Union No. 2

Newspaper Articles

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 10, 1902

O'LEARY: (Special Correspondence)

The schools of Union township reopened Monday with Miss Phillips teacher in
district No. 1; Miss Kate Hoyt, No. 2; Miss Maude Fisher, No. 3; Miss
Scribner, No. 4; and Miss Drummond, No. 5.

Geo. Hoyt built a small stable at school house No. 2, and his daughter
drives home from home to teach that school.

LeMars Sentinel, Feb. 1, 1907

UNION: Miss Beulah Schrooten has been on the sick list the past week and
consequently the pupils in district No. 2 have had a vacation.

LeMars Sentinel
March 11, 1910

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Leona Smith closed her school in district No. 2 Friday, and returned to her home in LeMars Monday.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Friday, Jan. 13, 1911

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

School No. 2, taught by Miss Pearl Burrill, reports the following pupils not
absent or tardy for the month ending December 28th, 1910: Charles Wesley Eyres,
Clara Burrill, Lester Eyres, Lillie Burrill and R. G. Eyres.


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