Fredonia No 8 -- PHOTOS

Submitter's Notes: Ella Berner was a teacher at Fredonia #8 from 1924-25. Attached is a photo of her. Also attached are two photos which I believe are both school photos with my father, Bob Kelly. Each are labeled about 1923 but I don't think that is correct. The first photo has a younger Bob with his hand covering his eye. He looks to be about 5-6. He was born in 1918. The second photo, Bob is the first one on the left and looks to be 7 or 8. His cousin, Eileen Goebel is the first girl after the boys. She was mentally handicapped or schizophrenic. I'm not sure how far in school she was able to go. Eileen is in the first photo too, almost directly in front of the teacher, squinting her eyes.

Back to the first photo, the teacher might be Mae Kelly Means, who would be Bob and Eileen's Aunt. That could help ID the year. Mae V. Kelly was the Teacher of Fredonia No. 8, 1919-1922.


Fredonia No. 8 -- Very Likely during the term of 1924-1925, Teacher Ella Berner Kelly.

No. 8 Teacher, Ella Berner Kelly, 1924-1925

The above 3 photographs were submitted by Researcher, Janice Kelly Cox.


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