Henry No. 9

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!


  ~Memories written by former teacher, Blanche (Singer) Wiederholt
~Blanche taught Henry No. 9, 1945-1946  

 The other school I taught was Henry Township #9. I again roomed at farm homes close to the school. I stayed at the home of Mrs. Freida Hoffmeyer and then at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mills and walked to and from school each day. My school director at Henry # 9 was Mr. Martin LeMoine and he also paid my monthly wage of approximately $100.00 per month. School children were from families of Le Moine, Mills, Hoffmeyer, Johnson and Meister.

   Rural school teachers had to also be janitors, nurses, activity directors and program and music directors.  We had a Plymouth County Superintendent who was Christine Petersen. She would visit each school once a year to observe the teaching and bring the books needed for each student and also lesson plans and required test forms. She was very helpful and pleasant and always came un-announced!

   Henry # 9 was the last school I taught as I got married. Both one-room schools I taught are gone and the land farmed.  I did go to Henry # 9 school sale and purchased the kindergarten, small, solid oak table and 4 chairs. I still have 2 of the chairs which I would like to donate to the Plymouth County Historical Museum.

   I feel the students in the one room schools got a “one-on-one” relationship with the teacher and could get extra help, if needed.  We not only taught the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic, but the arts and music.  Also the parent-teacher relationship was always good and helpful to the teacher, since I had no running water, no phone or other conveniences that teachers have now days!


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