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LeMars Sentinel, Friday, October 18, 1918

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

The Union school closed Friday for a two weeks vacation for corn husking.

Miss Montgomery, the grammar room teacher, is boarding at John Smith’s.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Dec. 6, 1918

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Myra Montgomery, the grammar room teacher, resigned and departed for
her home at Fairfield, Ia., Wednesday. Miss Dack, of LeMars, will fill the

LeMars Sentinel, January 24, 1919

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

The pupils of Union High School enjoyed a skating party at Pratt's Thursday

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel
September 3, 1920

UNION: (Special Correspondence)

The new superintendent of the United Consolidated School, Mr. O. G. Wright,
arrived Tuesday. School will open Monday, September 6 with the following
teachers in charge: Principal, Miss Beane; Domestic Science, Miss Dorothy
Eyres; Grammar Room, Miss Haley; Intermediate, Miss Rose Keenan; Primary,
Miss Ferguson.

LeMars Globe-Post
January 19, 1922


Of the twenty-two who tried out for places in the final declamatory contest
which will be held Friday evening at 7:30, Jan. 20, at the school, the
following were successful:
Alex Stoffel, William Hoyt, Robert Bainbridge, Irene Kohl, Polly McKay,
Ernest Eyres, Cloyce Hasbrooke, Opal Parry, Richard Eyres, Verna Plendl,
Agnes Laddusaw and Esther Eyres.
The contest promises to be interesting and close throughout. The above
pupils will receive special training all week under the direction of Mrs.
Sloan. The winner in each department will receive a medal. Admission will
be 25 and 35 cents.

Mrs. W. L. Sloan, of Sioux City, arrived Wednesday and started Thursday
morning training the pupils in preparation for the declamatory contest. She
is a graduate of the Cummock School of Expression of Chicago, and has had
some experience in teaching dramatic art in the Sioux City schools.

The following have been neither absent nor tardy during the last period:
Jeannette Shipper, Evart Eyres, Richard Lambert, Harold Wolden, Eleanor May,
Francis Bauler, Orville Crom, Lawrence Eyres, Gladys Hasbrooke, Donald Hoyt,
Dorothy Hoyt, William Keenan, Edward Manning, Margaret Morton, Phyllis
Morton, Emmett Phelan, Donald Wormley, Alvina Plendl, Roy Phelan, Clifford
Shearer, Lawrence Crom, George May, Russel Williams, Irene Kohl, Agnes
Laddusaw, Elmer Laddusaw, Ernest Eyres, Phillip Hayden and Lawrence

The boys of the seventh and eighth grade of the school played the
representative team of the LeMars Junior high school at LeMars last Saturday
evening. While not being used to such a large floor, the Union boys won the
game by the score of 11 to 14. Both teams played hard. At the end of the
first half the game stood 6 to 8 in favor of LeMars. However, as the game
progressed the Union boys began to find themselves and as a result during
the second half permitted the LeMars team only to make three points while
they themselves made eight. It is hoped that the LeMars boys will be able to
arrange for a return game at an early date.

LeMars Sentinel
Friday, May 18, 1923

The elementary school program and exhibit were held last Saturday evening instead of Friday evening on account of the inclement weather and bad roads.  One of the largest gatherings of the year attended.  The program was uniformly good and showed careful preparation on the part of the teachers.  After the program the high school boys sold the ice cream cones.

The exhibit of the school work which had been done during the year was well attended both before and after the program.  It gave a splendid idea of the kind of work that is being done in our schools.  It was left up until Wednesday in order that those who had not seen it might do so at the time of the high school play.

Friends of the school were sorry to hear that most of the teachers will not return another year.  Miss Trindle and Miss Sizer both are planning to continue their college work another year.  Miss Eyres is planning to take a rest from teaching for the time being.  Miss Carlton is planning to secure a position nearer her sister or continue her college work.  Mrs. Smith will retire from teaching and assume her household duties.  All of the teachers have given  satisfaction and the board would have been delighted……[the copy runs out here]

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, July 23, 1940


Edwin C. Dethlefs, for five years principal of Union Consolidated school, in
Plymouth county, has accepted the position of principal of the junior high
and senior high schools at Sheldon. Mr. Dethlefs came to Union township
from Thompson, Iowa, in 1935.

Mr. Dethlefs has both a B. A. and an M. A. from the University of Iowa and
has also taught school at Harris, Iowa, and Whitehall, Montana. He will
assume his duties August 7. Mrs. Dethlefs also taught school at Union

LeMars Globe-Post, July 13, 1953

The Union Township Consolidated School will hold registration for the 1953-1954 school year on Monday, July 13, 1953, between the hours of 7:00 and 10:00 P. M., at the school. Students who registered at the Kindergarten Round-Up, need not come for this registration. It is especially important that all students register on the above date in order that bus routes may be set up.

