Illinois20 Mar. 1922Radican
Crowe, Mattie Harker11 Apr. 1866Missouri09 Feb. 1920Williams
Crowe, William Curtis31 Mar. 1870Iowa15 June 1934Drake
Crowell, Algred J.16 Sept. 1884Iowa08 Nov. 1932Sweet
Crowell, Beryl Roger10 Aug. 1923Iowa09 Jan. 1924Beam
Crowell, Dwight R.08 Oct. 1847Wisconsin12 Dec. 1928Williams
Crowell, John Henry18 Sept. 1852Virginia13 Mar. 1936 
Crowell, Lora M.18 Mar. 1858Illinois28 Mar. 1919Purdy
Crowell, Mary A.02 Sept. 1863Illinois06 Apr. 1936Morrow
Crowell, Mary Ross14 Feb. 1884Wisconsin29 Oct. 1918Arnold
Crowell, Olive Cost17 Apr. 1874Illinois29 Nov. 1930Terry
Crowford, Williamc.1870 01 May 1925 
Crowl, Leo Luther04 Oct. 1891Iowa04 May 1923Fantz
Crowl, Lucinda18 July 1848Ohio14 May 1917Franklin
Crowley, Alfred Frank12 Mar. 1896Missouri04 July 1938 
Crowley, Anniec.1893Tennessee27 May 1937 
Crowley, Harlan M.18 Apr. 1895Iowa16 July 1939Mathis
Crowley, Lillian Hall14 Feb. 1870Massachusetts16 June 1932Merydith
Crowley, Patrickc.1826Ireland01 Apr. 1918Coller
Crowley, Vina E.07 Apr. 1894Illinois05 June 1930Dean
Crowley, Zelia22 Feb. 1858Illinois05 Jan. 1933Stephen
Crown, Charles William16 Mar. 1864Iowa26 July 1927Brumbaugh
Crowter, Williamc.1855Florida15 Aug. 1935 
Croy, George04 Apr. 1861Iowa04 Apr. 1938McLeach
Croy, Johnc.1861 07 Feb. 1921 
Croy, Joseph Duncan25 June 1856Iowa28 June 1936 
Crozet, Susie Katherine07 May 1870Illinois17 Dec. 1921Dortha
Crozier, Agnes20 May 1877Illinois25 Sept. 1930O'Shea
Crozier, Grace Ann04 July 1896Illinois14 July 1932Lybarger
Crozier, Myra L.26 May 1856Michigan30 July 1931Jenkins
Cruchelow, Minnie Cordelia22 Feb. 1881Missouri11 Feb. 1939Wendgim
Cruickshank, Charles26 Oct. 1877Iowa08 Jan. 1925 
Cruickshank, Emilie15 Aug. 1841New York29 July 1917 
Cruickshank, Johnc.1855Illinois18 July 1931Rhine
Cruikshank, Daniel12 Apr. 1868Nova Scotia14 Sept. 1937 
Crull, Hattie Edna10 July 1882Iowa03 May 1933 
Crum, Alfred Hiett28 Feb. 1843Indiana14 July 1917Henby
Crum, Alice Rowley27 Sept. 1854Iowa03 May 1930 
Crum, Arthur Evan13 Aug. 1872Minnesota04 Dec. 1919Millam
Crum, Barney11 Nov. 1867Iowa02 May 1918Wilson
Crum, Cecil Leroy23 May 1903Iowa01 Dec. 1918Reynolds
Crum, Margaret Malinda16 July 1837Indiana06 June 1934Trout
Crum, Merlin Dale21 Mar. 1915Nebraska20 Oct. 1923Christian
Crum, Perley O.25 Nov. 1891Iowa14 Sept. 1936Wilson
Crum, Rex Willard08 Aug. 1917Iowa09 Sept. 1918Masek
Crum, Virginia17 Mar. 1919Iowa28 Dec. 1921Crabtree
Crum, William Henry09 Oct. 1840Indiana02 May 1932Henby
Crum, William Lincoln14 Sept. 1861Iowa29 Nov. 1931Wilson
Crum, William Shelly30 Apr. 1869Iowa11 Dec. 1935Harp
