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Please feel free to submit unidentified photos for this page. Help in identifying the photos and people in them is much appreciated!!




Mystery Photo #1

~Rural schoolhouse Sentinel photo dated Jan. 1970
~Can anyone identify the specific school? Email and share your ideas. Thanks.

Responses From Viewers:

"The school house looks like the one that use to be 2 miles west of Craig, by Myron Borchers place." from C.H.

Mystery Photo #2

What do the rest of you think? Could this be the same school building as the top photo? Look closely, there are many similarities. If anyone recognizes the teacher or any of the students in this photo, PLEASE email me with your suggestions!!

***Let's Play Ball Group***

***UPDATE--Still could use more identification, but now the Plymouth County Museum archives identify this photo as follows:

B&W photo of students from Grant #1 and Grant #5 schools at a baseball game,1955-1956.
Many students are unidentified, they are represented by "---".

Back Row Left to Right;   Mrs. Mary Schelin (#5), Dean Beitelspacher, Gene Beitelspacher, Diane Buss, Carol Boysen, Mary Ann Ludwigs, Janice Beitelspacher, Lois Boysen, Ellen Schutte, ---, ---, ---, ---, Mrs. June Machmer (#1)
Front Row Left to Right(seated):  ---, Ed Beitelspacher, ---,---,---,---,---

Mystery Group Photo #3

Mystery Students
Margaretta Kilker was the teacher for these students. They could be students from America # 4 (1935-1938), Stanton # 2 (1939-1942) or Elgin # 8 (1938-1939).  Please help us identify these students.

Mystery Photo #4

This photo was submitted by Joe Smith, son of teacher Irene Bellwood Smith in the early to mid-1940's. This school is not identified. Because Mrs. Smith had the photo, it perhaps could be one of these schools where she taught: Westfield No. 3, Westfield No. 4 or Preston No. 4.

Mystery Photo #5

An Early Plymouth County School Group--teacher Miss Bessie Robertson, taught Breezy Hill School--Spring 1911
Can anyone help identify any of the children?

Mystery Photo #6

Can anyone help us identify the children in this group photo? Here is what we know, so far. Contributor, Judy Forgos, writes:  My mother, Charlotte Brunstedt, is in this photo postcard, standing second row 2nd from right.  Other than my mother's name, the only thing written on the back is Miss Metz.  My best guess, and it's only a guess, would be circa 1920-23 in Salix, Woodbury County.  I would have said Merrill, but I don't see a teacher named Metz on the Plymouth County site. 

~Checking the Plymouth Co. records, there seems to be no Miss Metz listed as a teacher. Feel free to share any suggestions or identity by emailing Judy Forgos or the Plymouth Co. Coordinator. Just click on the linked name to email your ideas.

Mystery Photo #7 ~Sent to us by volunteer, Linda McKay

I've uncovered a mystery photo in a stash of pics my dad, Daryl Williams, had stashed away. Perry #3 was on my Grandfather's farm, but I don't know if that's the school here. Also not sure of the years, though I image late 30s, early 40s. If anyone can help, you can email me, Linda McKayL:

I THINK I can identify some of these people: I believe Daryl Williams is in the back row, with the tear through his face; Howard Williams is the little boy with the beanie; Doris Williams is reaching for the recalcitrant Paul Williams, maybe Dick Williams with the ball cap, maybe Gary Williams with the droopy diaper. I don't know if this is a school photo or some other type of get-together? CAN ANYONE HELP WITH IDENTIFICATION? If so, please use the email address in the above paragraph to reach Linda McKay.


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