Fredonia No. 5 -- PHOTOS

Fredonia No. 5, 1947-1948


Photo Album Belonging to Former Teacher, Wilma Raetz Treinen


Fredonia No. 5 -- School Kids

Back Row: Phyllis Kloster, Blanche Petersen, Marian Juhl, ? VanGorp, Henry Mulder, Wilbur Miller

Middle Row: Peggy Bogh, Ardythe Kloster, Irena & Mathilda Mulder (twins), ? VanGorp, Carl Mulder?

Front Row: Keith Bogh, ? VanGorp, John Mulder?

Fredonia No. 5 -- School boys: John Mulder, Keith Bogh, Carl Mulder, ? VanGorp, Wilbur Miller, Henry Mulder

Fredonia No. 5 -- School Girls

Back Row: Blanche Petersen, Phyllis Kloster, Marian Juhl

Front Row: Irena Mulder & Mathilda Mulder (twins), Ardythe Kloster, Peggy Bogh,

? VanGorp, ? VanGorp

Marian Juhl on horse

Fredonia No. 5 -- Mulder family with goat cart

Fredonia No. 5 -- Van Gorp family with horse and cart

Wilber Miller with horse

Fredonia No. 5 -- Young visitors of the end-of-the-year school picnic

Fredonia No. 5 -- School Kids

Fredonia No. 5 -- Goetzinger Boys

Fredonia No. 5 -- Newsclipping of Allen Lundgren, Robert Lundgren and Raymond Bogh before going to school.

Fredonia No. 5 -- LaDonna Haack, Lowell Larson, & Donna Bogh

Fredonia No. 5

Top Row: Miss Raetz, Teacher; Wilbur Miller; Marian Juhl; Henry Mulder

Bottom Row: ? VanGorp; (photo missing); Blanche Petersen; Ardythe Kloster

Fredonia No. 5

Top Row: Irena Mulder; Mathilda Mulder; (photo missing); ??; Kevin Bogh, ??, Carl Mulder

All of the above photos were submitted by former teacher, Mrs. Wilma Raetz Treinen.

Wilma Raetz taught Fredonia No. 5, 1938-1940

Pupils taught included Henry Mulder, Wilbur Miller, Marian Juhl, Blanche Petersen, Phyllis Kloster, Ardythe Kloster, Carl Mulder, ? Goetzinger, Irena Mulder, ? Goetzinger, Mathilda Mulder, Carl Mulder, Laverne Kloster, Lowell Larson, John Mulder, 3 Van Gorp children came in March (don't remember their first names) and LaDonna Haack.

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