Crum, Zachariah10 May 1834Indiana04 Apr. 1917Riley
Crumb, Harold Loyd20 Oct. 1917Iowa24 Dec. 1918Strickland
Crumb, James Francisc.1880Louisiana12 Sept. 1938 
Crumb, Minnie Mae04 Aug. 1906Arkansas25 Nov. 1923Hunter
Crumbaker, Mary Elinor21 Feb. 1850Ohio17 Apr. 1925Wright
Crumley, Erma Jean29 July 1931Iowa12 Oct. 1931Nichalson
Crumley, William Keith18 May 1935Iowa08 Mar. 1937Campbell
Crumm, Francis Marion01 Dec. 1873Iowa03 Dec. 1937Wilson
Crump, William03 Mar. 1848Virginia28 Jan. 1925Unknown
Crumpacker, Martha Ellen28 Apr. 1862Iowa23 Dec. 1939Saylor
Crumpholz, Cornealie Ann24 Feb. 1869Missouri14 Dec. 1930Harrod
Crusan, Mary Geraldine01 Feb. 1927Iowa04 Feb. 1927Crusan
Crusan, William10 July 1859Pennsylvania19 May 1918Smith
Cruse, Jackc.1871Virginia20 May 1936 
Crusenbery, James16 Oct. 1826Ohio04 Dec. 1919 
Crusenbery, William Alfred11 Dec. 1850Illinois11 Jan. 1929Brown
Crydler, Myra F.28 Mar. 1848New York16 Apr. 1918Coon
Cubbage, Josephine03 Jan. 1855Iowa19 Apr. 1935 
Cuculich, Angelina01 Apr. 1897Austria14 May 1920Cuilito
Cue, Kenneth Everett08 June 1914Iowa11 July 1931Elretta
Cue, Lewis Harold26 July 1901Iowa03 Dec. 1927Barr
Cuevas (Baby Boy)26 Nov. 1932Iowa27 Nov. 1932Gonzibz
Cuevas (Baby Girl)21 Feb. 1936Iowa23 Feb. 1936Gonzilez
Culbertson, Frank14 Feb. 1868Iowa10 Nov. 1937McGregor
Culbertson, Hattie D.01 Feb. 1860Ohio18 Oct. 1919 
Culbertson, James C.16 Feb. 1862Iowa24 Dec. 1920Linn
Culbertson, James Rex16 Sept. 1885Iowa04 Nov. 1923Brown
Culbertson, Lydia Indiana09 Apr. 1920Skeen
Culbertson, Mary Elizabeth13 Apr. 1862Missouri14 July 1920Carter
Culbertson, Sarah30 Aug. 1835Wales01 Oct. 1924Unknown
Culbertson, William J.18 Oct. 1888Iowa12 Oct. 1938English
Culhane, Mary E.02 Nov. 1891Minnesota06 Nov. 1923O'Connell
Cullans, Patc.1855 19 Aug. 1920 
Cullen (Baby Boy)12 Sept. 1919Iowa12 Sept. 1919 
Cullen, Edward A.25 Feb. 1885 01 Apr. 1936Kennelley
Cullen, Hughc.1896Illinois17 Oct. 1917Cullen
Cullen, Pearl Mulvane06 Mar. 1878Ohio05 Oct. 1920Mulvane
Cullen, Raymond03 July 1908Iowa02 Sept. 1918Bradley
Cullen, William Bryant11 Nov. 1853Ireland10 July 1925O'Brien
Cullens, Juliusc.1882Missouri27 Nov. 1930Unknown
Cullens, Paige14 Feb. 1890Texas30 May 1917Anderson
Culley, Issac Monroe31 Oct. 1860Illinois05 Dec. 1932 
Cullins, Mary20 Feb. 1892Iowa10 Apr. 1929Kennedy
Cullison, Mabel28 Feb. 1891Iowa19 Aug. 1929Easter
Culliver, W.T.c.1862 17 Apr. 1934 
Cully, Clara1844Germany09 Mar. 1924 
Cully, George11 May 1880Iowa30 June 1928Herkner
Cully, Roy Vernon28 Feb. 1919Iowa19 Sept. 1939Hunt
Culp, Garnett Morris14 Nov. 1874Iowa02 Jan. 1925Stillwell
Culp, Jerald26 Apr. 1930Iowa01 June 1930Hilard
