Henry No. 1

School Daze Memories from former students and teachers!


Henry No. 1 school
Written by: Lois Klingbeil Franklin

I grew up and attended Henry #1, the same school as my Dad.  We had as high as 15 kids in the school at one time.  Remember once coming home from school in the winter time toward spring (we always walked when possible.)  I sunk down in a snowbank over the roadside undermined by water and I lost my boot.  Evelyn pulled me out and carried me home on her back, too.  Gramp and Dad scolded us.  When they went back to get my boot, they could hardly reach bottom with a shovel in the slush. (Realized I could have drowned or if Evelyn would have tried to get it, both of us.) We walked on the road after that.

Things I remember about country school: going out to the coal shed for coal for the stove; heating our meals on the heating stove; dusting out the erasers; playing Annie-Over and Fox and Goose in the snow in the winter; Thanksgiving and Christmas programs put on for the parents and neighborhood; box socials; and snow forts. 

At Easter we had an Easter Egg Hunt and I drew to hunt for a yellow Easter egg.  My first teacher was Elaine Homan.  Later my teacher was Opal Erickson.

A letter written by former student and teacher, Opal Erickson:

I taught in Plymouth County two miles west of Glen Ohlendorf’s for two years, 1932-1933 and 1933-1934 (I don’t remember what twp that is.)  [Transcriber note: Per the school records, Opal Erickson taught at Remson No. 2, 1931-1934.]

Taught at my home school of Henry No. 1 for five years, 1934-1939.

Also taught two miles south of the home school for two years, 1939-1941. I think Mavis Hanno taught there after me. [Transcriber note:  This school was Henry No. 6. The school records show Opal Erickson, teacher, 1939-1941. Mavis Hanno was the next teacher, 1941-1943.]

I can remember two teachers that taught Henry No. 1 when I attended school there.  They were Mildred Love & Margaret Murphy.  

[Transcriber note:  Mildred B. Love taught at Henry No. 1, 1921-1923 and Margaret Murphy, the record spells it Murtha, from 1925-1926.]

"I taught school only 6 months at Henry Twp # 1.  I had 5 students. One student moved the first of March, so they closed the school. My students were: Dale Sanow, Jerry Presuhn, Don Klingbeil, Ron Klingbeil and Harlan Klingbeil.  Then I taught school in Cherokee County for 2 years." 

~Contributed by Vivianne (Gehrens) Erichsen.  She taught Henry Twp # 1, 1944-1945




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