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LeMars Daily Sentinel
Le Mars, Iowa, Tuesday Evening, February 26, 1884.

SENEY, Ia., Feb 25th,

The kids that attend school in north Fredonia disgusted the teacher and
she has decided not to finish the term.

LeMars Sentinel, September 29, 1891

FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Maggie Rea and Mary Winslow are again at their post of duty as school

LeMars Sentinel
January 31, 1895

FREDONIA:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Laura Muffett's school closed for the winter, Jan. 28.

LeMars Sentinel, July 7, 1898

SOUTH FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

Rev. Mr. Wilson, of St. George's Episcopal church, of LeMars, will hold
services at the Dickinson school house next Sunday at three o'clock. All
are invited to attend.

Fredonia township now claims to have the finest school house yards of any
township in the county. A year ago each school house was supplied with a
well bricked up cyclone cave. This year the grounds have been set to
evergreens and surrounded with substantial woven wire fences, making the
grounds beautiful as well as safe. It is a move in the right direction.
Let us have more of the good work.

LeMars Sentinel, November 28, 1898

Fredonia Township teachers for the winter are: No. 1, Miss Muffet; No. 2, Miss Dresser; No. 4, Miss Moulder; No. 5, Miss Ellsworth; No. 6, Miss Small; No. 7, Miss Tovey; No. 8, Miss Boyle; No. 9, Miss Keating.

LeMars Sentinel, Nov. 20, 1908

STRUBLE: (Special Correspondence)
Miss Holster will begin the winter term of school in Fredonia, Monday.

LeMars Sentinel, March 21, 1913

REMSEN: (Special Correspondence)

Miss Caroline Lang closed a successful term of school in Fredonia township
and is spending a week at her parental home before beginning the spring

LeMars Globe-Post, Nov. 17, 1938

FREDONIA: (By Special Correspondent)

Miss Christine Petersen, superintendent, visited at some of the schools in
this township, Friday.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Sept. 2, 1952

FREDONIA: (Special Corresondence)

The school houses in Fredonia township are being painted this month.

Miss Phyliss Kloster is at home this week after attending summer school. She will teach in Sheldon.



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