Merrill School Early History -


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L. Ziemann, Feb 2020



The first school house in Merrill was built in 1889.  The building was 32x44 and was built at a cost of $1450.  On April 4, 1894, lots 12 and 13 in block 13, Frost’s Addition, were purchased from James Stinton and wife for $150.

On April 11, 1894, lot 14 in block 13, Frost’s Addition was purchased from John Harnick, William and Mary Frost, and E. A. Fulbrook for $1.00.

On July 6, 1901, lots 1-10, block 13, Frost’s Addition were purchased from J. D. Simpson and R. M. Crouch for $700.

In 1898 it was decided to have a 10th grade high school.  At that time most of the students went to LeMars to finish high school.  This building was located in the south-east corner of the block where the main building was later built.  The money for the school bell was raised by a home talent play.  The north part of the main building was built in 1912, the first class graduated in 1914.

The gymnasium and four classrooms were added in 1925.

In 1957 approximately nine acres was purchased from Albert Husman for $9,000.00.  On January 14, 1958, a bond issues of $88,900 was passed to pay for the land and the building that was built at a cost of $70,000.  The new elementary school was occupied in September of 1959, the first year of the newly organized Le Mars Community School District.  The building had four classrooms and a recreation room.  In 1964, the recreation room was divided to make space for two more classrooms, making a total of six.

The advent of the LeMars Community School District found the 8th through 12th grades attending the Jr. & Sr. High School in LeMars.  In 1961, the 7th graders were added to the list of those going to LeMars.

The Kissinger Elementary School was completed and occupied during the 1969-70 school year.  The move was made during the Thanksgiving vacation in 1969.  Eight additional classrooms were built, making a total of fourteen.  [copy ends here……..]

Source: Type written (one page only) of Merrill School History –unknown source of the copy or its author.