Fredonia No. 4

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Country School Memories

From the memoirs of Iver J. Kloster, oldest son of Walter Kloster -- attended Fredonia schools from 1897-1904

We soon moved on to a larger farm about four miles north, almost to the line of Sioux County. Our Post Office was Carnes. I can remember more about this school [School No. 4 of Fredonia Township, commonly called the "Mortensen School"]. I finished the Fifth grade there. There are many incidents which come to mind of those years, such as the worst hail storm I was ever in, the time I rounded up a heifer that had strayed and I got pneumonia from chasing her in a cold raw wind, the times that I rode my bicycle down to Larsen’s and walked back to school with Louis. Louis’ Mother and my Mother were cousins. When it came time for Louis to start to school, he refused to go unless I came over and walked to School with him. I had it mighty handy to get to school, because the school house was just across the road from our house, but it was no small chore to go and Louis every morning. However, time and tide wait for no man. On June 11, 1904, I received my report card showing that I had completed the 5th Grade. That was the last day of school for me in Iowa. I had some very good grades and some that were not so good. I got 98 in Orthography, but my writing was not so good. I got an average of about 83 in that subject. Incidentally, I wonder how many know what “Orthography” is? It is called Spelling today, and while it was my best grade then, it was my poorest grade when I was awarded the “Master of Accounts” at Gem City Business College in 1914 and Penmanship was one of my best grades.

   In 1904, my folks sold the farm and moved to Oklahoma.




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