Golden Wedding Aniversaries

Des Moines, Iowa
September 27, 1895

Grandmother Harriett Geice Ankeny, who was married to General Joseph Ankeny on July 29, 1823, in Somerset County, Penn.  They celebrated their golden wedding in Des Moines on July 29, 1873.  The general died in Des Moines May 19, 1876, but Grandma Ankeny is still hale and hearty and bid fair to celebrate her 100th anniversary on February 15, 1901.  She has worn her golden crown 72 years.

Malinda Watters Baldwin was married to George W. Baldwin on August 29, 1833.  Her husband died May 14, 1892.  Grandmother Baldwin still lives at 1322 West Grand avenue and has worn her golden crown 62 years.

James Miller was married to Jane H. Liner on May 10, 1823, who died September 21, 1892.  Grandfather Miller is still living.

Dr. A. Y. Hull was married to Margaret Tiffin August 17, 1837, who died May 21, 1898.  Grandfather Hull is now living with his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Potter, 1185 Pleasant street.

Allen Dearth, aged 85, and Margaret Dearduff Dearth, aged 87, were married April 19, 1829, in Montgomery county, Ohio.

David Norris, aged 94, and Catherine Hildeband Norris, aged 84, were married September 23, 1829, in Litchfield county, Connecticut.

Homer B. Stone, aged 89 and Lucy Lindley Stone, aged 89 were married March 2, 1829, in Litchfield county, Connecticut.

Dennis Tongate, aged 83, and Dorothy Riley Tongate, aged 84, were married June 29, 1834, in Adams county, Ill.

Henry Bell, aged 82, and Jennie Bell, aged 76, were married October 15, 1834, in Ticonderoga county, Mississippi.

P. V. Fink, aged 82, and Louisa F. Wolcet Fink, aged 86, were married October 16, 1834, in Patosi county, Mississippi.

P. A. Harbour, aged 85, and M. A. Eston Harbour, aged 81, were married December 16, 1836, in Madison county, New York.

J. J. Betts, aged 76, and Elizabeth Flanch Betts, aged 70, were married September 20, 1827, in Crawford county, Pennsylvania.

E. Pomroy Wilson, aged 83, and Mary Grant Wilson, aged 85 were married July 12, 1835, in Peoria county, Illinois.

J. L. West, aged 80 and Susan West West, aged 79, were married March 15, 1836, in Franklin county, Indiana.

Robert Lyon and Elizabeth Garion Lyon were married May 23, 1835, in Manchester, England.

John R. Kirby, aged 81, and Harriet W. Kirby, aged 80, were married July 29, 1838, in Washington county, Pennsylvania.

James L. Scott, aged 80, and May A. Gillman Scott, aged 78, were married October 1, 1839, in Jefferson county, Iowa.

Isaac W. Griffith, aged 75, and Bales Brand Griffith, aged 89, were married September 27, 1840, in Lee county, Iowa.

R, K. English, aged 75 and Susan Smith English aged 73, were married July 5, 1840, in Oldham county, Kentucky.

John Neuman, aged 80 and Mariah E. Door Neuman, age 78, were married August 15, 1841, in Rutland county, Vermont.

Anderson Simons, aged 78, and Sarah Simons, aged 76, were married August 24, 1841, in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Gerberich, aged 76, and ElizaWise Gerberich, aged 75, were married November 4, 1841, in Lebanon county, Pennsylvania.

John K. Hobaugh, aged 75, and Lucy Woolman Hobaugh, aged 72, were married January 16, 1842, in Henry county, Indiana.

George Schramm and Isabella Christy Schramm were married May 4, 1843, in Pickaway county, Ohio.

William A. Kramer, aged 80, and Maria Robison Kramer, aged 72, were married October 18, 1843, in Putnam county, Indiana.

F. G. Clark, aged 77, and Jerusha Chadsey Clark were married June 29, 1843, in Schuyler county, Illinois.

George G. Wright, aged 75, and Hannah Dibble Wright were married October 19, 1843, in Van Buren county, Iowa.

Joseph C. Brewer, aged 77, and Rebecca Graham Brewer, aged 72, were married October 24, 1843, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

William F. Thompson, aged 78, and May Allerton Thompson, aged66, were married November 6, 1843, in Harrison county, Indiana.

Sidney West, aged 79, and Hannah West, aged 73, were married November 10, 1843, in Belmont county, Ohio.

William E. Miller, aged 72, and Mary Robison Miller, aged 68, were married August 1, 1844, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania.

R. W. Keeler and Frances Dickerson Keeler were married February 5, 1845, in Westchester county, New York

William P. Hall and Sarah Powers Hall were married April 9, 1845, in Montgomery county, Indiana.

James Lee, aged 73, and M. L. Brown Lee, aged 71, were married May 15, 1845, in Delaware county,  Ohio.

Simon D. Goodrich and Martha Webster Goodrich were married June 4, 1845, in Addison county, New York.

C. H. Gamp and Mary Gamp were married July 28, 1845 in Stein, Prussia.

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