Culp, John Ingraham03 Mar. 1854Pennsylvania27 Sept. 1935 
Culp, Myrtle A.07 Sept. 1864Iowa23 Feb. 1920Benedict
Culp, Roy Everette1921Iowa18 Dec. 1922Hiland
Culp, Shirley Jane24 June 1933Iowa04 Aug. 1933Coon
Culver (Baby Boy)31 Mar. 1926Iowa31 May 1926Hargrove
Culver, Charles George02 Feb. 1908Iowa20 Aug. 1917Konklin
Culver, Edward Conger11 July 1890Iowa06 Jan. 1935Force
Culver, Mary Ann24 Feb. 1867Illinois13 July 1929O'Shea
Culver, Opal Mae05 Apr. 1900Missouri14 Feb. 1939Miller
Cumings, Howard William09 Sept. 1901Iowa25 Oct. 1934Ball
Cummer, Charles N.06 Dec. 1862Canada25 Aug. 1925Van Horn
Cumming (Baby Boy)30 Oct. 1931Iowa01 Nov. 1931Findley
Cumming, Alex Thompson10 Oct. 1868Illinois22 Apr. 1936Aiken
Cumming, Charles Atherton31 Mar. 1858Illinois16 Feb. 1932Atherton
Cumming, Emma E.Oct. 1868Iowa06 Nov. 1933Howard
Cummings (Baby Boy)11 Dec. 1919Iowa11 Dec. 1919Vance
Cummings (Baby Girl)24 Nov. 1920Iowa24 Nov. 1920Vaice
Cummings, Barbara15 Feb. 1934Iowa05 May 1934Workman
Cummings, Birdie30 Dec. 1872Missouri05 June 1938Haley
Cummings, Blanche29 Dec. 1880Iowa21 Mar. 1936Pollock
Cummings, Burr1851Ohio06 May 1922 
Cummings, Cliffordc.1896 17 Oct. 1918 
Cummings, Evelyn FrancesJan. 1854Iowa22 Oct. 1938Hoover
Cummings, H.24 Mar. 1859Pennsylvania10 Apr. 1937Ginter
Cummings, Hazel13 June 1910Iowa22 Jan. 1930Wray
Cummings, Henry James11 Nov. 1856Iowa12 Sept. 1925 
Cummings, Nellie24 July 1890Wisconsin25 Sept. 1921Dalton
Cummings, William H.26 Sept. 1864Iowa12 Oct. 1939West
Cummings, William P.05 May 1867New York23 Feb. 1936Foley
Cummins (Baby Boy)27 Aug. 1919Iowa27 Aug. 1919Hart
Cummins (Baby Girl)27 Aug. 1919Iowa27 Aug. 1919Hart
Cummins, Albert BaridFeb. 1850Pennsylvania30 July 1926Flenniken
Cummins, James Calvin15 Jan. 1852Pennsylvania17 Feb. 1933Baird
Cummins, Lela28 Apr. 1894Iowa31 Jan. 1923Coldge
Cummins, Margaret Rebecca19 Feb. 1854Pennsylvania03 Feb. 1935Flenniken
Cummins, Ross24 Jan. 1882Iowa22 Feb. 1930Stasia
Cumpston, Harry Howard04 Aug. 1892Iowa01 Aug. 1938Larkin
Cunconan, Eva F.July 1909Scotland29 Mar. 1937Stanley
Cunconan, Jerome29 July 1931Iowa14 Mar. 1932Keyes
Cundiff, Clem William12 May 1854Illinois20 Feb. 1936Potts
Cundiff, Ida Elizabeth21 Sept. 1865Illinois03 Jan. 1939Higgenbottom
Cunningham (Baby Girl)15 May 1936Iowa15 May 1936Hegaman
Cunningham, Adgulc.1904Iowa13 Sept. 1935 
Cunningham, Alice Ella29 Nov. 1892Iowa12 Mar. 1922 
Cunningham, Alvia K.Dec. 1859Iowa12 Dec. 1936Keeney
Cunningham, Alvie E.06 Apr. 1911Minnesota29 Sept. 1933Howard
Cunningham, Arthur Herbert08 Dec. 1917Iowa05 Feb. 1918Johnson
Cunningham, Carey22 Feb. 1899Iowa14 Dec. 1918 
