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LeMars Sentinel, Feb. 18, 1895

SOUTH FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

Through an error in the last correspondence, it was stated that the school
house No. 3 was not large enough to accommodate the pupils, whereas it ought
to have read No. 4.

LeMars Sentinel, September 1, 1939


A contract was let Monday for a new school building in District No. 4
Fredonia township to replace one that has served the district for about
sixty years. The contract price is $2,483 and provides for a building 28x28
feet with full basement and storm cave and cistern. The award went to
Berghorst & Victoria of Hull who were about $35 under the next bidder. The
furnace and septic toilets went in a separate contract to DeRuyter of Sioux
Center for $298 with allowance of $18 for some old equipment.

The new building is to be completed by November 1 and meantime school will
be held in the old building which is to be moved far enough east to permit
erection of the new one on the present site. Albert Lundgren, Morten
Mortensen and Ray Bogh are the building committee.

One of the most gratifying things about the transaction is the district has
money enough on hand to pay for the improvement without increasing taxes or
going in debt.

Fredonia Township News

Le Mars Globe Post, September 24, 1953

   James Varnum and his son Eugene of Centerville was renewing old friends on Saturday. He left here 55 years ago. His father was secretary many years on the school board, Chris Kloster took his place. He called at his old home where Nels Mortensen lives. Mr. and Mrs. Mortensen and boys had gone to California for a two weeks visit to see their daughter, Leona and husband when he was traveling through the country. John Varnum taught the north school some years ago. 

Transcriber Note: The “north school” was probably Fredonia # 4 (also called the Mortensen School).  The Varnum family lived in section 4 of Fredonia Township.  James’ parents were Richard and Harriett Varnum, both born in Canada per the 1880 Census.  James was born about 1872.   John Varnum was a brother to James according to the 1900 Census. According to funeral home records on this web site, Centerville is a town in South Dakota. 

Le Mars Sentinel, Sept. 21, 1955

The Nels Mortensen school started Monday with seven children present.

 LeMars Globe-Post, May 30, 1957


Fredonia #4 school visited the Globe-Post Wednesday morning, May 29.  Mrs. Dirl (Shirley) Steffe, the teacher, was accompanied by the following pupils:  Gary Larson, Duane Lassen, Gaylan, Lassen, Bonnie Larson, Becky Lund, Nancy Lienemann, Twila Lassen and Karen Bouman.

Mrs. Don Lienemann and Diane, Mrs. Melvin Bouma, Mrs. Martin Larson, Mrs. Ervin Lassen and Delwyn and Mrs. Donald Lund and Billy were also with the group.

They visited the Fire Station and Vander Meer Bakery after leaving the Globe-Post.



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