No one being anxious to be married the first day of this week, the licenses issued for the month end with last Saturday, and April amorists appear to be -
Ray Prentice to Dicy C. Hawley (Harvey)
O. Zummiers to Lizzie H. Exley
John Carey to Catherine Murphy
Harvey J. Howard to Emma Vady
W.U. Croft to M. T. Stone
John Klemer to Anna Hanseman
David Gailock to Sarah J. Kirkman
J. T. Risor to B. A. Von Dolan
John P. Witter to Jeanette Miller
S.B. Howard to Maria McDowell
N.A. Johnson to Lena Carson
J.E. Whitney to Mary E. Obleness
Henry M. Stoddard to Mary F. McMeill
John McDonough to Ella Spellman
John Brown to Anna McLaughlin
J.R. Baker to L. Morris
R.A. Crabtree to Rhoda Miller
David E. Wood to Gertude (Gertrude) Clinton
G. Darnhokler to Alma Bilz
J.P. Norris to M. Hyer
Adam Lauderbach to Annie Bressan
John F. Lauman to Eliza E. Nickols

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