Cunningham, Catherine11 Nov. 1862England26 Dec. 1926Unknown
Cunningham, Cora E.15 Dec. 1880Iowa02 May 1919 
Cunningham, Della Elmina05 Jan. 1885Iowa26 Feb. 1939Crees
Cunningham, Donald Stebbins13 Apr. 1913Iowa01 Feb. 1920Stebbiins
Cunningham, Douoglas21 Aug. 1922Iowa21 Aug. 1922Cunningham
Cunningham, Edith June19 Feb. 1922Iowa27 Feb. 1922Ginn
Cunningham, Elizabeth19 Sept. 1856Pennsylvania19 Oct. 1929Lambkin
Cunningham, Elva Adair22 May 1885Iowa15 Apr. 1936Stebbins
Cunningham, Emma H.19 July 1858Virginia18 Sept. 1922Graham
Cunningham, Emma I.30 Apr. 1882Iowa12 June 1933Schwartz
Cunningham, Essie J.05 Oct. 1886Iowa27 Dec. 1939Channon
Cunningham, George Henry14 Apr. 1868Indiana31 Aug. 1934 
Cunningham, Grace09 Aug. 1874Iowa01 June 1936Hill
Cunningham, Harriett FrenchApr. 1888New Mexico05 Mar. 1922Moody
Cunningham, Harry B.05 Aug. 1886Ohio16 May 1932Atkinson
Cunningham, Harry Earl02 Feb. 1885Iowa07 Apr. 1937Edwards
Cunningham, Hazel09 Apr. 1929Iowa16 Mar. 1931Metzger
Cunningham, Henrietta06 June 1862Indiana06 May 1938Robinson
Cunningham, Hileryc.1885West Virginia11 Jan. 1930 
Cunningham, Hubert C.c.1919 30 Nov. 1937 
Cunningham, Jamesc.1858Ireland25 Dec. 1920McCann
Cunningham, James27 June 1870South Carolina19 Jan. 1928Lowery
Cunningham, Jamesc.1850New York29 Mar. 1930 
Cunningham, James Garfield11 Apr. 1889Iowa16 June 1934Edwards
Cunningham, James Mitchell25 Oct. 1855Iowa22 June 1922Nelson
Cunningham, Jean Marie15 May 1936Iowa16 May 1936Hagman
Cunningham, Jessie Caroline05 Nov. 1938Iowa24 Dec. 1938Cohenour
Cunningham, John20 Nov. 1924Iowa18 Feb. 1925Fry
Cunningham, John28 Nov. 1886Iowa28 Nov. 1936Hendricks
Cunningham, John C.c.1854New York10 Apr. 1919Kelley
Cunningham, John Hiram03 June 1886Iowa16 July 1935Bittinger
Cunningham, John W.25 May 1857Illinois13 Oct. 1932 
Cunningham, John William06 May 1869Ohio25 Sept. 1925 
Cunningham, Josephc.1899Illinois20 Nov. 1919Ward
Cunningham, Joseph Francis19 Apr. 1870Indiana17 Aug. 1932 
Cunningham, Juliac.1857Missouri10 July 1937Hannon
Cunningham, LeRoy22 Dec. 1923Iowa07 Mar. 1925Koger
Cunningham, Leslie Lloyd24 Sept. 1905Iowa25 Nov. 1936Van Cannon
Cunningham, Mable28 May 1893Iowa05 Mar. 1936Lipe
Cunningham, Madge30 May 1886Iowa12 Dec. 1925Wiley
Cunningham, Margaret11 May 1869Scotland03 Nov. 1935Muldemy
Cunningham, Mary E.26 Feb. 1862Iowa20 May 1934Cahill
Cunningham, Mary J.c.1831New York05 Mar. 1917 
Cunningham, Mary L.18 Jan. 1872Pennsylvania21 Oct. 1932Grimm
Cunningham, Mary T.31 Oct. 1878Ireland16 June 1936Murphy
Cunningham, Owenc.1866Ireland20 Dec. 1921 
Cunningham, Paul Cornelious28 Nov. 1934Iowa15 Dec. 1934Volz