LeMars Globe-Post
March 15, 1954

Union Consolidated School presents, “Music On the Missouri,” Friday, March 19, at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium.

A mixed chorus will furnish the background for the following people:
Harold Thompson: Owner of the plantation
Joan Wheeler: the school teacher
LeRoy Junck: negro worker
Jerry Miester: negro worker
Shirley Warner: negro maid

This is an operetta built around the “Show Boat Medley.” There will be such songs as “Great Day.”

The production is under the direction of Miss Maxine Butler.

Le Mars Globe-Post
May 13, 1954


   Baccalaureate at Union consolidated school will be held Sunday, May 16. Following is the program for the evening.
  Processional – Miss Maxine Butler
  Invocation – Rev. Denley Ganfield
  Musical Selection – Boy’s Quartet  “Eternal Father”
  Baccalaureate Sermon – Rev. M.L. Straube, Pastor, St. John’s Evangelical and Reformed Church, Le Mars, Ia.
  Vocal Solo – Miss Maxine Butler
  Benediction – Rev. Denley Ganfield
  Honorary Ushers – Donna Holtgrewe and Donald Waring
  Parent Ushers – Bethene Nairn, Shirley Schuttplez, Larry Sanow and Robert Hansen
  Programs – Maryls Speer and Carol Shea

LeMars Globe-Post
May 13, 1957


Union Twp. Cons. School will hold the annual school picnic on Friday, May 17, on the school grounds.

The dinner will be served promptly at 12:00 o’clock noon.  The public is invited to attend.  Please bring your favorite dish to help with the picnic.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet all your old friends so lets make this the largest picnic yet.

Committees for the picnic are as follows:


Mrs. John Tullis, Chairman; Mrs. Albrik Heimgartener, Mrs. Donald Ott, Mrs. Herman Kluver, Mrs. Harry Reinholdt.


Mrs. Arnold Kowalke, Chairman; Mrs. Bill Henrich, Mrs. Marvin Dunn, Mrs. Glen Reeves, and Mrs. Edwin Plendl.


The Union Township Consolidated School will hold its commencement exercises for the class of 1957 on Thursday, May 16th, at 8:00 p.m. in the school auditorium.

The commencement address will be given by Russell M. Eidsmore, the department of education, Morningside College.  The public is cordially invited.

Members of the graduating class of 1957 are:  Bette Brainbridge, Dorothy Behrens, Arving Berding, Phillis Dunne, Richard Ericksen, Nicky Eyres, Stanley Eyres, LeRoy Junck, Jerry Meister, Mary Plendl, Marjorie Schoecraft, Rae Shoecraft and Harry Wingert.

Earl Ed Hall, New Superintendent at Union Consolidated School

Mr. Hall has been in the Boyden Public School system for the past four years.  His reason for leaving the Boyden school, he said, was the financial gain given by the Union district.

A former Union school superintendent, L. L. Thompson and his family have left for their new home in Dunlap, Iowa.

The Hall family have moved to Union teacherage. Mr. Hall and his wife, Wanda, have three children.  Their son, Rodney, will be a senior in veterinarian medicine at Iowa State College this fall.  They have twins, Robert and Roberta.  Robert has finished his sophomore year in pre-law at Iowa State and their daughter, Roberta, is now Mrs. Roger Hirsch who lives at Payton, Iowa.  A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch last Sunday at the Greene County Hospital, Jefferson, Iowa, making Mr. and Mrs. Hall grandparents for the first time.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post
July 18, 1957

LeMars Globe-Post
October 14, 1957

Union Consolidated Will Present a Three-Act Play

The Junior class of Union Consolidated School presents “The Boarding House Reach.”  A hilarious comedy in three acts on Friday, October 18, at eight o’clock in the Union Auditorium.

The cast of players are as follows:
Wilbur Maxwell: the son – Jerry Dunne
Hercules Nelson: Wilbur’s best pal – Frank Wingert
Betty Lou Maxwell:  a daughter -- Marjorie Bullington
Connie Maxwell: another daughter – Sharon Reinholdt
Bernadine Smith: Betty Lou’s best friend – Leanne Kowalke
John Maxwell: the father – Joe Pick
Janet Maxwell: the mother – Kathleen Britt
Aunt Mary: Mrs. Maxwell’s aunt – Marie Pratt
Limpy McGuire: a guest – Wayne Plendl
Nora McGuire:  Limpy’s wife – Marlene Loutsch
Herman “Ninety-Volt” Jones: a fighter – Reggie Ladenthin
Roughhouse Rudy: Herman’s wife – Sharon Bainbridge
Mr. Potter: an insurance salesman – Jim Shoecraft
Lucy Burns:  a walking encyclopedia – Marien Reeves
Mr. Mott:  a guest – Bill Gatzke
Connolly:  a policeman – Dick Flewelling

The public is cordially invited to attend.



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