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LeMars Sentinel, December 6, 1894


The school teachers of Union township for the winter are as follows: No. 1
Belle Watson, No. 2 Stella Mathews, of LeMars, No. 3 Maggie Eyres, No. 4
Ethel Eyers, No. 5 Julian Padmore, of LeMars, and No. 6 Arthur O'Leary, of
Elkhorn township.

LeMars Sentinel, January 31, 1895


As one of the girls was driving home from school with Ethel Eyres and
some of her pupils Tuesday, the horses turned out so far on a little
bridge that all the occupants of the buggy were dumped in the ditch, but
no one was seriously injured.  The horses ran two miles and a half
before they were stopped but did not damage except a little to the
harness and buggy.

LeMars Sentinel, March 11, 1895

O'LEARY: (Special Correspondence)

R. G. Smith was elected school director for a term of three years in
district No. 2 and J. T. Martin in district No. 5.

LeMars Sentinel, Thursday, June 27, 1895, Page 3, Column 4:
Storms Caves for the Schools.
The recent Sioux County cyclone has been the means of arousing the people in the county school districts to the necessity of providing storm protection for the pupils and teachers of the outlying schools.  In many places the school directors are having cyclone caves dug and the patrons of the schools have less fear for the safety of their children during the cyclone period when such protection is provided.  Union township, in this county, is taking the lead in the matter and now every school in the township is provided with a cave. 

LeMars Sentinel, February 1, 1907

UNION: The school board held a meeting and appointed Thomas Eyers school director
in place of Louis Felger, who will move to South Dakota, in district No. 1,
and John Milton in place of H.G. Lee, who will move to Canada, in district
No. 5.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, May 29, 1914

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

Three picnics are planned for Friday this week in Union schools No. 1 and 2,
taught by Nina and Myrtle Dotzauer, will hold a picnic at Dotzauer’s; No. 3,
taught by Miss Manz at Dick Thompson’s; and Nos. 5 and 6 taught by Nona
Gooch and Miss Bride at Will Pratt’s on the Boa farm.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, July 2, 1915

UNION: (Special Correspondence):

Auctioneer Lyle, of Kingsley, was here to sell the old school houses of
Union Friday. No. 1 was bought by Wyatt Phelan; No 2 by Geo. Steele; No. 3
by E. R. Thompson; No. 4 by Thomas Eyres; No. 5 by Carson Herron; and No. 6
by Lew Bainbridge.

LeMars Sentinel, February 8, 1918

Union High School Notes
The basketball boys played two days last week.

George Keegan resigned his position as a bus driver last Friday.

The high school pupils had their semester examinations last week.

Holden Schroeten went home from school Wednesday evening with Philip

The sled on route No. 3 upset on the way to school last Monday morning.
A number of the children lost part of their dinner.

The following high school pupils were absent from school Monday;
Burdette Smith, Sybil Hasbrook, Donald Eyres, Julia Harvey, Clara
Burrill, Hilda Singer, and William Harvey.

Prof. Evans flunked the whole algebra class.  The reason is the question
of the day.  Although their daily grades were good, they did not
influence the professor any on the examination grades.

An announcement was made in the high school room last Monday morning
that at the end of the school year each pupil would be required to pay
for the damage done to his desk.  Also that the library would be closed
during recitation periods.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 21, 1924

The school board had its regular annual meeting for the purpose of reorganization for the coming school year last Monday evening.  At that time Dan Keegan and A. E. Eyres, the re-elected members were sworn in.  H. C. Hoyt was re-elected president and Fred Featherston was elected vice-president. The board also took steps to secure some chemical fire extinguishes for the school building.

E. T. Snively, a brother-in-law, of Supt. Smith, visited the schools on Thursday.

Miss Peck was called home by the death of her grandfather, over the weekend.  Mrs. D. S. Wormley taught in her place last Monday.

Work on the operetta, “Miss Cherryblossom” is progressing satisfactorily.  About twenty-five people in costume will take part in the musical comedy.  A special platform is being constructed to accommodate the cast.  The play will be given on Friday evening, March 21, at 8 o’clock, in the high school assembly room.




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