Cunningham, Raymond Pressley17 Dec. 1919Iowa31 Mar. 1920Doty
Cunningham, Regina B.c.1889Iowa08 Dec. 1918Rhine
Cunningham, Richard13 May 1884Iowa19 Apr. 1919 
Cunningham, Robert W.12 May 1859Iowa23 Feb. 1930Ward
Cunningham, Sadie11 Nov. 1897Iowa16 Dec. 1919Coffelt
Cunningham, Sarahc.1842Indiana11 Feb. 1919Unknown
Cunningham, Sarahc.1855New Jersey24 Aug. 1917O'Connor
Cunningham, Sterlingc.1892 13 Apr. 1918Cunningham
Cunningham, Virginia MayApr. 1919Iowa26 June 1919Wells
Cunningham, Warren B.28 Apr. 1871Iowa02 Apr. 1924Ward
Cunningham, Warren H.c.1859 18 Feb. 1923 
Cunningham, William H.11 May 1843Maryland04 July 1920 
Cunningham, Yolanda K.08 Nov. 1903Iowa27 May 1933Bluenocardi
Cunnington, Albert E.c.1847England11 June 1920Unknown
Cunnington, Mary Ellen18 June 1844England06 May 1917Unknown
Cunstable, Romayne Wynkoop08 Apr. 1904Kansas12 Jan. 1927Wynkoop
Cupps, Daniel07 Apr. 1855Virginia07 Mar. 1933Schrier
Curl, Anna Raling08 Jan. 1841Ohio28 July 1927Guder
Curl, Henry Clay04 Feb. 1860Ohio28 Apr. 1927 
Curless, Eugene16 Apr. 1866Illinois17 Feb. 1929Burdsell
Curley, William Sr.06 Aug. 1870Tennessee02 Sept. 1939 
Curnow, Frank01 Sept. 1928Iowa02 Sept. 1928Cramblet
Curran, Amos D.22 Aug. 1836New York26 Jan. 1920Unknown
Curran, Emma Krasa (Sister Mary Josephine)c.1852Ireland25 Feb. 1923 
Curran, George Porter28 Mar. 1848Indiana23 Mar. 1924Belsland
Curran, Lewis H.31 July 1850Iowa27 Mar. 1925Bresland
Curran, Pauline Katherine05 Dec. 1895Nebraska16 Feb. 1927Straub
Currens, Saddie L.13 Aug. 1888Illinois06 June 1928Hereford
Current, Charles12 Aug. 1889Iowa31 Dec. 1939 
Current, Gladys Irene30 June 1905Nebraska13 July 1920Woodworth
Curry, Alfred Benjamin02 Oct. 1866Illinois21 Apr. 1939Nicholson
Curry, Clarence23 Oct. 1928Iowa19 Jan. 1929Shepard
Curry, Delia17 Nov. 1871Ireland17 May 1938 
Curry, George05 Aug. 1918Iowa04 Sept. 1918Burnett
Curry, Habib K.27 Jan. 1888Syria18 Oct. 1918McCarius
Curry, Jane Elizabeth05 Dec. 1841Pennsylvania21 Oct. 1926Tussey
Curry, Jean09 Mar. 1901New York27 Feb. 1939 
Curry, John30 May 1871Iowa29 Dec. 1938McAndrews
Curry, Nathaniel G.27 Dec. 1839Pennsylvania09 Nov. 1927Unknown
Curry, Nellie Mana15 Sept. 1859Illinois21 July 1931Thomas
Curry, Ray05 Mar. 1890Iowa05 July 1919Waller
Curry, Robert Lewis02 Sept. 1865Illinois14 Oct. 1935Nicholson
Curry, Sarah Jane11 July 1851England23 Jan. 1933Frater
Curry, Thomas William22 Nov. 1867Iowa27 Jan. 1933Maddox
Curry, Tomas Thomas15 Oct. 1848Ohio15 Oct. 1927Byron
Curry, Virgil G.27 Mar. 1897Iowa09 Jan. 1922Brown
Curry, William Ernest31 Jan. 1880Iowa06 Dec. 1923Huston
