Fredonia School Board


Chris Kloster (in the white shirt) was the secretary of the Fredonia school board and Herbert Larson, to the right, was the board president. 

C.P.  Kloster,  Veteran Fredonia School Official, Quits

Has Lived in Township Continuously for 60 Years

  C.P. Kloster, a resident of Fredonia township for the past sixty years, has resigned as secretary of the Fredonia township school board after having served in that capacity for the past forty-four years. Mr. Kloster has witnessed the progress of education of his great-grandchildren enrolled in today’s schools.

   Niels Mortensen was elected president of the Fredonia township school board at the annual post-election reorganization meeting last Monday.

   Herbert Larson, retiring board member, presided at the business meeting which preceded the reorganization.

   Lyle Juhl is the new member of the board. Other members are Nis Kloster, Glenn Detloff, Ray Fiedler, Robert Lungren, Ray Sudtelgte, Carl Kohler and Herman Miller.

From the Remsen Bell Enterprise— no date



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