THE BARK of 1943

Published by the Senior Class of The LeMars High School

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.  Heaven know how to put a proper price on its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as Freedom should not be highly rated.”  --Thomas Paine: “The Crisis.”

BARK STAFF (page 10)
Although World War II threatened to remove all possibilities of a BARK for the current year, a staff under the direction of Miss Brink and Mr. Adams was chosen to reconstruct for future days the record of the present graduating class.

With curtailment of funds and much necessary photography equipment, it was not an easy task to assemble this school annual.  However, with the cooperation of the staff and considerable hard work, the staff presents this VICTORY BARK to you with the hope that you will find much happiness in the perusal of its pages.


Amundson, LaDona
Arens, Elaine
Baack, Lawrence
Bauerly, Delores
Becker, Robert
Begg, Wayne
Begg, Wendell
Beheim, Iola
Berkenpas, Harold
Bolser, Willis
Bowman, Virgal
Brabander, Wallace
Bradley, William “Bill”
Brown, Doris
Brunken, Norman
Bruns, John  
Bunjes, Mary  
Bunt, Avis
Carey, Elton
Chamberlain, Alice
Chamberlain, Marvin
Cronin, Lolan
Determan, Marie
Dickman, Don
Donlin, Lorraine
Downing, Dorothy
Ewin, Frances
Flaherty, Leo
Frerichs, George
Gerdes, Nina
Grahlman, Robert
Haas, Jean
Halweg, Leonard
Hamman, Viola
Hansen, Elaine
Hansen, Murl
Harms, Verjean
Hart, John “Mike”
Hartman, Mary 
Hawkins, Harriet
Heeren, Alvin
Heidbrink, Dolores
Heidbrink, Shirley
Heller, Terry
Janssen, Elmer
Jelken, Lillian
Jennings, Alvin
Johns, Dorothy
Juhl, Marion
Kallsen, Ronald
Kanago, Patricia
Kelly, Ronald
Kennaley, Betty   
Keough, Clyde
Keough, Randall
Klave, Bernice
Klohs, Harriet
Koerner, Jack
Lambert, Marjorie
Lancaster, Bonnie
Lanzendorf, Jane
Lee, Raymond
Lorenzen, Webster 
Lubben, Bernice
Ludwigs, Gerd
Mandelkow, Shirley
Martine, Mary Jean
McArthur, Raymond
Merritt, Harold
Mueller, Dolores
Mulder, William
Murphy, John  
Osborne, William
Parkinson, Helen
Pavlik, Vincent
Philips, Bonnie
Philips, Robert
Plueger, Donald
Popken, Leona
Reichling, Marcella
Roerig, Ruth
Rhodes, Wendell
Roseberry, Betty 
Russell, Jacquelyn
Sampson, Dwight
Sanow, Harold
Schnepf, Georgia
Schueller, Helen
Schultz, Beulah
Schultz, Juanita
Siebels, Lucille
Siebels, Sylvia
Simeon, Geraldine
Singer, Alberta
Sorgdrager, Warren
Starzl, John  
Steele, James
Sullivan, Harold
Tangeman, Mary 
Taylor, Vera
Thomas, Dillys
Thompson, Edward
Utesch, Leila
VanNimwegen, Joan   
Walsh, Robert
Wilhelmi, Edward
Wilhelmi, Franklin
Willging, Mary Jean  
Williams, Eleanor
Wiltgen, Ralph   

* 109 SENIORS --

Source: LeMars High School BARK, Class of 1943




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