Curry, William Henry13 Dec. 1858Wisconsin26 Sept. 1939Draper
Curryer, Joseph Richard29 Mar. 1918Iowa25 Aug. 1920McKown
Curtis, Alice17 Feb. 1856Iowa15 May 1939Murrow
Curtis, Dana28 Jan. 1910Maine20 May 1922Booker
Curtis, Ellen Marie22 Jan. 1880Iowa10 Mar. 1920Funtone
Curtis, Elmer W.c.1855Iowa09 Sept. 1919Unknown
Curtis, Emory Welsen12 Apr. 1853Ohio09 Sept. 1937Spence
Curtis, Frank Burr05 Mar. 1861Iowa24 May 1926Chynoweth
Curtis, Harry G.28 Nov. 1874Illinois27 Feb. 1932Weeks
Curtis, Ira N.16 Apr. 1866Iowa09 Sept. 1936Chenoweth
Curtis, Michael29 Sept. 1863Ireland07 Aug. 1924Mead
Curtis, Rena22 May 1881Missouri11 Nov. 1917Hensley
Curtis, Roxanna F.07 Oct. 1846Ohio02 Nov. 1931Conklin
Curtiss, Charles C.16 June 1876Illinois28 Apr. 1918Jennings
Curtiss, Diana J.20 May 1845Connecticut29 Nov. 1926Morgan
Curtiss, Mina Isabelle19 Nov. 1883Wisconsin09 June 1930Pember
Curtley, George16 Mar. 1838Kentucky10 June 1920Lynch
Curtley, William Newtonc.1873Pennsylvania22 Nov. 1929 
Curts, Thomas Samuel15 May 1939Iowa09 June 1939Shott
Curwen, William P.06 Jan. 1865Illinois24 Dec. 1921Pitt
Cusack, Laurence P.c.1887Iowa06 Oct. 1930Farrell
Cusher, George E.26 Aug. 1893Iowa15 Nov. 1935Aldrich
Cushman, Gertrude W11 Dec. 1875Vermont31 Mar. 1932Wood
Custen, Elizabeth Ellen23 Oct. 1853Iowa21 Mar. 1930 
Custer, Benniec.1861Ohio27 Mar. 1921Tyler
Custer, Chester L. G.c.1878Indiana21 Mar. 1923 
Custer, Grace May22 Mar. 1901Iowa26 Apr. 1933Moats
Custer, James Madison08 Mar. 1837Indiana08 Sept. 1924Kendall
Custer, L.10 Apr. 1922Iowa11 Feb. 1923Post
Custer, Margaret Les02 Jan. 1939Iowa05 Jan. 1939Baber
Custer, Margery Ann22 July 1928Iowa13 July 1935Morsan
Custer, Mary M.27 Mar. 1866Illinois29 June 1938Bluebaker
Custer, Ralph John28 Apr. 1899Iowa16 Oct. 1918Moates
Custer, Stanton M.14 Nov. 1862Iowa16 June 1931Millan
Cutforth, Ralph Otis23 Nov. 1922Iowa30 July 1939Sanford
Cuthbertson, Jennie1860England21 May 1930Smith
Cutlep, James Harison11 May 1839Ohio30 Nov. 1918Heart
Cutler, Edwin20 Oct. 1866Pennsylvania01 Apr. 1931Unknown
Cutler, Franklin W.14 June 1918Iowa26 June 1939Kikblom
Cutler, George21 Jan. 1895Iowa22 May 1919 
Cutler, John08 Apr. 1872Iowa31 Oct. 1937McDonnell
Cutler, Minerva Adeline07 June 1832Indiana12 Sept. 1924Hall
Cutler, Savellac.1909Iowa11 Jan. 1919Burke
Cutlip, Ellen05 July 1850Iowa17 Feb. 1930Warren
Cutter, Anna U.c.1864New York06 Dec. 1926Unknown
Cutter, Elijah C.05 July 1864Massachusetts11 July 1924Hughes
Cuttler, Frankc.1855 19 July 1930 
Cuvelier, Adrianc.1854Belgium22 May 1920 
Czarnowski, Mary19 June 1926Iowa19 June 1926Kasky

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